In The Name of Art Pt. 02

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The slatted door clattered against its frame and Penny slammed her hand on the large green button. With a jolt and an electrical whine, the lift began its methodical ascent. Without prompting and with a giggle, she kicked off her heels, pulled her dress up over her head and threw it down. She was completely naked.

“Oh, like that is it?” enquired Harry.

Not wanting to be outdone, he frantically eschewed his clothes and sandals and he was naked too.

A mutual fit of giggles threatened to incapacitate them both. Coming to a stop, she slid back the lift door and took his hand, leading him into the unknown.

Harry could never resist laying down a dare – Penny could never resist doing them. Enjoying a simple bistro meal together, the conversation had flowed as easily as the wine they’d consumed. Penny boasted to Harry that he hadn’t seen anything yet. They had been egging each other on all the way back to Penny’s studio.

With a snap of switches, the harshness of the artificial light hurt his eyes at first. As they adjusted, his mouth was agape at the huge space he stood in. It was open-plan and sectioned off by tall freestanding partitions. The roof space was a tangle of exposed steel joists, ducts and pipework. Mounted between the enormous windows, large pastel illustrations of the naked male and female body captured the frisson of the moment.

“My studio and flat,” announced Penny proudly.

She posed before him in her own studio; he savoured the image of her naked feminine body and its juxtaposition against these industrial surroundings. Caught up in the moment, Harry moved to her and slid his fingers tenderly through her wild curly hair. Looking deeply into her eyes, he kissed her softly. Her reciprocation was instant, her pillowy lips buzzed with a throaty moan.

“I want my dessert now please,” she purred.

“Okay, and you say you like to get kinky, huh? I dare you.”

She paused and looked at him inscrutably, “Oh really? Just how kinky do you want? Do you want dirty or depraved?”

“How about dirty with some utter filth on the side?”

With a coy giggle, she pulled him to her catching him unawares.

“Ok, I warn you though, you’re going to need a bit more than beginner’s luck now.”

He laughed, “Oh I’m sure I can handle it.”

“Now there is a challenge.”

She led him by the hand to another set of partitions, pausing to kiss him again. Surrounding on two sides by two whitewashed brick walls, partitions created the other four walls of her bedroom.

“Erm, make yourself even more comfortable that you, erm, are already I guess.”

The wickedness of her filthy designs for him intensified that familiar warmth of arousal through her body. Her hands had to wander over his naked body, he stiffened easily to her touch as her body began to ache for him again. It was clear what was on Harry’s mind and Penny admired how easily he could be aroused. Feeling playful, she wondered what his expectations of ‘kinky’ would be compared to hers. Fucking him in that office gave her a lot to go on already; Harry had potential.

With a gentle shove, she pushed him away, “Back in a minute.”

Reclining on the bed, he looked to a small collection of folios scattered on it. He felt drawn to the novelty of the one with a sheet aluminium cover. Leafing through its pages, it was a collection of black and white pictures of the same model in fetish wear. Engrossed in the book, he flicked through the pages and felt a curious arousal at the scenes before him.

He did not notice the long shadow cast from her bedroom ‘door’.

“That’s Yva Richard’s idea of fetish wear in the 1920s.”

Looking up to her, she smiled happily at his expression of sheer astonishment.

“And this is Penny Nicholson’s idea of the very, very noughties to the present day.”

Harry was dumbfounded could only stare in awe. Her fresh complexion contrasted with her painted gloss red lips and scholarly black rimmed spectacles. With her hair scraped back into a ponytail, she revealed her elegant neck and delicate collarbone. Her outfit revealed her inner desires; a black latex corset constrained her breasts with thick buckles and presented an obscenity of cleavage. Cinched at the waist, the contour of it captured her figure as an object of worship. Held tightly by thick jet-black suspender straps, her black latex stockings sculpted her long legs into deviant objects of latent power.

She stood before him fascinated by his state of bewildered reverence. Watching his semi-flaccid cock twitch and stiffen hard, the ache inside her grew into that pulsating tension of sexual need.

His eyes lingered at the confluence of her legs and there they remained. Her sex was naked, framed by the stocking straps and scalloped lower curve of the corset. He wanted to be inside her, to feel her again engulfing him, fucking him, and draining him. The delicious view in front of him and the shock of her reveal had overwhelmed him.

He was so completely entranced at the canlı bahis sight before him; he had not noticed the items in her hand.

“Well I don’t need to ask if you like it,” she asked pointing at his stiff cock.

“You… you look fucking stunning.”

“Appropriate choice of words Harry, I am a stunning fuck, aren’t I?”

He gave a salutary nod rapt by her authoritative pose and attire.

Suffused with the thrill of her dominion over him and in a brazen exhibition of confidence; she moved slowly towards him. Placing one stiletto clad foot in front of the other; she had his full attention. Performing a slow twirl before him, she giggled at his gasp of surprise as he saw the jewelled plug in her arse.

She was charming with her clothes on, engaging and witty. He found her sexual confidence extremely arousing, he had hankered for a woman that knew her own body and understood her sexuality. He had yearned for excitement and stood before him – he had found it.

“Lie down Harry.”

She sat before him, her fingers softly caressing the contours of his lower leg and thigh. Witnessing the throb of his swollen cock, she teased him with the slow ascent of her fingertips to his loins. The spectacle of his hardness fully engorged before her pulsed heat into her loins. Biting her lower lip, she knew if she touched herself, her fingers would easily wetten to the touch.

Withdrawing her hand, she giggled at his body’s reaction and moan of frustration.

Their eyes met as she leisurely crawled over his body and she gently grazed her taut abdomen against his fiercely hard cock. Avoiding his need to place his lips on hers, she pushed his head into the soft pillow. Straddling his face, her shins pressed on his prone biceps, she had pinned him down.

Transfixed and staring at her aroused labia enflamed his nagging frustration, it was so close yet it was too far to touch. His chest felt tight with the intensity of his arousal, the heavy thud of his heart rang in his ears. The need for sexual gratification was already gnawing at his insides; the excitement of this game had sharpened his senses.

Taking his hands, she placed them above his head. He could not see but she beamed as he offered no physical resistance. With the clicking of metallic ratchets, he was handcuffed to the heavy metal bedstead.

“Penny, erm, be gentle, right?”

She smirked, “Not chickening out are we?”

“Fuck no, just no whipping my bollocks. Actually, no whipping anything would be great.”

Penny giggled, “Relax, no pain, you’re just going to be my slave, that’s all.”

“Oh, that’s alright then,” his voice carried a hint of sarcasm, “you have the keys for these things, right?”

“Shush. Now eat… slave!”

She lowered herself to him and running her fingers through his hair pulled him to her aching sex. The tenderness of his tongue parting her wet folds made her gasp. With soft, delicate attention to her clit, she punctured the air with airy gasps of encouragement.

Each silken caress broadcast the vivid fusion of sexual pleasure and electricity into her body. Raising the ante, he captured her clit with his lips. Sucking softly, the blunt silken point of his tongue caressed her hard button.

“That’s it, just there, don’t stop…”

Panting softly, her fingers woven into his hair tightened their grip. His touch invigorated that flow of pressure into the core of her loins. She had harboured this heightened sense of sexual need for hours. Their flirting was a constant source of titillation; he had unwittingly cultivated her craving into unadulterated lust. Now, he was unaware of how he was nurturing that lust into a monstrous sensation of sexual pleasure. He was devouring her one lick at a time, feeding her addiction for him to new heights.

Luxuriating in this act of domination, she looked down to watch him attend to her. The sight, the sounds and the sensations were beginning to overwhelm her capacity for restraint. His act of willing subservience exhilarated her and she yearned for more with every airy gasp from her pouting mouth. Reaching around to hold his rigid cock, its resistance to her grasp conveyed its intense hardness. She needed no words from him to understand his acquiescence.

Clamping her grinding sex to his face, he instinctively understood her intent and flayed her with the velvet tip of his tongue. Immolated to his touch, she panted heavily with each caress. Willingly she bore the brunt of the tongue worshipping her, evaporating her self-control with each lick.

“Yes, yes, eat my cunt!”

With a litany of gasps and moans, his obedience delivered a relentless precision from his tongue. Mashing her sex to his mouth wantonly, his pursed lips latched onto her clitoral hood again. Her legs felt restless and began to shake involuntarily. That knot of sexual tension strained inside her, building to the limit of its tensile strength.

Lapping at her clit, her hips rose and fell to guide him to the right place. Wave after wave of bahis siteleri tingling warmth washed over her, she vowed to nurture his potential to be an accomplice to her deviant needs. The prospect of being his teacher and experience her kinky desires, her body began to shake – it was too much.

Her body lurched hard and with a sickening groan, she exploded. Surrendered before him, the violence of her climax devoured her whole. Each convulsion clenched the plug inside her amplifying the intensity of forces shuddering through her. Each flick of his tongue forced a yelp from her wretched body as she felt the heavy spasms tear through her.

Weak and wracked by the tremors still pulsing through her body, she pushed at him with all her might. Falling onto the mattress, she cupped her sex taking sharp, panting breaths. Seeking refuge from the cossetted softness, she lay beside his constrained body gasping hungrily for air.

“Fuck… fuck… fucking hell Harry.”

Alongside his prone body, she looked to him and smiled; her juices shone on his lips and chin. He looked glorious before her naked and aroused.

He smiled into her eyes, “And that’s it huh?”

He wanted to goad her into revealing her hand. Free of his inhibitions, the exhilaration of the unknown coursed through him.

Penny admired his bravado and giggled playfully, “Oh no Harry, not by a long chalk.”

Sliding her fingers inside, her eyes closed in response to the delicious sensitivity of her sex. She reached for the pink vibrator, holding it for him to witness her next deviant act. With their eyes locked together, she needed to give no explanation; she wanted him to see that moment of penetration etched vividly on her face. The febrile atmosphere between punctuated by its low hum soon made her moan contentedly as she gave herself to it.

Watching her shameless masturbation ignited his arousal into a sense of bewildering sexual need. His mind was lost, his body writhed in protest. Craning his neck to watch the toy cleaving her sex, she repeatedly stifled its malevolent hum as she fucked herself.

With a languid roll of her wrist, she impaled herself repeatedly. Reaching to his chest, her fingers mercilessly teased his nipples. Stoking the fires of his body with malicious intent, his own body contorted with frustration as she watched his reaction avidly. Steering the vibe to that special spot, her lurid reaction of deep groans and undulating hips made him groan heavily.

Helplessly, he fought against his restraints in vain, “Fucking hell Penny, please, I need to fuck you.”

Watching the agony of his tortured body rise and fall, she pushed the vibe deeper into her sex.

“Fuck Harry, this feels so good, how do you like your utter filth on the side?”

“Please Pen, please fuck me.”

“It feels like your cock is inside me, only, erm, it isn’t.”

His eyes were pleading; his body visibly trembled with desire.

“Pen, for fuck’s sake, please.”

Raising the ante by caressing his cock, he hissed frustratedly for air. It looked so viciously hard, engorged and angry; he felt so hot to the touch. Lazily stroking him, the vibe ratcheted up that delicious pressure inside her. Panting breathlessly as her hips rose and fell, the image of her prone lover powerless before her threatened to send her over the edge again.

Summoning her last scraps of self-discipline, she could see Harry was frantic with need. Easing the toy from her with a devious smile, she hid her need with a dispassionate gaze upon him.


“Pen, Jesus!”


“Please fuck me, please. I’m begging you.”

With a playful giggle, she squatted over him. Dominant before him, she reached for his cock, she giggled at his groans as she slowly tugged at his rigid shaft. A gasp of shock announced his reaction to a gloopy cold liquid smeared over his fevered cock. Easing out the teardrop shaped plug, she presenting it to him with a wicked smile.

“You like being this helpless? Being controlled?”

His reaction again was immediate; he nodded.

“Good, you are showing promise Harry.”

Squaring his cock up to the right place, she let gravity take over. The force of its hard blunt head pressing against her made her groan loudly. Violating that ring of tight-knotted muscle, she yelped at his girth as she lowered herself down. Ensconced by a tightness alien to him, she watched as his eyes widened with surprise.

“Shit Pen, am I?… Fuck!”

She nodded, “In my tight arse? Oh yes.”

His low series of panting groans made her want to add fuel to the fire. Leaning back and gripping his shins, she showed him just how tightly she had him.

“Look. Look at your delicious cock stuffed in my arse.”

Harry was bereft at the graphic visual of his girthy meat stuffed inside her – he was lost for words. With the slightest increments she could manage, she tortured him and slowly adapted to his cock.

Surveying him before her, every sinew in his body strained as she bahis şirketleri repeatedly took him. The sense of power she felt shot shivers of excitement through her.

Adjusted to his girth, she toyed with him. Slowly sawing his cock inside her to ratchet up the tension. The next moment, with the spring in her thighs, she would quicken her pace to torment his body and mind. She revelled in playing a sexual game of cat and mouse and she would have her cream.

“Fuck, you feel so fucking good in there.”

“Christ Pen, I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

“Believe it, you naughty boy, now shut up and let me fuck your brains out.”

With determined measured movements, she took him firmly and pressed his body into the soft pliant mattress. Each time he wanted to buck his hips and fight back, her increased pace and the cauldron heat of her arse tamed his ardour.

The fluid elegant motion of her body upon his rigid cock was a savage and delicious torture. The shiny black latex caught the dappled light; he was spellbound at the majestic arc of her body as she rose and fell. Time dilated, moments turning to minutes, the pageant of her body tantalised his need for release. This was not an urgent fuck in a cramped office; this was how she wanted to fuck him. The glorious sensations made his cock throb inside her confined hole; each deep moan was a sonnet of anguished frustration.

Pausing to adapt her posture, she rested her shins on the bed and straddled her untamed Mustang. Harry’s vexation was palpable; he pulled against his restraints as his signal for more.

“Fuck Pen! Don’t stop, please. You feel so fucking good.”

“Think you could get use to this? My tight arse filled with your magnificent cock?”

His answer was immediate; he nodded his head helplessly.

“You’ve seen nothing yet.”

As he helplessly watched, she fed the toy slowly into her sex; he felt its girth through her thin membrane. With his senses overloaded, he writhed and fought against his restraints, it was impossible to take any more. Avidly watching his eyes widen, she impaled herself onto the toy and him with a breathless snigger and then a deep moan.

“Fuck…” Harry hissed, feeling the monotone buzz of the toy against his own cock.

“Shit!” she squealed as she sat on fully down on his cock, “I’m so full.”

The extra tightness and the malevolent throb of the vibrator made his cock flex. She felt skewered, double penetrated by him and the toy. Guiding it firmly against that place inside her, the ferocity of the vibrations would soon prise the full force of another climax from her. With a new determination, she rose and fell on him, looking into his eyes as they burned with undiluted lust.

Impaling herself onto his servile body, she mercilessly fucked him. Taking him repeatedly to the hilt, their groans filled the air.

“You like that Harry? Can you feel it?”

His only response was a low groan.

“I want two cocks inside me, both of you fighting to fuck me hard!”


She felt the full effect of her words as Harry strained his tumescent muscles to thrust back. She rebuffed him vigorously using the full weight of her body. Her thighs and hips conspired together to deliver frantic crashes against his body and forced him to relent. Whilst she had sought to admonish him, it had driven that anguished tension inside her to the point of no return. Conspiring with the vibe in her sex, she willingly pressed on hungrily towards her endgame.

“Shit!” squealed Penny.

Sobs replaced groans as she fought to drive his body into the bed. As she did so, she felt the swollen mass of his cock throb heavily inside her. His cock was at its zenith and pulsing inside her. He watched as she felt it, teasing out yelps of pleasure as she rode him harder.

“You… you need to cum don’t you?”

Harry groaned louder, “Yes, yes, I can’t hold back much longer.”

Their eyes met and with them a thousand words were unsaid; his release was at her disposal. She could ruin it or grant it to him. Congratulating herself that her actions had brought him to this moment, she would savour his release.

Needing to press on, she was struggling to match her own wilful intent. She knew her animated body lacked its earlier finesse. Her movement was jagged and mechanical; her hand grasped at him, scrabbling for purchase. Her own impending need for release loomed in the delicious mass of pressure throbbing inside her. She braced herself, locking her elbow hold herself up

“I’m close Harry, cum with me, let’s cum together.”

He yearned to fulfil her and to please her. He fought to fight back but her animal strength in search of release was too much. The familiarity of that throbbing heat inside his muscles burned readily for his imminent release.

“Yes, Yes, I can feel you. Give it to me, give me your cum… cum in me baby.”

Her words gave him the inspiration he sought and a command to obey. Pushing the toy up against that spot once more, her body instinctively responded. As that incredible clamping tension throbbed through her, she rode his full swollen length. Breeching her resolute self-control, she felt her body being to succumb and embraced it.

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