I’m Waiting For You

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It’s been a long day at work. All I could think about was you. The way you whispered to me when I woke up, the way your hand caressed my side from my shoulder, down the side of my breast. Such a light, teasing touch. Almost like a feather, just a promise of what might come later.

You moved your finger tips along the side of my belly; you know how sensitive that spot is. You always get me wet by stroking my skin with your hand, while stroking my ear with your words. Telling me how beautiful I look in the morning light, how my soft skin is making you hard, how you want to follow your fingers with your lips and tongue. When I moan, you chuckle and start kissing me.

Your hand is still stroking my belly, slowly going lower and lower. But now I’m distracted by your teeth gently nibbling my earlobe, then moving on to my neck where you kiss me, scrape your teeth gently against my skin, teasing me. Then you lick me with your wet, hot tongue and I moan again. When you chuckle, your breath against my skin sends a shiver down my spine. You whisper against my skin with that sexy voice of yours.

You tell me how much you want to get to my breasts so that you can torture my nipples. You see them getting even harder, they are almost painful now. You brush your palm against them lightly and draw a gasp out of me.

Now my pussy is getting wet, that’s what your words do to me. Your hands caress me lightly, your lips kiss me and your teeth nibble while your tongue licks me. Your hand is at my hip bone, teasing me at the edge of my panties. I only wear panties when I sleep, but even that seems like too much clothing when I’m with you.

You tease me with the elastic, stroking me lightly following the border of my panties, promising to go beyond, but never giving me what I want most. I can feel your hard cock and I try grinding against it, trying to get you more aroused. You try to distract me by brushing my nipples again, but as I gasp, my butt pushes against you and I hear a moan against my neck.

Feeling you so hard and hearing you moan just makes me want you even more. I lick my lips imagining your cock parting them, your swollen head pushing past them to meet the tip of my tongue.

I turn around and straddle you, I want that cock in my mouth. I’ve decided to take control, so I kiss you passionately. The soft, tender, teasing you were giving me has got me so hot and wet that I become more aggressive. I go to your neck, I can hear your breathing getting heavier, I can feel your pulse quicken beneath my lips. I nibble at your neck and then lick it, leaving hot, wet tracks.

My hands are slowly stroking your dick through your boxers, teasing you while I make my way down your chest. After playing with your nipples and getting a few moans from you, I slowly make my way down your stomach, amatör porno kissing, nibbling and licking my way down to that hard, pulsating cock I can feel against my wet pussy.

As I get to the elastic on your boxers my mouth is already anticipating the feel of your hot flesh pushing my lips apart, my tongue circling it and your length sliding down my throat. Just as I lift your boxers the alarm goes off and you push me aside, taking away my favourite treat and leaving me wet, horny and wanting.

That’s why it’s been such a long day at work. All I could think about was this morning, the treat you denied me. I tried fingering myself in the bathroom, but I couldn’t cum without your deep voice whispering in my ear. I couldn’t satisfy my need to have your cock in my mouth. I didn’t want sex or an orgasm, I wanted you. I tried calling you at work, to see if we could have another one of our phone sex sessions, but you knew, so you didn’t pick up. Your voicemail tortured me by getting me wetter, but not giving me enough to cum.

Now I’m at home, waiting for you to get back from work. I know you have planned this whole day out. But I’ve decided to play as well. I’m not wearing a bra under my tight, white blouse, so my dark aureoles are showing and my hard nipples are poking out, begging to be touched, licked, squeezed. Under my black skirt, I’m wearing stockings held up by the garter belt you got me last month. The white lace panties I’m wearing are already soaked, just from imagining your reaction when you come home to find me like this, with your favourite meal on the table, our favourite music playing and my lips painted in the red lipstick I like to leave all over your dick.

I am so wrapped up in my thoughts and fantasies about tonight that I haven’t heard you come in until your arms wrap around my waist and you whisper in my ear “Did you miss me today?” Your voice turns me on so much it sends a shiver down my back; I bite my lip to stop the moan from escaping. But you know me so well, you know that I only bite my lip when I’m about to succumb to you, and you chuckle. I turn around to face you and brush my hand against your groin. I feel the bulge there and I know that you are also aroused.

When you see my breasts free from any restraints and my nipples so proudly on display, you take a deep breath. You are trying to steady yourself, but can’t tear your eyes away from the lustful sight in front of you. I smile devilishly, because I know how much you like my breasts and how you always want to tit-fuck me.

We sit opposite each other at the table as we eat our meal, making small talk while devouring each other with our eyes. I hardly listen to what you are saying; just the sound of your voice is heating me up. I feel so hot I have to undo the top button on my blouse. anal porno You stop half way through your sentence to watch my delicate fingers slowly unbutton my blouse until you can see the tops of my breasts, the curve that hints to what’s underneath.

I see you lick your lips, you know how that arouses me. You look me straight in the eye and, maintaining that intense look, you slowly stand up and come towards me.

You stand in front of me and offer me your hand. Without looking away from your eyes, I take your hand and you lead me to the middle of the room. You hold me close and we start to dance gently to the music, still looking each other in the eye. You lead me around the room, our bodies moving together like they always do. We dance a slow tango, our favourite. By the time we’ve finished the dance we’re both breathing hard, your hard dick has been digging into the top of my thigh and you have felt my wet pussy against you.

You look at my breasts and see a bead of sweat clinging to the valley between them. You moan and dip your head to lick it. I gasp and throw my head back. Your hand finds the hem of my skirt and slowly strokes the outside of my thigh as you lift it up towards my hips. My hands bury themselves in your hair as I take in the sweet torture of your lips and tongue on my breasts, through my blouse, and your hand inching slowly closer to the bare flesh above my stockings. When your fingertips find my hot, naked flesh you gasp and look up into my eyes. The look I give you makes you give in to my game and you tear my panties off then and there.

As you back me up against the table your fingers have found my sweet, wet flesh and you draw moan after moan from me by flicking my clit and stroking my opening. When we reach the table you lower me onto it and push my skirt up to my waist so that you can see my legs with the stockings and heels, my open thighs and bare pussy, framed only by the garter you gave me. You look at me long enough to pull your trousers and boxers down, freeing your stiff cock.

Then you put my legs over your shoulders and pull me towards you so that I’m almost hanging off the table, just the right position for you to enter me in one go. You hear my gasp and whisper to me how wet I am. Then you start thrusting in and out, slowly building up the pace. You keep whispering throughout, telling me how much it’s turned you on to torture me all day, how much you like to hear my moans and gasps, how good my body looks, especially when I play with my breasts. You tell me to hold them, to squeeze them and twist my nipples. I do as you say because I am yours, truly yours.

You feel me getting close to climax, so you ask me to cum for you, to cum all over your cock and balls, to smother you with my juices. I can’t help it, I cum for you, anal breakers porno moaning harder than ever, saying your name over and over until I’m so out of breath that all I can do is lie there, spent, breathing heavily with your still hard cock between my legs.

As I come down from my high, I see you looking at me with admiration in your eyes. You are looking at my tousled hair, my flushed cheeks, parted lips with the tongue peeking out to lick them. My breasts spilling out of my blouse as I take in deep breaths, the skirt bunched up around my waist, my garter belt framing my pussy which you have just battered to satisfaction. My bare thighs leading to the stocking tops which cover my long legs to the heels you like.

Your hard cock gives a twitch and I know you are close. So I get off the table, but I don’t adjust any of my clothing. I go straight to my knees in front of you and grab your cock in my hand. I lick my lips as I look at you and start licking you all over. I lick the base of your cock and make my way up your shaft. I lick around the head until I taste precum. Then I move on to your balls and lick them all over gently. I love hearing your moans and deep breathing; it’s getting me wet again.

I then put the tip of your cock against my lips and slowly part them to let you in. My tongue swirls around the head. You tell me how good it feels and how you like to see the joy on my face as I take your cock into my mouth. My pussy is now dripping so I make sure you see my finger rubbing my clit in slow circles.

As I take more and more of your dick into my mouth I can hear you breathing harder and you keep whispering to me. I finally take you in all the way, the head of your cock is in my throat and you tell me how good it feels. I start to pump you in and out of my mouth and you guide my rhythm by burying your hand in my hair.

The whole time my tongue is licking you all over, every time you almost leave my mouth I go around and around your sensitive head, flicking the tip of my tongue over you. Then I flatten my tongue as I take you in, making sure I coat you with all my wetness and warmth. You taste so good, and the smell of you arouses me even more.

The fingers on my clit get faster and I moan around your cock, buried in my throat. This is too much for you and you tell me you’re going to cum. I suck hard on your cock and hear the moans that mean you’re cumming. I feel the hot streams of cum against the back of my throat; that sweet, salty taste I adore fills me. And I start to cum all over my hand too. I swallow every last drop from you and give your softening cock a good lick to clean off anything I might have missed.

Then I stand up and look you in the eyes as I silently offer you my fingers, coated in my juices. You lick them clean while looking at me and then tell me how sweet I taste, how much you enjoy tasting me. We finish clearing up our half eaten meal and then move into the bedroom where we finish undressing each other and lie side by side in our underwear, finally able to talk and listen to each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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