Ideal Day 11

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As I stated in “Ideal Day One” there are many “ideal” days when one thinks about the various ways one can have sex with his or her partner. Following along on that theme, I give you a version of what might be “Ideal” after we had purchased a new toy.

Since I had been working more lately, we agreed that I could visit the adult store in a town that was on my way home from the job. Normally we don’t buy directly from a store because the cost is generally more, but it has the advantage that the toys are there on display so you know what you see is actually what you are getting.

Previously we had looked around online and had agreed on a certain model, but lacked the funds at the time. To my delight, this very model was in the store and at a discounted price. It was a cordless remote control “bullet” model that could be set to various modes, and had a setting where it would vibrate to the rhythm of music on an I-pod as well.

All my plans on using it as soon as I got home went out the window when I pulled into the driveway to see that friends had come in to welcome me home and we were soon grilling burgers on the BBQ and enjoying some great conversation. By the time they left it was too late to really enjoy the new toy to the extent we wanted so it was put off for the next day.

As was normal, the best plans are often not followed as closely as we would like. I had wanted brazzers porno to start out first thing in the morning, but events delayed that start. First the dogs were demanding my attention since I had been in the field for several weeks, so a walk ensued. Breakfast followed and was interrupted by a friend that needed a hand at his place with a project he was doing. That then led to them taking us out to lunch at a local restaurant and it was soon early afternoon.

We were finally headed home when Lynn got a funny look on her face. When I asked what was up, she asked if I wanted to try the new toy. I said yes, as soon as we got home. She said no do you want to try it now? She had brought it with her in anticipation of things taking longer than expected.

Now the question was where could we stop so I could insert the toy? Lucky for us we were just crossing over one of the local rivers and a boat ramp also had a restroom. Using a condom, I covered the bullet, applied lube and had the toy inserted in no time. It was just barely in place when a fantastic sensation hit me as Lynn pushed the button from the pickup. My knees were weak by the time I reached the pickup and I’m sure the couple walking from their rig to the river noticed that my cock was hard as a rock and pushing the front of my pants out tight.

Because unlike our normal butt plugs that have a flared clip4sale porno base, there was nothing to push it deeper when I sit down on the pickup seat, the feeling didn’t change when I got in the pickup. That was made up for with the variations of the vibrations that emanated from the bullet as Lynn played with the different settings. She didn’t do this in a steady way either; there would be periods of time when there were no vibrations and then times when it seemed to vibrate nearly constantly.

Due to the sensations I was feeling I was headed home the quickest way, but Lynn had other ideas and suggested we stop by the grocery store for some items she needed for dinner. Luckily they were pretty busy so there was an overlay of noise that covered the buzzing from the bullet. There was nothing I could do to hide the bulge in my pants though, so I mainly stayed behind the shopping cart while Lynn picked out the items we needed. She alternated doing that, and pushing the buttons on the remote control. She soon found a setting that would alternate the rhythm on a random basis which worked good until it came on while another woman was standing next to us and we could tell she was looking for the source of the sound she was hearing. I quickly pulled out my cell phone and flipped it open, pretending that it was the phone that had made the noise.

After that Lynn used the colette porno manual setting so the bullet would only vibrate when she decided to do so, somehow that was even more exciting because I knew that she was having to think about when and for how long she made it run. Even though Lynn didn’t turn it on when every person walked by, she did it often enough that there was still the thought though that each person that passed by us could hear the buzzing or that they would simply know what we were doing. All that only added to the excitement and kept my cock hard even when the vibrations were not doing their magic.

By the time arrived home I was so horny that it was torture to have to unload the groceries before we could retire to the bedroom. Of course, Lynn turning the bullet on to constant vibration didn’t help that feeling any at all.

With everything put away, we moved to the bedroom where it took us thirty seconds to be naked and on the bed. I started out by putting Lynn on her stomach and inserting a finger into her sloppy wet pussy. Reaching under her I rubbed her clit while finger fucking her pussy with my other hand. It was no time at all before she was humping against me and cumming. The vibrations were making me too horny to wait for her to relax I climbed on her from behind, reached down to spread her pussy lips wide and buried my cock in her cunt in one quick push. A couple more strokes and I was shooting my sperm into her pussy.

Relaxing for a few minutes we cleaned up, took the bullet from my ass and removed the condom. I then slide the bullet into her sloppy pussy while we fixed and ate dinner, but that’s a different story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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