Humiliating a Bitch

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Hello everyone, this is my first time doing this, so don’t be too judgmental. I was conflicted on where to put this, I was originally going to put this in BDSM, but I realized it didn’t really fit the category well as I looked over it and I decided to put it here. This is a work of fiction and everyone is over 18. Enjoy!


It was an hour before closing time and I was looking forward to my first weekend away from work when suddenly…

“Hey Matt, I know I promised you I would close, but my wife called and she’s feeling really bad.”

If it were anyone else, I would’ve bitched it to their faces but my boss, Jamie(second in command), has always been nice to me for whatever reason. “Sure,” I said with a weak smile. Before she left, she returned to the front of the counter where I took over the main register. As I turned to say bye she immediately hugged me.

We’re in this embrace for awhile and my mind begins to betray me when I begin to think of who’s in my arms. Jamie is a 30 year old(11 years older than me) lesbian who fits the wanted lesbian sexiness. She’s 5’5 with Short dark blonde pixie cut hair, pale and beautiful skin, a very beautiful and natural face(she barely puts on any make-up), big breasts(I’m guessing DDD), plump butt and nice legs.

Before I met her she was a thin, nice looking woman who was bullied and harassed by her extremely conservative husband and his family when they found her with another woman. She felt disowned and fell into depression and gained a lot of weight. She soon met her now wife Naomi, a fitness trainer, who helped her lose weight and put some of that extra weight into the right places, what a lucky woman.

Although my description gets men drooling, I don’t really think of her sexually. I think of her more like an older sister because she has always been nice to me ever since I’ve been at this stupid dress store in the mall(someone recommended it to me because of all the rich husbands and wives who over tip with $100 bills and I really wanted the money) and she’s the reason why I haven’t left, store wise and…

I soon feel her leave the embrace and noticed her pulling out an envelope from her purse.

“Here. A little welcome back gift,” she says as I look inside to see a bunch of $100 bills.

“Jamie are you sur-” and that’s when she gave me her big, cute, blue puppy eyes. “Dammit” I thought to myself and soon just accepted it. I maybe 5’11 and 225 lbs of depressed asshole but her expressions have always had a big impact on me. I put the envelope next to the register and before I tell her anything she kisses me on the cheek and we hug again, more tightly than before.

“I missed you so much,” she says in an almost croaked voice and leaves. As I’m watching her leave, my eyes betray me again when I’m staring at her from behind as she heads out.

My eyes begin to linger at that amazing big ass. It makes her purple dress look so tight and small that it barely goes to her mid thigh. The top didn’t help either as it tried to contain her big tits as they created massive cleavage. Fuck, I just want to rip her dress off and…Her face. She turned towards me before heading out and I can see that she’s holding back tears and produces a smile, the only smile that warms my heart and not my dick. She exits the shop and goes into the mall, leaving me with a very betraying boner.

“You’ve got to stop thinking of her like that,” I think to myself. I may have had the best and most sexual encounters of my life lately, but that doesn’t mean that Jamie is going to be a part of it.

For the next 45 minutes nobody really comes in except for a few lookers. I finally begin to clean around and get everything back in order before I head out. As I’m about to get the last of the process done, I hear loud clacking against the floor. I look up and see her. Well fucking great.

The bitches name is Amanda, almost 20, an intern or some dumb bullshit. Standing at 5’3(she looks taller but she has on red high heels) in a matching tight, bright red skirt that ends above her knees and a button-up white blouse, bright and long blonde hair, amazing face, a great tan, pert big B or small C sized tits, very slim waist to sexy wide hips with very nice and shining legs, she’s physically a sex goddess. Her personality on the other hand is just downright horrible. She treats everyone including her bosses like shit, due the fact her father owns some of the shops here. She uses her body to her advantage to get big discounts and rumor has it she has had sex with some employees and all usually end up being fired days later. Luckily this dress store is owned by an enemy of her fathers who is surprisingly a cool dude, who’s actually the one who allowed me to stay here.

“Are you open still?” she said with her shit tone.

“No,” I said and I could somewhat feel a little better after hearing her bitching under her breath. I then notice my envelope and for some strange reason I felt like czech experiment porno I should slip this one by.

“Wait,” I said and I see her turn around, which she does sexually, and waits for me to continue.

“You have ten minutes.”

She lets out a sigh of some sort and walks into the really rich section of the store. After a minute I notice my phone going off and decide to answer.


“Matt, whats up, how are you feeling?” I notice the Norwegian accent, it’s a good friend of mine who I met at a concert named Thompson.

We talk for a while before he begins to tell me something big that happened, I notice this after he switches to his native tongue to which we begin communicating in his language. Now I am Hispanic so it will occasionally confuse people when I begin to speak Norwegian instead of Spanish but it’s something I grew up with especially since I lived in Norway for five years before returning to the states. He ends up telling me he blackmailed and banged a daughter of some big CEO earlier today after catching her red handed with a dark Muslim man. I hang up and notice that Amanda is somewhat confused with what looks likes 5 dresses in her hands.

“Um, I’m ready” she says in a bit confusing, dumb, and bitchy tone. God I just want to angry fuck her so hard.

I ring up her dresses for $1000(sometimes I forget how stupidly expensive these dresses are). As I’m waiting for the processing to be done, she shocks me with…

“Hey, I heard about your issues, how are you feeling?” with which she immediately follows with her hand on top of mine. With a bit of shock and a reminder of the past, I simply say “I’m fine,” and quickly pull my hand away. I put everything in a bag and give it to her and her receipt.

“Thank you, have a good weekend,” she says with a big smile. Did that just really happen? Either she has had the best day of her life or she is on a high quantity of drugs.

Before I can turn around and finish this day positively , I hear her clacking heels stop too short of the door. “Fuck,” I think to myself and turn around to see her staring at a strapless black dress with horizontal brown strips that fill the bottom half while the upper half is covered with specks of glitter. She soon returns to the counter with the dress.

“Sorry, but I’ll take this one too,” she says in which I’m more shocked that she said sorry, even if sarcastic, than I am angry. I restart the system and take her card again but this time it won’t accept.

“Sorry ma’am, but your card seems to have no more money left.”

“Shit, it ran out? Alright let me pay cash,” she says as I see her shifting through her purse, I see another couple of cards.

“Why don’t you use another card since this is $500?”(yep, that expensive)

“Because all I have are my boyfriend’s cards and he would kill me if he found out about the cost.”

From what I learned her boyfriend, John, is a racist asshole jock who thinks he can easily play football at some big college like Alabama, even though a high school coach told him straight to his face of how horrible a quarterback he is. Rumor has it he’s wrongly gifted with a big cock because he doesn’t know how to use it and always prematurely cums.

“I only have $200, is there anyway I can pay fully for this later? I really love this dress,” she said in her ‘princess’ voice but I didn’t budge.

“I’m sorry but we don’t do that here,” I said and Amanda simply went back to put the dress back.

“Finally!” I thought to myself as I was finally getting everything done. Heading to the exit of the counter area, I hear her heals clacking towards me. I rolled my eyes and inside I screamed as I hear her voice differently than ever before.

“Are you sure-“

I turn to face her and see her once ponytail is now flowing freely all over her and see she has unbutton the top of her blouse which creates massive cleavage, which is more massive thanks to her leaning against the counter.

“-their isn’t anything that can change your mind?” she seductively says.

“No,” I simply said. No employee here has really liked me, even the main boss, but they do admire my ways with dealing with ‘negotiations’ such as one taken here. Amanda may have the advantage with her flaunting sexiness and the time but sluttier women have gone the full extreme of promising full on sexual acts. No one has cracked me before, so I believe I can take on this bimbo.

“Come on, isn’t their anything more I can offer?” she said as at the same time she stands straight up and formed her arms into a big V which made her tits squeeze together. I wasn’t going to lose this as I simply just stared at her with no expression. I saw her face with a look of defeat, and then with a serious expression and tone.

“Look, I’ll pay you $200 and I’ll let you do anything you want until you cum”

I was somewhat taken back by the this deal(just for a fucking dress) and czech first porno video was actually thinking about it, what the hell was I thinking? I’ve had sex only five times, it wasn’t until the last lay I had used a girl friends lessons to perform amazingly good. But an idea popped into my head and began to contemplate if this would work.

“Fine, but only for $100, if-“

She looked stunned at my proposal and began to unbutton her blouse to reveal her bra-less tits, finally escaping their prisons and joined me within the confides of the counter. Just as she was about to begin to take my pants off I continued with “-you let me record this,” and I pulled my phone out and hit record.

“I’m not going to let you record me you fucking pervert!” she scolded me.

“Well, your loss then,” I said and began to pick my pants up and just looked at her and tried to think what she was trying to plan. As I was about to say something she finally says “Fine, I’ll do it, but you better not show this to anyone or else I’ll find a way to make you feel like killing yourself again”. Did this fucking cunt said what I think she said?

With that I placed my phone where all the action could be seen, hit record and turned my attention towards her and grabbed her by the throat and with my other hand I began to slap her across the face two times before jamming my tongue down her throat. I can feel her begin to struggle with breathing and returned to slapping her face a few more times before insulting and treating her like a whore.

“You like that, don’t you blonde bimbo?” before slapping her hard. She looks very whorish with the way her make-up looks all fucked up now. I finally release her and prop her on top of the counter and I begin to assault her tits with switching from soft licks and sucking gently to pulling and biting.

“Ouch that hurts DICK!” she exclaims even though I can easily tell her enjoyment in this as mere seconds later shes moans. This goes on for three minutes before I decide to pleasure her. I bunch her skirt up to her waist and see her hot pink thong and can see a big wet spot forming. I slowly take them off as well as softly kiss down her right leg, which receives a welcome response. I could hear a little gasp escape her lips as I inhaled her amazing scent with her soaked panties. I get up and bunch up her panties and stuff them into her mouth, muffling her voice while I took off her blouse and with it, tied her hands together behind her back, rendering her useless to whatever I want. I remove the panties quickly and while I’m tying her arms I force another French kiss.

“Fuck you assho-” she says while gasping for air before I stuff the thong back into her mouth.

I slowly kiss her from her cheek and lick my way to her left nipple in which I flick and tease with my tongue, which receives a muffled moan from Amanda. I continue my trail until I reach her bald pussy in which I feel her tense. I can easily tell that she wants me to eat her inviting pussy, but I again tease her with kissing down her right thigh down to her feet, she groans in agony much louder. I try to journey and tease back up, but when I reach her pussy again, she wraps her legs together and begins to grind my face into her crotch. I begin to use my expert tongue to give her the best lady blowjob I could possibly give.

Although my sexual partners may be very low, I do have a high number of women I’ve pleased orally. The same girl friend, Bailey, who is a very sexually active classmate, had told me I was a natural and her best eater. It gave me confidence and with a little help of word of mouth I have eaten out all of the hottest girls in college, even a couple of hot teachers(best extra credit work I’ve done). Although this didn’t get me laid more, surprisingly, I have so many chicks’ phone numbers that I have to type in and find the person I truly have to call. It was truly the best week back in college as girls literally gave welcome back blowjobs endlessly as I only spent less than 50% in each of my five classes as a girl, even two at a time, would ‘help deal with my issues’.

I slowly began to lick the outer lips of her pussy for a few minutes, before giving it a kiss on her button. “mmmmmppphhh” I heard her muffle as I give her one long and slow lick from the bottom to top of her pussy. I repeat this step for the next couple of minutes, each ending with a muffled moan. I then use my tongue to attack all the inside of her lips with fast and short licks to her pussy. I hear her spit her thong out of her mouth, breathing heavily. I look up to see her and notice this look of lust in her eyes as I continue my munching. I soon take some of her meaty lips into my mouth and suck and pull on her lips. “ohhhhhh yyeesss” she moans as I feel her legs begin to loosen up. I repeat the process again with the same results.

I begin to probe inside her pussy with my tongue, trying to find her sweet spot.

“Oh yes!” she exclaims czech game porno as her thighs tighten their grip on my head and she begins to rub her hands through my hair. I guess I found it. I return to that spot and tongue it without mercy.

“Yes…oh god I’m so close” she moans as I immediately stop.

“NO! Why did you-” I cut her short by using my strength, hoisting her thighs on my shoulders and stood up. Holding her with a firm grip on an ass check and around the back of waist, I propped her pussy onto my mouth and resumed my target.

“’re quite adventurous” she purrs as she returns to rubbing her hands through my hair. With her climax reaching, I tongue her g-spot with vigor and it’s not too long before I hear her heavy breathing. She begins to vibrate.

“YesyesyesYYEESSS…Oh god I’m cuuuUUMMMMMMIIIINNG!” she groans as I try and feast on her cum. Tasting delicious, I don’t let up as I try and get much of her nectar as possible.

She is in this state of ecstasy for a while before finally calming down. I slowly bring her back down onto the counter and let her have a breather before continuing this deal. I look up and see her in a daze of some sort, to which I bring her out when I spread her very sweaty legs and look at her pussy. I begin another round of eating which shocks her.

*gasping*”mmmmmm you really are a pussy addict,” she says while I continue with just using my tongue on the inner folds of her vagina. This goes on for a few minutes before I return to tongue her love canal and soon find her sweet spot again. Deciding to bring Amanda to another orgasm, I go in for the kill with just hitting her g-spot repeatedly.

“Oh..fuuuuck you’re already gonna make me cum again!” she moans as I decide to just hold it off and see what happens. I then stop and proceed to exit her crotch area.

“NNNnoooo!” she groans as she tries to catch my head between her thighs, but I simply pry her legs and look up at her and can see this look of rage and need.

“You FUCK! I hope you go to HELL!”, she exclaims as I look over her current state. Speaking of hell, I see she’s wearing a cross with Jesus on it. I stand to my feet and tear the necklace from her, looking at me with puzzlement and shock. A twisted idea comes to mind in which I respond, “You know what?” before I jam the cross into her mouth. I immediately grab her and turn her around, pushing her against the front of the counter. With her ass facing me, I then take the cross from her mouth and shout “FUCK YOUR GOD!” and jam the small cross into her pussy.

“OOOHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!”, she shrieked as I pushed the cross in and pulled it out really fast and used my other hand to massage, well more like a furious rub, to her clit. I quickly look to make sure the camera can still get the action. Just in case, I leave her leaning against the counter with the necklace hanging out of her pussy, Amanda moans in agony for release, and I grab the phone and put it on a shelf which can overlook the front counter. I return to her and return to the hard slicking I’m giving her. This goes on for just barely a minute before I hear her scream “You mo-TTHHHEERRRR FUUUUCKKERRRR!!!!”. Her body begins to uncontrollably vibrate and she surprises me when a large amount of liquid erupts from her vagina and splatters all over my hands and surrounding areas. I made the mistake of not taking my pants off so there is a large stain on my pants. After about five seconds, it finally stops and all I just hear is her heavy breathing.

I remove my hands, soaked from the squirting barrage, and I lick my hands to taste what this liquid is like. It’s a strange taste that I could not describe but was hooked on so I just continued licking my hands dry of the substance. Forgetting the cross necklace I decided to give Amanda a taste of her own medicine. I look at her pussy and notice the necklace isn’t there, so I look on the floor and realize that she squirted with such force that it’s lying in a pool of her own bodily fluids on the floor. I pick it up, which is just coated and dripping, and I lean over her and show what she has done to the necklace.

Using my left hand I grab her by the back of her neck, and make her stand up straight and turn her and myself, behind her, ninety degrees to the left so that way the camera can get a good view. I grab the necklace and hang it over head and slowly lower it down. She shocked me when she opened her mouth without order. She jumped a little when the necklace was halfway down her mouth and she made me jump a bit too when she used her still tied hands and began to massage my cock thru my jeans. When she got the whole necklace in her mouth, I turned her around to face me and pushed down on her shoulders to get her on her knees.

I grab the phone and notice that thanks to some of the lights off in the store it makes the inside of the counter looks dark. I turn on the flashlight of the phone and I capture the perfect moment. Her make-up is all messy looking and her hair is a very wet, thanks to her profusely sweating. Her head is turned sideways and spits out the necklace onto the floor and as she turns to face me I can see her expression looks like a deer caught in headlights.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she says as I’m unzipping myself.

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