How To Get Lots Of Anal Ch. 02

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So in the last story I shared with you how I managed to wedge a few fingers up my wife’s pussy and ass while she was asleep and snoring deeply. In this version I make my first attempt at actually getting my dick up in that tight little asshole of hers. This story will read more like a lesson in how to perform this act. Turns out that this works so well, I’ve been able to use it on other women which I’ll share with you in later stories.

First off it is very important to make sure your wife is sleeping soundly. If your spouse likes to drink or takes any of the common sedatives that everyone seems to take now, your job is even easier. Most women seem to sleep more soundly when on their sides or stomach. For some reason which I haven’t figured out, people wake easier when asleep on their back. If your girl is on her back you should nudge her and get her to roll to her side. I’ve discovered that this is usually very easy to do. Most women have this natural inclination to be spooned. This is also the best position for going for the ass and feigning ignorance if the girl wakes up.

Secondly you must be patient. Don’t rush into it or your going wake up the girl and not have any fun at all, unless of course she is the kind of slut that loves to be woken up with a dick inside one of her holes. I’ve run across a few of these women as well.

So here is how you begin once you get your girl over on her side facing away from you.

Angle of entry.

You start off in the spoon position and determine how asleep your partner is by first placing a hand on their ass cheek. Listen closely to their breathing. I typically will make all my moves on the exhale. Any interruption of sleep patterns is typically discernable immediately on canlı bahis the exhaled breath. Try massaging the ass cheek a little bit to determine the level of sleep depth.

VERY IMPORTANT, never ever touch the soles of the feet of the person you are trying to ass fuck. I’ve discovered that with every woman this a sure fired way to wake them up. Once you have rubbed the ass cheeks a little bit, its time to go for some actual contact on your girl’s asshole. What I usually do is go for a little grab for my own nuts or dick and accidentally rub against the ass crack. If this works and your girl is still asleep then go for a direct touch to the asshole with your knuckle of your index finger.

So far so good? Good, let’s continue. The next step is to start and get her asshole and your dick lubed up. I’ve discovered that saliva is the best lubrication because it is removed the easiest and leaves no greasy residue. A little trick I’ve found is to drink a glass of milk before you go to bed. Milk causes your saliva to be much thicker and works as a great lubricant.

If this is your first attempt I recommend going for a little pussy action first. This is a great way to determine the sleep level of your partner and to get out of a compromising situation by making her think that you were just going for a little midnight pussy romp. I’ve only known one girl who didn’t like to be woken up to a little sex now and then.

Now its time to change your angle a little bit. A 45 degree angle works best for pussy and ass stimulation at this point. You should keep your groin against her ass, but position your shoulders and head about 2-3 feet further back from hers. Now this is where the whole issue of the soles of the feet come into play again. bahis siteleri At this angle you are dangerously close to waking her up if you touch her feet. I’ve found through patience and practice that you can use your knees to put your girl’s knees up and forward so that she is in more of a fetal position. Most women sleep very deeply in this position. What I will typically due is first you my index fingered that is lubed up with spit to play with her asshole at first. It is easier this way as well because you can spread her ass cheeks open with the same hand that you are tickling her puckered asshole with. Remember to keep listening to her breathing. If all goes well, you should slowly insert you finger into her asshole to loosen it up a little. Don’t put it in to deep, just an inch or slow. You will use your dick for the actual penetration. Women stay asleep when the soft skin of your dick makes the penetration. They don’t seem to sleep as well when a finger is deep in there. The skin on our fingers is probably much rougher.

Since all is going according to plan, its time to try for a little penile penetration up the poop shoot. Get the head of your cock nice and lubed up with spit as well as the thumb of your hand that is going to guide your dick in. Grab your dick and slowly rub it against her asshole. Remember always to listen for breathing. Now take your lubed up thumb and slowly penetrate her ass about 1 inch. We use the thumb just to get her butt hole open enough to take the very tip of your dick. Slide your thumb out and press the tip of your dick against her asshole. I’ve found that you might have to go back and forth between your thumb and dickhead quite a few times, before her asshole starts to loosen up.

My understanding bahis şirketleri of the female asshole is that there are two sphincter muscles contained within. The first one we loosen up using our thumb and spit. The second one takes a little more patience. On most girls I’ve been with the second one is about 1-2 inches inside the asshole opening. I’ve met a couple of girls where the second sphincter seemed non-existent. These are also the easiest girls to initially ass fuck. I met a porn star once who confirmed this by telling me that the girls in the industry that like to ass-fuck the most don’t have the deep second sphincter.

Keep pulling out your dick and lubing it up good to make her asshole real slippery. This will feel much better for you and won’t leave her with a sore asshole in the morning.

I recommend that the first time you try this, don’t go to deep. Try to fuck just the first few inches of her ass. You need to get her asshole trained before you start putting the whole thing in. Also make sure you have a t-shirt nearby so you can clean her up when you are done or if she starts waking up. The spit is easily removed with a quick swipe of the t-shirt over the butt crack.

My first try:

Physically I’m pretty average on thickness and a little longer than normal. My penis is 7.25 inches in length and fits perfectly between my index finger and thumb when they are closed together. In the past I’ve put my thumb in my wife’s ass quite a few times during doggy style, which she loves quite a bit, so I wasn’t quite sure how well this would work now. Well here I am about to try to stick my dick into her ass undetected. I got so excited that as I started to rub her asshole with the head of my dick I exploded. My hot cum shot all over her puckered hole and ass crack. Luckily my t-shirt was close by and I got her cleaned up. The orgasm from just tickling her butt hole was extremely intense. I can’t wait till tomorrow night to try again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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