House Call

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The doorbell rings and I’m still in bed, sleepy and lazing, enjoying the cool breeze of the ceiling fan above my bed and the softness of my sheets. Sprawled out in my king size bed, naked, I realize that the annoying sound I’m hearing is forcing me to wake up and start my day.

I quickly pull on a pair of black cotton drawstring pants, no panties. I throw a pale, chartreuse top on figuring that the bra can come later, once I’ve gotten the caller to go away.

Approaching the door, I see the silhouette of a well chiseled male thru my beveled glass. I open the door to find the most handsome upholstery cleaner I ever saw (which is an unexpected surprise, to say the least). Suddenly, I am disappointed by my inability to wake earlier to ready myself for this stud of a house calling furniture cleaner.

I let him in, smelling his cologne as it wafts by me, admiring his ass as it passes by me, biting my lip in lustful hunger. I never thought dark green khakis could ever look so good on a man, and I was right. They’d look much better balled up onto the floor with his creamy thighs spread while I service him.

So I show him the items that need evaluating. Normally I would leave him to get “more decent,” but I decide that indecent might be the way to go. While he drags his “equipment” in, I change into a snug white camisole with spaghetti straps and some shorts….keeping with my minimal undergarment precedent.

He’s bent over my sofa, turning cushions up as I sit on the chair across from him, lusting his firm, round ass that would look so good in my hands while my tongue french kisses that ass….

I wait for him to turn around and discover the small spot on the ottoman, which is at my feet….and my feet, are strategically placed at the widest sides of the ottoman, ass slid to the edge of the chair. He can’t help but blush as he bends down to review the stain on the cushion. He smiles up at me as he sinks to his knees like a peasant before his queen. His beautiful, large hands grip the cushion as his head lowers for a more keen view, analyzing the fabric, the weave, the toes painted in salmon pink, the calves, the thighs that are spread wide open before him and the shorts that gap at the leghole, allowing him to see that he’s not here for a “rug” cleaning.

He swallows hard as I ask him what he thinks….and if he can take care of, IT. Licking his lips, he turns his head to me and responds with a soft, almost shy “yes.”

I’m becoming wet as I watch his mop of short hair bobbing around between my legs. He is doing a great job pendik escort of looking interested in that ottoman. I decide it’s time to take matters into my own hands.

I lift my right thigh over his head, without warning, so he can’t even pull back. My flesh grazes his hair as I lift over and slither to the base of the chair, sliding off the seat. He’s obviously uncomfortable with such overt behavior yet he doesn’t move. I get on my knees behind him, between his knees. Reaching up under his arms, which are still embracing my ottoman, I begin to undo his shirt buttons. I kiss the back of his neck softly. He doesn’t ask what I’m doing. He just lets out a small moan and his body shudders slightly, in disbelief.

Tugging his shirt free of those horrible, restrictive pants, I peel the shirt down, from behind, off his muscular shoulders and free of his gorgeous back. Pulling my own camisole up, I press my bare breasts to his back, nipples hard with excitement, as i reach around his chest and explore his chest with my full palms. The feeling of hair on his body titillates me and forces me to bite into his left shoulderblade. Biting up his back, to the base of this neck, my fingertips circle his nipples, making them harden, then tugging the nipples softly so I can whip them into the frenzy of erection that my nipples are experiencing in his back.

Sucking the left side of his neck, tasting the salt of a hard day’s work, my hands move down his flat stomach to his belt. I undo his belt as his head leans back onto my shoulder, arching his throat and moans escaping his beautiful lips. Unzipping him, I’m able to slip my hands into his pants. Now is where I find that he’s very, very happy to see me.

The bulge in his boxers makes it clear that this little home visit is well needed. The wet spot on the front of them tells me just how eager he is. I massage his cock with my hands, grasping him thru the boxers and using the fabric against his cock like a sheath lovingly encasing his most precious jewel.

His moans are hoarse as his head arcs back harder into my shoulder, using my body as support. I kiss his left cheek as I masturbate his beautiful hard on. His hips are thrusting into my hands, fucking my hands. His ass pumps softly against my body.

I begrudgingly free my hands of his cock but I sink my fingertips into his waistband quickly enough to assuage my sadness. In one rapid movement, his pants and boxers are down to his bent knees, his ass is bare, his cock free.

I trail kisses down his back as I whisper for him to NOT move. I can see escort pendik his fingers digging into the side of the ottoman as I kiss over his waist, down his hip, and over his now chill covered bottom. The beauty and firmness of his ass almost overwhelm me. I desperately want to bite into him but am afraid of causing him pain. I fight my urge and focus on the hip in front. My tongue laps down the front of his body, against the bare, soft flesh of his hip to the soft hair of his thigh, causing him to jerk in a full body shudder. He must be ticklish….

I ask him to sit on the floor for me so I can remove his pants and he silently obeys. His legs extended before him, I remove his shoes and easily slip his pants and boxers off.

Though his cock is beckoning me, I begin at his feet. I remove his socks, rubbing his feet free of sock debris, looking into his blue eyes. Crouching down, I suckle the big toe of his left foot into my mouth. I watch for his reaction as I make my way to each toe. Sucking them, flicking my tongue playfully. My thumbs rubbing the hard working balls of his feet, massaging, as I suck.

Pressing my mouth to the arch of his foot. Licking the underside of his foot as he moans and then, giggles. I smile at him as I kiss over the top of his foot, up along his calf, lifting his bent leg so I can lick the back of his kneecap. Licking down the backside of his thigh then turning my head so i can lick his inner thigh. My hair is now at his ball sack so I am gentle with my movements.

I press my face to his scrotum. The soft fuzz of his ballsack against my nose, lips, cheeks, even eyebrows, as I ‘sense’ him with my face alone. I breathe deeply and inhale his scent, making a production out of it by rubbing my nose up along his hard shaft as my eyes close, softly purring.

Opening my eyes as i rub my cheek to his cock, he is leaning back onto his elbows, watching me worship his phallus. Returning my face to his balls, I begin to kiss his testicles and suckle his scrotum, tonguing my way upward, purring as I tongue. Washing over his full sack, I am dreamy-eyed and content.

I turn my head sideways so I can run my mouth over his shaft, upward, as tho I were eating an ear of corn (minus teeth). Just mouthing my way up his throbbing cock, to that sweet, head. His head is deepening in color and there’s a lovely pearl of pre cum awaiting me, like a gift for a loyal servant.

I suck his large mushroom into my mouth. I suck at the pearl, moaning as I take my reward. Then in one movement, I am on my hands and knees and my lips envelop pendik escort bayan his shaft. His thickness and length prevents full penetration at first taking but I bob and lap at him until I can relax my throat enough to take more. I am savagely engulfing this man’s cock. My body ripples and moves as though he’s fucking me from mouth to cunt in one whole, long movement. Diving down on him, ass in the air, breasts against the carpet. I am salivating as I suck his massive cock, lubrication running to his base.

I wrap my thumb and fingers around his cock and begin to pump him into my mouth. He lets out the loudest sound I have heard from him yet. His head is back, eyes closed, and he is calling for god as he tells me not to stop, to just suck his cock dry.

I am fueled by his words and I desire his cum. I long to taste him after he is gone for the day. I keep massaging my hand up and down his cock, following down with my mouth, faster and faster, over and over.

I reach a finger under my pants to my pussy. I am soaking. Swirling my finger into my wetness, I saturate my fingertip. Pressing my fingertip ever so gently under his testicles, I rim his crease with my fingertip, lubing down from balls to anus, then back up again. I wet my finger again and repeat, over and over, as he coos for me. When I am convinced his bottom is wet and ready, I press my thumb to his anus, lightly applying pressure, diligent to suck him and keep him relaxed.

His hands are clasping my head and forcing me down his shaft. His fingers grasping at strands of hair as he moans. As he bucks up into my face, I ease my thumb into him. His grunts intensify as my thumb penetrates him. I rotate my thumb as I suckle his cock. His tight ass grips me. He calls out that he’s going to cum if I don’t stop. There is NO WAY I am going to stop this.

His hips arc up and fill my mouth with cock. My thumb is planted into his rectum, up to my knuckle. The first gust of cum surges out, hitting deep into my throat, followed by several more. Ribbons of warm cum dancing on my tongue, the roof of my mouth, and leaking out the corner of my mouth as I desperately try to swallow all of him.

He softens, ever so slightly, in my mouth. His body is no longer tensing and then jolting. He’s panting as he lies back onto his back. I watch his chest heave as I suck up to his head and release it, letting it fall into a spent heap. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand, push my camisole back down, covering my breasts.

He dresses. On his way to the door, he opens his lips to speak but I place my finger to his lips. “Shhhhh….I need you to finish the job tomorrow. Come back then.” He nods and walks to his truck, legs like a newborn deer. As I close my door, I know, he will indeed, come….again tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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