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Driving for hours now and what seemed like forever since I saw any type of civilization, my eyes were starting to get tired. I had been in New Mexico for a construction management conference for a few days and was now driving back home to the central coast in California, but I needed to find a hotel for the night so I wouldn’t fall asleep at the wheel.

My name is Javier, I’m 21 years old and had finished college early and gotten into construction management shortly afterwards. Life was good, but I had been so busy with school and work that I didn’t leave myself much time to have a social life. I’ve had 2 girlfriends in my life; the first cheated on me, and the second got tired of how dedicated I was to work, so not the greatest experiences. But I was young, and wasn’t worried at all. My time will come.

I saw a sign for a town coming up in about 10 miles, and I hoped that there was any kind of lodging. It was about 9:30 PM so it was getting a little late for me. I didn’t have to be back home for a few days, but it was cheaper to drive than to fly, so I had to get a jump start on the way home.

As I got to the town, I noticed it wasn’t much of a town at all. There were no restaurants, no stores, not even any stoplights. I debated turning around, but I figured if this is a town, there had to be something. I kept driving into the town limits, and stumbled upon a small motel. There was 1 car in the parking lot, and I can probably assume it was the person working the front desk, because there were no lights on in any of the rooms. I parked my car, grabbed my bag, and headed into the lobby. The door was still open, so that was a good sign, I thought.

I got to the desk, and rang the bell for assistance. To my delight, I see the most beautiful and sexiest girl I had ever seen in my life come to the desk to help me.

“Good evening, how can I help you?” she asked with a nice smile. I saw on her nametag her name was Genelle. She had on a long sleeve plaid shirt untucked that was unbuttoned, and surprisingly, a black crop top under it with a pair of really low rise Hollister jeans. As I noticed her, I couldn’t help but look at her ridiculously sexy stomach. Her bellybutton was barely showing, being left uncovered by the short crop top. My heart started to race, and I’m sure my face turned a little flush. She was about 5’2″ tall, tan and Mexican, from the accent. She was small, maybe 100 lbs and nice shoulder length light brown hair. If I had to guess, she was probably no older than 18-20.

“I’ve been driving for hours now and am really sleepy and would like a room for the night to relax. Do you have any vacancies?” I asked.

“Yes, there is nobody here tonight, so the place is yours.”

“I’ve never been in a hotel where I’m the only guest. I guess it’s pretty remote out here.”

“Yes, my family owns this property and I stay here to watch it for them when they’re out of town.”

After making small conversation, I got my room key and headed to my room. I get in put my bag down, and decided to go looking around. Down the hall, I noticed the hotel had an indoor pool and hot tub. This is nice, I thought. It was about 10:30 so I hoped it was still open. I had a new pair of Sonoma boardshorts I had gotten recently. They were a bit long, but it’s all I had. You know, I thought, maybe I’ll try and see if I can impress Genelle at the front desk. I was about 5’7″ tall, and about 155 pounds. I’m athletic and in good shape. I have nice abs; not quite a six pack, but toned out. I’m half Mexican and half white. My mom was Mexican and my dad was from California. I need to shave first if I’m going to impress her.

In my bathroom bag, I had some shaving gel and a razor, so I went on to shave any hair I had down in my nether regions, since the pair of boardshorts I had sat low on my waist. It didn’t take me long to finish. It felt nice to be clean shaven. I started getting a hard on just thinking about Genelle at the front desk as I sat there naked in my room looking for my shorts in my bag. Once I found them, I put them on as low as I could possibly wear them and tied them.

I decided to head to bursa escort the front desk to find a way to converse with Genelle. I was nervous. She was so gorgeous and I wasn’t all that smooth with girls. I walk out of my room with nothing buy my shorts on and started to get hard again. I quickly returned to my room until my hard on disappeared. I wasn’t used to wearing my shorts this low. I felt almost naked, but then I remembered there’s nobody else here. I got to the lobby and noticed Genelle was behind the desk on her phone. She looked up when I got to the desk. I made sure she could clearly see me.

“Do you have any pool towels up here? I only have my shower towel.” I saw her look down and her eyes got a little big.

“Ummm, yeah, let me get a few for you right now. I see you found the pool!”

“Yes, it looks inviting! So does the hot tub!”

She handed me a couple of towels. I couldn’t stop looking at her bare belly. I had to tuck my dick to the left so it wouldn’t be so obvious if I got hard.

“Make sure when you dive in your shorts don’t fall off,” she said with a wink and a smile. “They’re on pretty low. Not that I’d mind seeing that if they did fall off.”

“Mmm, about as low as those jeans you have on your waist, haha. I’ll let you know how the water is. If there’s no one else coming tonight, would you like to join me?”

“I might take you up on that! I keep a swimsuit here in my bag. Pool closes at 11, but I can keep it open til whenever.”

“Ok thanks! I’ll let you know how the water is!”

As I left the lobby, I turned around to see her watching me leave as we both smiled at each other. I entered the pool area and flipped the light switch, but it wouldn’t turn on. I tried another switch and it, too, didn’t work. I could see the main light above the pool was out. Well, I guess this means I need to ask Genelle about it. So I headed back to the front desk and there was Genelle.

“The light won’t turn on in the pool. I think the big bulb is out.”

“Oh, no problem, I can switch it out. I will just need your help holding the ladder.”

I obliged. She asked if I can carry the ladder, while she grabbed a replacement bulb. Once she got the supplies, she stopped at the desk and did her hair into a pony tail. I saw her crop top lift even higher, giving me a great view of that sexy midriff and bellybutton. I could feel the bulge in my shorts, but I didn’t really care anymore.

“You ready? Let’s go.” I followed her down the hallway. My god, she had a cute butt swinging left to right too. Not big, just perfect. Her pants were dragging a tiny bit, and I could see she had on an old pair of Chuck Taylor converse shoes.

We entered the pool area and could see a little bit of the hallway light shining into the pool, but it was still a bit hard to see. Genelle had a flashlight, so we could see.

“Hold the ladder tight, it’s right on the edge.”

“What if I want to see you fall in haha?” I asked jokingly.

“Wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, I’d land softly in the water, but I don’t really feel like falling in with my clothes on haha.” Oh god, please fall in, I kept thinking to myself. Seeing her wet would be so hot. At the top step of the ladder, and with her back to the pool, she began changing the bulb. I was holding the flashlight for her. She stopped what she was doing because her plaid shirt was getting in the way.

“This shirt is getting in the way. I’m going to take it off and hand it to you.” And with that, wow was all I thought. I could now see more than just her midriff. All of her lower back was showing, and when she climbed back up the ladder, I saw a slight sliver of her butt crack show. Was she even wearing underwear? Now I’m fully hard and had to push my boner to the left. That didn’t work very well, but at least it was kind of dark in here. As she finished changing the bulb, the light instantly turned on, since I had left the switch on, and that startled Genelle.

“Oh my God!” And as I look up, Genelle had lost her balance, and let out a scream. The next thing I saw was her falling backwards into the pool and making a bursa escort bayan big splash. Her back hit first. All I could think was oh my God. This is what I had secretly wished for. Now all I hope is that she’s ok.

It was about 4 seconds before she came up for air. I saw she was fine. “Ok Genelle, I was secretly hoping you would fall in,” I said laughing a little. I look into the pool as she’s tossing her hair back. She climbed out, and because her pants were now soaking wet super low, her entire butt showed. She quickly pulled them up high enough to cover it.

“I kind of thought you wished for that. Oh my god, how embarrassing,” she said laughing.

“Are you ok? That was quite the fall.” I got her one of my pool towels so she could dry off.

“I’m fine, but now my clothes are wet.” Just then, she looked at me as she’s standing a few feet away from me, and since the light was on, she could now see the big bulge in my shorts.

“This is now a few times I see you trying to hide your boner. Don’t feel awkward. I would’ve been grossed out if I didn’t think you were hot.” I was beyond excited now. “There is a problem, though.” Uh oh, what could it be? “Now I’m wet, but you’re not.”

And with that, she reached for me and tried pushing me in the pool.

“Oh hell no haha!” We wrestled around a little close to the edge of the pool playfully, and I had the upper hand and was about to push her back in the pool, when she pulled an unexpected move. She reached down for my boner and grabbed it through my shorts. For a brief moment, I was vulnerable. I was going in, but I grabbed her last second and pulled her in with me.

We both went in with quite the splash. When we came up for air, we looked at each other. We were on the shallow end so we could stand. I looked at her through the water. Her nipples had become hard, her bellybutton was still showing, and her butt was no longer covered again. She reached down at my shorts and untied them. I offered no resistance. She pulled out my dick, all 7 inches of it, and started slowly stroking it with her hand, and made the move to start kissing me. I obliged and kissed her back as she continued to stroke me softly. I slid down her jeans just a tad, enough to get a few fingers in her clean shaven pussy. She shuddered, and said “let’s get out of the pool.”

She straddled me as I picked her up by her legs. Her butt was fully exposed. This wasn’t going to take long. We got onto a pool chair, with me on my back and her with her head near my lap. She slid down my shorts. They were on so low she didn’t have to slide them down too far. I threw my hands behind my head as she started sucking my dick. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last long. She started slow, and used her hands to cup my balls. After a few minutes of this, I stopped her. I sensed myself getting close to cumming, and I didn’t want that just yet. So I put her on her back on the chair and slid her jeans open at her pussy and began eating her out. It tasted so good. She was only able to take a few minutes of this as well, as her moaning became louder and louder. With one last shudder, she came. She pushed me away and we switched back into our original position. This time she sucked just the tip and stroked with her hand.

I threw my hands behind my head again in sheer ecstasy as my orgasm was coming. As soon as she saw my abs tightening up, she knew it was imminent. She stopped sucking with her mouth and got a tight grip on my dick and stroked hard and fast, making sure she squeezed the tip. I could take no more.

“I’m cumming, I can’t take it anymore,” is all I could muster out. And as I completed that sentence, I let go. I shot out like a volcano as she continued to stroke. My stomach was covered in my own cum. She kept stroking, even after I was done spewing out. I had to stop her, as it became too much to handle.

“We’re not done. You have to fuck me now,” she said as she licked the cum off my stomach and I writhed in utter joy.

“Oh my god that was amazing. Yes, I’ll do that. Just give me a minute to regroup.”

“I’m gonna go get out of these wet clothes and escort bursa put on a bikini and come back.”

With that, she buttoned her wet jeans on, threw her hair up a bit, smiled, and walked out. I started getting hard again just watching her walk away. I needed to cool off. I pulled my shorts off and decided to jump in the pool naked. It was quite refreshing. When I climbed out, I decided to lay down on one of the pool chairs. My dick was throbbing again just thinking about what her pussy feels like on my dick. A few minutes later, Genelle came back in her bikini. It was a teal colored bikini that showed off her nice B cup tits, and the bottoms sat even lower than her jeans did, which I estimated to be about 6 inches below her bellybutton. The top of her butt crack was also a bit uncovered from how low it was. She seemed to want to fuck immediately.

With a smile, she bent down and sucked on my dick for a bit. I was already very hard and ready to go. After sucking for a few minutes, she got up on top of my cowgirl style and pulled my dick into her pussy slowly. If Heaven exists, this must be it. She started bouncing on it until she could fit all of me into her with each thrust. She leaned back a little so she could really start thrusting. Wow, I’m going to cum soon if this keeps up, so I slowed the pace down. She then switched to reverse cowgirl. Now I can look at that hot little butt of hers even more.

“You take control down there. Fuck as hard and fast as you want. Trust me, I can take it.

“Oh you don’t have to tell me twice. I was planning on doing that anyways.”

“But if you have to cum, pull out.”

“Where do you want it?”

“If we’re still in this position, pull out and I’ll finish you. If not, go on my belly. It’s the easiest spot to clean hehe! You can aim for my bellybutton. Just please avoid my face.”

“You got it!”

At this moment, I slid inside her and just started drilling as hard as I could. She was fairly loud. With each thrust, I could feel her pussy grip tightly on me. I keep thrusting and thrusting, and her moaning got louder and louder, until I felt a gush on my dick and she pulled away squealing. She squirted! Her legs were shaking so I went back in and kept thrusting, knowing my own orgasm is close.

“Fucker!” she screamed as she squirted again in ecstasy. She’s breathing so heavily and she’s so wet. I can’t take much more at this pace. I had to change positions since I was close. I put her on her back on the pool chair and went back in as hard as I could. Any minute now I’m gonna blow. She put one hand on my balls and she could feel the eruption was inevitable. A few more thrusts and I’ll be there. Just then, another gush. She squirted yet again. She now has both her hands on her hair in the most vulnerable position I’ve seen her in. This is it. I approached the finish line. I crossed the point of no return, and with a loud groan, I pulled out at the last moment possible and unloaded. The first shot hit her in the neck, it came out with such force. And then shot after shot landing on her perfect belly, turning her bellybutton into a pool of cum. The last few shots dripped onto a spot about an inch or two above her pussy. Genelle is shaking. I’m shaking. She takes whatever last bit of energy she has and grabs the tip of my dick and strokes it hard. I pulled away. Too much again.

“That was hot! I’ve never cum so hard in my life. And from the looks of it, neither have you,” she said.

“My heart is pounding. Oh my god. I don’t even know what to say. Except you got wet! Look at your bellybutton! It’s filled up!”

“I need to go get cleaned up haha! And check on my wet clothes in the dryer.”

“I can help with the cleanup…” And with that, I picked her up off the chair.

“No no no no no!” Genelle screamed once she realized what I was doing. She barely had enough time to slide her bikini bottoms up when I launched her into the pool.

“You asshole!” Genelle laughed as she came out of the pool.

“You’re clean now! Now check on your clothes and come back in so we can hot tub together!”

“Yes sir! And just know that this isn’t over. I’m going to suck and fuck you until you can’t get hard anymore. I have plenty more where that came from!”

It looks like I’m going to have to stay a few more nights here in the middle of nowhere in my newly found oasis…

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