Homecoming Day Dream

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When he heard the side door softly creak open, his dick was hard as a rock in an instant. He knew she was close by, and had already put the dogs outside, and closed all the bedroom doors upstairs, but knowing she was actually here now was all he needed to pump the blood back to where it had been so often since she left, and he was alone in his thoughts about all the ways he wanted to fuck her when she returned.

She came in the door quickly, and left her bags on the landing.

He was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. As she came down the stairs, he watched her remove her jacket, and unbutton her pants. At the bottom of the stairs she kicked off her shoes, and they embraced in a very deep kiss. They stood there for a moment. Hands running up and down each others body. Tongues viciously circling each other. Deep and passionate.

His hands moved to her hips. Thumbs hooked into her waistband, he pushed her pants to the ground. Crouched down, helped them past her feet. As her stood back up, he kissed and licked his way up her legs. When he got to her pussy, his tongue darted out as far as he could, and he gave her one long, full lick, parting her lips into what looked like the most beautiful flower he had ever seen. He stood all the way up and kissed her again. Hard.

She grabbed at the drawstring to his pants. As she untied them, and freed his throbbing cock, she could feel his fingers gently rub against her clit. She reached into his pants and gripped his cock with one hand. With the other she pushed his pants down far enough that he was able to step out of them.

They broke contact for just a moment, and each removed their shirts. Neither could wait any longer. Her large, round breasts bounced when she pulled the bra up over her head. His cock twitched in excitement.

They embraced again. This time her hand was firmly wrapped around his cock, pendik escort and he slipped his middle finger deep inside her dripping wet flower.

They both moaned into each other’s mouth as she walked backwards into the most open part of the room. He surprised her, when he suddenly sat on the floor in front of her. He pulled her to his face by her hips, and buried his head between her legs.

She was sweet and pungent and very wet. His tongue lapped up and down both sides of her labia and up and over the top of her hood. His tongue darted into her opening, in and out, in and out, then from bottom to top.

Just as he was starting small circles around her clit, she pulled away slightly, bent at the hips and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked hard on the head for a second then released it licked his bulging organ from base to tip, circling the head twice with her tongue before running her mouth up and down the sides and gulping it deep back into her mouth.

She released his cock from her mouth again and moved up to straddle his legs.

“I need you in me right now!” she said as she gripped his dick and pointed it into her dripping wet pussy.

“Do it and I’ll fill you with so much cum” he warned. She just smirked at him as her sex swallowed him up with a wet slurping sound.

They were both immediately in extacy. They had always fit together perfectly. They both felt the first orgasm building as she quickly moved up and down in his lap.

He was kissing and squeezing her beasts while she rode him. As he squeezed them together and kissed all along the underside, he knew he couldn’t hold or any longer.

“Oh God, baby! Fuck! Fuck! I’m going to cum!”

Her soft whimpers had turned to moans, as she fucked him harder.

“I’m coming too!” She almost yelled as he started to fill her with wave after wave of hot, sticky cum.

As escort pendik her pussy spasmed and milked the last of his seed, she collapsed on to his chest. But she was still moving her hips softly up and down.

They kissed deeply for a few minutes, as she still rode his softening cock. After a few more moments, she pulled away and looked at him with a smirk and sparkle in her eye and said, “you naughty boy! I’m not done with you yet!”

“Mmmm.. but you feel so good, baby!” He teased. “I couldn’t help it! Why don’t we clean you up, and go again…”

Without another word, she quickly moved off his cock, and planted her gaping, creamy pussy square on his face.

“Is this what you had in mind, naughty boy?” She cooed, as he tongued her swollen, open flower.

“Mmhmmm…” was all he could manage as he swallowed a big gulp of their mixed juices. She tasted salty and sweet at the same time. He continued to alternate tongueing her opening, and flicking his tongue back and forth across her clit, as the aftermath of their first round ran down his neck.

As he plunged his tongue back inside, she ground down hard on his face. She rode herself to another orgasm fucking his tongue and rubbing her clit against his nose.

As her orgasm subsided, she slid down his side, and they locked lips. She could taste their combined juices as they slowly made out on the floor.

As she ran her hand up his body, she felt his cock twitch. She started to stroke it slowly as they continued to kiss and touch each other. She pulled at, and they locked eyes for a moment before she slipped down his body and took his reawakening cock into her mouth. She could feel his large shaft growing in her mouth as she slowly ducked him in and out or her mouth, stopping every few cycles to lash her tongue back and forth across the head, swirling around it once, and taking him back into her pendik escort bayan mouth as deep as she could.

When he was fully hard again, he pushed her onto her back. Hips between her legs, he kissed her deeply as he plunged his long, hard cock into her. He started slow, kissing her, and lightly fondling a breast.

As he picked up speed, he sat back on his heels and fucked her hard. Her pussy pulsed and she bucked her hips as she started to cum again. When her orgasm was over, she sat up and pushed him back. This time when she straddled him, she leaned back on her arms, moving herself up and down his cock, while he got a full view of her. The view was amazing and it felt so good. This was his favorite position, and he never wanted it to stop.

She was slowing down as she hit another small orgasm, but he wasn’t ready to cum yet. Exhausted, she was now slowly moving back and forth with him still inside.

“Just scoot back onto the floor”, he told her.

As she moved off of him, he began to stroke his cock, while she watched. She couldn’t help it when her own hand reached down and started slowly circling her swolen clit. When he bucked his hips slightly, she plunged 2 fingers deep into her still drenched pussy.

They watched each other, eyes locking momentarily then back to intently watching the other pleasure themselves. It was so erotic and intimate that they both started building to intense orgasms. Both were becoming lost in the moment, bucking hips and moaning as they each witnessed the other in the throws of self-pleasure.

As she furiously fingered herself with one hand, and rubbed her clit with the other, her juices began to pour from her pussy, splashing a little as she forced her fingers in and out. She screamed unintelligible nothings as she came hard on her own fingers.

Seeing all of this, and smelling the thick scent of sex in the air put him over the edge, and with a grunt started shooting thick ropes of cum all over his chest and belly.

Exhausted, they both feel asleep right where they were laying. Dirty, exhausted, and satisfied… for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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