Holidays Come Back

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I just came back from 3 weeks holidays without any sex, as soon as the plane landed I was thinking about one thing: a very special order which ironically arrived the day before I left on this trip and I did not have any chance of trying out its content, among the few sex toys included was something else I could not get out of my head but I will come back to it later.

I grabbed a taxi and went home, I felt like this took forever but finally I got home and the parcel was there, in the middle of my living room where I left it, I closed the door, removed my coat, put the luggage on the side and rush on the box with a scissor in hand. I was dead set decided to try everything in that box right away so this was in that state of mind that I unboxed everything and laid them on the ground.

The first item was an underwear with a plug attached to it, my anus was already twitching just by looking at it…

I decided to prepare myself right tuzla ukraynalı escort now and went to the bathroom, undressing on the way, I grabbed my cleaning set, filled myself with hot water a few times and used my finger to check everything was nice and ready, and I was.

I went back to the living room, grabbed the plug, could not help but smell the strong odor which usually come from some sex toys and decided to clean it with soap before it, after that I dried it, used two fingers lubricated with my saliva to prepare my asshole and plugged myself with this panties, it felt great and having the plug attached to it was making it move with each step, nice start!

I was now back on my box, the next item was a big glass ball, 5cm diameter (1.96 inches) with a chain attached, this one will go inside a bit later I thought and I continued the unboxing.

Now was the time for the main entry: I bought a sex machine, tuzla rus escort I had thought about this for a while now but I finally decided I wanted one and here it was. With it I got a few different dildo with the correct attachments: the first one was made of multiple silicon balls of increasing size connected together on a rod, the second one was a disk shaped dildo, not the biggest I have seen but still bigger than any dick I have seen so far, I decided to go for that one first.

While being plugged I plugged the machine to the main, connected the controller, a black box with an on/off button and a knob to control the speed I supposed, and then I proceeded to mount the part holding the dildo and the dildo itself on it after washing it with soap too.

I put some towels on the ground to get more conformable, tried the controller, it worked, and got on my knees in front of the dildo, I have never been so excited…

I escort bayan grabbed the lube bottle, put some on my fingers, played with my hole a bit before getting one finger inside, then two, going as far as I could reach. I lubed the dildo too and got in position.

I turned the knob slowly until I felt the dildo moving toward me, I felt it opening me, forcing its way in, it felt great. I always like the idea of being dominated, gently but firmly hold while some strong dude was forcing its big dick inside my asshole and this was the closest I got so far, my dick my leaking with presperm, I felt like an female animal in heat, I wanted this dick deep in me!

I let go in the heat of the moment and turned the knob to increase the machine speed, the dildo went straight inside me, leaving me with, I am sure, a pretty stupid smile on my face, but I was loving it.

I reduced the speed a bit but could not bear it and started stroking my dick in rhythm with the penetration of the machine, I came very fast and after that lied down on the towels for what felt like an hour, recovering.

It was an incredible orgasm, I have no idea how powerful women orgasm are but I am sure it could not be too far from that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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