His Little World

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I would descend from my car, switch on the torch of my phone and pray that this isn’t the night that I would trip on a step and cause all kinds of commotion.

I would declare to him that his package had arrived on his doorstep, freshly showered and smelling of sweet lollies hoping to entice him for a taste. He would walk to the door to collect me in a sleepy haze. I would sneak in sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly and enter into his sanctuary.

In the four steps I would take before I reached his favourite spot, my shoes and cardigan would be off and I would jump into his bed before he could change his mind and banish me from the world he has created for himself.

My mind would drift in and out while staring into his beautiful big brown eyes, while he told me stories from the last few days. Most nights I was fully content being wrapped in his world, only knowing the surroundings of the four walls and staring at the beautiful ceiling above me, while he fixed my pillows and made sure that I was comfortable.

Some nights his face would turn bursa escort and I knew that particular face when he craved my affection and I longed for him to kiss me and to touch my hair. He would kiss me like nothing else mattered.

Full of passion and sometimes leaving us both short of breath. He was obsessed with my breasts and would lavish as much attention on them as possible. He would stare at me while he pinched and bit my nipples, taking in my ecstatic gaze. My panties would be already dripping with delight, waiting for him to touch me as well as keep nibbling on my nipples.

The first touch would drive me over the edge and I would crave him to be inside of me. I should have savored the moment and not given into such temptation but I would beg him to fuck me and he would oblige. I would stare up at him and quiver at his every thrust. I loved the weight of him being on top of me. I have never felt more like a goddess with a god on top of me. I would throw my head back with my eyes closed and love the feeling of him being so deep. When he would get off bursa escort bayan me, I would crawl over to him like a purring cat, begging for more.

I would take him in my mouth and lick all of my juices off his hard member. He would gather up my hair so gently, so it was out of my face. This was my favourite bit and what I consider the most intimate part of our union. I would stare at him while he would slide in and out. After a while, I would be craving him again, so I would climb up to sit on him. I loved this position and he knew it. I would tell him how wet I was and how much I wanted to cum all over him. I knew that is what he wanted too. He wanted me to be fulfilled, it was so powerful when it did happen. When I fully gave myself to him, that part was so excruciating for me to do. To let go and be completely vulnerable to him.

I would climb from him and beg to be taken from behind. I wanted him to blow all over the small of my back. To search deep inside of me and feel an amazing release but we would stop and once again i would look at him while escort bursa he is deep inside of my mouth. By this stage he would cum and I would swallow him whole. I would climb from him and roll back to my side.

I would return all shy, covering my body, occasionally letting my breasts out for him to play with and to marvel in their size. It was no longer sexual. It was for fun and his amusement. I would lay next to him and try to draw on his body with my fingers, but he would get ticklish and move away from me. This part of the night hurt me. I would long for contact from him but feel that the room was getting smaller around us and that soon he would want his solitude. I would force him to kiss me, but the kisses had changed and now felt like a little boy being forced to kiss his Auntie when he didn’t want to.

We would laugh and transition back into two friends, no longer lovers. This hurt me, but I would try not to think about it. I felt strong for 10 seconds when I would announce that I am leaving but that would fade as soon as he agreed. I longed for him to tell me to stay. I would slip my clothes back on and try not to look at him while I was crushed.

We would get to the front door and I would leave his world again, never sure if this would be the last time we touched.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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