Her Passions, His Desires,

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Never in my years would I think I would be writing of this. It started almost four months ago to the day. A week before Christmas I awoke as normal and prepared for work. Moving rather slow even for a Monday I lost all desire to go to work. Behind on my shopping I figured I would stay home, finish up on a few things and do the rest of the gift wrapping.

About 6:00a. m. I went to awake my oldest son. Normally he was up by now, so I went check on him. As I entered his room I realized he had his fiancée over. To my surprise she was awake. She was a beautiful nineteen year old Italian. With all her features well proportioned. Standing about 5’9″ with long black hair, she had the body that would make a model jealous. Her breast appeared to be flawless. She had the eyes that seemed to look into your soul and a smile that would warm the coldest night. All perfectly designed on the body of a goddess. She was everything a single father could ever ask for. With the one exception, she was soon to be my daughter in law.

I went about my morning routine choosing my clothing etc. preparing for my shower. I entered the bathroom just as she was leaving. We smiled in passing as I accidentally brushed against her shoulder. As she turned away, I couldn’t help but watch her walk down the hall.

I went about my shower while thoughts of her never strayed far from my mind. As the hot water ran over my body I thought about how well our two bodies would fit. How I would easily position her tender body, as I would fulfill her every need.

As my imagination ran wild I slipped deeper into my fantasy. As my cock began to throb, I turned and faced the pulsating rhythm of the hot water. As the water danced over my body I closed my eyes and pictured her in all her natural beauty. How her slender hips would feel pressed tightly against mine. And the taste of her young tender breast with nipples as fresh as ripened cherries.

As my vision grew more vivid, I found myself now stroking my cock. As the escort ataşehir water pounded even hotter I also grew hotter. I turned away from the water and began to lather myself up. Again I closed my eyes, this time I watched her sensual lips as she worked her magic up and down my manhood. Her mouth was extremely hot and her tongue was like a serpent striking at it’s prey. As I grew closer to my release I gently pulled back and brought her to her feet. Her eyes were indeed the most seductive eyes I have ever seen. The passion that burns there is both deep and intense.

Back to reality my shower water was starting to get cold. I rinsed off and got out to dry. Fully erect still I decided I would finish my fantasy in my bed. As I struggled to contain my hard on under the towel I figured I would sneak into my bedroom. I looked down the hall to make sure no one was there, then made my mad dash for the stairs.

Just I reached the top of the steps, she was two thirds of the way up. I froze in my tracks noting my predicament. None the less she continued climbing the stairs. I stood there with a seven inch throbbing tent and there wasn’t nothing I could do about it. As she approached I seen her gaze down at my situation. As I attempted to explain she put her finger over my lips to silence me then simply said, good morning. She proceeded to tell me Rob had gone to work, and he would see me when he came home for lunch.

Standing there for that moment I felt completely at ease. She looked into my eyes and instantly I was lossed. I knew what I was doing wasn’t right, but my passions were fed by desire.

I leaned over and kissed her young lips as our tongues searched each others mouths with hunger. She searching for my experience and I, her innocence. I put my arms around her slender waist and caressed her firm ass. Through her silkened robe I could tell she was not wearing any panties.

I slid my hand around to her pleasure noting right away she was almost completely kadıköy escort shaven. By this time my cock was extremely hard. She had control of all my senses and she knew it. As our lips parted, I lifted her gently in my arms, and carried her down the stairs into my bedroom.

It was there I placed her on my bed. I removed my towel and knelt beside her. I slowly untied her robe only to reveal her natural beauty. As I caressed her outer thighs I slowly kissed my way up her inner thighs up to her near hairless pleasure. When my lips met her love spot she trembled with tickle. I massaged her clit with my tongue only long enough to moisten her entrance.

I slid my tongue over her outer lips, moving from side to side avoiding her ever growing sensitive clit.

She grabbed the back of my head and buried my face deep within herself. I complied willingly

shoving my tongue deep in her hole until I tasted her juices. She moaned loudly as I worked my tongue back to her clit. I sucked it gently at first, then flicking rapidly. And then I slid it back into her love channel. By this time her muscles were starting to tighten. I worked these motions back and forth until she was riding my face with a vengeance. As she thrust her hips still harder, she buried my face even deeper. I shoved my tongue far into her hole as she exploded her woman juices all over my face. As I licked and swallowed her nectar as she continued to cum. I had forgotten how young women cum. After her third orgasm I brought my eyes up to meet hers. Glazed over with desire they were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.

I kissed her with all my passion as I slowly slid the tip of my cock into her now dripping entrance. She attempted to shove me deep within her but I resisted, teasing her, making her want it even more. I kissed her neck as I worked my way down to her perfect breast. Like ripened melons, she had extremely firm breast. She moaned loudly as I began to suckle her nipples. At this time maltepe escort bayan I pulled my pulsating cock out of her tightness and began to rub it on her clit. Again she moaned with pleasure, but this time she told me to fuck her and to fuck her hard, , , Now!

I slid my cock back in her lifting her legs up over my shoulders. At first I only did the tip again, then slowly, little by little I entered her with all my beast. She gasped at first by my size,

so I went to pull back, just as she grabbed my ass and shoved me back in. I moved in gentle rhythm as she too coincided. As her moans grew louder and more frequent, I thrust my power even harder. I watched her eyes as she started to cum. Her very body started exploding as her screams filled my ears, I too unable to withstand any more and began to spill my juices deep within her. As my hot seeds filled her she continued to ride me until she worked herself into a frenzy. She was at her climax now and she was holding nothing back. Her dark brown eyes looked into my heart as if pleading for life. I stayed extremely hard as she road me as fierce as a violent storm. Her love muscles clenched again but this time clamping down on my swollen cock like a vise. I began to fuck her as hard as I could as our bodies slapped together, I too had worked up my fluids again. She began to pant, as I shoved my cock all the way up her and left it buried deep inside her canal.

As if being stabbed and out of breath, she gasped and moaned as her eyes pleaded with mine. Again my river of juices filled her love hole. The two of us agonized with pleasure, exploded and fell back on the bed. I left my cock deep within her for a while as we lay and enjoy our ecstasy. We talked about what we had done. She assured me she loved Rob with all her being, but her passions burned deeper than he could reach. She told me how she knew I had the power to reach those passions and that I reassured her today. I told her how I was looking forward to her being part of the family and that her pleasures were mine as long and as often as she required.

So needless to say, the past four months have been terrific. I gained a daughter in law, my son is happily married, and me and her enjoy the hottest most passionate sex either one has ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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