Her Hotel for the Wrestler Pt. 04

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Big Tits

It’s a cold December Friday evening inside the college gym. The wrestling meet started and Sofia (21 yrs.) sits in the bleachers. She’s a voluptuous (38-24-34) dark, red-head, whose long hair hangs in a ponytail. She writes for a college internet-blog and takes digital pictures of the competition.

Tom (30 yrs.) is a college referee who is a former wrestler. He has kept in great physical shape who stands at 5’10” and weighs 187 lbs. He’s got natural, curly black-hair, which falls over his eyes. Sofia notices his dark blue eyes and takes pictures of him.

She whispers, “A stud referee.”

Tom has been watching Sofia since she sat down. He can see her big tits from the wrestling mat. He realized early on that she’s been taking photos of him.

He says, “Great tits.”

The wrestling meet is over and Tom steps off of the mat. He walks over to pick up his sport bag on the ground floor.

Sofia yells, “Hi Tom!”

He smiles, “Hi.”

She says, “I’m Sofia. Good meet tonight.”

Tom walks toward her and she notices the bulge inside of his black referee pants.

He replies, “Yeah, it was a good meet.”

His eyes quickly look down at her enormous tits.

She asks, “Can I interview you for my internet-blog?”

He answers, “Sure. I’m heading to the showers and have to change out of this sweaty uniform. How about after?”

She smiles, “Of course, I can wait.”

Her fingers hold out a business card and Tom grabs it. A pen has written on the back, “University pendik escort Hotel. Room 110.”

He smiles, turns and walks to the gym locker room with his sport bag.

Later that night inside of Hotel Room 110. The long curtains are pulled halfway closed. The heater below runs on high which fogs up the window. The big TV screen plays ESPN soccer, but the volume is turned off. Clothes, coats, socks and shoes are piled up next to the king size bed. His sport bag sits by the door.

The light shines down over the naked bodies of Sofia and Tom. He lays back on the bed with both knees hanging over the edge. He also leans on his elbows and the curly black hair falls across his blue eyes. Both of his hands grip the bed sheets.

Tom looks down at her as she kneels on the carpet floor in between his legs. Both of her hands tightly grip his 8-inch cock. Her lips cover his engorged cock-head as her tongue licks it furiously.

He responds, “Uhhhh… Uh-Uhhhh… Uhh-Gawd… It’s-Been-So-Long… Uhhhhh… I-Divorced-Last-Year.”

Her hands keep gripping his shaft as her tongue licks wildly.

She murmurs, “Mmmmm… Mmmm.”

He replies, “Uhhhhh… Gawd… There-You-Go… G-awwdd… Work-My-Cock… Work-It… Ahhhhhh.”

He throws his head back and closes his eyes.

He says, “Uhhhhhh… Squeeze-My-Cock… Lick-It-Hard… Oh-That-Feelz-Good… Uhhhhhh.”

She looks up at him as his mouth drops open. Her tongue begins to lick hard on the left side of his cock-tip. maltepe escort

Tom flinches, “Uhh-Uhhhhh… It’s-Been… Two-Years… Since-I-Got-A-Real… B-Blow-Job.!!”

Both of her hands begin to stroke his shaft. The tongue keeps licking his cock-tip.

He responds, “Ohh-Gawd… Drain-My-Big-Balls… Suck-Me-Dry.”

Her mouth lift’s off of his cock, “You do have big balls.”

He watches her go back to licking his cock-tip. Both of her hands grip his shaft tighter while still stroking.

Tom explodes, “Uhh-Gawd-Gawd… Here-It-Cums… Cuuuuuuuuhh… Uuuuuuuhh… Uuuuuhh… I-Miss-This-So-Much.”

35 minutes later. The curtains are pulled closed, but the bottom of the left corner is caught and is held open. Fog still covers the windows from the heater below. The lights are turned off except for the TV playing ESPN news.

The naked bodies of Tom and Sofia are on top of the bed. She is laying on her back with the head dangling off of the edge. Her long red hair falls to the carpet. Her huge tits pop into the air with those larger than normal “areoles.” Both of her legs are spread open. He is kneeling in between those legs with his hands placed on each side of her tits.

Tom’s cock is buried inside of her thick-red pussy. His eyes are closed and mouth is dropped open. Sofia’s mouth is open too as her head dangles.

He’s been thrusting as deep as he can as his black crotch hits her red bush.

She responds, “Unnhh… Unnnh… Unnhh… Feelz-So-Good… kartal escort Unnnh.!!”

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust.

Her tits flop wildly.

She screams, “Unnhh… Unh… Uh-Unnnh… Unnhh… T-Tom.!!”

He opens his eyes and looks down at his shaft which pushes in and pulls out.

Both of her hands grip his arms.

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust.

She responds, “I came… I came… T-Tom… Unnhh… Unnnhh… Unnh.!!”

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust.

Her tits keep flopping.

She says, “T-Tom… Tom… Unnnh… Unnnhh.!!”

He pulls out his cock and pushes back onto his knees. His hands grip her hips and turns her over. She spreads her legs as he pulls her up onto her knees.

He whispers, “It’s been so long since I fucked like this.”

His left hand grips his shaft and guides the cock-tip toward her thick pussy. His tip spreads open her wet lips and he slides all the way inside.

His hands grip her hips and he thrusts only a few times.

Tom explodes, “Sofia. Here it Cuuums… C-Cuuuuuuuuuuhh… Uuuuuuuuuhhh.!!”

The next day at noon. Tom suddenly wakes up under the bed covers. He looks around and everything is turned off. The sun shines through the closed curtains. Sofia is gone too.

Tom throws off the bed covers and climbs off of the bed naked. He staggers to the door and opens it. He looks down at the “do-not-disturb” sign on the other side. The cold air blows through and he closes the door quickly.

He turns on the lights and discovers that his sport bag is gone. So are all of his clothes. His referee shirt hangs on the chair and he grabs it.

Tom chuckles, “Damn Sofia. I’m gonna freeze my balls off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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