Happy V-Day, Lover Boy

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I had been itching to get to him the moment I got to work. I’d been pacing around since six, watching ambivalently while jubilant couples poured in and out of the shop all day, hastily purchasing their massage oils and toys and rushing home to apply them. Naturally it would be busy, and our colorful display of Valentine’s Day dildos, ruby colored anal beads and cherry flavored condoms shone gloriously like a priapic monolith in the middle of the store. I wasn’t as tickled about V-Day just yet. Instead of hungrily lapping up every inch of my lover I was stuck in here, selling sex paraphernalia…to everyone else.

“Oops, forgot my Silkie!” A blushing customer snatched her obnoxiously lavender vibrator off the counter and ran out the door giggling, hand in hand with her man, off to do lascivious and dirty things to each other…things I could be doing to Liam…I was pouting. Hard. That should be MY Silkie…

My friend Lizzy, all smiles, happily batched out of her register.

“Glory be, mid shift is over!” She said, grinning as she perused the incredible-edibles shelf.

“What do you think I should bring home to David?” She asked, pawing the chocolate body frosting.

“Well, he’s all the chocolate you’ll ever need, so branch out. What would compliment that coco hide of his?”

Lizzy laughed.

“How about the strawberry?” She handed me the tub of frosting.

“Sounds good, girly.” I said, and rang her up.

“Aw, don’t be so glum, Mandy,” she soothed, reading my face as I slumped to my elbows on the counter. “You’ll be off in a few hours and there will be licking, sucking, and fucking aplenty. Chin up. And don’t be so blah to the customers, this is supposed to be a happy day!”

“Lizzy, the customers don’t care if the sex shop cashier is blah. They just wanna go home and invade orifices as quickly as possible. And it’s not a happy day for everyone. What about all those sad singles out there who’d kill for just one slovenly drunken fuck with a total stranger? What about them, huh?”

“Well, you can do the Christian thing and take care of them after you see Liam.” Lizzy flashed one more smile at me and skipped out the door.

“Excuse me, how much are the riding crops?” A statuesque gentleman waved the thing in my face while his stunning boyfriend attempted to clip on a spiked dog collar. I sighed and did a price check.

Six hours later I furiously swept the store, rearranged a stand of fetish magazines, cleared the computers, locked the doors and with a bag of goodies floored it down Main Street. The beatific glow of the streetlights outside his apartment complex made my heart start to pound a little faster. I sprinted out of the car, flew through the courtyard and when I reached his door did a once over — made sure the tits were perky, the shirt was unbuttoned just a bit, my hair was smoothed down, one more application of lip gloss — and we’re good. I whipped out my cell and called him.

“Hello?” escort kartal My guy’s voice. I love my guy’s voice.

“Come and get me.” I said, shifting excitedly from one foot to the other.


The door opened and before I could launch myself at him, he had his hands on my hips and pulled me into the doorway for a heavy, frantic, and beautifully sloppy kiss. In a flash we were a tangle of hungry hands and lips and it didn’t even matter that I dropped my candy bag on the way in. The door was somehow shut and locked behind us and we manically tore off articles of clothing on the trip to his room. Once inside he pushed me onto his bed. By now my shirt was torn open and some buttons had fallen into my bra, and my jeans were halfway down my thighs with one sock clinging to the tips of my toes. He was shirtless with one leg out of his slacks and his boxers were awkwardly pulled down just enough so his hard cock hung over the elastic. We were a happy mess. He was beautiful.

“I love you,” I said smiling.

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

I climbed off the bed and slipped out of my clothes, kneeled in front of him and helped him out of his pants. As I pulled his boxers down I quickly enveloped his cock in my mouth. I had been waiting all day to taste him and he never disappointed. He was always hot and smooth and clean and it was a pleasure to work my tongue all over the perfect head and thick shaft. He gasped softly and ran his fingers through my hair, gently pushing himself deeper. I loved it when he did that…he was always so tender about it, never forceful, just…suggestive. I had been meaning to ask him if he’d like to fuck my mouth, so with one last long draw on his cock I looked up at him.

“Babe, would you like to — “

“I want you on the bed, sweetheart. On your back.” His voice was husky now. My heart leapt. He reached down and helped pick me up. As I lay on my back on the bed he knelt between my legs and slipped off my panties. He tested my swollen lips with his fingers and laughed.

“You’re soaking already.” He said.

“Yeah,” I responded, spreading myself wider for him. “You tend to do that to me.”

He licked his fingers clean and lowered himself down to kiss me. His erection slipped easily up my wet slit and came to rest on my stomach. Who knows how long we lay wrapped up like that, touching, teasing, lightly thrusting. Traditional love play, all of it…some may say plain vanilla but there’s something unbearably sensual in simple skin on skin, fingertips across the throat and chest, tongue and teeth against breast, stomach, hips. And every lover has that special something…an exquisite pair of lips, a kissable mole on their belly or shoulder, hair you could just breathe in for day. For Liam it was his hands. All I ever wanted was his hands on me every second of every day. The fingertips were smooth, and the rest a little dry, sometimes even cracked, but when maltepe escort I felt them on me it was electric. He never had to tell me he loved me, all he’d have to do was rest a hand on the small of my back or cup my chin and I was his.

Still, as with any lover, there’s also that other little something. That element of…well, of silliness.

Slowly, sweetly, Liam caressed my neck with his full lips and whispered into my ear:

“I want you inside me.”

I snorted and started laughing uncontrollably. Boys. Nothing is sacred. But then, even I can’t handle serious sex all the time. What is lovemaking without a little laughter?

“I’ll do my best, babe, but I really think it would work better if we did it the traditional way.”

Liam feigned a sigh and casually began sucking my breasts.

“Fine,” he said, coming up for air, “but that’s yet another strike against you.”

I giggled and squeezed him between my thighs.

“This is true. We really shouldn’t be together.”

Liam adjusted himself and began to masturbate me with his erection. I leaned my head back and bit my lip, moving my hips in time.

“You’re absolutely right,” he said, his voice husky again. “I think we should break up.”

“Fair enough…but can we still have sex?” I asked, placing soft kisses on his neck.

“No.” He said, smiling, then plunged himself into me. I gasped and threw my hands back to brace myself against the headboard. Liam wasted no time and pumped into me hard and fast, my moans became higher and I twisted and thrashed below him.

“You gonna come for me, sweetheart?” He breathed into my ear. I could barely muster a yes between my gasps.

“Like that,” I managed, “just like that. Please don’t stop!”

Oh, but he knows me. And he didn’t stop, but he slowed down. He pulled out of me just enough, keeping me waiting on an edge, and just as my breathing slows he thrusted, and I was pounded into the mattress. I almost hit the headboard but he cradles my head and the result is a sharp gasp of pleasure from me and a moan from him. He’s buried into me and I can feel him pushing inside as far as my body will receive. I use my muscles and cling to him from within, and when the pumping starts I milk him while he fucks me. He’s such a good boy, my Liam…he teases and pushes me to every limit I can bear, getting me off several times before he allows himself to come.

“On your knees, sweetheart,” he said, pulling me up on all fours. His knees slid between mine and he guided himself into me from behind. He gripped my hips and tested me with a few slow thrusts. I moaned.

“You have to come harder this time, you noisy girl…”

And I came. With every thrust I tore at the sheets and heat rippled through me. I was barely aware of the mattress pitching beneath us, barely registering the slap of skin on skin as he barreled in and out of me. I’m an enthusiastic lover, to say the least, pendik escort bayan and between my screams I was that much more tantalized by his shallow breathing and dirty talk. I was pummeled by wave after wave of orgasm as my whole body contracted and shook. The sheets were soaked and torn. I throbbed and reveled in the feeling of his hard cock pulsing inside me.

“Handsome, you haven’t come yet,” I looked over my shoulder and purred. He bent forward and kissed my shoulder, then reached down to cup a breast. He pulled me up from and held me to him. Pearls of sweat from his chest melded with mine and slid down to pool on the small of my back. My every nerve was alight and sizzling.

“This is true. Why don’t you get on your back again and we can fix that?”

“Mm, I don’t know, handsome. I recall you saying that you’d like to come on my tongue and lips?”

He reached his other hand around and squeezed both breasts. His tongue flicked my earlobe and he whispered hoarsely to me:

“Yeah, baby. I want to come all over those luscious lips and that sweet tongue of yours.”

I grinned and bit softly at his cheek. Liam lay down and I let my hair fall over his face as I kissed him. I felt my way down his body using my lips and fingers, tasting here and there, kissing spots that looked wanting.

“Slow at first, right, babe?”

“Yeah…” He said softly. He sounded miles away.

I licked the crease of his hips and nibbled his groin before hungrily engulfing his cock in my mouth. I squeezed with my lips and swirled my tongue around the head, lingering on that special spot that produced especially sexy sighs from him, and worked my way up and down my lover’s erection. Anyone who’s performed fellatio knows it’s a labor of love, and oh how I loved it. Saliva and pre-cum dripped down his shaft and thusly my hand as I cupped his testicles, which tightened as he came closer to orgasm.

“Tighter,” he gasped. I moaned in response and did as I was told. “Faster.”

I quickened my pace and the sound of my wet work became louder along with his groans and sharp intakes of breath. He reached down and cupped my chin to lift my face, at which point he stood and I kneeled before him. He gripped and stroked his tumescent cock with one hand and continued to cradle my chin in the other.

“Mouth open, sweetheart” He said quietly. I complied and watched with endless enjoyment at the contractions of his body and the ache of pleasure on his face. His hot cum shot into my mouth, giving me an ample taste, some dripped down my lips and some fell down to prettily ice my hard nipples. I couldn’t help but rub the fluid into my skin as I swallowed the rest.

He ran his fingers through my hair and smiled down at me, lovingly and slightly bemused. I continued to massage my breast and lick my lips, but paused long enough to return his grin. He helped me up. After a hot shower, a small sampling of dark chocolates he’d bought for the occasion and some flowery words, we poured ourselves into bed, tired and content. I laid my head on his shoulder, flung a leg over him and he wrapped me up in his arms. I nipped at his cheek one last time for the night.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, lover boy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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