Greg’s New Help

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“Mr. Greg?” Kara asked as she both knocked and peaked though his office door at the same time.

“Yes, yes come in,” Scott replied, a little taken aback. For the first time that day he found himself slightly breathless at the sight of an applicant for the position of his very own personal assistant. A six-foot tall, black-haired goddess was not what he was expecting after an afternoon of effeminate losers and old ladies. Between the “fuck me” boots setting off a gorgeous pair of 36′ legs and the cleavage this girl was showing, Scott was trying hard just to maintain eye contact.

After years of hard work, Scott Greg had just made partner in one of the largest law firms in the country. He sacrificed his college years hitting the books, foregoing the social adventures his friends had had, missing the best chances to find a decent girl to get to know, let alone settle down with. He was successful in his chosen career and wealthy, but somewhat lonely. With the promotion, things appeared to have finally paid off, especially today! He just needed someone pleasant, both to work with and to handle calls from his clients – answering phones, doing errands, nothing important. All the previous applicants had made serious attempts at making the desire for this job seem like more than a pit-stop on their way to something better. Greg wasn’t fooled and, frankly, had had enough bullshit, kiss-up crap for one day.

22-year old Kara Williams was fresh out of school, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mark’s University on the East Coast. With no work experience aside from a few retail jobs that gave her discounts on hot clothes and a degree from an admitted party school, she’d just starting looking for “real” work.

It was a warm July in the East and she had enjoyed taking the summer months off, heading to the beach, clubbing downtown, playing softball, and taking advantage of the warm, hazy days at a local coffee shop to catch up on some reading. At over 6’1, with a sweet “J.Lo” ass, she towered over most women. She loved the attention of men and women, showing off her voluptuous figure in stylish clothes and high heels. Used to being catered to, asked out frequently, having drinks bought for her, Kara took full advantage of her looks.

But, after several months of this life of leisure, occasional hot sex after a night downtown, mixed with dull, under-paid retail work, she decided to go for something better. She just happened to catch the Classified Ad for a personal assistant the week before at the coffee house and figured she should go for it. At worst it was an excuse to shop for a new suit, besides how many qualifications could you need to “assist”, eh?

She showed up at Scott’s office in a trendy black suit, with a tight skirt, knee-high boots, and white blouse. While the shirt showed more cleavage than a conservative one would and the skirt was a bit tight around her ass, she figured she was likely to be interviewed by a man and these would be more of a selling point than a detraction. The boots were a bit much, but they were the only pair of shoes she hadn’t really scuffed up on the sands or the dance floors.

As soon as she saw Scott’s face, she knew she had made the right choice.

“You must be Ms. Williams Come in, come in,” Scott said a little too enthusiastically rising from his desk and getting quite a hard on. After a brief handshake, he shut his office door and pulled the chair in front of his desk out for Kara to sit down. “Have a seat.” Looking down, he regretted not wearing his sport coat as his dress pants and boxer shorts were doing little to disguise his now rigid cock.

Kara noticed his disposition and made sure to rub her ass along his crotch on the way to her seat. Still standing behind the chair looking right down her shirt, Scott didn’t move for a second or two. Did she just do that on purpose? he wondered.

Turning to look up over her shoulder at him Kara smirked, “Will the whole interview be done this way?” Her bright red lips only inches from his crotch where a firm 7-inch pole was creating quite the “tent.”

“Uh, no no, sorry,” Scott remarked and scooted around to his chair. He sat down awkwardly on his side of the large wooden desk. As he gazed down at Kara’s resume and his pad of paper with the standard set of questions on it, he paused (noticeably) to stare again at her breasts.

Failing to ask any initial questions, Kara leaned forward and piped up “So what exactly are you looking for Mr. Greg?” Realizing she had the opportunity for a little fun here, Kara perked up. While not the best-looking guy, Kara bostancı escort bayan was intrigued by both Scott’s cute awkwardness around her and the obvious prestige the man had achieved. A svelte 185 pounds at 6’1, an avid jogger, in an expensive shirt and tie, Scott was not hard to look at.

With her breasts pushed even tighter together and drawn closer to his face Scott snapped up to look Kara in her devilish eyes. “I’m looking… I need someone to help me out here in the office. Nothing big, just answering the phone, some filing, you know, office stuff.”

“Mm hmm,” Kara replied smiling. Scott returned her gaze, starting to smile himself, and looked down to her resume. Kara took advantage of this and undid a button on her blouse, revealing more of her breasts and most of her bra.

“So it says here you graduated from Saint Mark’s, that’s my Alfa mater,” Scott said this time not able to raise his gaze past her breasts.

“Really… ” Kara knew she had his full attention now.

“Yeah, um back to your resume,” Scott looked back down. Not believing that this gorgeous hottie seemed to be slowly stripping in front of him. This is too much like a porno he thought, this isn’t happening.

“You seem to have only worked in retail jobs, not really good experience for this job. Do you think you could handle the new situations that will arise in this office?” he said managing to look up directly into Kara’s green eyes – noticing their mischievous gleam for the first time.

“I think there’s a situation you need help with, that has just come up. Don’t you agree?” Kara said as she slowly rose from her chair and walked over to Scott’s side of the large mahogany desk. Turning in his chair to look at her, astonished, Scott could say nothing.

Sinking to her knees next to his chair Kara rubbed his erection through the thin material of his pants. “Don’t worry, I have plenty of experience in this situation Mr. Greg.” She quickly undid his pants and Scott’s cock bounced up. Catching it in one hand she began to stroke the length of it while undoing the rest of her shirt with the other.

Removing the flimsy blouse and taking Scott’s cock into her mouth at the same time, she began slobbering and drooling like a pro. Scott, still in stunned disbelief – that this wicked chick with the naughty body was coming on to him, was now giving him an amazing with this blow job.

“Mmmmm,” Kara moaned into his cock as she sucked and licked away. She definitely knew what she was doing. Having earlier removed her shirt, she now unzipped her short skirt and began fingering her already wet pussy.

Ring ring! Ring ring! What the fuck, thought Scott. Slowly getting a grip on the situation, as best he could with Kara now deep-throating his aching dick, he realized the phone was ringing. Now sucking his cock with no hands, Kara reached up to her right, picked up the phone, and handed it to Scott.

“Very impressive Ms. Williams. Hello?” Scott said into the receiver as Kara slurped and moaned around his cock. The person on the other line rambled something off about a case. “Yes, okay, I’m actually just in the middle of an interview so, uhhh, just call me back when you have more details. Bye now.” Scott hung up.

“Fuck Kara!” Scott moaned as she looked up at him with innocent eyes.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Kara said before she rose to her feet in front of Scott removing her now slick panties in the process. Turning and bending over she thrust her ass against his cock several times before reaching between her gorgeous long legs and guiding it into her tight, wet pussy.

“Ah fuck,” Scott moaned.

“Mmmm, am I wet enough for you, you big bad business man?” Kara, now leaning into Scott allowing her pussy to take in his rock hard cock in all the way to the base, guided his hands up to her breasts.

“You’re so hired.”

“Really? After just that oral test? I think I’ll assist you with an orgasm now if you like? My first order of business for my big, bad businessman.” She said, bouncing up and down on his lap, taking his cock into her pussy in long, rapid strokes.

Getting into her fuck, Kara began talking dirty, a trick that usually worked on the guys she’d picked up before. “Oh yeah, you like that don’t you. Fucking your naughty new assistant with that big cock. Mmmmm, you’re so deep Mr. Greg.”

With a firm hold on her breasts, Scott held on as Kara fucked his cock, jumping up and down on his lap. “Uh, uh, uh” Scott grunted on her every descent as he tried to get the leverage to fuck Kara properly.

“Get on the desk,” ümraniye escort Scott growled, raising from the chair and bending Kara face down on his desk.

Her luscious ass still pressed to his groin, Kara stifled a scream. “Oh dear, Mr. Greg. Are you planning to fuck me now? Oooo, I love it doggie style, yeah, fuck me. Fuck me hard, let me feel your balls slapping my ass. Oooo yeah!”

Scott thrusted into her over and over, his groin slapping against her supple ass cheeks. He noticed the small, sexy tattoo in the small of her back – a wavy, Celtic design. “You like that, fuck yeah, take that cock bitch!” Kara, sprawled out on the desk was clinging to the corners, just holding on.

“Oooo, am I your little bitch Scott? Is that what you want? A naughty little slut to fuck? You like fucking my sweet ass don’t you?”

“Naughty, naughty slut!” Scott growled again – not used to such rough sex, he was surprising even himself today. Christ, he hadn’t called a woman a slut in his life, let alone while reaming her from behind. Grabbing her long dark hair, he pulled her head up and back off the desk.

“Oh yes Scott, fuck that ass, fuck it hard!” Kara screamed. Lucky for them both, Scott’s office was sound proofed for confidential conference calls and meetings or the whole office floor would have heard quite the erotic broadcast.

“This ass works for me now bitch,” said Scott as he began to slap and spank Kara’s ass. Smack, smack!

“Oh, that’s what I like to hear. So confident now Scottie, eh? You don’t mind if I call you Scottie do you?”

“No, no. Fuck Kara, fuck.” She had her legs bent with the heels of her sexy boots grazing his ass with each thrust.

“Oh my, are you going to cum sir? I bet you’re ready to burst. Where, oh where will you cum?”

“Fuck,” Scott moaned realizing that she was right, he was reaching climax and his mind started drifting somewhat. God, was she on the pill? The last thing he needed was an illegitimate child by an assistant interviewee. These thoughts flashed quickly through his head as he pumped into Kara’s tight wet pussy heading closer and closer to orgasm.

“Oh you bad man! Fucking my pussy like that. Will you cum on my tattoo, do you like it? Or on my ass? You’d like to cum on me wouldn’t you? Shooting your sweet cum on my sweet cheeks. But then I won’t get a taste will I?”

“What?” mumbled Scott, taken back again by her increasingly dirty talk.

“I want to taste you baby. I want you to cum in my mouth. Oh, please cum in my mouth Mr. Greg. Cum in my mouth. Please you big, bad businessman… ” Her legs unhooking from behind him.

That was too much, her dirty words pushed him over the edge and Scott felt his ejaculate rising from his balls. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” he said pulling his cock from her pussy and stroking its now lubricated length, slick with Kara’s slippery juices.

Sitting up, spinning quickly, and leaning forward Kara’s mouth was only inches from the head of Scott’s cock as his orgasm exploded. Cum erupted from the head of his dick audibly hitting Kara’s cheek, then in her mouth as she attempted to catch as much as she could with her wicked tongue. But his cock twitched free of her crimson lips, shooting the rest of his load across her cheek and into her hair.

It had been ages since Scott had gotten off, and never before like this. He slowly opened his eyes and gazed down at Kara. She had begun stroking his softening cock and licking the remaining cum from the head. Cum was dripping down her cheek and neck onto her breasts.

“Oh my, Mr. Greg. I assume it’s been a while?” Kara smirked as she licked her fingers clean while gazing up with the innocent eyes of a schoolgirl. As she took his cock into her mouth to clean off the cum still seeping from his dick, Scott began to grow hard again. While not an old man, he did not expect to bounce back so quickly after such an intense fuck.

“Now, now Mr. Greg. I’m not sure I can assist you with that unless I’m sure I have the job.” Grinning now with his cum all over her chest, this crazy slut seemed hardly phased. She lifted her moist panties and began wiping her cheeks clear of semen.

“You definitely have the job Kara.”

“Well then, why don’t I make sure you’re really relaxed,” she said slinking back to her knees at his feet, taking Scott’s penis into her cum covered cleavage. She pressed her breasts together and began massaging his cock. Scott was hard as a rock again in no time.

“It doesn’t say on your resume, are you on the Pill Ms. Williams?”

“Come now Mr. Greg, of course I kartal escort am, what girl isn’t these days? Do you think I’d let you fuck my pussy if I wasn’t?”

“Well, you never know, I’m just asking. Standard interview questions I’ll have you know.” He smirked admiring the soft skin of her young tits on his cock.

“Oh really? I suppose the little old lady you had in here before me didn’t need the pill, eh? Is there anything else you need to know?”

“Actually yes. Well let’s see… Have you let a man fuck you up your sweet little ass?”

“No, I can’t say I have sir.”

“You do have a great ass you know.”

“Yes, thanks Mr. Greg. I grew it myself.” She replied sarcastically. Flashing her beautiful smile up at him.

“Will you let me fuck your tight ass Ms. Williams?” Scott had never had anal sex, and wasn’t really interested, but was enjoying this new little game.

“We’ll see.”

“Cocky little cock-sucker aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mr. Greg.” Kara replied as she took him back in her mouth. Alternating between having her tits and her mouth fucked as she answered Scott’s dirty questions, she was getting quite aroused. As she sucked his cock, she fingered her pussy.

“Did you cum while I was fucking you?”

“No Mr. Greg. But you were getting me there.”

“Do you like it rough from behind?”

“I do, I do.”

“Will you finger-fuck yourself on my desk?” Scott asked raising an eyebrow.

“My yes Mr. Greg. Would you like that?”

“Yes, do it now Ms. Williams. I insist.”

And with that Kara rose to place herself on the desk once more. She was now glad she had taken the time to trim her black bush into a neat triangle the night before, her womanhood was on full display. Spreading her long, sexy legs wide to give Scott an unobstructed view of her pussy and hand at work. The rubber heels of her “fuck-me” boots ripped some papers on the desk as she did so.

“Oops, sorry sir.” Kara said sheepishly.

“Tisk, tisk Ms. Williams. I shall have to spank you later. Don’t let it happen again” Scott said while grinning widely, this was hardly a chastisement on Scott’s part. Fuck the papers he thought.

Her long, fingers with red-painted nails flicked in and out of her gash, then in deeply stroking her G-spot. She stared sexily at Scott while she did this, occasionally tossing her head back and closing her eyes as the pleasure swept over her.

Fondling her breasts and stroking his cock as she pleasured herself, Scott felt an irresistible urge to dive face-first into Kara’s pussy. She began whimpering and biting her lip, thrusting her fingers in and out, faster and faster, moving herself to orgasm right in front of him.

“Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh,” her whimpers were too much. He lunged and began licking Kara’s thighs and then her pussy lips as she fingered herself furiously to orgasm.

“Ohhh, yes Scott, oohhh. Lick me, lick me… Ohhhhh” Kara was nearing orgasm.

“Yesss, yessssss. Ohhhhhh.” The volume of her moans rising.

“Ohh, yes, Scott, yessssss. Fuck. Ohhh, I’m coming, I’m coming!” Screaming now, her finger like a piston, firing in and out of her dripping pussy so fast that Scott dared not lick near her pussy. With those long nails flashing and stabbing he was sure to get clipped.

“Ohhh, OOHHHH, OHHHHH!” Almost oblivious to his presence now, Kara was rubbing her clit with one hand and roughly squeezing her breast with the other, tweaking her nipples.

“Oh fuck you’re so hot Kara, are you coming?” Scott yelled to her as if she was across the room not standing only inches from him as he stroked his rock hard cock.

Opening her eyes Kara screamed, “Yes Scott, yes, I’m coming now, YESSSS!!!” And with the Scott tore her hand from her snatch replacing it with his cock. Thrusting in and out, easily with her legs spread wide and her pussy sopping wet she trembled, eyes closed enjoying her orgasm.

“Oh, you’re so wet Kara. So wet, yes!” Scott moaned as his cock sloshed in and out of her pussy. Kara seemed to be in her own little world for the moment, content with her orgasm and unconcerned with Scott’s invasion. The little show she had put on and the wetness of her wide-open pussy were too much for Scott.

“I’m coming too baby, I’m coming. Fuck… You naughty… Whore… I’m coming… Oh… Right… In… Your… Pussy… AHHH!” Exploding inside her, Greg felt a sexual release that he had never felt before.

“Ahhhhh.” A moan of relief sprung from deep within him as he leaned forward pushing Kara down onto the desk as they both breathed heavily. She was so tall that his head came to rest on her breasts and she gently stroked his hair, down to his cheeks.

As his cock softened in Kara’s cum-filled pussy and they both caught their breath, Kara raised Scott’s head by his chin saying, “So boss, when can I start?”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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