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I closed my eyes and breathed a sigh. I wanted to lay with you. To feel your warm skin pressed against mine. Hearing your heart beating while I snuggled into your side, my cheek pressed up against your chest. I wanted so much without having the words to say. Yet you’d gone without even a good night. I’m in too deep, I already feel too much. I should walk away before I can’t even breathe. But just the thought is impossible. Another sigh escaped, while I ran my hands over my face hoping to wipe away the thoughts.

As I opened my eyes, I hear your footsteps. They were coming closer. My heart sped. I tried to calm it – maybe you had just forgotten something, something for you leaving tomorrow. You walked in the door. Your eyes ran the length of my naked body til you reached my face. You had forgotten something they said. Me.

My heart hammering, I thought you could hear it from all the way over there. You slowly moved towards me. I bit my lip. We didn’t say a word as you climbed on the bed. Your hands sliding up my legs as you positioned yourself over me. Trailing kisses as you moved. From my ankle, to my hip, to my neck, finally bostancı escort settling on my lips. Your body covering the length of mine. Your skin pressed up against me. The only thing between us were your soft boxers. I raised my hips to push against you and pulled you closer. I needed you. My lips hungrily against yours, my teeth grazing and my nails scratching. I was lost in you. Completely yours.

Your hands around me as mine went to your boxers – as nice as they were I wanted nothing between us. Pushing them down, I splayed my hands over your ass flattening you against me, feeling every inch of you rub against me. You lowered your lips to my neck. I moaned in pleasure. You shifted to help remove your boxers and brought your body back to mine. Your lips moved to my boobs and your hands to my legs, spreading them to the right angle. Your cock was pressed right up against my hot wet pussy, sliding over my clit.

I groaned and shifted. Holding my hips in place you smugly move making your tip rub against my clit more. Agonizingly you send currents straight through my body. I need you deeply in me. I shift enough ümraniye escort bayan so you are against my hole. In one thrust you are inside of me to the hilt. Quivering I pull your lips to mine again, sighing as you start to move inside me. Slowly thrusting deep inside me. Your hands everywhere at once. Pulling at me, my boobs, my ass, my hair. Tightening around you I squeeze. Sliding over the edge, cumming around you as you keep thrusting in me. Your lips seal around my nipple as the next wave hits, tugging at it with your teeth. I arch pushing you deeper inside, fingers entwined in your hair.

I want to be on top, I twist my hips, asking you without words, you grin and thrust in me again. Almost saying are you sure. I was – Pushing you away I move so you can lay down beneath me. I look at your body in the dull light, your breathing slightly heavier, your cock glistening, eyes glazed over.

Slowly I lean down, I wanted to taste myself on you. My tongue snakes out and captures your cock sucking you deep, the taste of me mixing with your precum. I hear you swallow deeply. I love knowing how much I affect you. I kartal escort move up against you, your hands capturing my dangling boobs as I straddle you. You slowly massage them as I slide you straight back inside of me. Moaning as you fill every inch of me. Leaning forward I brush my lips against yours, capturing your lip between my teeth as I rock my hips over and over. Your hands going around my back sliding down to my hips onto my ass. Pulling me in grinding me against you. Arching my back, I moan. This was a feeling I could live with forever. You reach up with your hands tracing my nipples as you reach up with your mouth to recapture mine. Your fingers pinch my nipples sending me over the edge. I groaned and shifted again. I was close and wasn’t going to last.

You notice and place your hands on my hips, rocking with me – making sure I don’t stop or slow down. My breathing getting rapid. I entwine my fingers back in your hair while I kiss you, moaning. I had gone. But I was going to take you with me. Increasing my thrusting pushing you deeper, harder inside of me. Sliding over the edge, cumming around you as you keep thrusting in me. Your lips sealed against mine, I feel you moan as you fill every inch of me with your cum. I begin to slow down your hands moving to my back tracing lightly as I lean down and rest back on your chest. Hearing your racing heart as my breathing slows. Both done and content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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