Going Green

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The things that happen in my stories are at best unlikely, but isn’t that what fantasy is all about? I reject your reality, and substitute my own. If you require complete plausibility in your stroke fiction, then you’re probably on the wrong page.

The third page is only a couple of lines, so don’t let that scare you away.

This is an entry in the Literotica Earth Day Contest for ’09


Sam Green finished setting up his new auction account, wondering if he had the balls to go all the way.

The idea had come to him when he’d received yet another new toy that he’d ordered on the internet. The flashlight was hardly a technical marvel, but the novelty of only having to shake it for light, never having to worry about batteries, was enough to make Sam click the buy button.

As soon as he shook the flashlight and turned it on for the first time, the idea lit up in his head along with the LED. The motion of shaking it to power it up was similar to something that he was all too familiar with, while the shape spoke of something else entirely.

Only someone as socially awkward and sexually frustrated as Sam could have possibly considered the idea that popped into his head.

Sam’s geeky, creative streak kicked in immediately. Though he knew the principle of how the flashlight worked, his brand new purchase was in pieces only minutes after he pulled it out of the box. A couple of weeks later, the weirdest thing he’d ever purchased arrived, and also ended up in pieces — a vibrator.

The process took a couple of months, but he finally managed to come up with a design that actually worked. He had to put in a larger capacitor and magnet to get enough power, but his clear plastic prototype vibrating powerfully in his hand was worth all the work.

With phase one complete, Sam moved on to the more important part of his fantasy. A lot of internet research and several brown paper wrapped boxes later, he finished the molds and went to work on the real thing.

Now, sitting in front of the computer, Sam spun the vibe in his fingers, and knew that he had to do it. The vibrators were molded from his cock, and the fantasy of a dozen women getting off with his dick was too much to resist. Advertising them as green-powered and guaranteed to ship by Earth Day should attract a lot of interest, and might even make him enough money to break even on all that he’d spent to make the twelve vibrators.

He had to laugh at the irony, because he lumped in Earth Day with Arbor Day, Flag Day, and numerous other holidays that he considered pointless wastes of time designed to line somebody’s pockets.

Sam took the pictures, set up the auctions, and went to bed to fantasize about what would happen when he shipped them out in a few days.


Sam cautiously looked around, though it was unlikely that anyone would be anywhere near his lair of servers and wires. He blinked through his auction pages and couldn’t help a quiet yes of excitement.

A few blogs and forums had picked up his listings for weird and funny auction posts, pushing his hits through the roof. If the current bids held up, he would actually make a profit off of this whole adventure — besides the abundant masturbatory fantasy fuel.

“Dammit,” he cursed when the phone rang. “I.S., Sam Green speaking.”

“Just leave it alone and I’ll be there in a minute,” he said once the woman had described the problem she was having with her computer. He grabbed his bag, left the lair, and went to work.

Teri let out an exasperated, derisive sigh when he appeared at her cubicle a minute or so later. “God, I thought you said that you fixed this thing last time.”

Sam’s desire to slap her silly for crashing her computer again warred with the arousal that her bared cleavage caused. “I did.”

“Well, obviously not,” she replied, her voice as much a sneer as the expression on her face. “Just fix the thing,” she demanded, and then swept out of her cubicle.

“Bitch,” he muttered as he sat down.

As expected, the crash was her fault. Sam got the system back online in a couple of minutes, just in time for Teri to return with a cup of coffee.

“About time,” she spat, and made an impatient gesture for him to get out of her chair.

“You’re welcome,” he said as he walked past her.


Sam rolled his eyes and decided that he was going to go through and block all her favorite non work-related websites again as soon as he got back to his desk.

“Hey, Sam.”

Sam’s heart jumped in his chest and his stomach tightened upon hearing the voice.

“Hey, Denise,” he answered, and inwardly winced when he could hear every ounce of his nervousness in his voice.

“Uhm — I’ve got a little problem,” she said while pointing to her computer and shrugging apologetically. She nervously twisted a lock of her shoulder-length auburn hair between her fingers.

Sam found it hard to avoid staring at her. She wasn’t a slutty blonde like Teri, ataşehir escort bayan but she was still hot — and she didn’t treat him like an insect. He glanced in and didn’t see anything obviously wrong with the computer. “What is it?”

“I sort of accidentally closed something before I saved it.”

“I can bring up the last automatic backup for you, but that won’t help with anything between then and now.”

“I’ve been working on it for an hour.”

“I should be able to get a lot of it back, then.”

Denise folded her hands as if in prayer as she stood up. “Oh, please, please,” she said as she moved out of the way.

Sam sat down and reached for the mouse. Denise walked in right next to him, and he felt his cock hardening from the sight of her skirt-clad bottom in his peripheral vision.

“New background, I see,” he nervously bantered, trying to cover up the blush that he knew was rising in his cheeks.

“I changed it for Earth Day. If you can’t get that file back for me, I’m going to get recycled.”

Sam brought up the screen and Denise leaned in to point at one of the files, bringing her full breasts within a few tantalizing inches of his face. “That’s it.”

“The last backup was ten minutes ago,” he said, and brought the document up.

“Scroll down,” Denise asked, and took up her prayer pose again. As soon as Sam reached the bottom of the document, she let out a sigh of relief and said, “Thank god. You’re a lifesaver.”

“Hey, no problem,” he said, and then got up out of the chair. “Just remember to save a little more often.”

“I will. I don’t think my heart could take another shock like that any time soon. Thank you.”

“Just doing my job,” Sam responded, holding his bag of tools and discs in front of him to hide his erection as he left the cubicle.

Thankfully, nobody else bothered him as he returned to his lair. He brought up the auction pages again to find that several had new bids. “Two days to go,” he said, and leaned back in his chair with a satisfied smile.


The last of the auctions closed, and Sam let out a whoop. The bidding had more than exceeded any of his expectations, and he would actually be well in the black after shipping all twelve toys out.

Two of the top bidders had already paid and mailed their information before the rest of the auctions even closed. A third came in as Sam took a victory drink from his bottle of beer. He clicked on the email, and his jaw dropped open.

Denise Rogers.

Sam could barely believe it at first, but everything matched up. His hot coworker had won one of the auctions. He was as stiff as a board in a few seconds, the fantasies in his head even more vivid now.

Naturally, he went to bed immediately — and not to sleep.


Sam packed up all of the toys and shipped them out. He decided to take a slight risk, and put a little note in with each one that had what he was positive was a female name. It offered to refund the cost of shipping for a picture of the buyer with the toy. He didn’t specify the details of the picture, but hoped that what he’d implied might just entice a couple of wild women to take him up on it.

The days passed as the mail went on its way, and then the first picture arrived. Unfortunately, it was what he expected, rather than what he hoped for. The woman was fully clothed, a little on the large side, and simply holding the vibrator. Sam kept his promise, and sent the refund.

The second picture was much the same, except that the woman was pretty hot.

He saw a third and fourth email with attachments when he checked his mail at work.

One of them was from Denise.

Though he struggled with the decision all day long, Sam avoided the temptation to open either of the messages. He couldn’t help walking by her cubicle and looking in a couple of times, though.

The minutes felt like hours as Sam waited for quitting time. When it finally arrived, he hurried home and went straight to his computer.

No more emails had come in during the day, so Sam’s pointer hovered over Denise’s. At the last second, he decided to open the other one first. It proved to be a bra and panty picture of a woman who looked to be in her forties. She wasn’t bad looking, and the pic brought a smile to his face — as well as a rise in his pants.

Sam sent the refund, and then returned to his mailbox. He offered a little prayer to anyone who would listen, and clicked on the message.

An excited groan escaped him when he saw the pic. He’d dreamed about what Denise would look like in her underwear more times than he could imagine. The material was thin enough to give him teasing glimpses of her nipples beneath the bra. The toy, molded from his cock, lay on her flat stomach. Her face was hidden, just like the other pictures he’d received, but knowing her allowed him to fill in the blank. That one picture was worth every ounce of effort he’d put forth.

The one below it nearly gave escort kadıköy him a heart attack.

Sam scrolled down, his heart pounding as the picture rose into view. His toy was half buried in her moist canal, her nether lips clinging to it. The photo was taken up close, from a point of view angle. His eyes drank in every crease and crinkle of her folds while his cock throbbed. He could almost feel the real thing replacing the replica on the screen. Below it, she’d typed, Going green has never felt so good.

His pants dropped to the floor in short order.

Once he recovered, Sam sent the refund, along with a message thanking her for the picture, and telling her how much he enjoyed it. He then loaded up photo paper into the printer, and printed off copies to put in the dresser next to the bed.

Sam was more than a little chafed and drained when he drifted off to sleep.


The next day at work, the building was a little gloomy, because the boss had decided to turn out half of the lights as a PR stunt for Earth Day. It might have been irritating, except that he’d also decided that everyone would only work half a day. His favorite toady had wandered throughout the building, passing out witty little memos reminding everyone to turn out their lights for Earth Hour that evening, apparently oblivious to the ream of paper he’d wasted in doing it.

Virtually nothing went haywire with the computers all day, leaving Sam plenty of time to sit with the image of Denise’s big tits covered by a thin bra, and her perfect, pink pussy fixed in his head.

When someone finally had an issue at almost the early quitting time, Sam couldn’t help walking by her cubicle. She glanced over at him and smiled, but snapped her eyes back to her computer a second later. Sam took a deep breath and continued on, planning to have everything ready so that he could jet out right at one o’clock.

“Hey, Sam.”

Sam’s eyes widened when he heard her call. He turned around to see her peeking out of her cubicle and beckoning him back. With no bag to hide it this time, he prayed that she wouldn’t notice his cock rapidly going from half mast to full sail as he walked back to her.

Denise bit her lip when he walked into her cubicle, and then whispered, “Can I ask you a favor?”

“Yeah, sure,” he responded, wondering why she was whispering.

“I’ve got a problem, but it’s not here, it’s at home.”

Sam’s mind whirled. She’s asking me to come to her place.

“Pretty please?”

Sam realized that he was standing there lost in his own chaotic thoughts, and his lips were moving before his brain caught up. “Yeah, sure.”

“It’s almost quitting time. You can follow me when we leave. See you in the parking lot?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there,” Sam answered, wondering how in the world he was going to keep it together alone with her, in the same house where he knew that she was using the vibrator he’d made in his own image.

“Great. Thanks.” She hesitated for a second before turning back to her computer, and Sam only found the presence of mind to walk away once her big, brown eyes left his.

Sam was in a fog for the final few minutes of the day. He moved on auto-pilot back to his lair, gathered up his things, and then left as soon as the second hand crossed over to quitting time. When he walked out into the parking lot, Denise was standing by her car, and broke out into a smile when she saw him. She gave a little wave, and then climbed into her car.

Denise glanced into her rearview mirror often during the drive, making sure that he was still behind her. It was only when he pulled up and parked next to her that it dawned on him that he hadn’t brought any of his tools or anything with him. He silently cursed himself, and prayed that whatever was wrong with her computer was something that he could take care of without his bag of tricks.

Denise walked over to her door, unlocked it, and turned to say, “Come on in.”

Never in his life would he have dreamed that he might ever follow Denise into her apartment, even to work on her computer. She gestured to the machine, and Sam let his brain switch into geek mode, which helped calm some of the turbulence in his head. He walked over, sat down, and reached for the mouse.

Sam’s eyes shot wide open when the screen saver shut down and he saw one of his auction pictures on the screen.

“If you’re trying to hide who you are, it helps if you don’t leave your Star Trek keychain sitting in the picture,” Denise said from behind him.

Dumbfounded, Sam turned back to her and muttered, “I…”

“Why didn’t you ever ask me out?”

“Uhm… Uh… Me?”

“Yes, you,” she responded, and then laughed. When she saw that he was still at a loss for words, she leaned down and opened a drawer in the computer desk. She pulled out the vibrator that she’d won in the auction and shook it, the magnet clacking back in forth in its track as it charged the toy.

“I love this. All I’ve bostancı escort done is go through batteries lately. I got so sick and tired of dating jerks that I just gave up.” Denise gave the toy a few more, much quicker shakes. “So, you never answered my question. Aren’t I your type?”

“No — I mean yes — I mean…”

Denise put a finger to his lips and smiled at him. “You’re cute. You just need to stop letting people walk all over you.” She brought the vibe up next to her face and stroked her cheek with it. “This is you, isn’t it?” Her eyes darted down to his crotch for a second.

“Yeah,” he answered, the sensual tone of her voice and the sight of his clone cock against her cheek giving him enough encouragement to find his voice.

“Want to skip the whole having coffee and going to dinner thing and get to the good part?” She didn’t wait for an answer, but instead leaned over the chair and kissed him.

Sam could almost imagine cartoon fireworks going off around them as her soft lips pressed against his. She tasted of mint and strawberries, and her tongue slipping out to caress his lips nearly made him swoon.

She licked her lips when she broke away from the kiss, and popped open the top button of her blouse. She tilted her head toward the bedroom door, twitched her eyebrows, and walked that way.

Sam followed; swearing that he would kill anyone who woke him up if this was a dream, his eyes roving from her bottom swaying beneath her skirt up to her blouse coming open as she continued to undo buttons. By the time he stepped into her bedroom, the blouse was billowing freely as she walked.

Denise turned around at the side of her bed, tossed her vibe onto the mattress, and shrugged her blouse to the floor. She reached behind her to pop open the clasp of her bra, and slipped the straps off of her shoulders as he reached her. Her fingers curled around his wrists, and she brought his hands up to her breasts.

Sam lifted the cloth and cupped her tits in his hands. Denise let out a moan and her head lolled backward, her auburn hair billowing in the breeze of a ceiling fan above. He caressed the heavy globes with his fingers, and let his thumbs brush over the stiff, pink points.

Denise sucked in a gasp as he teased her nipples, and reached for his cock. Sam let out a sharp groan as her fingers traced the erection beneath his jeans. He reluctantly removed his hands when she finished taking off her bra, though he was more than happy with the unobstructed view, and even more pleased when she reached for the button of his jeans.

His breaths coming in long, deep pants, Sam’s eyes roved over her body as she unzipped his fly, pulled down his jeans, and slipped her hand beneath his boxers to wrap her fingers around his cock.

“Oh my. You’re so hard,” she said while looking into his eyes. Her tongue wetted her lips once more, and then she sank to her knees.

Denise pulled his jeans and underwear down to his knees with a quick tug, and then wrapped her right hand around the base of his shaft. She leaned in, her lips parting, and lapped the swollen head of his cock.

Sam lurched from her touch and groaned. She sensually chuckled and looked up at him, her tongue still gliding over his glans. Then, she took him in her mouth.

He could have died on the spot — and thought for a moment that he just might — with absolutely no regrets, as she took him in her hot mouth. She didn’t play around or tease, she took him deep, and fast. Sam rested his hands on her bare shoulders as he watched her hair bounce from her efforts.

Denise released him with a slurp, and then looked up at him again. “Feel good?” She asked, and then bit down on her tongue with a smile.

“Fucking incredible,” Sam breathed.

“Mmm — good.” Then she wrapped her lips around him again.

After only a few sucks, Sam knew that he was in trouble. He could already feel the itch in the tip of his cock and the tightness beneath his balls that let him know he was going to come soon. He bent his will to holding it off, but his will was nothing compared to the feeling of her sucking his cock.

He pushed her away just before he reached the point of no return, gasping for breath. “About to… Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” she responded. “I like that I can get you that hot so fast. Will it take you long to get hard again if you come?”

If the marathon of masturbating to her pictures was any indication, Sam doubted that it would take long. “I don’t think so.”

“Then come for me.”

Sam grunted as she took him in again, regaining all the ground that she’d lost when he pushed her away in only a couple of sucks. He panted, still trying to hold it off, but he knew it was too late. The grip of his fingers on her shoulders tightened, he groaned, and erupted in her mouth.

Denise moaned around him, pumping her hand over his shaft while she softly sucked for the copious amounts of cream spurting from his tip. Sam trembled and twitched, only able to keep his balance because of his hands on her shoulders. She seemed to know exactly when he was growing too sensitive to handle any more, and let him slip free of her lips with a final moan. She kissed the tip, making it jump, and then guided him to sit on the bed.

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