Go Faster!

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is an updated version of the story that was posted on Literotica under the name Roger Simian. BTW: It’s SUPPOSED to have the weird punctuation. Just me being a bit wacky and experimental – haha

* * * * *

Severine Heart grinned as strands of red hair flew out around her head. She breathed in the cool Highland air and sighed contentedly. She had always fantasised about driving a big old open-topped car like this. It was a real lush vehicle. Decadent and pink. Clay Corby was sooo fucking rich. There was no denying it. He had two convertibles exactly the same model (one blue and one red) back at the small Scottish castle he now called home.

*I feel like Lady Penelope* giggled Severine turning to glance at the rockstar.

*Go faster!* said Clay. His cruel lip curled mischievously.

Severine glanced at the speedo. She was already doing 75 but she pressed her foot down hard on the accelerator and giggled/ steering the car around the sharp twists and bends of this narrow country road.

The sun blazed down across the beautiful Highland scenery. The sky was as blue as she had ever known it. Driving at this speed though – with the top rolled right back – she could feel the cold air biting at her cheeks. She shivered/ nipples poking hard through the material of her blouse.

Severine wondered if Clay had noticed this. He had a devilish smile on his face so she was fairly certain that he had. Clay did actually look kind of like the Devil with those dark eyes/ that messy black hair/ cheeky little goatee.

He was muttering something to her now but the rush of cold air carried his words away.


He spoke again but she couldnt make out a word. She lifted her foot from the accelerator/ slowing right down until she was travelling at a steady 50. *What was that?*

*I said youre a good driver.*

*Thanks.* This was the first open compliment the rockstar had paid her in the two weeks since he had entered her life. She felt his big rough hand pressing down warm against her knee and blushed like a schoolgirl.


Clay Corby loved the way this girl smiled at him with those glazed pouting lips. She was so pretty and innocent: skin soft and unblemished like a peach/ fiery red hair falling over pale shoulders. She was a real English Rose but there was something else there too. Something wild. Was it the vaguely mocking tone of her voice? The hint of danger behind those blue eyes? The way she had parted her legs just then as he brushed his hand *accidentally* up over her thigh? Uh-huh. Somewhere deep inside this well-spoken 19-year-old there was a shameless harlot just itching to escape. All the girl really needed was a good teacher/ someone older and wiser to guide her through these difficult times.


Severine had noticed the way the rockstar was studying her. He had that dark look in his eyes again. She felt her cheeks flush.

Clay leaned in close and pressed his rough lips ataşehir escort bayan against her cheek/ running his fingers over her breasts through the material of her blouse. He was so close. She could smell his skin. He flicked a finger over each nipple/ watching them stiffen. This was the first time the Californian had touched her in such a sensual way. He ran his tongue over her neck. Severine breathed in through flared nostrils/ enjoying the dreamy daze of arousal.


For the past two weeks the American had tormented Severine by making her watch all the twisted sex games he liked to play with his entourage of friends and groupies. The rockstars castle had become the venue for countless displays of decadence. The sorts of sado-masochistic goings-on that she had only ever read about in erotic novels.

Frank allowed the English girl to watch wide-eyed as these weird leather-clad strangers fondled/ sucked/ fucked and beat each other in that dark chamber beneath the castle. She was never invited to participate herself. How cruel.

Lying alone in the darkness of the guest room Severine often recalled those squirming leather-clad bodies bound and chained down there in the dungeon. She imagined herself strapped spread-eagled and naked face-down on the rough wooden table – her breasts squashed beneath her body – begging for just one more crack of the whip.

Each night she tossed and turned/ aching to feel Clays rough hands smacking hard against the soft flesh of her buttocks. She silently willed the wicked American to burst into her bedroom and thrust his erection into her mouth or bury his face between her thighs. In her mind she urged him to lick her roughly/ without any delicacy/ to squeeze her breasts and buttocks until it exploded through her/ leaving her squealing and shuddering.

In reality none of these things had happened. Every miserable night shed had to content herself with her own hand. Each time – as the contractions pulsated through her exhausted body – shed been left physically satisfied but ultimately empty and alone. Neglected.


The English Rose changed gears and accelerated. She was so deep in her thoughts that it was a few moments before she realised that Clay had unfastened three buttons of her blouse and was now slipping his hand inside. *You cant do that* she said/ shocked by his action.

*Why not?*

*Because… because someone might see us.*

*Have you noticed a single other car since we left the village?*

Severine shrugged her shoulders.

*Well then.* The American caressed her naked breast.

*If you keep doing that Im going to crash.* Struggling to keep the panic from her voice.

*No you wont* he said. *Youre a good driver. I have complete confidence in you.*

Severine was not so sure. She could already feel her concentration going as Clay pinched and pulled at her tender nipple. It took a great deal of will-power just to keep from closing her escort kadıköy eyes tight. She breathed in through her nose. Gripped the steering wheel. *Cant we stop somewhere? Pull into a lay-by?*

*I dont want to. I want you to cum for me right here on the road.* He removed his hand from her blouse and ran a fingernail up the inside of her bare leg.

Severine shivered. *Oh God!*

*Just keep your eyes straight ahead sugar. Youre doing fine.* He slipped his hand up under her skirt.

As the desire grew inside her Severine felt the urge to let go/ to lose all control/ surrender all thoughts and energy to the intensity of the experience. How would she ever manage to navigate these sharp twisting corners in such a delirious state?

*Lift up a minute* said Clay stroking a finger over her thigh.

*What?* Severines teeth were clenched tight shut her whole body tensed. She stared straight ahead.

*Lift your ass* he said laughing.

Without question Severine did as she was told/ awkwardly raising her buttocks just enough that the rockstar could hitch her short skirt up around her waist. Severine felt a wave of panic and longing wash up over her. She had never felt so exposed in her life.

*Relax!* Clay was trying to draw her knees apart. *Youre like a lump of rock honey.*

Severine breathed deep/ quickly changed gears and allowed her whole body to relax. Yes she wanted this.

Clay Corby parted her thighs. She shivered. He ran a finger over the fine black silk of her panties.

*We cant do this Clay.*

His voice soft/ reassuring: *We are doing this.*

Severine sighed. Skin flushing.

The rockstar following the shape of her sex through the smooth material. *Youre wet. I can feel it.*

Severines cheeks blazed in embarrassment but she said nothing.

*You want this real bad dont you precious?*

She stared at the road ahead. Breasts rising and falling.

*You want to feel my fingers inside you. Maybe I should tear your panties off. Would you like that?*

Almost panting: *Yes.*

*So the world can see what a nasty girl my Severine is.*

*Uh God Clay. Just do it please!*

The American grinned and snatched the silky material in his fist/ ripping the underwear open with one tug. He held the silky remains of Severines panties over his mouth and nose. *Yeehaw!* He breathed in through flared nostrils. *You smell great.*

Severine Heart gripped the steering wheel and squirmed on the leather seat/ aching to feel Clays rough hand rubbing against her sex. *Im going to explode if you dont stop teasing me.*

And then he did it: slipped two fingers inside.

Severine moaned as the rockstar explored her hot centre. Thrusting deep. Pressing up against the fleshy walls. Drawing them out/ all slippery with her arousal. Stroking up between the delicate folds to her clitoris. She shuddered as he manipulated this exquisite organ. Circling softly around bostancı escort it so it moved beneath its protective hood.

*Do you like that Severine?*


He patted it with the tip of one finger.

A shudder. She moaned. Her body tingling.

The American moved in to kiss her throat and neck. His tongue swirled over her ear. Severines eyes flickered shut.

*Im going to take the wheel honey* he whispered.

She nodded. Unable to speak.

Clay grabbed the steering wheel with one hand. The other continued its gorgeous attack on her clitoris.

Severine pulled at her blouse now. Tearing it open so that her flushed breasts were exposed to the cold air. Squeezing. Stroking. Squashing them up together.

Clay was impressed by the girls newfound lack of inhibition. He leaned in close so he could whisper in her ear. *Id love to eat your pussy Severine.*

She sighed. Eyes tight shut.

*Are you imagining that babe?*


*Down on my knees. My head moving between your thighs.* He was whispering close to her ear. *Nose brushing over the fragrant mound of red hair. Breathing in your scent Severine.*


*My lips caressing your pretty labia. Brushing over them. A soft kiss Severine.* His lips made a smacking sound. *A soft kiss that sends a shiver through your bones.*

*Unh.* The first tingles.

*Can you feel my tongue now Severine?*

She nodded/ clutching her breasts.

*Parting your glistening labia. Pushing into the heat.* A finger slipped briefly inside. *I can taste you on my lips baby. Your wild essence. It tastes good Severine.*


*My tongue lapping over your hot little clitty.*

*Mnmnh.* Severine pinched her nipples hard and felt sparks shoot through her belly to her pubic bone.

*Licking. Licking. Eating your pussy. Your hot musk splashes over my chin.* Clays fingers stroked her like a wet tongue.

Her back arched. *I think Im going to… Im going to… Clay!* Something snapped in Severines head and her body split open. A fire raged. Shooting up out of her clitoris. *Unh!* Exploding through her pussy. Ravaging her knees and breasts.

Clay thrust three fingers deep. Filling her sex as the contractions pulsated and her belly twitched.

Severine shuddered/ her mind splintering: a crystal decanter smashing to the ground in slow motion.

The rockstar drew his slippery fingers from Severines pussy/ smoothing the wetness over her labia. *Honey that was awesome.*

The young redhead nodded/ her mind finally drifting back into her body from the ether. She looked at Clay. Dreamily noticed the swelling in his jeans. *Mnmnm.* She touched her hand to it and felt it twitch.

The rockstar studied this newly awakened slut. Flushed cheeks. Breasts rising and falling. Eyes wild with anticipation for the dark pleasures awaiting her in his dungeon. *You ok there sugar?*

She nodded/ laughter rising in her throat.

*Time to head home babe* he said. *My friends should have things ready for us by now.*

*Oh really?* She grinned/ grabbed the steering wheel from him and pressed her foot hard on the accelerator. *Best not keep them waiting then.*

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