Ghost Hands Ch. 02

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With her sex still wet and quivering she walks slowly back to her friends. The fog of lust sensuously hangs around her. Reaching the bar before everyone else, the wench winks at her and pours a shot of tequila then slides it to her with a wink, a grin, and a nod. She is waved off when she goes to pay.

The night goes by in a sexy haze of dancing till getting kicked out at closing.

Finally home, keeping the lights down as she makes her way to bed. Stripping off the eighties costume it lays on the floor in a pile. She turns and looks at her bedclothes, only to decide against them, as the air feels good on her naked body. The covers are pulled back to lay naked on the cool sheets. Her hand drifts down like a reflex. The soft smooth skin still tingles from her encounter. A finger dips between her lips, still very wet helps with her rubbing. Thoughts of the events help bring her close, but what sends her over the edge is the memory of feeling his cum land on her bare ass, followed by his cock tracing through it to tease her backdoor.

Waking the next morning is followed by morning autopilot. Get up, pee, coffee shower, then finish off by getting dressed. Saturday called for yoga pants and sweatshirt, but knowing she had to be seen in public meant a bra. She could get away with no panties but the bra was something she felt she had to wear. Picking it up from the pile of last night’s clothes, something flutters down catching her eye. It was a piece of paper. The writing gave it away instantly. It also made her adrenaline rush. She felt flush, aroused, and wet in the blink of an eye. Opening the note his voice was in her head telling her he slipped a note in her bra. The note read.

“I hope you enjoyed tonight as I did. My cock felt incredible in you. Your returning of my thrusts was incredible. Now if you’re interested in another meeting text xxx-xxxx. Text me the word orgasm. If you choose not to, I just want to thank you for a night I will not soon forget.”

The note sent istanbul rus escort her sex to tingling. Setting the note down, she looked at it hard then went about her day.

The day was filled with things that had to get done, but her mind was betraying her. It kept going to the sex and the message. Each time it did she felt how wet she had become from the thoughts.

Finally it got the better of her. She picked up her phone and texted Orgasm to the number. She put her phone in her pocket and kept going. She found herself checking it all the time to see. Then when it did ring her heart jumped. It was a text from a number she did not know.

“I see you have decided to play again.” It read.

“Yes.” Was her response.

“How adventurous would you like to be? She reads.

“Kinda”? She returns

“I have a little adventure if you’re game”? The text reads.

“Okay.” She pecks out without thinking.

“Here are your instructions.”

Wear something you can take off easily.

No under things.

Go to the bookstore and look for the Kama Sutra.

Go to the page of the position monkey pulls the turnip.

Follow the instructions on the note you find there.

“The note will be in the book after 5:00”

She replies okay but gets nothing more. Her mind is racing from the instructions and the memory of the sex.

Looking in her closet for the outfit to match the instructions she puts on a pair of light athletic shorts, and a baggy sweatshirt, and no under clothes as instructed. Very minimal makeup and hair prep, then out the door to get to the bookstore.

Her trip to the bookstore was beginning to turn into the lustful fog she encountered the evening before.

Going in she finds her way to the sexuality section of the store. Trying to be nonchalant as she scours for the book, finally finding one on the shelf. She turns the pages looking at the erotic eastern art on one page kadıköy escort and the nude photos on the other describing the position, finding herself getting more aroused than she already was. The thin inner liner of the shorts is getting very wet, her hard nipples are being teased by the material of the sweatshirt, finally reaching the page with the note.

To her surprise all it was, was a hotel key card envelope with the hotel printed on it, the room number 739 hand written inside, and a key card.

She drives to the hotel and heads to room 739. She opens the door to find a room with a king bed. On the bed was a note, and a hotel robe.

“Take off your clothes, put on the robe then text me a picture of you in the mirror.”

She strips off her clothes and sets them on a chair. Dons the robe and sends a picture from the full size mirror. In the picture she leaves the robe open a little and makes sure her leg is bare almost to her pussy. The return text reads,

“Now go stand by the bed and put on the blindfold in the pocket.”

Standing next to the bed she reaches into the pocket to find a black satin scarf. Tying it in place it is cool on her skin. The room is now dark to her.

She hears the door to the room open and shut. Footsteps come to her. The smell of a freshly showered man fills her senses. She hears his belt undo, his shirt pull over his head, shoes kicked off, then pants hitting the floor. Her sex absolutely on fire. The sounds and smell of him has her boiling with lust. In her mind she thinks he can do anything he wants as long as I get to cum.

The belt of the robe is loosen, he opens it, then moves his hands up to push it off her shoulders and it cascades to the floor. His body then pressed to hers, followed by a whiskey tinged deep kiss. His arms wrap around, she returns the embrace. Her hands roam his naked body, while he does the same. It does not take long before his hand is on her wet pussy. She melts kartal escort into his touch. Her kisses give her arousal away. Dipping in then out to trace her clit then back has her first orgasm racing to her. Only a few more strokes and she is there. Her hand reaches down to stroke him as he does it again. His precum coating her hand is a welcome feeling. He pushes her second orgasm over the top.

He croons in her ear to get on her knees. Getting down is difficult from her legs being weak from the orgasms. Once down his hand finds the back of her head and guides his cock to her mouth. The taste of him is intoxicating. Letting out soft moans as she sucks him surprises her. She had never done that before but it felt right. His cock on her tongue was what she needed right then. She works it hoping to taste more than his precum.

He stops her and pulls her up. She protests she wants to keep sucking, but she is spun around and bent over the side of the tall bed. Feet off the ground, her ass in the air becoming the target of what is next. A spank comes down quickly. Then another. This jars her for a moment but then kicks her wetness and arousal through the roof. Each spank has her getting wetter. His other hand is dipping fingers into her. With just two more blows and matching rubs she cums again.

Strong hands flip her over and spread her legs. The cool air verses her wet sensitive sex sends shivers through her body, feeling him line up to slide in. Like the night before her slickness allows for one stroke to reach deep inside her. He pulls her hips to him and begins to thrust. Yet unlike the night before it doesn’t start slow. The pace was perfect. He keeps going as she starts to climax. Her moans and squeals pour out of her. He ramps up the power of the slams but not the speed to bring her real close. Then quickens the pace pushing her over. Her reactions to the orgasms speeds his climax along. Similar to the night before he pulls out, but this time he paints her sensitive sex. The hot cum feels so good on her shaved lips. Finding herself reaching down and playing in it, rubbing it over her lips and clit is a perfect pause moment.

He leans down and purrs in her ear.

“If you want more just say yes please.”

In a breathy response she answers.

“Yes please, yes please.”

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