Getting Over My Shyness

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This is the first story I have ever written. It is based on a dream I had after reading a few stories on Lit. The text follows my dream, I apologise if there are some similarities to other work- nothing on purpose. With that said, I hope you will enjoy it.

I wish to thank AngelLove for editing my story. Any mistakes left are my own.


Tonight was the night. My hands were shaking and my heart was beating faster than I thought was possible. I know I shouldn’t be this nervous. I loved Mark. We’d been together for six months now but we had known each other for years before that. We even moved together a month ago, now sharing an apartment, tiny but our own. Tonight was the night I had decided to do my best to get out of my shy routine. Our sex life was great and he always made me feel so good, I loved that even though he was often more dominant he was still incredibly gentle with me and my inhibitions. And those I have plenty of.

I’ve always been shy and it isn’t easy for me to put into words what I want to do, how I want to touch him or what I wish he’d do. We had experimented a bit and tried to talk about almost everything. But I could tell he wanted me to step up more. So tonight I would. I’d been planning for tonight all week. I had run over the details over and over in my head, bought everything I needed and even remembered to hide the stuff from Mark. This wouldn’t have been such a great surprise if he had found out about it in advance.

I lit the candles and prepared our bed room. Maybe the atmosphere would help me relax. Now all I had to do was wait for him to come home from work. I took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves.

“I have wanted to do this for him, for us, for along time and I won’t let my shyness stop me this time. It’ll be fun,” I thought trying to psyche myself up. I looked myself in the mirror for the umpteenth time today. I had bought a silk robe for this occasion and wore nothing underneath it.

“He isn’t going to laugh at me.” Even as I was thinking that I knew I was being unreasonable. Mark would never laugh at me. He loves me. The thought brought a smile to my face, I was going to try this and if he didn’t like it too bad. At least I wouldn’t feel like I was hiding my fantasies from him.

I could hear the keys in the lock. “Oh my god, he’s here.” Too late to back down now.

“Honey? What is all this? Candles? Mm, you sure know how to make me feel welcomed after a day in the office,” he said with a smile.

“You look hot, any special reason for this?” he kept asking eyes sparkling mischievously.

Mark was taking his jacket off and stood by our bedroom door loosening his tie. I don’t think I could ever grow tired looking at him. Even when he had spent a long day working he still looked incredibly hot. He was a strong man with broad shoulders and he was the perfect height. I sometimes wondered how we could fit so well together, I am a tall woman and I could still wear heels with him. And at home I fit perfectly under his arm. And that, for me, was the best place in the world. He made me feel so safe. I could stay there forever, just smelling him.

“Hi honey,” I said kissing his cheek. He smelled great. He had put my favorite cologne on when he left this morning leaving the scent lingering in the air. I started to take off his tie and to unbutton his shirt. I was ataşehir escort determined to do this even if my hands were shaking and it felt like I had run ten kilometers. “Tonight I want us to try something new, so relax and let me take care of everything.”

He smiled and that made me instantly more at ease. Taking his hand I led him by the bed. I slid my hands under his shirt taking it off and feeling his warm skin. Then I walked behind him and put my arms around him. I wanted to feel him close for a second. I closed my eyes and just stood there embracing him for a little while. I laid my head on his shoulder and took a deep breath.

“You only need to say stop if you don’t like what am I doing, otherwise don’t say a word. This is my present for you. I love you,” I said as I stepped to face him again.

I discarded my robe and stood before him naked. His smile deepened and his eyes roamed my body. He still had eyes for me. I had to give him credit for that. Just seeing his smile like that with his eyes getting darker was making me all tingly inside. I continued to rid him of his clothes, just dropping them on the chair next to the bed. I loosened his belt pulling it off before starting on his pants. I fumbled with the zipper enough to make me blush. But even with, or maybe because of my fumbling, I could tell by the bulge that was starting to form in his underwear that he wasn’t objecting to anything I had done so far.

I guess it was a good change for him too that I finally found my guts to try something a bit different. I asked Mark to close his eyes and wait for a moment and went searching by the bed. I had hidden a small box containing the things I had bought earlier. I took out a black blindfold made of silk. It had long laces so that when I tied it the ends of the laces hanged down his chest all the way to his belly button. It matched nicely my now forgotten robe I thought with a smile. I took a moment to run the soft material of the laces over his chest pausing to play with his nipples for a second.

His sharp intake of breath made me sure that I wasn’t stepping in the wrong direction with this either. I was starting to grin like the cat who got the canary. ‘I think I like this game,’ I thought as I tied the blindfold over his eyes leaving the ends to hang loose.

“Tonight I want to tell you what I love about your body. You are so beautiful to me, I want to touch every part of you and show you that I want to learn how to tell you better what I fantasize of.”

I took a step closer to him so I could feel the heat his body radiated and I leaned to kiss him. He instantly took over the kiss, his mouth was so hot and demanding it made my head spin. He nibbled on my lower lip, sucking on it gently eliciting a moan from me. I loved when he did that. I needed to take a step back before I lost the entire focus and forgot what it was that I wanted to do tonight. Instead of losing my target I needed to make his head spin. With the grin on my face I started to peel off the last of his clothing, the tight black boxers he loves to wear.

I knelt before him making sure he’d feel my breath on him as I slid the boxers off. He was already rock hard, he had the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen. It was perfectly proportioned and we fit together like I thought would not even be possible. Still on my avcılar escort knees I took his hand and put his finger in my mouth, sucking it like it was his cock. I swirled my tongue around it, even grazing it with my teeth a bit. I took another finger in my mouth, sucking them for a while before gently blowing on his now wet fingers and planting kisses on his hands and arms.

“I love your hands, I love how strong they are and I love how you make me feel when you put your arms around me. I adore your fingers in my pussy when you fuck me with them and make me scream while I cum. I love to see you lick your fingers of my cum. It makes me so hot.” I whispered to him.

Moving upwards on his body, I kept planting kisses and small gentle bites along the way. I stopped at his collarbone. Beautiful. I reached for the box again and took a small jar containing chocolate body paint and the softest brush. Sliding the brush on his skin I drew a few lines on his shoulders and collarbones. Then I licked the tasty paint off. It made my mouth water. I took my time with the chocolate drawing lines and then licking them off. I put some on my lips and gave him a taste by planting my lips on his.

“Baby, I want you to move to the bed now. Let me help you.”

I offered Mark my hand and got him to lie down on his back. I continued to paint figures on him and then licking them away. I think it must be the best way ever invented to use chocolate, to lick it from the skin of the man you love. I massaged his shoulders and nipped him with my teeth.

“Your broad shoulders make me feel safe, you have always made me feel like nothing can hurt me when you are close to me.”

I heard him gasp when I moved to play with his nipples. I knew they were sensitive for him but I hadn’t figured out they were this sensitive before. Mark was almost ready to rip his blindfold off and jump me. I could tell by the way he was breathing and the tell tale signs of his hands clutching the sheet. I giggled and told him to wait, he’d get his chance but there were still places I wanted to touch and things I wanted to say.

He was groaning and getting impatient so I moved on. I straddled him and started kissing his neck, biting him every now and then. I made sure he could feel my pussy and how wet I had gotten pressing it down on his stomach. I rubbed my hard nipples against his bare skin creating terrific friction.

“Mm, honey, I love your eyes and the way all your emotions run though them. I love the way they get dark and smoky when you are about to cum,” I whispered into his ear.

It was hard to keep myself from moaning out loud thinking about that. He sometimes made me look deeply into his eyes while I was cumming, the simmering heat he had in his eyes always made me lose myself. I was enjoying my new found courage, even if this first try had him blindfolded and silent. I continued to kiss and lick down his strong jaw and down his chest. I let my hair caress him while I found a new place to put some of that chocolate on. I ran my hands over his legs zeroing on his groin. He was rock hard and twitching. I couldn’t wait to put a little chocolate on that.

The taste of him combined with the chocolate’s richness was delicious, the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

“Oh yes, you taste too good.”

I started to lick his avrupa yakası escort cock slowly, teasing him first. I licked his cock all the way up and down again. “And most of all, honey, I love your cock.”

By now he was moaning and getting very impatient. I took him in my mouth and started sucking him just like I sucked his fingers before. I was so wet- I secretly loved sucking my man’s cock. It always made me feel so naughty and so horny. I was just too shy to admit it to him out loud. I couldn’t stand it any more so I sneaked one hand down to caress my pussy while I used the other to help me with his cock. I wanted to give him the blow job of his life time and I wanted to make it sopping wet. I could tell Mark was at the end of his patience so I slid a hand up to the lace of the blindfold that still hanged by his chest. I pulled and as the blindfold fell off I made sure his eyes would be on mine. The second the blind fold fell off I sucked swirled my tongue on the head of his cock almost causing him to cum in my mouth.

That is when his patience ran out. He dragged me higher on the bed before I could protest having to leave his cock. His lips were on mine in an instant. “I’ll show you what teasing me like that leads to,” he growled. He rolled me over so that I was pinned under him and drove his hardness in me. So slow it was making me lose my mind.

“Oh gods!” I was so close to cumming already. I had teased myself at least as much as I had him.

“I’ll teach you a thing or two about teasing a man to his limits.”

Mark was fucking me in earnest now. Then suddenly, he flipped me around and on my hands and knees. His hand went down to my pussy and he ran his fingers over it. Possessively. I loved when he got dominant on me.

“Mine,” he said and pushed two fingers inside my wet hole. My knees buckled, it felt so good.

“These are mine too.” He squeezed my breasts and his fingers were playing with my nipples making me squirm against him. Wanting desperately to be filled again.

“You are mine.” His voice was strained. He was fighting to regain control. He pushed in me making us both moan when he was up to the hilt in my pussy.

“Please,” I begged.

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me. Fuck me hard, make me yours. Please.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. He started pounding me with a fast and furious pace. His hand moved to rub my clit and he kept whispering in my ear,”You teased me. You begged me to fuck you. Now I am fucking you, you are mine. Mine.”

All I could think of, all I could feel, was him. The pleasure was building and making it hard to breathe. My legs started to shake and I was so close.

“Oh gods, Mark! I am cumming.”

The pleasure made me fall onto the bed. I could feel Mark starting to cum too when my pussy contracted around him, milking his beautiful cock.

“Oh baby!” he shouted and collapsed on top of me.

I didn’t want to move at all. I just wanted to fall asleep with him like that. Still inside me, both of us out of breath and sweaty. I was so happy I had the courage to do this, that he had let me show my love to him in my own way. And in the process teasing him to his limits making him claim me. Which is exactly what I was hoping he would do.

” I love you honey, ” I whispered.

” I love you too. I am glad you decided to do this. I think we could have a few more trial runs if you feel like you still need to practice telling me what you want.”

I smiled, I think I will be needing an awful lot of those practice. But I think I won’t be nervous next time. Maybe tomorrow would be a good day to practice some more. ‘Yeah, definitely tomorrow.’

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