Gena’s Release

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Chapter One

He turned his bike into the alley, kicking it into third, releasing the clutch with his fingers. It was dark. Good. He continued weaving and curving around the dumpsters and debris. Shifting into second, he slowed his progress, there, the back of the alley, two figures. He came to a stop about five feet from them, he just watched them for a good thirty seconds. Shaking his head he stepped from the bike. Removing a satchel that was bungee corded to the back of the old cruiser. He looked down at the satchel, then tilted his head and looked at the two under the naked bulb that lit the doorway. Shaking his head, he grabbed the satchel in his left hand and turned toward them.

She was held by a big guy, and he held her by the throat. Her face was bruised, and her hair fell limply over it. Her clothes ripped and torn. She just hung limply from his arms. The biker just snarled a smile as he approached. “Have the money?” the big guy asked pulling the girl closer. The biker tossed the satchel to the ground, letting it fall open. The biker walked to the girl….taking her hand roughly and the other went to count the money. The biker turned the girl so that she was in front of him, turning his back on the man counting his money. He started to direct the girl to his bike. That’s when he felt the large hand come down on his shoulder. “It’s not enough” The man said behind him, tightening his grip. The biker leaned his lips in close to the girl’s ear. The darkness his friend.

“I hope you can ride a bike.” He said, as he slipped the keys into her palm. He let go of her, and gently pushed her forward. “That’s what we agreed upon Jack.” the biker hissed. “Fifty thousand. Now don’t get greedy my friend.” He stood in the darkness, the other still gripping his shoulder. “Not enough” he heard from behind him.

The biker let his chin slowly drop to his chest. In one movement, he brought his left hand up and placed it over the hand gripping his right shoulder. Holding it there, so it couldn’t move. In one fluid motion, he ducked down while spinning 360 degrees. Standing again after having ducked under the arm now pinned to his left shoulder. He heard a grunt as he applied downward pressure. The elbow now on his shoulder was not designed to move in this direction. He heard the bikes engine roar to life. He jerked sharply down on the arm he held in front of him. He heard the scream from behind as the elbow snapped. He turned, saw the mans pained face, and leaned in. “You motherfucker!” the man said to the biker, holding his now useless arm. The bikers face close to the others…he hissed, ” We had a deal you fuck. Call me when you have another girl.” The biker turned and started walking toward the bike. Reaching inside his jacket and around to the pit of his back with both arms, he pulled out two Glock 45’s.

When he reached the bike he looked at the girl. A distant look in her eyes. He said “Go” as he spun onto the seat, his back against hers…facing back down the alley, to make sure that no danger befell them as they exited the alley. Sure the slave trader had a gun. But the biker was pretty sure that he wouldn’t be a problem. How many right-handed guys can shoot lefty? He wouldn’t be using that right arm for a while.

He put the guns away as she drove onto the main road. He crossed his arms and took hold of the grip at the back of the bikes seat. Pushing off taksim rus escort the foot pegs, he swung one foot around the back of the bike, at the same time lifting the other up and over the back of the seat. He settled his body in close to hers. Placing his arms around her. His lips close to her ear. The wind whipping across their bodies. “Ocean Drive” he said. “Know it?” She nodded her head. “I’ll show you the place once we get there.” They rode on in the early morning darkness, tears running down her cheeks.

Chapter Two

He led her up the stairs by the hand. At the top, he opened a door to the right, and directed her in. “You can sleep here.” He said stopping in the doorway. She stood in the room, her back to him, her shoulders deflated. “You’re free” he said gently.

“What?” she sobbed, not turning.

“You’re free” he said again. He noticed her shoulders start to move as her sobs became heavier.

“I have to get up in a few hours” he said, as he pulled the door closed. “There’s clothes in the closet.”

Pulling his shirt off, he reached for the shower door. “Fucking bastard” he sneered as he stepped in to wash off the hate he felt for the injustice in this world.

Chapter Three

“How can anybody live on three hours sleep?” He wondered as he slipped his legs over the side of the bed. He stopped by her room on the way out. Quietly he looked in, figuring she would sleep to about noon. The bed was empty, but slept in. “Odd” he thought, “She didn’t waste any time leaving.” Shaking his head, he headed down the stairs.

When he entered the kitchen, he noticed the sliding glass door open. He quietly stepped out onto the deck. The sun was just beginning to rise above the horizon. He listened to the waves lap the shore. He noticed her sitting, about half way between the house and the waters edge. Wrapped in a blanket. He just stood, and watched as the sun rose in the sky and bathed her body in light. There were times when the simple beauty offered by this life took his breath away. This was one of them. The image of her silhouetted against the sea, the sun reflecting of the wave crests, and the purple sky that reached down to caress everything, would forever be etched in his mind. “Funny how a persons life can change so much in one day.” He thought about her. His eyes watering a little as he turned and headed for the front door. For tomorrow he would be alone again.

She felt his presence on the deck. She knew he stood behind her. Yet she remained still. Watching the water. “Who was this man? Why would he buy me from those animals, just to set me free?” She had looked around his house. A beautiful house, but void of anything personal that might give her a clue as to his identity. He trusted her, he trusted her to wait with the bike running while he finished the business. She could have just left, but no, he trusted her to stay. And that’s why she stayed. She smiled to herself as she felt him turn and walk back into the house. Soon there after she heard the front door close.

Chapter 4

He returned late that night. Running a business can sometimes be tough. He stepped through the door and listened for a moment. Everything was silent. “She must be gone” They were always gone. They had families, boyfriends, whatever, that they had not seen in months. He smiled shaking his head, thinking taksim türbanlı escort about how she looked this morning. Climbing the stairs to the bedrooms. His smile broadened. “That chick really new how to ride a bike!” chuckling to himself. He opened the door to her room. “At least she made the bed before she left.” He closed the door and continued to his own room. He threw in a CD…some Enigma, something smooth to reduce the stress. He sat on the end of the bed, kicking off his shoes. He stood as he pulled his shirt over his muscled chest. Hopping a little while pulling off his pants. He walked into the bathroom, and turned the shower to its hottest setting. Placing his hands against the wall, he stands with his chin on his chest, letting the water run over his skin. He closes his eyes, lets the water massage him.

She had been in the kitchen. She heard him enter. She heard the shower. She let the robe drop from her body as she ascended the stair. The feeling of nakedness, and the anticipation of what was to be made her nipples harden. She stood in the doorway to his bathroom. Watching his body through the glass door. She smiled. Silently she moved to the door, opening it as quiet as she could.

His head jerked up and he turned. He was surprised. He first looked to her eyes, and then took in her body. Drank in the beauty. He noticed the hard nipples, the flat stomach, and the neatly trimmed bush. He noticed the muscled legs, delicate ankles, and the sweet swell of her collarbone. He looked into her eyes. “You don’t need” She placed a finger to his lips as she stepped in. She moved her body close to his. Placed her hands on his shoulders. Closed her eyes and brought her lips to meet his. He was confused for a moment. He felt her lips against his. He didn’t respond. Then he noticed how her hands felt on his body. He wrapped his arm around her waste. Drawing her stomach to his. He felt her nipples brush his chest. His cock growing, pressing against her abdomen.

She ran her hands through his hair. Both his hands caressed her lower back. He leaned into her. Pressing her against the wall. The hot water cascaded over both their bodies. He knelt and took her breast to his lips. Swirling with his tongue. His hands on her hips. She placed her hands on the top of his head. Entwined in his hair. Her head back against the tile of the shower, her eyes closed. He ran his hands up her rib cage, then back down to her thighs. Caressing as he went. He moved down to her flat stomach. Placing kisses around her belly button. He felt the pressure on the top of his head from her hands. He moved his lips down to her abdomen. His lips coming in contact with the softness of her hair. She raised a leg and lifted it over his shoulder. Centering her foot on his back. His tongue reached lower. He could hear her sigh as he ran his hand on the outside of her lips. When he reached the bottom, he applied gentle pressure, feeling the softness as he entered between her lips. He slowly ran his tongue up the channel of her lips. When he reached the top, he gently probed for her clit. Her hips started to move in slow circles. Her nipples erect as her breasts bathe in the shower of water.

He flattened his tongue on top of her clit. Moving it in slow circles, opposite direction of the movement of her hips. He could taste the difference between the taksim ucuz escort water and her own wetness. He hungrily sought out that wetness. He moved his tongue down to the entrance of her pussy. Curling his tongue, he pushed inward. Trusting it in and out. His hands wrapped around her hips to her bottom. He squeezed as he pulled her hips to his face. Her foot rubbing up and down his back. He stayed there as her body tightened. She raised her hands above her head, and started pushing her hips harder onto his mouth. Her breath was heavy, her moans turning to screams. He could feel her pussy clenching around his tongue. She started bucking her hips between his face and the wall. He could hear her ass slapping against the wall. Slowly, her hips stopped circling. Her body seemed to slump against the wall.

She started to laugh a little. He stood up. Reaching and turning off the water. “Mmmmm, what about this?” she said as she reached down and grabbed his cock. It was rock hard. She turned around with a little girl smile. Placed her forearms on the wall, arched her back, and waved her ass a little while looking over her shoulder. He smiled, placing his hands on her ass…caressing in circles. He stepped close, lifting his cock, and placing it so it sat on top, between her cheeks. Holding his cock in his hand, He ran it downward between her cheeks. He stopped and rubbed the head against the little star that was her ass. Then he continued downward. Her lips opened to envelope his head. He ran it up the channel between her lips, lubricating his cock.

Then he brought it back to her opening. He felt the resistance as he slowly pushed the head into her. He kept pushing. He placed both his hands on her hips as he pushed his cock all the way into her. He heard a breath of pleasure escape her lips as it also escaped his. The pleasure of being in her for the first time was incredible. She arched her back more as he started to pump in and out of her. He placed a hand in the center of her back. One hand remaining on her hip, he started to stroke. He couldn’t tell if the wetness on his body now was from the shower or sweat. He started pumping her harder as her moans increased. You could here the sound of his hips hitting her ass throughout the room. He started pumping harder, thrusting into her. Harder, his body driving hers.

Harder as she pushed her hips back to meet his. He gripped her ass cheeks so hard his knuckles where white. He tossed his head back as he let out a guttural moan. He thrust his cock deep into her feeling his balls contract as they slapped her clit. He felt the hot cum boiling up through his cock. He felt it explode into her. It coated her inside. Her pussy milked his cock. Spasmed against it. He heard her scream as he let loose his cum deep into her. He took one last brutal trust, feeling the last of his cum leave his head. He felt it running out of her and down his cock. They both stayed in that position for a while, breathing heavy, smiling.

He fell out of her as she stood. She was smiling, hair wetly matted to her head. She placed her hands on his chest. She looked up into his eyes. “Hi, I’m Gina.” She waited a moment, watching how he never took his eyes from hers. His hands resting on her hips. “And who might you be?”

Chapter Five.

It was some weeks later. They lay in each other’s arms, now deeply in love. The phone rings so he gets up and pads over to it. “Hello.”. “Yhea, it’s me Jake. They have another girl. Say they have no use for her. Say if you don’t want her she’s dead.”

He put down the phone, looked seriously at Gina. “It’s another girl. Wanna back me up? I think Jake may still be a little sore about the arm.”

To be continued…

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