Gathering Steam

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It seemed to be a night full of fore-play. The hot tub was steaming, the water lapping at my chest, caressing my skin. You sat across from me, your eyes shut in relaxation; just letting the water buoy you up in its embrace. I couldn’t stand the distance but I let you sit, hoping you would make the first move. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back on the tile, focusing on the heat around me.

The hum of the jets lulled me, and soon my body was lax, my mind free of all thought. Then I felt your touch, your hand tickling the top of my foot, your fingers stroking gently. I smiled slowly and opened my eyes, meeting your gaze through the steam. You pulled me close, the water moving against me, your hands trailing up my thighs. I sat forward, linking my arms around your neck, your mouth begging for my lips. Slowly you leaned towards me and pressed your lips to mine.

A chaste kiss it was, but none the less I yearned for more. I leaned in again, looking into your eyes. You completed the distance, kissing me, our tongues daintily pressing against each other. Heat rushed through me, and I moaned softly, moving closer to you, wrapping my legs around you.

You slid your hands up my sides, your thumbs stroking my flesh softly, gently. Leaning back I looked up at you, meeting your gaze while weightless in your grasp, the water holding me up, our pelvis’s joined.

You started to speak to me, and then reeled me in closer, my body slithering down yours until I was seated in your lap. I kept my eyes closed, savoring the feeling until your lips once again covered mine. I wrapped my arms and legs around you binding us together.

A high pitched screech broke the reverie, and you looked up, your hands slipping from me as you put distance between us. A couple walked towards the hot tub, talking loudly. I slid off your lap and turned around, walking to the other side of the tub and stepping out of the water, letting it drip off me in rivulets. You followed close behind, brushing past me as you reached for your towel. I looked up taksim grup yapan escort at you as I wrapped my own towel around me, and then stepped forward, walking towards the gate to wait for you.

You joined me shortly and we headed back to my apartment, talking quietly back and forth, our hands touching occasionally. My body was so sensitive, both from the heated water and from need, each nerve alert for any tiny stimulation to feed on.

You stood behind me as I unlocked the door and stepped forward, your hand lightly pressed against my back. A wave of cold air swept over me and my nipples, already peaked with excitement became turgid, forcing a gasp from me. You stepped in behind me and shut the door, ushering me further into the apartment. With a shiver I moved forward and walked to the bathroom, looking forward to getting warm and out of my wet suit. Goosebumps surfaced down my arms and over my chest the cold conditioned air frigid on my wet skin. Not noticing you behind me, I smiled as your arms circled me from behind, pulling me back into your warmth. You nuzzled my neck, kissing softly.

I hugged your arms against me and then moved away, walking into my bedroom and to my closet. I peeled the suit from me and let it fall to the floor as I grabbed the nightgown sitting on top of my dresser. Raising my arms I let the silky fabric pool around me and tugged it into place. After putting my hair up into a ponytail I walked out of the closet and into the living room, seeing you sprawled on the couch. I gave you a smile and walked over, wanting to sit close but unsure.

Settling onto the cushion next to yours I looked at you, yearning for your touch, warming up just being close to you. Tentatively you reached for me, stroking your hand up and down my leg. I turned towards you, hungry and needy for more of your touch. Unable to stop myself, I cupped your face in my hands and took your lips in a demanding kiss. You leaned into me, plying your mouth over mine, pressing taksim masöz escort me back and into the couch until I lay underneath you. My body insistent, my hips rose to meet yours, my legs tangled around you.

You took my bottom lip into your mouth, sucking it softly, absorbing the moan that left my lips. In a moment I went from pliant to ravenous, demanding all that you could give me. I pushed against you and took control, pressing you back into the couch and taking a seat in your lap. Quickly I moved to pull your shirt over your head between stealing kisses. I ground myself down into your lap, feeling you grow and stiffen. A moan of need and anticipated pleasure rolled from my throat, and I ground down again, feeling you where I needed you most.

Hungry, I crawled off your lap and kneeled before you, my fingers hooked in the waist of your shorts. I tugged, pulling them down and watching you spring free with lust. My fingers became claws on your thighs as I leaned forward to taste you. So smooth on my tongue, salty sweet. I closed my eyes and took more, moving my mouth down the shaft to engulf you, triumph rolling through me as the head pressed into my throat. I moved back, letting you slip free and claimed the head again, kissing it, swirling my tongue around the crown as my hand tugged lightly on the jewels below. Your groans and whispered words drove me on further and moisture gathered at the apex of my legs. I throbbed in rhythm to the up and down of my mouth, pulling at your length.

Your hands fisted in my hair and you moaned with a chuckle at the end. Looking up I released you with a lick then climbed forward, taking your mouth roughly. Your hands calmed me, urging me to reign in my lust all the while your hands wrecked havoc on my senses as they slid up my thighs and delved inside me. I surged forward with a cry as your fingers searched my depths, my head tossed back in ecstasy. Your lips blazed hot on my flesh, nibbling and licking along my collarbone and down my décolletage. taksim otele gelen escort Slowly you raised your free hand and kneaded my breasts, the rolling my nipples gently and playing with the steel studs imbedded within. A twinge of pain followed by a burst of pleasure flowed through me and I rode harder, moaning and gasping for more. You circled your arms around me and pulled me close, aligning our bodies for further plunder.

I took your lips with abandon as you drove into me, spreading me wide with your girth. Slowly, so slowly you gained entrance, allowing my body time to adjust and savor the sensations. I rocked back and forth, my hands clinging to you as you drove farther into me, moving in and out. My body writhed with pleasure, and as you moved forward once again I screamed, tensed and contracted around you as my orgasm exploded. You pressed on, taking me through it and into a higher dimension of pleasure. My body shook and my cries were endless, as you fully sheathed yourself again and again. Taking control you grasped my hips and lay me back on the couch, kneeling above me and plunging in deeply, my legs up and bent to accept you deeper. My nails scored your back and my heels dug into your backside as you plummet faster and faster, pounding into me. I screamed again and again, riding an endless wave of climaxes.

You stopped and pulled back as I lay lost in sensation, twitching with residual ecstasy. Taking my hand you tugged me towards the bedroom, pulling me in and kissing me softly. You hands urged me to turn around and I sprawled my body on the edge of the bed face down. You gripped my hips and slid forward, embedding your length into me, the wetness easing your entry. My hands gripped the sheets, pulling them and crying out as you bottomed out within me. Each penetration was sweet release as you sped forward, until our bodies slapped together. I spasmed beneath you, shaking and crying out, my sheath throbbing and tight around you. Your groans came faster, your fingers dug into my hips as you flung yourself forward again and again until you gasped out, spurting hot ropes upon my upturned ass, collapsing forward onto the mattress beside me.

My legs shook and my arms were weak as I climbed further onto the bed to lie next to you, panting with each breath. Your arm snaked around me pulling me close as you nuzzled against me, kissing me softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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