Gardening Lesson

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“You bury it a little over twice the size of the bulb.”

John watched as Julia, already kneeling, bent forward onto all fours.

“For most bulbs, it’s pretty easy to see which end is up.”

Julia pressed the bulb down into the hole she had dug and scratched at the nearby soil to cover it. John’s attention was elsewhere.

Julia had been John’s neighbor for only three months and he had already chatted with her numerous times over the fence. She was a good gardener and always had some tip for him. He soon discovered they were both married to homebodies. Her husband didn’t like to be with other people. John had only seen her husband outside the house once since they had moved in. Julia said he stays in his room all day listening to old jazz recordings. John’s wife rarely left the house, except to shop. John spent most of his spare time in the garden, just like Julia. Recently, he had started fantasizing about her. He was tired of imagining. He was pretty sure she was thinking the same thing, but she was waiting for him to make the move. He finally found the courage to ask her to show him some gardening tricks. She had invited him over for a Saturday morning class.

Instead of watching how Julia was planting bulbs, John watched Julia’s butt, poking up in the air as she leaned down. The two perfectly rounded muscles wiggled and twisted against each other. John wondered if her movements were as stimulating to her as they were to him. Julia looked back over her shoulder and caught John staring. He shifted his eyes to meet hers, catching the flicker of a blush, followed by the softening beginnings of a smile. John smiled.

“See?” she asked, her smile growing with his. “You need to press in deep.”

She turned back to the bulb, poking her fingers to compact the dirt. John got down on his hands and knees, steadied himself with a hand on her back, and leaned into her until his other hand was poised above the hole she was filling.

“You mean like this,” he said.

John pushed his fingers down into the dirt, sinking, searching for and finding Julia’s fingers. His body pressed into her shoulder, taksim elit escort which she pushed back to support him. His mouth was so close to her ear that he had to restrain himself from sticking his tongue in it. Neither of them moved for a long second or two. John could feel her breathing faster. It was all the encouragement he needed.

“Or like this,” he whispered, leaning his lips into her ear.

John’s hand slid down Julia’s back, then over her taut jeans. Julia jumped, bumping John away, and stood up. John got to his feet, didn’t say anything, watched for clues, waiting for her next move. She remained silent, busied herself brushing the dirt off her hands, then brushing her knees. She looked up at John. Their eyes met for long enough. John leaned forward and when she didn’t back away, he leaned in further and gave her a gentle kiss.

“John,” she began.

He lifted his finger to her lips. She brushed his hand away.

“John, this isn’t right.”

“I know,” he said.

John looked around, then into the windows. He knew her husband was sequestered away in his room. He could hear ragtime jazz playing. John knew his wife was certainly sitting in front of the TV watching the shopping network. He took Julia’s hand and gave a tug as he made a beeline for a small shed in the back. It didn’t take much to get Julia walking along behind him. Another quick glance for any inquisitive eyes and John opened the door.

“John, this is silly.”

“I know,” he said, and pulled Julia inside, then carefully closed the door.

It was hot and dark in the shed, heavy with the smell of rich potting soil perfumed with fertilizer and insecticide. There wasn’t much room. Julia bumped into John and chuckled.

“Here?” she said, the chuckle turning into the giggle of a schoolgirl.

Conversation wasn’t John’s strong point. His hands undid her belt and unzipped her pants.

“Turn around,” he grumbled.

He didn’t wait for her, took her by the shoulders and spun her around.

“John, stop,” she laughed.

He pressed close, curved a hand around taksim escort her waist, slid it into her pants against her skin until it slipped beneath her underwear.


The concern in Julia’s voice trailed off when his fingers curved past her mound and pressed into the fleshy bulb just below. Julia gasped. She felt his whole arm hot against her body as his fingertips vibrated over her clitoris. She fought the feeling for a brief moment, then twitched as if being electrocuted and buckled at the knees. John’s other arm wrapped around her waist to keep her from falling. His fingers probed further, in space between her spreading legs. He knew she might be dry. He didn’t have time to tease her wet. He gave a hard push and his fingers scraped inside her.

“No…,” she said sucking the air into her lungs.

The rough penetration caused her body to stiffen in protest, but he was long past hesitation. He pressed harder and further until his fingers were finally met by warm, slippery fluid.

“Oh my god,” Julia whispered as his fingers suddenly eased deep inside.

John wiggled and poked, jiggled and rubbed until Julia’s whole body began to shake.

“Bend over,” he groused.

With a helpful shove, she did just that, grabbing the handle of the lawn mower when it smacked her in the face. John took a step back. His hands found the top of her pants and hooked under her panties. With a yank, everything was below her knees. Another tug and there was a pool of clothes at her ankles. John stood and flashed down his zipper. He scooped out his solid pole and leaned into Julia. She was still shaking and offered no resistance. He wrapped his hand around her front, grabbed at her crotch and rested two fingertips over her clitoris.

John smiled as he felt how Julia’s clit had swollen. He gently prodded and squeezed it between his fingers. Julia was melting and began to collapse. John quickly curled his two fingers around her mons and up inside her vagina. He lifted, holding her up, clamping his fingertips into her G-spot. As she sank, her body weight compressed her clitoris. taksim eve gelen escort Julia stiffened and gasped out a moan.

No time to waste, John grabbed his cock and ran it down her butt crack until he felt the slippery welcome of her pussy. With the contact of his cock on her pussy lips, Julia suddenly straightened her legs and locked her knees. John relaxed his hook grip and began to finger her furiously. She moaned again, leaned forward, and widened her legs as much as she could, until her pants stretched tight from one ankle to the other.

John rocked his hips forward then yanked up on his erection. Both Julia and John groaned as he suddenly popped inside. Grabbing her hip, he rammed forward. Julia gasped and lifted herself upright. John held her down and rammed her as hard and fast as he could. When she stopped trying to straighten up, her head hanging between her arms, he dug his finger’s at her clit. Soon she was bouncing and bucking as hard as he was. They both had an orgasm almost immediately. There were a few more wild crashes as their bodies’ muscle contractions took over. Then John slowed to a stop.

John was breathing hard. He lifted his arm and wiped away the sweat that was burning into his eyes. Julia was panting. He closed his eyes to focus on her contractions. She was still experiencing the echo of multiple orgasms. He waited, knowing what would happen next, enjoying his exit as his limp dick plopped out and hung wet and flaccid against his jeans. He was careful returning his slippery penis to his underwear. He winced, remembering the time he had carelessly caught a flap of tender skin in the path of his zipper.

Julia was still bent over when John looked outside to check if it was all clear. He slipped out, didn’t wait for her, enjoyed the light reflecting off her naked butt, then closed the door. He walked back up her driveway and over to his house. Coming in the front door he called out, “I’m home!” His wife was in front of the TV. He gave her a kiss on the forehead, then went out onto the kitchen porch, sat down and looked over into Julia’s back yard. It wasn’t long before he saw the shed door swing open and Julia peek out. When she saw him, he waved. She came out and walked up the driveway to her front door. He was sure she was walking a little bowlegged.

“Thanks for the bulb lesson,” he called, loud enough for anyone to hear. “Tomorrow maybe you can show me how to plant wood!”

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