Game of Cards

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My life had moved on from online gaming. I played occasionally but never risked being so exposed online again. I had a lucky escape that Rishi kept our escapade to each other.

I passed my exams receiving some of the highest scores in the district and I soon moved on to University.

At the end of my first year while all of my friends were going on Spring Break my parents had booked a luxury holiday. I had found a confidence in my sexuality and appearance while at University and I was dating Brian who was on my course.

My parents had booked an exclusive 5 star resort hotel in Dubai. I was allowed some freedom as a compromise and I had my own room next to my parents but I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not to leave the hotel premises. I enjoyed the first day in the spa receiving a massage and relaxing in the sauna. I kept seeing updates from my friends and their Spring Break exploits. I hated that Brian had also gone. He was repeatedly posting updates from the trip on his Instagram and he was constantly in pictures with his arm around other girls. I knew he was frustrated in our relationship as we had not had sex yet and I hated that he could not stay loyal to me and earn my womanhood. I switched off my phone so that I would no longer receive updates.

It had been a long hard first year and I needed this break for the longest time and I was able to finally enjoy and relax myself.

The exclusive surrounds of the hotel appealed to me more than anything. I was away from general society and I was able to enjoy the luxury of the exclusive surrounds. The fellow guests were all wealthy individuals and did not notice me much.

It was my third day in the hotel and I had to admit I missed going to parties or being with friends. It almost felt like too much rest and relaxation was worse than no rest and relaxation.

I was in the lobby of the hotel when I saw that the Casino on the top floor was putting on a show and a VIP event. I thought it would break up my holiday and it would be fun to be dressed up and play games. I was a gamer at heart and a casino was the ultimate place to game. It would also break up my week as it was something fun to do in the hotel.

I showered before slipping into my black dress, I checked myself out in the mirror and I was now able to appreciate my curves unlike before. I had my hair down in curls and I put on makeup. I liked my eyes to stand out and I used black mascara and a light eye shadow. I wore black lace panties and stockings with a garter belt. My bra was a thin lace bra. I felt so sexy wearing lace as it felt so good against my skin. I wore high heels to complete the outfit.

I twirled in front of the mirror before I made my way out. I was feeling confident as I headed to the Casino. It was a black tie event and I was happy with my choice of outfit as it helped me fit in. There were so many young beautiful women around the tables with a rich man’s arm around them. I was different to these girls and I wanted to play rather than watch a rich man play.

I went to the blackjack table as I had played it before and I had a habit of winning. The table was full and it seemed to be a rich man’s game as they were betting a lot of money. I only had $250 but I was confident of making more money by the end of the evening.

I had to wait for my turn and then a seat became available. I was sandwich between two men either side. I put my chips on the table when I heard the croupier who was acting snooty.

“It is a minimum $1,000 dollar bet.” He said rather dismissively.

The old man to my left looked away in disgust as though he believed I was beneath him. I was nervous and a little shell-shocked in the moment. When I heard the man to my right say, “I will cover her bets. Deal her in.” He took some chips from his large pile and added them to my collection.

“That should cover you for the next hour or so. Don’t let them intimidate you,” he had his hand on my knee as he leaned in to whisper in to my ear.

“Thank you. I am sorry for this. My name is Shanti by the way,” I said trying to regain my composure. “My name is Hassan Khan. Don’t apologise, just win.” He had a smile as he said this and it relaxed me a little.

I had been dealt 2 cards and was on 16 and it was the worst number as the dealer was likely to beat it. I decided to take another card and I was bust. The croupier scoffed as I lost and the man to my left mumbled something like, “this is not a game for children.” I was 20 and this comment made me slightly annoyed.

Hassan again put his hand on my knee to lean in again and said, “Do not worry. It was a tough call. Just play again.”

“I am sorry. I am losing all your money,” I said nervously. “Don’t worry about it. That is my gift to you. Just play as you would with whatever you normally bet.” He said trying to reassure me. How could he say it was a gift? The chips were more than $50,000.

I played my next hand as I normally would and I won. I won the next two hands after that. I had not bahçelievler escort realised but Hassan had kept his hand on my knee but I did not feel I could protest.

“You are doing really well. I should have given you more money to play with.” Hassan said as his hand crept just under the hem of my skirt on my thigh. I was getting a thrill from winning and I rationalised that his hand was merely resting due to him always giving me advice and re-assuring me, it was something I had needed due to the intimidating people around the table.

The pre-planned show then started on the stage in front of us. I realised why so many men were here as it was a burlesque show. Women were on stage scantily clad and dancing. All the men were now looking at the stage and even my own eyes were drawn to the stage as I glanced at the stage. The lewd dances were getting me a little excited and as always happened in these circumstances my nipples would become erect and I could sense moistness on my nether lips.

Hassan kept playing his normal game and did not seem to notice what was happening on stage. If anything his eyes were on me more than anywhere else. His hand was still resting on my thigh and I wondered if he could feel the heat from my pussy.

As I became distracted by the show I lost a couple of hands. Once the show was over the croupier announced that this would be the last bet as the casino was now closing these tables.

I was $10,000 dollars down and I could not get the money back. I was still slightly buzzing and felt it was a little early to call it a night when Hassan offered, “I have a pack of cards in my room and a free bar. Do you want to continue playing?”

Hassan was around 6 foot 1 with a full head of hair that looked impeccable. He had a good build as though he worked out. He looked to be in his early 40’s but I always found myself drawn to older men. But there was something about him that made me enjoy his company. He had a charisma, wit and charm that drew me to him.

He cashed out his chips as we walked to the elevator. “What floor are you on?” As I had not given him an answer he had presumed I was not interesting.

“Where is your room? I don’t think I am done playing.” I asked not wanting the night to end and making my answer clear.

He pressed the button for the penthouse without another word.

The penthouse was so amazing; it was bigger than most apartments. The views were breathtaking.

“This view is unbelievable!” I exclaimed as I looked out over the city.

“There is no view that compares to you in that dress. Perhaps only you without the dress,” he said as he walked into the room behind me. It was the first time that he had said something to show he was interested in me. I blushed bright red but tried to ignore the comment.

He had a bottle of champagne that he popped open and poured into two glasses.

We played a couple of hands of blackjack but it missed the intensity of the casino games as we were not really playing for money or anything.

“Do you want to make this interesting?” He offered almost reading my mind.

“I don’t think my $250 will interest you. But I think we should play for money just to make the game interesting.” I said hoping he would agree to play against $250 as I had no other money.

“There is something that interests me and it is worth more than $250.” He said rather cryptically. “What do you mean?” I asked rather confused.

“I will bet you $50,000 for your dress. If you win the next hand you get the money and if I win you take off the dress.” He said as his eyes pierced a hole in my body.

“You will bet $50,000 for this dress. It cost me $50 in the store.” I tried to joke trying to ease the sexual tension.

“The sight of what is underneath that dress is worth $50,000.” He said making his intentions clear. I either walked out now because I knew where this could end up or I played a real game of blackjack. The gamer inside me knew I would only make one decision.

“Do you want to deal or shall I?” I said as my voice was trembling due to the sexual tension.

He picked up the cards and began to slowly shuffle the deck of cards. He then gave me a card and he took one. He had a 7 and I had a jack. I was well placed and feeling confident as a smile crept on my face.

There was a tension in the room and Hassan removed his bow tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. I was relieved he was feeling the same tension as I was.

He drew the second card and I was given a 4 and he had 3. It was a low scoring draw and it ramped up the tension between us.

He removed his tuxedo jacket and placed it over the back of the sofa. I was on 14 and he was on 10. He was now better placed and I squeezed my legs together as I felt a heat in my body as the tension built. I could feel my stiff nipples rub against the lacy material of my bra.

I was on the edge of my seat as he took another card. He drew a 9 as I felt a sigh leave bahçeşehir escort my lips. He now relaxed and leaned back in his seat as he was in control.

I had to draw a 7 or 6 to win the game. Anything lower I would tie or get another chance. He drew the card from the top of the pack and I could see tension on his face as his relaxed demeanor began to fade. He then turned it over and my mouth dropped.

It was 8. I was so close but I had lost. He looked at my body eagerly and I already felt naked as he devoured me with his eyes. I liked the way his eyes were on my body. He leaned back with his arms against the back of the sofa.

I had to admit there was a thrill I felt during that game and my senses were heightened in a way that they had never been before. My body felt so alive at the scenario. It was fun playing such games online but it did not compare to this in front of a man. Feeling his eyes on your body as he drinks you in.

I held my dress from the hem thinking it was best to just rip it off like a band aid but he wagged his finger at me.

“No. Not like that. Take your time with it. Slowly lower the shoulder straps so that only your mammoth tits are holding up your dress.” He said using crude language to describe my breasts. My breasts were 32E but they were still firm and had very little sag despite their large size.

I let the shoulder straps come down and the dress dropped a little lower on my breasts revealing my cleavage more clearly. I awaited his further instructions.

“Now lower the dress under your bra. I have been thinking all night of what underwear you are wearing to case that heavenly body.” He said as the flattery was not lost on me.

I let the dress fall below my breasts as I saw him devour my body with his eyes. I felt a lust like never before; I could sense the desire within him. An animal instinct inside him that was taking all of his will power to contain. I had never felt this desired or sexy as my eyes were drawn to his crotch.

This was not lost on him and he knew I was enjoying showing myself to him as much as he was enjoying admiring my body.

“Bring it lower to the top of your stockings before turning around and bending over letting it drop to the floor and bringing it over to me.” He ordered with a sense of authority. He was a man that liked to be in control.

I lowered my dress over my garter belt and to the top of my stockings before turning around. I leaned against my sofa as I tried to keep my balance bent over. I was presented so lewdly to him and I only wished that my moistness was not evident on my panties.

I quickly turned around and picked up my dress and handed it to him. He took in the scent of my dress before placing it to his side.

“Do you want to play another hand?” He asked. “I have no money and no dress to play with.” I said as my mind wondered what he wanted to play for next.

“Your nipples have been so stiff all evening. I can even see them now wanted to tear through your bra. I think it is only fair that we release them so I will play for your bra.” He said as I chuckled at the thought of him making himself sound like some humanitarian that wants to save my nipples. “What will you offer me if I win?” I asked wondering what my bra was worth if my dress was worth $50,000.

“I think $75,000 would be a fair sum. Is that fair to you?” He asked as I could not believe he was offering such crazy sums.

“Well your cock has been hard since we came up to your suite so I think it is only fair that we play for your trousers also to release your cock,” I said as he chuckled at my little teasing of him.

“I think we are ready for our next game. You can deal this time.” He said as I picked up the cards to shuffle.

I felt so sexy in just my underwear as I could feel his eyes on me every time my legs parted for a moment or I leaned forward to hand out cards. I knew I was beginning to get really moist between my legs and I could hear a squelching sound every time my legs came together and caused my pussy lips to rub together. I only wished that Hassan did not realise the extent of my horny state.

I drew the first cards and I handed Hassan his card first and he turned it over to reveal an Ace. I regretted giving him the first draw. I turned my card over and it was a 9. I passed Hassan his card next card and it was a 7. I smiled gleefully as I thought he was on tricky 16 and I just needed an 8 or above to be comfortable. My card was a queen and there was no way he could beat 19. He nodded as to acknowledge I had him as I passed him his card.

He was almost resigned to the fact that he had lost as he began to turn it over. I felt an excitement as I thought I was about to win and I loved the thrill and excitement of this.

As he turned it over he revealed a 5. Of all the cards he could have turned over he turned over a 5 to give him blackjack. I fell back into my sofa as he had a glee over his face. He had completely unbuttoned his shirt bakırköy escort as the atmosphere was getting hot in the room.

He had this smile as he eyed up my body and it sent a little current of excitement through me. I picked up my last card out of curiosity more than anything else knowing only a 2 would allow me to tie the game but the likelihood of that was slim and as expected I was bust with a 7.

I stood up to take off my bra and indicated he wanted me closer until I was stood inches from his face. I unhooked my bra and shimmied forward letting it come down my arms until I held it in my hand. As I shimmied forward I millimeters away from his cock and as I looked down I could see the precum that had leaked on to his trousers from his cock. I bit my lip as I thought about how turned on he was becoming from looking at my body.

I sat back down as he began to undo his belt and unbutton his trousers. “I think it is only fair I release my cock from my trousers as watching those erect nipples have made it harder than ever before.” He said as he let his trousers fall to the floor. There was a thud as his heavy belt hit the floor and I felt it between my legs.

“What do you want to play for now?” I asked as his eyes went to my moist panties.

“I want your lace panties.” He said almost demandingly.

“What are they worth to you?” I asked still playing our little game despite knowing I wanted to tear them off for him if he asked.

“$100,000 for your panties.” He said as he eyed my body. I creamed my panties as I heard talk about putting a price on them. I had never been so horny or wet before.

“Take off your boxers now if you want to play for my panties.” I said being driven by my horny desires more than anything else.

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and without another word stood up before putting in the side of waistband of the boxers and pulling them down.

“Oh. You are so big,” I moaned like a horny slut. He picked up the cards and said, “I think I should deal.”

He passed me my card but I could not take my eyes off his cock. I was mesmerized by it. I turned it over and it was King. He turned his card over and it was 8. There was a tension and a part of me really wanted to lose just to be in just my stockings and garter belt for him.

I turned over my next card and it was an ace. My mouth dropped as I had such a bad run and I was surprised to win. I also felt a tinge of disappointment. I was mentally prepared to take off my panties for him. He picked up his phone and passed it to me.

“Put in your bank details. You earned it,” he said surprisingly cheerily. I entered my details and he transferred the money. I could not believe the situation and I did not want it to end.

I stood up and felt his eyes on my next move. I loved knowing I had this control over him.

“You don’t need to do it. I want to win them.” He said as I played with the waistband of panties. I unclipped my garter belt.

I turned away from him knowing how he liked me bent over as I pulled them down, “You have won them. My panties are so wet that I that it is only fair that I let me pussy breathe.” I was playing his little game and let them fall to the fall as I was bent over. My pussy was so wet that I could feel my juices trickle down my leg as soon as I removed the panties. I looked at him over my shoulder still bent over, “Would you like them?” I asked innocently as his hungry eyes devoured my juicy pussy.

“Yes,” he mustered as he was taken by surprise.

I handed my panties to him and he took them to his nose and mouth as he breathed in my scent. I felt so turned on watched this intimate touching and exploring of my panties. I wished he was licking my pussy as I sat on his face.

“Whose turn is it to deal?” He asked as I sat back down. “It is my turn. What do you want to play for now? My stockings?” I asked curiously.

“I rather like you in stockings. I think we should play for wishes.” He said changing up the game as we were both practically naked.

“What is your wish?” I asked as I shuffled the cards giving him a curious look.

“I want you to straddle me while I play with your divine tits for 5 minutes. No stopping. No interruptions. If you win I will give you $100,000.” He offered. “Actually I don’t want to play for money.” I said taking him by surprise. “If I win I want to sit on your face until I cream my pussy all over your face.” I said as I paused momentarily before adding, “No stopping. No objections. Not even if you cannot breathe.”

He had a dirty smile on his face as he enjoyed my request. “I think we should get this game started. I think I will enjoy losing.” It made me giggle in a schoolgirl type of way that he was excited to be between my legs.

I handed him his first card which was a face card and mine was an 8. The second card he picked up was a 9 and he was strongly placed to win. My next card was a 6 and he decided to stick to what he had. I picked another card and I really needed a 6 or a 7. I turned it over and it was a face card. I cursed my luck as the cards were not falling for me.

I went over to him without prompting and straddled him letting his hard cock rest against the outside of my pussy. It was such a lewd position and a sudden movement could cause him to enter me and rip apart my womanhood.

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