Fun With The Twins

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The following story is true. I changed the names fo obvious reasons!

I once attended a wedding in a neighboring town with Allison, my steady 19 year old girlfriend of 9 months and her family. We stayed with friends out on a farm. The wedding went quite well, especially the reception. Afterwards we went back to the farm, where I bunked on a mattress in the lounge as our host was hosting quite a few wedding guests and the place was a bit crowded. Of course, with Allison’s parents in the house, there was absolutely no chance of us sharing a room!

The next morning when I woke up, the place was pretty much deserted, except for Allison and her twin sister, Bonnie. The rest of the clan had gone into town to go and clean up the hall where the reception had been.

A short while later, Allison and Bonnie entered the lounge, still in their nighties (which were somewhat skimpy as it was midsummer) and started making small talk.

“Good morning, Sleepyhead!” Allison said.

“Morning, you two sexy things!” I replied. I was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. Allison came and lay next to me on the mattress, while Bonnie sat on the couch. I was lying on my stomach and Allison started to lightly rake my back with her fingernails, something she knew drove me nuts! I was just beginning to enjoy it and had developed quite a hard-on, when Allison abruptly stopped.

“Enough spoiling for one day! I’m going to fix us something for breakfast.” she said.

“Oh, come on! Breakfast can wait! Who’s going to scratch my back if you go?” I replied, thinking more with my hard-on than my brain.

“Forget it, buster! I’m off to the kitchen. You’ll have to see if you can talk Bonnie into it” she said as she got up and disappeared into the kitchen.

I looked at Bonnie who sat with her feet close to my head. I tugged on her big toe and said “Ok, Bonnie, it looks like you’re the lucky prize winner!”

“Dream on!” she said, pulling her toe free from my hand. In the process she lifted her knee, giving me a quick peek at her panty covered crotch. This got the hormones raging all over again and I could feel my hard-on straining against my shorts under the blanket.

“Oh, please, pretty please?” I pleaded.

“Well… Ok then, but only for a few minutes, right?”, she agreed and slipped under the sheets next to me. She started to lightly rake my back with her fingernails as Allison did, while I was lying on my stomach. She was lying on her side next to me. I was lying on my raging hard-on and shifted position to be more comfortable. In doing so, my hand accidentally landed on Bonnie’s inner thigh. I left it there and waited for reaction. There was none, so I left it there and after a while I gently started stroking şirinevler escort her thigh, while she continued the back treatment. Still no objection. We were both covered by the sheet from the waist down and my hand was under the sheet.

After a while, I turned on my back and asked Bonnie to do my stomach. She had no problem with that. While she raked my stomach, I placed my hand on her butt, which was now covered only by her panties as her nighties had ridden up. I lightly stroked the cheek of her butt and then realized that her hand was moving closer and closer to my boxer shorts. My dick was so hard by then, that it pushed against the elastic at the top of my shorts. Her hand moved lower and lower until it eventually touched the top of my shorts. On the downward stroke of her raking hand, she let her fingers slide ever so slightly under the elastic of my shorts and then moved up again. Inevitably, on one downward stroke, she touched the bulging head of my hard-on, which was straining against the elastic of my shorts!

“Ooh! And what have we here?!” she quipped.

“Be my guest and find out!” I boldly replied.

At that she slipped her hand into my shorts, gripped my hard-on in her hand and started to give me a hand job. I was beside myself! And what made it even more exciting and naughty, was the possibility that Allison, my girlfriend, could walk in on us at any moment! All the action was taking place under the sheet and I turned on my side, facing Bonnie, as this would give her better access to my dick and would look less conspicuous should Allison walk in on us.

I moved my hand up from her thigh, over her panties and under her nighties, gently fondling her firm breast. She started breathing more heavily, and popped my dick out of my boxers, while gently stroking it. I tugged on her nipple and gently rolled it between my fingers. This seemed to drive her wild, as her pumping on my dick increased into quite a frenzy. I knew I was going to come soon if she continued like that, and had to let go of her boob to slow down her action on my dick. I was now slowly stroking my dick with my hand over her hand. She got the picture and slowed down to a nice rhythmic action.

I then let go of her hand and placed my hand on her inner thigh. At this she slightly parted her legs, which I took as an invitation to go further. I then moved my hand onto her panty covered crotch and started stroking her pussy through her panties, which got pretty soaked in the process! She was sopping wet! I then moved my hand inside the top of her panties and stroked her neatly trimmed bush, moving my hand further down until it reached the slippery wet folds of her pussy. Again the tempo of her şişli escort hand increased on my dick and I had to slow her down again with my other hand. I parted her pussy lips and slid my middle finger up and down her sopping wet slit, stroking her clit in the process. Her hips started rocking in time with my hand and I slipped my middle finger deep into her pussy. To this she let out a stifled moan and I slipped in another finger. I finger fucked her for a while, while listening to Allison fiddling in the kitchen. This was so naughty!

Then I leaned over to Bonnie and started nibbling on her earlobe. “Take it in your mouth”, I whispered into her ear.

“Have you lost your mind?!” she hissed. “I could never do that to my twin sister! And besides, what do I say if she walks in on us like that?”

This was like ice water on the whole issue and she let go of my dick and turned away from me. I snuggled up to her from behind, consoling her and trying to at least salvage something out of this seemingly hopeless situation. My dick was still hard as a rock and I wasn’t going to give up now! There was no way I was going to let her come to her senses! You know what they say – a stiff cock has no conscience!

I put my arm around her, gently closing my hand over her breast, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Her breathing started to pick up and I knew that all was not lost! I moved my hand down over her panty clad butt and started fondling her pussy again through her panties. She did not object and after a while I pulled her panties to one side, exposing her ripe juicy pussy. From behind, I parted her pussy lips once again and stroked her clit. She started squirming to my touch and I proceeded to finger fuck her. I moved closer to her until my still hard cock poked her butt. She jumped a little at this unexpected touch, but soon settled down.

I moved closer, pushing my dick down between her legs, so that the head rested on her naked, wet pussy, which was still getting furiously finger fucked. I gently started to hump her from behind, which caused the head of my dick to ride up and down her drenched slit, but not entering her. We were of course still covered by the blanket from the waist down.

“This is so wrong!” she whispered. “We should not be doing this. How am I ever going to face Allison again…?”

She made no attempt to move away from me, however. On the contrary, her hips started rocking in time with mine and while fingering her with two fingers, I took my dick in the same hand, rubbing the head against the hole I was fingering, oiling it up with her juices. She pushed back at me and I took my fingers out of her pussy and gently started humping at her hole. I taksim escort could feel the head of my dick slowly parting her slippery folds and nestling at the entrance of her pussy. I continued humping until I could feel my dick disappearing into the soft, warm wetness of her juicy pussy until my balls were pressing against her clit. I was inside her all the way! I slowly started fucking her, while she was humping back at me, meeting every stroke with increasing vigor!

I knew I could not come inside her as she wasn’t using any contraceptives, and the last thing I needed was to get my girlfriend’s twin sister pregnant! I now had my arms around her, fondling both her tits while riding her furiously from behind. Then her thighs started to tremble and I knew she was going to come! I fucked her furiously, while covering her mouth with my right hand to stifle her moans as she started to shudder in the throes of orgasm. I waited for her to subside and then proceeded to fuck her more slowly as my balls were ready to explode, and I could not come inside her and I could not come outside of her, as that would make a mess that surely would not go unnoticed!. It was a catch 22! I did not want to take my dick out of her pussy, so I fucked her slowly while furiously fighting my approaching climax!

“Breakfast’s ready!” Allison announced as she entered the lounge. There I was, lying under the covers, behind her sister’s back with my dick buried inside her pussy! Speak of compromising positions!

“And what is going on here with you two lovebirds?” she suspiciously enquired.

I gently slipped my dick out of Bonnie’s pussy and back into my shorts.

“Just trying to talk Bonnie here into some more back scratching.” I explained. “She won’t have any more of it, but now that you’re here, surely you won’t mind taking over, would you?”

“Sorry, luv. It’ll have to wait. Breakfast’s getting cold!” I could tell that she had no idea what was happening under those covers as she entered the room!

Bonnie straightened out her panties under the covers, hopped out of bed and disappeared towards the bathroom. “I’m going to have a quick shower”, she said.

I pulled Allison down next to me and kissed her lightly. “I’d much rather have you for breakfast…” I whispered into her ear.

Then I slipped my hand inside her panties. “Have you lost your mind?!” she freaked. “What if Bonnie walks in on us?!” Then she heard the shower going, and became more accommodating. I pulled her panties to one side, as with Bonnie, and got on top of her. I did not bother much with foreplay as my dick was still hard. I pushed it all the way into her pussy and fucked her fast and furiously! Within seconds I shot my load up her pussy (she was on the pill), then I pulled my dick out of her pussy, kissed her deeply and we went to have breakfast together. Needless to say, Bonnie did not join us. Call me a pig if you like, but to this day I have never felt guilty nor have I had any regrets!

And to this day Allison is none the wiser…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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