Fun on the Subway

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For Women

We meet up at the Kennedy subway station with your e-reader loaded with erotica and 60 stops on a return trip to Kipling and back. The purpose of this subway trip is not to get anywhere, but to simply enjoy the ride.

We head to the far end of one car, sitting with our backs to the end, we can see the entire car ahead of us and no one will be peaking over our shoulders.

You are dressed in halter top and a modest skirt. I am in large swim trunks that open easily. I made sure you left your panties back in the car.

You open the reader and load a short story. You lean your head on my shoulder and we begin reading. The story starts with a young girl who is babysitting waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. The author describes in wonderful detail how horny she is and how she lies on the bed playing with herself and bringing herself to orgasm while she waits. The chapter ends with the doorbell ringing. You friskily look at me and move your hand my crotch. You find me reasonably aroused and say ‘I thought you probably enjoyed that, but this story had better get some cock in it soon’.

‘Pretty sure it just rang the doorbell’ I say.

The next chapter is naturally about the boyfriend’s arrival and the babysitter attacking him as he comes in the door. He has barely had time to remove his shoes before she has his cock in her mouth and is devouring him. ‘Whoa.’ he says ‘whatever happened to Hello and a little kiss?’

‘Later,’ she replies ‘right now I just need to taste this, it has been too long’.

I feel you squirming a little against me. ‘Is that better’? I ask. You just smile and return to the story. Before the chapter ends he has blown a load down her throat while bringing her off again with his fingers deep inside her.

As we finish this chapter we notice the train is getting busier but more interestingly a young couple has boarded who are very attractive and very, very friendly. They are kissing right in the middle of the train and his hand is mecidiyeköy escort a little lower than it probably should be on her back. She is wearing a skirt her mother would not approve of, and he is in running shorts. ‘This might get better than the story pretty soon’ I say.

You just roll your eyes, ‘Focus Ken’.

We read another couple of chapters as we roll through the downtown core. After a few more stops the train is thinning out, but our amorous couple is still there. They have moved a little farther down the train but are still in the same car.

Without anyone in the immediate vicinity I am able to slide a hand high up your thigh. I am a little surprised when you don’t stop me, but when I arrive at my goal and feel how wet you are I understand. I rub my finger up and down your wet lips and feel your hand return to my now fully hardened cock. You squeeze tightly and let out a little whimper as I find your clit. The train comes to a stop again and you let go of me and you push my hand away. You kiss my neck and say ‘the train is almost empty. Just wait.’

The next few chapters of the book involve the lovely babysitter’s girlfriend arriving with her own boyfriend and we are entertained by the obligatory lesbian scene. However after each girl is finished this time they end up being roughly fucked by the other’s boyfriend. Both guys finish together spraying their cum on the girls’ spent bodies.

Finally with only two stops left to our half way point, we are alone in our car except for the other couple at the far end. He has now lifted her skirt up (apparently you aren’t the only one going commando for this trip) and is feeling her ass and pussy freely. When they turn slightly we see that her hand is completely down his shorts as well. They certainly are paying no attention to us at all. You look at me and say ‘Well I guess now is as good a time as ever, pull your shorts down.’ As I do you stand, flip your skirt nişantaşı escort up, and straddle me. Your pussy lands right on my cock.

You are still as wet as before and despite your incredible tightness, I slip in easily. You lean forward to kiss me and begin humping your hips back and forth on me. I can feel the head of my cock grinding far up inside you. I reach up inside your top to find your hard nipples. You moan louder. Far more quickly than usual you lean in to me and whisper in my ear that you are cumming and I fell you get impossibly tighter around me. You bury your face in my neck as you ride through your climax. As I feel you begin to come down I take control. I grab your hips and start lifting you up and down while I begin thrusting into you. It doesn’t take long before I am headed over the edge.

‘Hang on, please hang on, wait for me’ you beg.

I slow a little and reach my hand down between us to rub your clit. This does the trick, and you start moaning again. I pick up the pace and last only a few more strokes before we cum just seconds apart.

We are just arriving at Kipling and thankfully no one gets on for the beginning of the return trip. However, the other couple is now only about 15 feet away and smiling at us. At some point they stopped their own playing to enjoy our show.

As we straighten up the girl asks if we do this often. ‘No, first time I reply. You?’

She says ‘Not often, but we have done it before’.

As they sit down opposite us, she says ‘Hope it isn’t a busy trip on the way back, maybe we can have some fun together?’ She spreads her legs a little, touches her pussy and smiles.

You totally shock me by spreading your own legs, touching your pussy and saying ‘Maybe’.

As the empty train begins moving he pulls her top up and begins sucking her lovely breasts. You look at me with a look that says ‘What are you waiting for’. So I push up your top and begin playing otele gelen escort and sucking your lovely titties. At the first stop we pause and are glad no one gets on.

She looks up at you and asks ‘Switch?’

‘Sure’ you reply.

You two change seats and him and I return to explore a brand new pair of titties. It doesn’t take long before we also have our hands up your skirts. Unfortunately the train soon starts to fill and we need to curb our appetites.

We continue chatting without you returning to your original seats. The other girl turns to me and says ‘You know, most people don’t mind when people kiss on the subway’ and she leans over to kiss me. Not to be out done, you naturally start to kiss him. Before long him and I are at full attention again and you have each become brave enough to begin rubbing and squeezing us. We are so entranced in our little fun that we barely notice that we are already through downtown and the train is thinning out.

‘Coast is almost clear, how do you want to do this?’ I ask. In response you yank on his shorts and bend your head over to suck on him in. ‘Guess that answers that’ the other girl says and copies you. ‘I have an idea’, I say, ‘stand up and bend over girls’. As you stand I position you in front of the cock you were just sucking, but now your pussy is available for me to play with. She quickly copies this and returns to my cock while he plays with her.

With only 1 stop to go you both pick up the pace, there appears to be a bit of a competition developing. We each have two fingers inside of you and you are both squealing away with your mouths full of cock. Suddenly he erupts in with a huge groan and fills your mouth. You straighten up and smile, your mouth still full of his jism. ‘I win’ you manage to gurgle. You reach over to play with my nipples and say ‘Come on give her your prize’. With that I lean back and fill her mouth.

You two stand in front of each other as the train is slowing to the final stop. I look up ‘Please, please, please, kiss each other’ I beg. You both smile and move together. You kiss each other passionately, swapping our cum back and forth into each other’s mouths. When some drips down your chins you lick it back up. As the train comes to a stop you each swallow and look back at us. ‘Enjoy that?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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