Fun at Work Pt. 01

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Big Tits

When my new intern showed up at work, she looked so innocent. A petite, tight body, with small breasts and a pair of jeans that looked painted on. Her dirty blonde hair drawn back into a ponytail and the fact that she still had braces completed the look of innocence. It wasn’t long before my assumption about her was dispelled. Maddy was her name.

At first, as with all new employees, she was a little shy. As she settled into work, I noticed that she gained confidence and was rather a little flirt. The cheeky little looks, the light touches on the arm, even the way she stood with her ass prominent in her often tight pants. It was hard not to notice how sexy her body was when she was sitting or standing next to me – in particular when she was bent over my desk looking at something on my screen. I could swear that she was doing it on purpose just to tease me.

After a few weeks of work, an opportunity to see her in a more social environment arose as we were going out as a work group to have a few drinks. Over the last week or so, Maddy’s flirtations had become more and more obvious – pressing closer against me, a few dirty jokes, culminating in her jokingly sitting on my knee as she ‘had enough of standing while looking at my computer’.

* * * *

Her skintight dress almost made my pants pop open as she walked through the door of the bar. Almost every guy’s head turned for a glimpse of her as she sashayed her way over to join our group. Her strapless black dress hugged her body, with a slight drop between her breasts, and the bottom of the dress finished halfway down her thighs. As she turned to say hello to another workmate she leaned up on her tiptoes to hug them hello, and her tight ass was presented to me in her small dress. As she turned to say hello to me to she smiled brightly before giving me a hug. As she leaned forward to hug me she gave me a peck on the cheek and subtly shifted her body until it was pressed against me. I felt her body grind softly against me before she pulled away, grinning cheekily at me.

The drinks started flowing and the group got more and more tipsy, as well as slowly dwindling as people starting drifting away. Maddy wandered around the group chatting to everyone, but I couldn’t help but notice that when she was talking to me she was a lot closer to me and spent longer talking to me. As the night dragged on, the flirting between us became more obvious and touchy feely – it helped that the music was quite loud and every time she talked to me, she leaned close to speak into my ear.

‘Buy me a shot?’ I heard a voice in my ear, I could feel the hot breath on my skin.

I turned to see Maddy smiling at me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bar, leaving the remaining small group of workmates to chat amongst themselves. We ordered two shots and downed them, before ordering another two and smashing them back as well.

‘Mmm. Now I’ve got a good buzz on! Thanks Ben!’ Maddy said. Turning to me she kissed me, pressing her lips against mine softly. Pulling away, she smiled at me, ‘Just have to nip to the little girls room.’

I watched her ass as she walked away, and she knew it, turning back to wink at me just before she walked around the corner. I shook my head to clear it before making my way back to the rest of the group. After a few minutes of chatting to the others, the drinks caught up with me and it was my turn to head to the men’s room. After sorting myself out I walked back into the corridor and bumped into Maddy as she came out of another door. I caught her as I almost knocked her off her high heels. My arms were around her waist as I held her up and pulled her close to me. As she looked at me, and I her, she quickly grabbed my hand and dragged me back into the bathroom she had just come out of.

Luckily, the bar was the type that had individual rooms for the bathrooms, and were unisex. It was like having a private rooms, albeit with a toilet and sink inside. I noticed that Maddy was looking a little flushed and her breathing was a bit heavier than normal, whilst her hair was also slightly messier. As I twisted the lock shut, I turned and was almost bowled over by Maddy throwing herself at me.

She pressed her lips against mine with passion, her tongue snaking into my mouth and playing with my tongue. She moaned into my mouth as I grabbed her ass and pulled her petite body against me. She was shorter than me, even with heels on, and I could feel my cock hardening against the top of her mound as her body ground against mine. She kissed me deeply and I gasped as her hand rubbed against my hardening dick.

‘Oh fuck I’ve wanted this literally since the day I met you!’ Maddy moaned as she broke the kiss.

She leaned in to kiss me again – this time less passionately and more sexy. She continued to rub my cock through my pants. I was rock hard now – having a semi hard on for most of the night due to her flirtations helped as well. I responded in kind, sliding my hands up her skirt onto her sexy bare ass. I slid istanbul rus escort higher expecting to find her underwear waistband. When I got way up past her waist she giggled and pressed against me before whispering, ‘no panties on tonight.’

Her hand pulled my fly down before sliding inside my pants and rubbing my cock through my boxers. As her skirt was already rucked up to her waist, I thought I’d take the opportunity to get her as turned on as I was. I slid my fingers across her smooth mound – freshly waxed by the feel of it – she spread her legs a little wider as my fingers moved towards her pussy. I slid my fingers softly over her slit, only to find that she was already dripping wet. I pressed the tip of my finger between her slippery pussy lips and softly brushed over her slick clit. She moaned against my mouth and I could feel her body shake.

She pressed harder against me and I dipped my finger into her sopping wet pussy. She moaned louder as I pressed my finger deeper into her, and she starting pressing her cunt harder down onto my finger. I curled the tip of my finger up and stroked her velvety inside wall, pressing against her g spot. She broke the kiss and pressed close against me, gasping and whimpering softly into my ear. After only a couple of strokes, she moaned my name as her body shuddered and her pussy gushed over my finger and wet my hand.

‘Shit you must have been so horny to cum that fast!’ I whispered to her.

She bit her lip sexily, ‘Oh God I was! Why do you think I’ve been in here so long? That was my third orgasm since I left you at the bar!’ I felt my cock throb at that, and Maddy smiled naughtily as she felt it twitch under her fingers.

‘You like that Ben?’ Maddy whispered as she slipped her hand into my boxers and stroked my bare cock. ‘Do you like thinking about me being a naughty little slut? Finger fucking my tight little cunt until I squirt for you? Like I’ve done every day since I started working with you…imagining my tight pussy getting pounded by you.’

I was shocked at how her innocent demeanour disappeared so quickly, but God it got me so fucking hard. In one fluid movement she slid my cock out from my fly, my throbbing shaft enveloped by her petite hand. She stroked my cock expertly, before she leaned close and moaned in my ear, ‘I want your cum so fucking bad…please cum in my mouth.’

She dropped to her knees and began to suck my cock in earnest. Her small mouth was stretched to fit my fat cock head inside. Fuck it felt good. Her mouth was so hot and wet as she tried to take more of my thick cock into her, her tongue on my shaft as she sucked me until the tip of my cock hit her throat. I was in heaven, and as she felt my cock hit her throat she slowly let it slide out of her mouth, running her tongue around my cock head as she pulled away slightly.

She smiled up at me before pulling down the top of her dress and exposing her sexy, petite tits. No bra, no panties – I had completely underestimated her. Her breasts were small, but perfect, and matched her small body perfectly. The most luscious stiff pink nipples were framed by a puckered areola as her breasts were exposed to the air and her arousal was revealed. She then reached down between her legs with one of her hands and moaned as she began to rub her pussy again.

The build-up throughout the day, as well as our fun in the bathroom had combined to bring me close to a hot cum. Maddy was such a hot little slut and her mouth was magic on my rock hard dick. Her tongue swirling on my shaft, as her hand stroked the base of my shaft and caressed my aching balls. The humming sound she made as she moaned on my cock made vibrations along my shaft…teasing me. I could feel my hot cum boiling in my balls, desperate to be released.

‘Fuck me your cock is even better than I imagined! God I bet you cum a lot! Give it to me Ben! Cum in my hot mouth! Shoot it in my throat! Oh God please!!’ Maddy moaned like the naughty girl she had turned into, frantically rubbing her clit.

As I looked down at her sexy mouth sucking on my cock, her tight dress bunched around her waist, I knew that I was going to explode for her. Her eyes looked up at me, and I could see she was desperate for my hot cum to fill her mouth. I couldn’t hold back anymore, and I could feel the pleasure in my balls as my hot cum rocketed along my shaft, before shooting from the tip into Maddy’s waiting mouth.

She pulled my cock deep into her mouth as she felt my cock engorge ready to explode. My legs shook as my cock throbbed on her tongue, pumping shot after shot of hot cum into her waiting throat. I saw her eyes glaze over in pleasure as her body trembled with another orgasm as my cum filled her mouth. She pulled away as my cock slowly stopped throbbing, but she missed the final spurt of cum as it hit her just above her right breast.

I collapsed back against the wall, my legs weak, as Maddy moaned softly. I could see a wet mess on the floor where she had kadıköy escort squirted her hot pussy juice in pleasure at feeling my hot cum shoot into her mouth. She smiled naughtily at me, ‘Holy shit that was a hot fucking load! So much cum!’ She stood up, pulling her top up to cover her tits, and then wiggling her dress down to cover her ass and pussy.

‘You are taking me back to yours right now to fuck the hell out of my tight little cunt!’ Maddy demanded, ‘I need your cock to fuck me so hard and deep Ben! I’m fucking desperate for it! Ready?’ She paused by the door to unlock it.

She tossed me a sexy smile, ‘In case you haven’t guessed – I’m pretty much a nymphomaniac!!’ She unlocked the door and led the way out. Who could turn down an offer like that?

* * * *

The taxi ride was over quickly, but it felt longer due to Maddy spending the whole trip teasing my cock through my pants and rubbing her horny pussy. We barely made it through the door into the entrance hall before Maddy kicked off her heels, turned around and jumped up on me, wrapping her legs around my waist. She kissed me hard, pressing her tight body against me, her skirt riding up around her hips and exposing her sexy cunt.

We broke the kiss long enough for me to fumble my shoes off and to carry her down the hall to my room, and toss her playfully on the bed. Quick as a flash she peeled her dress up over her head and tossed it on the floor next to the bed, leaving her on my bed in all of her naked glory. She spread her legs, exposing her smooth, glistening wet pussy between her lithe thighs.

Her small breasts stood out proudly on her chest, and her small pink nipples were already rock hard. She slowly ran her fingers over her breasts, and flitted across her stomach and teased her upper thighs and pussy mound.

‘So are you just gonna stand there and stare at me? Or are you gonna get over here and fuck me with that thick cock?’ Maddy said with a devilish grin.

I took my shirt off and then quickly stripped off my pants and socks. Standing there in just my underwear, the bulge from my hard cock was obvious, and Maddy started softly stroking her clit as she watched my groin. I slowly pulled my underwear down, exposing my hard cock.

I moved towards the bed as Maddy started moaning from stroking herself. I knelt between her legs, with my cock bobbing slightly, almost as if it was excited. I held my cock in my hand and pressed against the heat of Maddys slippery pussy lips, moving her fingers softly out of the way. I rubbed the top of my cock head up and down her slick cunt, teasing it around her clit, and hearing her gasp as I teased her horny tight pussy.

‘Stop fucking teasing me Ben! Fuck my horny pussy right now!!’ Maddy gasped.

I finally relented, pressing my thick cock head against her hot pussy lips. She was so tight, even with her being so wet, that it was tough for my cock to get inside her. I could feel her tight slick pussy lips slowly spreading open over my cock head as I pressed against her. Maddy was gasping as she felt her cunt opening up around my throbbing, thick cock. I pressed harder against her, slowly sliding my cock into her, before my cock head finally popped inside her, causing her to moan loudly.

‘Oh god!! Oh fuck! Shit, Ben!! Your cock feels so fucking good! It’s so thick inside me!’ Maddy moaned as she arched her back in pleasure.

‘God your pussy is so tight and hot Maddy!’ I replied, holding my cock inside her so she could get used to the thickness.

‘Fuck me Ben! Fuck me and make this naughty slut cum for you!’ she moaned.

I slid the full length of my cock into her slippery pussy, feeling her walls grip along the length of my cock. She screamed in pleasure as my cock bottomed out in her tight wet cunt – her body shaking and her hands clawing at my back. I slowly slid out of her until just my cock head was inside her, before I drove my cock back inside her.

I could feel her pussy muscles rippling along the length of my shaft as I fucked her. Her pussy was getting slicker and wetter as her horny pussy kept producing more and more lubrication for my thick cock. She was begging me to fuck her harder and deeper and I was happy to oblige, driving my throbbing cock into her over and over.

‘Fuck! Oh my fucking god! Your cock feels so good! Shit, Ben!’ Maddy moaned loudly, ‘I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck I’m gonna cum all over your cock!’

She screamed in pleasure as her whole body shook violently, one of her hands grabbing my ass, and the other clawing at her sensitive nipples. I felt her pussy grip tight on my cock, and a gush of pussy juices all over my cock. Even more pressure on my cock forced me out of her tight cunt as she exploded in a huge orgasm. She screamed my name as she arched her back and came hard, her pussy squirting juice hard into the air. Some hit my cock and stomach, while some arced up and splashed on her own pussy and stomach.

‘Oh fuck Ben! I know I can squirt but I’ve kartal escort never cum as hard as that before!! Oh g—’, she moaned.

I cut her off mid-sentence by sliding my cock into her again and making her scream in pleasure. My cock was throbbing after watching her squirt hard and I knew that it wouldn’t take me long to get to the point of no return. As I felt her tight pussy grip onto my cock shaft again, I could almost feel it milking the cum from me. I felt the familiar feeling in my balls indicating that I was getting close.

I felt her pussy clench and gush juices all over me again, as she screamed my name and raked her nails across my back. That put me over the edge and I could feel my cock swell and throb as I prepared to release my load. I pulled out of her slick cunt and stroked my cock shaft with one hand, aiming it down at her sexy body. My cum exploded from the tip of my cock, spraying the length of her body and hitting her face, followed by the next two shots. After that the power diminished and next three cumshots hit her on her tits, before I finished off the last of my cum on her stomach and sexy smooth cunt.

‘Holy fucking shit Ben! You came so fucking hard! God I love your cum all over me!’ Maddy moaned as she stretched out on the bed in pleasure, my hot cum load splattered up her body.

‘Jesus Christ that was fucking incredible Maddy! Your pussy is so fucking tight and hot!’ I said to her as I collapsed on the bed next to her.

She giggled as she put her arm across my chest and buried her face into my neck. ‘I hope you don’t think that I’m done for the night!’ she whispered into my ear, before softly biting my neck playfully.

After catching our breath for a few minutes, I could feel my cock stirring again – Maddy’s lithe body pressed softly against me. Her hand was stroking softly on my chest, as I ran my fingers lightly up and down her side. My arm was around her as she lay against me, and I started stroking her side further down her body towards her sexy ass. I could feel her body trembling lightly as my fingers started roaming up and down her body and stroking across her ass. Her breathing started to get shallower and she was drawing quick breaths now and then.

I roller her over onto her back, and with one arm I lifted her up and lay her up on the bed with her head on the pillows. I leaned down to breath softly on her nipples, seeing them stiffen even more as I teased her. She moaned softly as I began to softly flick the tip of my tongue over her stiff nipples, alternating between her breasts to please them both. Her nipples were very sensitive and she was moaning and gasping in pleasure as her body shook.

I began to kiss my way down her body, planting soft kisses on her stomach as I worked down towards her smooth mound. I kissed softly on her inner thighs, and across the top of her pussy, pausing only to blow softly on her glistening clit. This teasing causing her to gasp in pleasure and arch her back.

She couldn’t take much more, and grabbed the back of my head pushing my tongue into her hot, dripping pussy. ‘Oh fuck Ben, please lick my pussy! I’m desperate for your tongue…make my horny cunt cum on your face! Oh God please!’ Maddy moaned.

I softly flicked my tongue over her stiff clit, as she moaned my name and her legs trembled violently. I felt her pussy get wetter as a flood of her hot juices gushed over my chin as a mini orgasm struck her. I dipped the tip of my tongue into her soaking wet pussy, tasting her sweet juices, before diving back onto her clit and making her scream in pleasure. I looked up to see her playing with her rock hard nipples as I tongue fucked her tight wet pussy.

‘Oh my god…oh my fucking god Ben! Holy shit your tongue feels so good! I wanna squirt all over your face so fucking badly!’ she moaned as I could feel her body start to shake in pleasure.

I started swirling my tongue around her hot clit, dipping down to her hot wet pussy to taste her juices and to keep her clit hot and slippery. She started moaning louder and louder, and I could feel her legs trembling as she built closer and closer to orgasm. I drew my tongue up her pussy and over her clit in long, slow strokes – tasting every inch of her tight smooth cunt.

I paused and looked up at her. ‘I want you to squirt on my face Maddy.’ I said softly to her.

‘Oh fuck! Oh fuck Ben I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!’ she moaned in reply.

After a few more licks, I knew she was at the point of no return and so I pressed my tongue against her soft clit and swiftly circled it. She screamed my name and arched her back as she finally tipped over the edge, her body trembling violently with pleasure. Her smooth, soaking wet pussy started squirting hot juices all over my chin and face as she released. Within seconds my face was drenched as her hot tight pussy continued to gush juices all over me while Maddy moaned incoherently.

Her legs squeezed tightly against my head as I could feel her thighs trembling and contracting in pleasure. As her gushing pussy finally started to slow down, her body relaxed into having only small tremors, and my head was finally released from the vice-like grip of her thighs. As she finally collapsed back on the bed with contented sigh, I looked up at her and smiled as she brushed her hair out of her eyes.

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