Fun as a Babysitter

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Double Penetration

I was eighteen, and it wasn’t my first time, but I wasn’t very experienced. Let me back up, I was called by a Eli, someone who I had babysat for before when he went out. He and his wife had divorced several years before and he shared custody of his kids with his ex. He’d had plans for that weekend when his ex had been called out of town for a funeral, and didn’t want to subject the kids to such a solemn occasion. He agreed and took the kiddos for the weekend, and then made arrangements for me to watch the kids for the night while he went out on his date.

Well, we got back to his place and he got a call from his date who cancelled. The kids were all right with that, and he told me that he’d pay me for my time, and give me a ride to church in the morning where I’d go home with my Mom. We talked at the kitchen table while the kids watched cartoons in front of the television. I grinned as I talked about my ex-boyfriend. He’d been my first, trouble was, I’d been his first too, so he got more pleasure out of it than I did. Eli laughed and talked about his first time when he was a sailor boy. The Philipines sounded like an exciting place for a sailor man. Eight-thirty rolled around and I wrestled the kids into bath and bed.

I fatih escort had grabbed my bag before going into the bathroom, so, I stripped out of my clothes and relaxed into the shower. Secretly, I fantasized about Eli, he had experience that my ex didn’t have, and thought he could teach me a few things. I dried off and slipped on my night shirt, I also neglected any underclothing. I grinned as I went down the hall and slipped into the king sized bed I would share with him that night. We’d done this before, and nothing had happened, so I knew it could be a quiet night as well.

Later, half asleep, I felt him slip into bed beside me. I lay on my left side facing away from him. I forced myself to remain relaxed as he rolled onto his side facing my back. Soon, I felt his hand on my hip. He slid it down and under my shirt, “No underwear, naughty girl.” He got close enough that he was pressing himself up against me. I realized with a grin that he wore even less than I did. He pressed his face into my neck as his fingers ran up and caressed my pubic bone, running through the hair covering it. “Spread your legs,” he whispered. My left leg lifted and he propped it up on his leg. We managed fındıkzade escort all this under the covers, in case the kids got up and needed something.

I sighed as his fingers touched my clit. I had been told that an orgasm started there for a woman, but my previous lover had been so inept that I had faked one. This time was different. He took his time. His fingers closed around my jewel as he started to move it. I moaned as he slowly moved it around, shaking back and forth. I threw my left arm behind him and down his back as my hips started moving with his fingers. He captured my mouth for a full throated kiss as I accomplished this maneuver. His tongue thrust into my mouth and played with mine. He moved over so I would roll over onto my back. I gasped as he increased his attack on my clit. When I finally came, I was in heaven. I had never felt anything so incredible in my life.

He grinned at me, “Take off your shirt. Only fair, I’m not wearing anything.” I pulled off my nightshirt and looked over at him. His soldier was at attention.

“I’m not comfortable at blow jobs, yet,” I said shyly.

He looked at me, “Ride me.” It was all he said, and it was all I needed. halkalı escort I got up and straddled him, lowering myself onto his cock. Five inches long and impressive in girth, I took him slowly, savoring every inch. I was surprised when I found myself sitting on him, staring in his eyes. He quivered inside me and I smiled. He reached up and played with my 46 DDD’s. I leaned forward and lifted up my hips and brought them down. His hips came up and to meet his downward stroke as our bodies became one. I moved around, changing angles. Suddenly, it felt different, better. I closed my eyes and rode the waves. My ex had been on top, and didn’t even consider changing anything. He also decided that I would give him a blow job, but he wouldn’t reciprocate. Eli was considerate and undemanding. I could feel myself building up to a climax and just let go. I collapsed on top of him and he wrapped his arms around me.

My breathing calmed down and I looked up at him, he was still hard inside me. We rolled over so he was on top and he looked down at me with a grin, “I’m suddenly glad that my date cancelled!” I reached up and patted his cheek as he started thrusting into my pussy. I was lost yet again as he knew the best angle to give me pleasure. This time, we came together as I seized up around his cock. This time he collapsed atop me. We rolled again as he landed on his back and I snuggled up next to him. “So, how do I compare?” he asked teasingly.

“No comparison,” I replied with a yawn. “You’re a king, he was a little boy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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