From Midnight Till 3

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They had panned this overnighter for quite a while. It was a chance for them both to get away from the stress and unwind at the guest ranch. The Lazy J Guest Ranch had quite a reputation. They had stayed there several times before and knew the hospitality was unmatched. They spoke little as they were lost in their own thoughts about the night to come and how they would enjoy it.

Finally, they reached the turn and began the drive up the narrow dirt road to the ranch house where they would check in. Topping the hill they say the spread: a large ranch house, a group of smaller cabins along the stream, a saloon and a barn all arranged like an old west ranch. Driving slowly up the road the saw one other car there. Out of state tags reminded them how popular this place had become.

Jeff pulled the Jeep up beside the other car and parked. They got out, stretched their legs and stepped up on the porch. A Ranch-hand on horseback called “Hi” to them as he ambled by followed closely by a border collie. They smiled and waved. Jeff held the door for Susan as she stepped inside.

Soon they were greeted warmly by “Lefty”, the owner, and his daughter, the manager, as they were quickly checked in and directed to their cabin beside the creek. Supper would be served at 7PM and they were free to roam about until then.

As they unpacked their bags, Jeff and Susan remembered why they loved the Lazy J. The cabins were decorated in old West style. Their every desire was thoughtfully provided from the full sized washer and dryer to the soft terry robes to the fresh ground coffee. The beds were piled high with hand sewn quilts and the whole room was warmed by a fire in the pot bellied stove.

Already, he was starting to relax. The quiet stream flowing behind the cabins helped to calm his nerves. It was difficult to feel anything but peace in the midst of 5,000 acres of snow covered ranch. They unpacked and wandered around the room. The leather furniture by the stove always appealed to him. The books beside it were an especially nice touch. A wonderful mixture of antique and modern literature compelled him to sit down and read. The strolled out the back deck and watched the river partially iced over. Geese flew by in the setting sun. It was one of those moments that make time stop.

Too soon it passed and they decided to head towards the ranch house for supper. Once inside the great hall they marveled at the decor and the view from the large picture frame windows. Smells of the supper waiting drew them closer to the table. The other couple entered excitedly pointing to the elk heads on the wall and all of the Western artifacts they had overlooked since they had been here so often. They greeted each other warmly exchanging small talk.

Dinner was soon served home style: passing the china dishes around and eating their fill of wonderful breads, potatoes, veggies and prime rib. They talked little and ate a lot but eventually all were full. Lefty, their host came in and announced that the special presentation was ready in the saloon. They all got up and chatted excitedly as they walked out back to the saloon.

The saloon was a wonderful place. A large billiards table filled the center, a bar to the left and leather couches to the right. Lefty bade them to sit on the couches as he announced his surprise. A genuine cowboy poet would regale them with his words of wisdom and comedy. He was the recent winner of the Cowboy Poetry contest for the state of Wyoming. All eyes turned as he walked in. 6’6″ of cowboy in worn Carhart dusters authenticated his credentials. His moustache hung low over his lips and old boots clomped in as he nodded and moved in front of the fire.

Soon the two couples: Jeff and Susan; Bill and Jennie were lost in kadıköy escort the old west tales as only a Cowboy Poet can tell. They laughed they, they cried, and drank more than a little from the plentiful bar as they passed the night. They were entertained like cowboys must have been so many years before.

Too soon the stories ended and they realized they were beginning to get tired. Their host, Lefty, would hear nothing of it. He started up the Jukebox and played guitar with the songs while his daughter taught the “two step”. As it turned out both couples had danced this way before so ther classes were more advanced than usual. They took turns spinning the women into the night laughing, dancing and drinking. Finally, Lefty had enough and stopped the music. Everyone was winded and grinning and more than a little drunk by now. He had done his job quite well.

Lefty explained the rules of the ranch. The bar was open all night. Simply write down what you take and it would be tallied later. Food was available in snack form in the saloon or more plentiful in the other fridge. The hot tub was warmed up and ready to go. The rest of the night was theirs to do as they pleased. With a nod and a wink towards Jeff he left the couples alone.

Jeff and Susan took their cue and wished Bill and Jennie a good night as they staggered into snowy night. They made their way the forty yards or so to their cabin laughing and holding each other up. Susan proclaimed the night a success and kissed Jeff soundly on the lips as a thank you. Their embrace continued longer than usual and was filled with the passion of things to come.

They quickly got ready for bed and each crawled under the pile of comforters to continue their embrace flesh on flesh. Again Jeff kissed his wife will all the passion and feeling of their many years of marriage. She returned his kiss and held him tightly while stroking his back and naked butt. He began to feel himself aroused as he pressed closer to her holding her tightly. Susan turned her head and held him strongly in a loving embrace.

Soon, however, Jeff began to feel her grip loosen and her breath become slower. She had fallen asleep. OK, he admitted, passed out. He smiled at her and extricated himself from her arms. She deserved to sleep but he was no longer tired.

He went into the bathroom and found the robe so thoughtfully provided by Lefty. Beneath it were slippers for the snow. He put these on found his swimming trunks in the drawer. He put them on planning to take them off again if no one was around. He smiled to himself at the thought and slipped out the door. He made a quick detour into the saloon and picked up a bottle of champagne. Carefully logged it on the tab and headed out the door.

Soon he was relaxing in the hot water with jets foaming the water to a white froth. He relaxed, took a quick look around, and slipped off his trunks sitting on them incase he needed them later. It was nearly midnight and no sounds could be heard for miles so he felt pretty secure as he eased back and popped the champagne cork.

At last, he was at peace with himself, fresh snow falling into the hot water and drinking champagne from the bottle. The only think better, he decided would be a cigar, and a woman…

She smiled as she watched him drink his champagne, completely unaware of what she had in store. She snuck up behind him, and gently asked “Mind if I join you?”.

Jeff started at the sound of Jennie’s voice and turned to see her right behind him. He quickly pulled the trunks around in front of him as he smiled and tried to see if he would be exposed. Then he realized she was still waiting for an answer. She laughed at how üsküdar escort awkward he looked trying to cover himself, not sure what to do.

Her laugh was like music, he was stuck by the gentle sound, somehow familiar to him. He coughed and managed to say…”Uuumm sure, there’s plenty of room.” As his mind raced thinking of ways to get the trunks back on. She dropped her robe and climbed in beside him in the tub. He had expected her to be on the other side and was completely lost. Unable to speak he just stared at her she lowered herself into the pool. She was only a foot or so away, she had to be able to see his trunks were off as she looked him up and down smiling that curious smile.

She laughed again at his awkwardness and asked,”Mind if I have a drink?” looking at the bottle of champagne in his hand.

“Not at all” he replied as his mind still tried to sort out this strange turn of events. Then she took the bottle and as he turned he was nearly certain he saw her lower her open mouth on the top exactly as if it were a cock poised for her pleasure. He quickly looked back and she was sipping it as any normal person might.

He realized he was no longer thinking clearly and began to think of ways to extricate himself from this awkward situation when he heard it again, that musical laugh. He looked at her smiling with an odd expression. She knew she could not help herself but let him off the hook, earlier than she had planned.

“Oh, lighten up, Laz, its not the first time I’ve ever seen one.” she said.

At the sound of that name he nearly went into shock as his mind raced to piece together what was happening. Only one conclusion came to mind…

“Brat…” he said as she laughed loudly and nodded.

Dumb with amazement and astonishment bordering on stupefaction, he froze in time. His mind racing to sort the facts and determine what had happened. He knew a person named “brat” from online. How could his love from online be here, now in this tub, in his hometown? How did she find him? How could they have been here at the same time? Was she here with her husband? As he tried to sort it out, she did the only thing she could.

She kissed him, long hard and with a passion so fierce it lit the fires of his soul. How no longer mattered, nor did why, when, what, or who. Only she mattered. Her passion consumed him, empowered him, invigorated him, and made sense out of senselessness. Finally he returned her kiss. Together, they shared a moment neither had ever dreamed would happen.

Tears of joy streamed down her face as she kissed him while his own eyes misted with emotion. They held each other as the long time lovers they were. Kissing and enjoying the moment.

Soon it became apparent that her presence was a strong aphrodisiac as his manhood poked out of the water carrying his swim trunks like a flag. They both looked at it and laughed. Then her gaze became more serious and she touched it for the first time.

Slowly she revealed the prize she had dreamed of. This was why she took such a bold risk. She wanted it now. She helped him scoot over to the rise between the hot tub seats. The full length of it now poked out of the water into the gently falling snow. She stroked it and admired it glistening in the steam and water from the pool. Gently cupping his balls she tried to freeze this image in her mind for eternity. She wanted to remember it forever. He, on the other hand, was already so turned on he was trying to think of something else to keep from exploding already.

Slowly she lowered herself into the hot water until she was in the deep portion of the tub. She was now between his legs with only her head out of the water. He could stand guard and from a distance tuzla escort it looked as if he was the only person in the pool. He looked like he was relaxing, leaning back against the tub, face upwards, looking at the falling snow in the light from the tub.

He was far from relaxed. She slowly lowered her mouth closer and closer as he throbbed in anticipation. When at last her lips touched the tip, he almost jumped at the feeling of pleasure, so intense it felt like electricity. The heat of her mouth made the tub seem cool by comparison and the pleasure welling up inside him, made him realize he would not be winning any awards for staying power. What he did not understand was that this was not a contest of staying power. This was her planned opportunity to drink from his passion deeply and as quickly as possible. She wanted to taste him and swallow his cum more than anything at this moment or any moment before in her life.

Her desire for this was palpable and aroused him from deep within his body. He could feel the buildup from deep within him. Deeper and stronger than he had ever felt before. There was no longer any thought of delaying the result of this buildup. Instead he merely waited for its inevitable result.

Her mouth inched its way down him, engulfing him with its heat as her hands cupped and squeezed his tightening balls. Back up the shaft she went following with her hands stroking him until it popped briefly out of her mouth, the air hitting it with added sensation. Back down she went, sucking hard this time urging the sensations he was feeling to the surface. Her tongue circling the head flicking at the most sensitive spot.

He moaned and felt the flood rise quickly from inside him as she cupped and squeezed his balls to add to the momentum. He began to cum. Moaning he spewed great hot gobs of himself into her mouth, as she gulped hungrily and sucked even harder. He came until he could cum no more and spent himself entirely into her mouth. The release was intense beyond belief for him but she refused to stop.

He had told her once of a story where he had cum twice in succession from a hand job while driving. She was about to find out if it was true. She began to cup his balls and stroke him while sucking and moving her mouth up and down his throbbing shaft. He was unable to move and could not get her to stop. He thrashed a bit and unbelievable the sensations turned to arousal again. He felt himself begin to build deeply within, he knew it was happening.

She sensed the improbable event of him cumming again and quickened her pace. Her hands assisted cupping his balls and stroking his shaft as she continued to suck him harder and faster to her utmost ability.

Her efforts were unnecessary neither of them could have prevented the orgasm that swept over him. His toes first began to curl, then his legs tightened. She felt his balls tighten as he began to throb stronger inside her mouth.

Hot jets of cum filled her mouth at the same instant as he thrashed about. It was all she could do to hold on, keep from drowning in the water and swallow fast enough to keep from drowning in his torrent exploding in her mouth.

When he finished and collapsed on the seat. She looked up and smiled. Holding in a giggle of accomplishment. Twice…she had never done THAT to anyone before. He looked at her finally and said, “brat… No wonder they call you that.” as he grinned.

She could not help giggling with pleasure at her many successes. At his urging she told him the entire tale of her planning to come here, convincing her husband of the location, booking the rooms and then the luck that both of their respective spouses passed out. He asked her what would have happened if that had not been the case. She replied “It was enough to see you in person and talk to you even if we never touched. Of course, I hoped but I would have been happy to just see your face and hear your voice.” He smiled in understanding and helped her on with her robe. Together the walked to the saloon for some more wine and… her turn.

to be continued…

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