Friends with Possible Benefits

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As I parked in my driveway, I sat back and sighed as I glanced at my cell phone.

10:47 p.m.

“Great!” I mumbled sarcastically under my breath as if someone was in the car to over hear it.

After a few moments, I finally found the strength to open my car door and get out.

It had been one of those weeks when work was so demanding that having a 12+ hour day was unavoidable. As an account executive with one of the region’s largest full-service marketing firms, my week is often filled with team and client meetings, writing proposals, and attending networking events in hopes of helping our team find our next big client.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to a night of “Netflix and Chill” only I didn’t have anyone to chill with. Just me, myself and I.

It has been more than a year since my last relationship. Not that I didn’t have plenty of offers. I didn’t consider myself the prettiest girl in the world, but I was far from ugly. I am what many would consider a BBW. I am about 5’2″, chunky, dark skin, naturally long hair, and wear a 44DD bra. I went on a few dates here or there since my break-up, but none of them turned serious.

After jumping in the shower and slipping on my favorite jammies, I popped open my favorite red wine and poured a huge glass and headed to my room to finish out the night catching up on shows I had missed during the week.

“Zzzzz zzzzz”

My phone vibrated and immediately I thought, “Please no emails…I can’t take it. I need a break!”

“Zzzz zzzzz”

Curiosity got the best of me so I grabbed the phone and saw that it was a message on Connected from Dre.

I don’t know how to describe our relationship. Dre and I met back in college at a party. We both were wallflowers and ended up spending most of the night talking and checking on our friends as they got drunk. We ended up exchanging numbers and staying in touch.

Dre was not that tall himself—5’7″, brown skin, bald and had an athletic frame. He was definitely a looker.

We never really dated, but we were definitely more than friends. However, not quite friends with benefits either because we had never had sex. Yet, there was no denying. The sexual tension was there between us.

I haven’t talked to Dre in about a year and it’s been much longer since I’ve seen him. He moved to Atlanta a few years ago and over time, we talked less and less. That’s life I guess.

I sent him a message a few weeks ago on Connected to let him know that was I was coming to Atlanta at the end of the month for a conference and was hoping that we could meet for lunch or dinner one day to catch up. When I didn’t hear from him, I figured he wasn’t interested.

I opened up the message: “What’s up? It’s been a while buddy. That’s cool you’ll be in Atlanta and I’m definitely down with meeting up. Give me a call when you have a minute. Still have the same number.”

“Ahhhh!” I excitedly shrieked.

I dialed his number and after two rings a deep voice answered: “Hey Jasmyn! How are you?”

“I’m good! What have you been up to?”

“You know, same old thing different day. Just working and enjoying life. What about you? Married yet?”

“Sir, first of all, if I was married, I definitely wouldn’t be on the phone with another man at this hour. My boo and I would be too busy getting it on,” I responded as I laughed. “So, how’s Niecy? Obviously y’all haven’t moved in together yet, unless you’re hiding to talk to me.”

“Really? Dang, it has been a while since we’ve talked. I caught old girl in the act cheating. That was it for me. You know I don’t like to share shit, definitely not my girl. So that was that for us. Anyway, let’s talk about your visit to Atlanta.”

Dre istanbul escort and I spent the next few minutes talking about the conference and my travel plans. Although my conference started on a Monday, I had planned to get to Atlanta the Friday before to enjoy the weekend and explore the city.

“Are you heading to the conference hotel when you arrive or waiting until Monday?” asked Dre.

“Monday. I figured I would find someplace to stay on the outskirts of the city for the weekend,” I answered.

“Well, um, how about coming to stay at my place? I would love to see you and it would be like old times. Remember how you use to come crash at my place during college and of course, you being such a nerd always spent the time studying,” he said with a laugh.

“You got jokes. But, yeah it was fun times. It would be a good way for us to catch up and whatnot. I’m down!”

We talked for another hour or so talking before we called it a night. Over the two weeks, we talked or texted almost daily about our day, current events, or just to joke around. It felt like old times and I was really looking forward to spending some time with Dre.

Finally, it was time for me to head to Atlanta. Since the city is only five hours away, I figured I would drive instead of fly. I hated flying anyway so I was glad when I found out the conference was going to be in Atlanta.

As I got close to the city, I dialed Dre.

“What’s up? Made it into the city yet?” he answered.

“Yeah. The GPS says I’m about 30 minutes from your place.”

“Cool. Well, I’m about to take a shower and should be out by the time you make it here. See you soon Jas.”

The closer I got to the address, the more excited I got. Since we started talking again a couple of weeks ago, I found myself getting wet at the sound of his voice and now the thought of being in the same space as him for a full weekend—let’s just say the “little miss” was throbbing down there and I started fantasizing about Dre touching me there.

“In a quarter of a mile, you will be at your destination,” announced the GPS breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Wow, what a nice neighborhood,” I thought as I got closer. The houses were small, but beautiful. Nicely manicured lawns and people sitting out on their porch.

Finally, I made it to Dre’s house. It was in a cul-de-sac and in the driveway sat an old box Chevy car and a new model BMW.

“That is such a Dre thing,” I laughed to myself remembering his unique taste in vehicles.

I suddenly saw the front door to the house open and out stepped Dre who started walking towards my car. I got out and we hugged and said our hellos. He looks and smells so good! Let’s just say “little miss” was in full overdrive by that point!

He grabbed my suitcase from my car’s trunk and we went inside. He gave me a tour of the house and showed me the guest room where I would be staying for the weekend.

“It’s not much, but I hope you’ll find the space comfortable. My room is right next door so of course, if you need anything, I’m just a few steps away. I hope you don’t mind, I ordered us some Chinese food that should be here soon.”

“Thanks Dre! Again, I really appreciate you opening up your home and inviting me to stay this weekend. While we wait on the food, I’ll go ahead and freshen up. It’s been a long day.”

He left me to gather my things and head over to the bathroom. As I stepped inside the shower, I moved my hands over my nipples, down my stomach and finally down to my pussy. I moaned as I rubbed “little miss” and leaned again the tiled wall for balance. I began imagining that my fingers were Dre’s. It didn’t avcılar escort take me long to have an orgasm.

I cleaned up and put on a pair of yoga pants and a spaghetti strap top before joining Dre in his kitchen.

As I sat down at his kitchen table, I noticed him looking at me with a smile.

“What?” I asked, immediately wondering if I had been louder than I thought while I was taking care of business in the shower.

“Nothing. You good?” he asked, still smiling.

“Uh, yeah. I’m good. So, did the food arrive?” I responded, still wondering if he had heard my moans.

He took the food out of their boxes and placed them on plates for us to eat. After dinner, we moved to his living room and watched TV, laughed and talked about some things we use to do. One of those things was to play music and see who could come up with the craziest dance.

“Let’s do it. Play some music,” I said as I stood up off the couch.

Dre went to the stereo system and turned it to a local radio station. The DJ did a promo for some club and went into one of the latest songs.

Dre and I started dancing and laughing when suddenly the upbeat songs stopped and the DJ announced that it was time to “slow things down”.

I sat down and Dre grabbed my hands.

“What are you doing Jas?” he asked me. “Nope, if we’re going to dance, we’re going to dance.”

He then came in close to me and whispered, “I know what you did tonight.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” I asked, already knowing exactly what he was referring to.

“When you were in the shower. I heard you moaning and by the sounds of it, figured you were playing with yourself,” he said as he moved himself behind me and then whispered into my ear, “and I liked the sound.”

Not sure whether to be flattered or embarrassed, I quickly said “Oh my gosh! Sorry Dre, it’s just that…well, I…I was a little horny. So sorry you heard all of that. Gee, this is so embarrassing.”

He stopped and turned me around. “Why? You and I both know something been here between us for years. I mean, over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about you, wanting you. That’s why I took a shower before you got here. I was trying to let it out and just in case you arrived before I finished, I wanted to be in the shower so you wouldn’t walk in on me jacking off.”

Before I thought about it, I went in for a kiss and was met halfway with his full lips. With the music still playing in the background, the kiss became more and more intense and one of his hands went from the back of my head, down to my waist while the other pulled my shirt down exposing my right breast.

He then lowered his head down and began sucking on my nipple.

“Little miss” was once again throbbing. “Ohhhh Dre,” I mumbled.

I went to untie his basketball shorts and found he was not wearing his boxers. I moved my left hand down to his dick and began rubbing on it. It was above average in size and width. As a plus, it had a slight curve to it, which I love because that means he can hit spots that others can’t.

It was already hard and leaking precum which turned me on even more. I pulled his shorts down and they fell to the floor.

“Sit down,” I told Dre, lightly pushing him back onto the couch.

I bent over so my breasts were hanging over his lap and brushed them against his dick before taking his dick into my mouth.

“Ahhhh, aye girl this feels good,” he gasped. “Damn!”

I continued to suck until Dre suddenly pulled my head up, giving me a kiss and gently pulling me down the couch next to him.

“Take your pants off” he instructed and I lifted my voluptuous butt up enough to pull my yoga pants şirinevler escort along with my bikini panties off. By this time, Dre had taken off his t-shirt was completely naked. I went ahead and took off my shirt too.

In what seemed to be a swift move, Dre spread and lifted my legs over his shoulders as he kneeled and began leaving a trail of kisses along my thighs heading toward “little miss.”

Then suddenly, he stopped.

“Damn Dre, why you stopped?” I said, almost in a chastising voice.

“Chill Jas, trust, I’m going to enjoy eating my meal. But, let’s move into my bedroom. I want to make it as comfortable for you as possible,” he said.

We left our clothes on the living room floor and walked down the hall to his room and onto his king size bed.

He again spread my legs wide apart and slide his head in between, picking up where he had just left off.

He took his fingers and pulled my pussy lips apart and blew on my clit. Feeling the cool air made me twitch with anticipation and I began grinding against air, wanting him to stop the teasing and get to eating.

Without hesitation, he moved his tongue into my pussy and then licked up across the clit. He alternated between licking my clit and sticking his tongue into the pussy.

I rubbed his bald head and moaned, knowing this time I didn’t care who heard.

He moved both of his hands up to my breasts and began to squeeze and twist my nipples adding to the sensations I was feeling.

“Dre, I want you in me,” I managed to say in between breaths. “I want you in me now baby.”

He stopped and lifted his head long enough to say, “Not until you come for me. Come for me Jas, I want to see you shake.”

Then he went back to eating as if it was the last time he would have a meal. Within minutes, I was coming. I held firmly on his head as shook and finally screamed out “Ohhhh Dreeeeeeee…” as I hit the top of my climax.

Dre then slid on top of me until we were face-to-face and we started kissing, giving me a taste of my own juices.

“Damn girl, you tasted much better than I imagined. And you’re loud!” he said as he laughed.

“Hush! It was good, I couldn’t help it” I retorted.

“Better than your hand in the shower?” he asked with a smirk.

“Much better,” I said as I rubbed his head which now laid on my shoulder.

I finally began to regain my breath and come down off my climax high. I wasn’t done though. I needed more.

I began spreading my legs again, wrapping my legs around Dre’s.

Without saying a word, he reached down and placed his dick at my entrance and in a quick move, went in and began pumping in and out of me. Soon, we had a rhythm going as a mixture of sounds filled the air from our labored breathing, moans, and the rotation of music still coming from the living room.

“Come with me Dre,” I said as I felt another orgasm coming.

“I’m coming with you baby” he managed to say with a raspy voice.

I began to shake and he held me tighter as we rose to the next climax together and kissed as we rode it out.

Dre rolled off onto my side and I shifted to lay my head on his chest.

It had been quite the workout and after having a long day, it was enough to put me to sleep. A few hours later, I woke with Dre lightly snoring and music still coming from the living room.

I got up and went next door to the guest room to grab my robe.

I couldn’t help but smile as I went to turn off the stereo. I’m so glad I came this weekend—in more ways than one. I didn’t know what this would lead to with us, if anything, but it was something I needed. Something I wanted.

I walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed two bottles of water and headed back to Dre’s room. He was still sleep, but not for long if I could help it.

I took off my robe and slid back under the covers. My hands moved down to his dick and began stroking.

“Mmmm, baby,” Dre moaned.

And with that, I moved down and began sucking.

It’s time for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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