Fresh Out of Boot Camp

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They met shortly after completing boot camp. She was on a high from a new level of physical fitness, one she enjoyed maintaining. She was also enjoying the brief moments out of uniform; for the first time in three months she was able to slip into a pair of jeans, a low-cut top, and slick some plum lip gloss on her full lips.

She wasn’t pageant material, at least, not until you truly got a good look at her. Her long chestnut hair, finally free from braids and buns, swept her high cheekbones, which were just barely sprinkled with the lightest freckles. Bright baby-blue eyes set above a button nose and a brilliant smile that made you look twice and realize she was really a knock-out. Her newly sculpted and honed figure didn’t hurt, either.

She first caught sight of him when rushing to get back to base from Chicago. On a precious liberty weekend, she had finally been able to go out drinking with her girlfriends and truly let her hair down. He was tall, a Puerto Rican, given his honeyed skin tone and the small flag pinned to his satchel. His deep dimples flanked gorgeous full lips, and his shirt was just form-fitting enough to reveal an impressive body. She stopped, almost tripping into the train, as she saw him watching her, and a small blush crept up her fair skin as she rushed to meet her friends on the train.

She could barely carry on a conversation with her friends on the forty minute train ride back to the base. She even tried to think of excuses to walk up into the other train cars to see if he was on this train, but she realized that would be incredibly obvious and didn’t want to look like some kind of psycho. So she settled back, listened to her friends giggle and gossip while she watched the scenery roll by.

As they exited the train, she scanned the platform but didn’t see him, so she pulled her jacket around her and hurried to the gate and on to her barracks. The sun had gone down and it was getting chilly….plus the girls still needed to find their stashed uniforms and change, as they were not supposed to be off base out of uniform. The four girls huddled behind a large group of bushes at the edge of a small grove of trees and took turns quickly changing into uniform, shoving their civilian clothes into their backpacks. Quickly twisting their hair into loose buns, they began making their way into the barracks.

She was going to take the opportunity to have one last cigarette before going to bed, so she struggled to pull out her pack of smokes (without dumping her civvies everywhere) and patted her pockets for a lighter.

“Looking for a light?” she jumped and turned to stare into the most gorgeous chocolate brown eyes she’d ever seen. She almost lost of her train of thought, stammered, and finally managed to squeak out, “…yes…” He walked with her to the smoke deck, where they shared a cigarette in silence. As her cigarette burned perilously close to the filter, he finally broke the ice and asked her name.

“Tell me yours first…” her characteristic impish flirting caught him off guard and a slow, broad smile spread across his face. “Lupe…and….you?”

“Megan.” She smiled and her blue eyes flashed with the fun of the game, and as she leaned forward to crush her cigarette into the ash tray, he saw the swell of her breasts and the belt cinched tight around her trim waist and he felt himself start to stir.

“So..can I get your number, or do I have to follow you around?” he joked, pulling out his cell phone. She deftly pulled the phone from his hand, her index finger purposefully sliding down his, and anadolu yakası escort then popped it open, entered ten digits, and quickly slipped it across the table to him as she stood and walked inside.

Once inside, she raced upstairs and into the shower….her panties had become mysteriously wet during her brief encounter with this new intriguing man, and she felt the need to rinse off. His voice was smooth, deep, with the lilting accent of a native Brooklyn from a Puerto Rican family. Unlike most Latino guys she saw around base, he didn’t dress like a thug…in fact, he was wearing rather fitted jeans and a polo and whatever cologne he was wearing was mouthwatering. Thoughts of him kept her tossing and turning late into the night.

Lupe’s sleep wasn’t much better. After going to his barracks, turning on his iPod (mainly so his roommate wouldn’t bug him with mindless chatter), he lay in his rack and let his mind wander to her musical laugh, her shiny, dark hair, and the brief glimpse of her body he had seen when she was changing back into uniform behind those bushes by the gate. He hadn’t been peeping, just lost in thought as he walked by the fence along the perimeter of base when a flash of white caught his eye and he looked over just in time to see her sliding her halter top over her head and her white bra showed quickly before it was covered with the uniform top. It wasn’t long, but it was long enough for him to snap a mental photo of her long, tanned torso with the twinkle of a belly-button ring and the swell of her breasts. In fact, upon remembering it, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to sleep unless he got his mind off of her, so he switched on ESPN and fell asleep to sports highlights.

The next few days passed quickly, with Lupe and Megan catching quick glances at one another between drills and classes and texting almost nonstop when cell phones were allowed. She liked sushi, he liked steak, where to go for dinner? She liked rock music, he liked rap and jazz, what to listen to? They teased and flirted, pushing the brink of phone sex multiple times but finally mustering the courage to set a date and time for a dinner date.

They arranged to meet just outside her barracks since they had both recently earned the right to wear civilian clothes on base. Lupe was slightly disappointed when she bounced down the stairs with a flouncy skirt, a blue top, and a blue jean jacket on top, but his concerns were put to rest when she removed the jacket at the gate and stashed it behind the same group of bushes, revealing a sexy, low-cut halter top that hugged her torso and chest perfectly. He felt a twitch in his pants and adjusted himself quickly, hoping she didn’t notice. He hailed a cab and gave instructions to a nice steakhouse about twenty minutes away, and then they passed the time in polite conversation, pretending to ignore the sizzling energy growing between them. His eyes wandered down her long, tan legs and he switched the topic to running to avoid asking her to wrap those legs around him.

The conversation was so polite, in fact, that Megan was growing concerned that Lupe wasn’t as attracted to her as he first seemed, so she lightly grazed her collarbone with her finger, tracing a path down the swell of one breast while innocently discussing trail running versus street running, seemingly oblivious that his eyes were locked on her cleavage while his tone remained polite and courteous.

By the time they arrived at dinner, both were indescribably aroused but felt they couldn’t let on ataşehir escort to the other.

They ate quickly and quietly, opting out of dessert and realizing that there was no way out of the inevitable. He grabbed her hand earnestly as he hailed another cab and almost whispered to the cab driver, “Get to the nearest hotel, please.” It wasn’t shame burning in their cheeks as they stared at one another; it was young, hot, passionate lust that was just on the brink of boiling over.

He paid quickly with his credit card and they almost ran to the room. She ran her hand down his toned back as he struggled to unlock the door quickly. They both fell inward as the door opened, and he pivoted quickly to catch her as the door shut. Their breath caught as they realized this was the closest their bodies had ever been, and for a brief moment, they both froze and stared into the other’s eyes. He finally leaned down and kissed her….not too passionately at first, but sweet, steady, pressing, and she found herself kissing him back, sucking his bottom lip in between her full lips as she looked up at him and realized the floodgates were about to open. He crushed into her, sweeping her into his arms as she experienced the most passionate, intense kiss of her young life. Her head spun as he carried her to the bed and laid her down gently, whispering in her ear, “…we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do…”. She locked eyes with him for one split second, and then pulled his face hungrily to hers as she laid back on the bed and slightly spread her legs as he lay over her. Her skirt slid up and he used the opportunity to slide his hand up her smooth, toned thigh to find barely a string holding together a tiny thong. He ran his finger along the front edge of the scrap of an undergarment and slid a finger just underneath, where he could already feel a heat and moisture that told him she was just as attracted to him as he was to her.

He lifted her off the bed slightly to pull her halter top over her head. Her dark hair tumbled down around her shoulders and just grazed the top of her pink lace bra, where his hands began to explore. He traced a line up her flat, taut stomach and cupped her breast, sliding the material of her bra down to flick her small, alert nipple. He kept one hand one her breast with a thumb on her nipple as his other hand rested on her jawline and neck, cradling her face as they kissed. She moaned under him, sliding one foot up his leg and laying her leg casually over his thigh.

He took the invitation and slid his hand down, immediately finding her pussy dripping wet and hot. He gently ran one finger around her outer lips and just barely touched her clit, but it was enough to make her hips buck off the bed and her eyes screw closed. He lifted himself off the bed, unbuttoning his shirt and kicking off his shoes as he enjoyed the sight before him. She made no effort to move or hide herself; in fact, she easily slid off the thong, flicking it on the floor with one foot as she slid the other up on the bed, fully exposing her bare, wet pussy for him. She traced languid loops down her belly until she reached her pussy, and then lazily rubbed her clit while she watched him undress. Her bra still on, one strap hanging down, her skirt bunched around her waist, and one finger circling her clit was too much for him to take. Now stripped down to his boxer-briefs, he grabbed her legs, one over each arm, and was face-down in her pussy in a matter of seconds.

She groaned and writhed on the bed as his full lips encircled ümraniye escort her clit and his tongue flicked it rapidly with no mercy. Her pussy was aching for penetration, particularly since it had been almost four months without sex. Her hips conveyed this message as they bucked up towards his face, and he quickly complied by slipping one, and then two fingers inside her, working his way gently at first but quickly finding her G-spot and banging away at her first orgasm. She came fast and hard, gripping the comforter as she cried out.

Lupe slid off the bed, grabbing a condom out of his jeans and getting out of his boxer briefs. He felt a hand on his thigh, and before he realized what was happening, she had taken the condom and, while she was ripping open the package, was licking the head of his dick and beginning to take his long and girthy dick in her mouth. He held his breath as she tried to swallow the whole thing, and pulled back only to swallow him again. She gave head softly, without any of the nasty spitting or gagging like in some of the nastier porns he had watched, and he stared at her almost in awe as she lovingly licked, sucked, and jacked his cock until he was aching to burst.

Megan seemed to realize he was close to cumming as she pulled the condom over his dick and leaned back on the bed.

“Well, sailor, what’s next?” She was so beautiful sitting there, released from the bra, her perfect B-cup tits perched perkily on her chest and her big blue eyes staring up at him that he almost growled as he came down on her, nibbling and licking on her neck, feeling her melt beneath him and her legs spread as she lay back on the bed, her hand low on his belly, guiding him into her. She was so wet but still so very tight that she gasped out when he first entered her, so he slowed and took his time sliding all of his dick into her. Once they were joined, he stopped, pushed her hair back from her face, and kissed her deeply as he began slowly fucking her….pulling his cock almost all the way out and sliding it back in, achingly slow. He was trying to be gentle with her, but he was met with a pleasant surprise when she raised her eyes and spoke firmly in his ear, “Fuck me, Lupe…fuck me hard.”

Her words ignited a fire inside him that he’d never experienced as he began pounding into her.

Instead of laying still and passively accepting the motions like his previous girlfriends, she raised her hips to meet him stroke for stroke. He thought he’d never seen anything hotter than her body, one arm braced on the headboard, tits bouncing, ass raised off the bed meeting his strokes…but she quickly raised that bar when she deftly lifted one leg all the way over his head and flipped herself over, raising her round ass to him and looking over one shoulder at him, her eyes smoldering. He drove into her, pulling her hair back as he slammed into her pussy again and again, his balls slapping against her clit until she started to push back one him with an urgency he recognized and he gratefully grabbed her hips and pummeled into her, feeling himself twitch and jerk as they came together in one tremendous groan.

They slid down on the bed, spooning until their breathing slowed. He whispered in her ear, “How was your first Latin lover?” and even as she winced at the corniness of his line, she delighted him with a twinkling laugh and rolling over to press his lips in a quick kiss. “It was hot, Lupe…” her eyes cast down and she bit her lip, “…but…”. His heart went cold as he realized she was about to drop a bomb. What was wrong?

“Are you still going to respect me in the morning?” It was Lupe’s turn to laugh as he turned her around and hugged her slight frame to him. “Which morning?” he quipped as he kissed her forehead, her lips, and her lithe fingertips that he realized now held a pretty good grip on not only his manhood, but also his heart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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