For James

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Janet smoothed the dark blue silk of the nightgown over the swell of her breasts and examined her reflection nervously. She had sent James for a walk, while she had a long, luxurious, bath and got ready for bed. James had looked puzzled for a moment and then kissed her gently, longingly, before he stepped through the door.

Janet had known, even as she closed the door behind him, that she was behaving strangely. After all, this would not be the first time that they had made love. They had been lovers for some time now, ever since he had planted the seeds of her seduction in a flurry of e-mails and deliciously wicked telephone calls. This would be the first time that had been able to spend a whole night together and that made her a little nervous. She knew that passion and desire burned bright within him and he was inventive and generous in bed. She knew that making him wait a little longer was a delicious tease for both of them.

She ran her fingers through her blonde hair, knowing that he found the sight of her with messed-up hair even more arousing and smiled at her reflection. She turned the lights off in the bathroom and dimmed the lights in the bedroom. She arranged herself on the bed, spreading her arms across the pillows and curling her body a little to the side. The radio played softly in the dim light, and she closed her eyes, breathing deeply of the scent of roses that lightly perfumed the air. Only one item seemed a little out of place. On the bedside table was a warmer for baby’s bottles. Instead of a bottle of milk, James had put a bottle of scented body lotion there before he left.

The lock clicked open and James opened the door, just wide enough for him to slip inside. He unfastened his jacket and hung it on the back of the door, then stepped into the bathroom. She could hear the sounds of him undressing, and showering swiftly. The light clicked off and he opened the bathroom door wearing no more than a pair of loose sleeping shorts. He stood in the doorway for a moment, his eyes drinking in the sight of her. The moment seemed to stretch in their minds as James caressed her with his eyes, his gaze seeming to lock onto her very soul.

“Well,” Janet asked him, “are you going to come to bed? Or don’t you like me?”

James crossed the room and lowered himself next to her. Leaning over, he pressed his lips against hers, feeling them part invitingly. His tongue slipped into her mouth, touching hers for a moment and then sliding over her teeth to explore her sweetness. Lifting his mouth from hers, he moved closer and murmured into her ear, “I like what I see very, very, much. You’re especially beautiful tonight.” Janet blushed, her cheeks darkening in the gloom.

James tilted his head and lingeringly kissed the side of her neck. His lips were warm and the tip of his tongue brushed lightly against her skin. His mouth moved against her and she felt his breath on her ear. “Janet, I want to make love with you,” he whispered and then gently nipped the tip of her earlobe. The touch of his mouth sent a jolt through her body and she felt her insides melting. She felt as though her nerves were being licked slowly, dissolving them. James touched the tip of his tongue to the delicate whorls, caressing them. Then he blew gently across the moist surface. Janet could feel every fibre of her being straining to soar into the heavens and, in a voice she almost did not recognise, crooned, “James, I want you too. You can do whatever you want, but please make love with me.”

James brought his mouth back to hers and pointed his tongue between her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked gently, drawing his tongue into her mouth and caressing it. She could feel the points of her nipples hardening against the delicate silk of her nightgown and the delicious friction of the silk against her skin added to her rising excitement. She felt his fingers stroking her shoulder, pushing her hair back from her face and brushing the soft skin behind her ear. She closed her eyes and a gentle groan rose, from deep in her throat, to be swallowed in their kiss. His fingers pushed the strap of her gown from her shoulder and he leaned over to kiss the hollow at the side of her neck. Her breath shuddered as her whole body trembled beneath his loving caress.

He slid his hand over the smooth material to cup her breast, the nipple a hard point pressed against his palm. He closed his fingers very gently, feeling the firm, taut globe pressing against his skin. Janet trembled in his embrace and breathed into his ear, “James, I love the feel of your hands on my body. You make me wet for you.” James slid his hand lower, pressing the cool silk against the hot dampness of her pussy. Janet pressed herself against his exploring hand, feeling the material clinging damply to the tender, swollen, lips of her pussy.

James reached down to the hem of her nightgown and slowly drew it higher and higher, exposing her creamy legs and the shaven patch of skin around her pussy. Janet arched her back and the silk slid smoothly under her bottom, bunching beneath pendik escort the swell of her breasts. He lowered his head and, as he caressed the smooth skin inside her thighs with his fingertips, he began to kiss the bare skin around her pussy. His lips brushed her skin and his tongue flickered out, but all the time he carefully avoided caressing the lips of her pussy, or her clit. The teasing of his light caress on her thighs and the pressure of his mouth was driving Janet crazy. Time upon time she thought he was going to touch her pussy, or flick the tip of his tongue against her clit, and release the pressure building in her loins. Each time he felt her muscles stiffen, and the sinews tighten like bowstrings, he eased the pressure, just enough to hold her for a moment.

James helped Janet to sit up and slide the nightgown over her head. Then he laid her back down, gently turning her onto her tummy. Reaching to the table, he took the warm lotion and poured a thin trail of droplets down her spine. Janet felt the warm liquid splashing onto her skin and remembered the feel of his hot semen against her breasts and tummy. She purred as he began to spread the liquid with his fingertips, his hand moving along her back, while his fingertips traced tiny circles on the skin. Slowly, James moved up and down her spines, listening to her purr like a kitten as his hands soothed then aroused her. She felt powerless beneath his caresses, her limbs as weak as water.

James spread his hands over her back, thumbs running along her spine and his fingers wrapped around her. His strong fingers caressed her ribs tenderly as he swept his hands along the length of her spine. Every breath that Janet took became a sigh of pleasure as his hands stroked and caressed her.

James poured a little lotion onto the palms of his hands and took hold of her foot, cradling the arch, with his thumbs resting on her instep. Slowly he stroked the sole of her foot, firmly enough so that he did not tickle her, but softly enough not to cause any discomfort. He could feel her foot relax and then tighten; the toes curling over as he touched nerves that she had never realised could arouse her. His hands caressed her ankles and then he kneaded the graceful curve of her calf, just his fingertips touching her, from her narrow, tapered ankles to the hollow at the back of her knee. His hands swept over her again and again, caressing and kneading. Janet sighed, totally relaxed, “mmmmmmmm, that’s so good, James.”

James smiled, replenished the puddle of lotion in the palm of his hand and took hold of her other foot. He stroked the sole firmly, just as he had the first one and caressed her instep and the arch. Janet felt the, by now, familiar melting sensation, as his fingers kneaded the muscles of her calf, gently but firmly. She could not hold a single thought, other than how good it felt to have James touching her. Even the sensations that had ripped along her nerves before were more like the flowing of a stream against a dam. She knew that eventually they had to be released but right now she could only accept the touch of his fingers.

Janet could feel the gentle pressure of his hands, just above her knees, as James eased her thighs apart. His slippery fingers seemed to glide over her skin and, without realising; she lifted her bottom a little. The sheets clung to her skin, where the nectar had seeped from between the lips of her pussy, but she did not care, all she could care about was the touch of James’s hands and the anticipation of his next caress.

James ran his fingers along the curve of her bottom, and then rested his hands lightly on the curve of her cheeks. Slowly but firmly he squeezed and kneaded the pliant globes, feeling them tense and then relax as he pressed against one nerve, then another. His hands cupped and caressed the gentle swell, fingers tracing the contours of her bottom. A little gentle pressure with his palms spread her cheeks a little way apart, opening the cleft between them and exposing the dark ring of her anus and the junction of her pussy lips. James dipped a finger into the dampness of her pussy, drawing a dreamy, almost lazy purr from her throat, then drew the tip along the cleft of her bottom, pausing to press it gently against the dark ring of her anus. “James, what are you doing? That’s my bottom,” Janet whispered, nervously. “Ooooh,” she continued as the tip of James’s little finger slipped into her bottom. “Teasing you,” James replied, “playing with your pretty backside.”

The sensation of the tip of his little finger inside her bottom brought a dark flush to her body as she realised that his touch was exciting her. It may have been the forbiddenness of the caress, but she felt a dark surge rush through her and settle like a burning ember within her loins. James eased his fingertip out and gently turned her onto her back, easing her legs a little apart.

He could see the flush upon her neck and breasts as he leaned over her and gently kissed the tight points of her nipples, taking each into his mouth and sucking slowly and escort pendik gently, then running the tip of his tongue over the hard point, tasting her.

“Now just relax, darling, while I do your front.” James instructed Janet. She smiled broadly, “Is the front of me all you’re going to do?” she murmured, invitingly. James just raised one eyebrow and poured a little of the warm lotion into his palm. Reaching out, he took her face between his palms and stroked his slippery fingers over her brow and made tiny circles over her temples. He watched as her eyelids lowered and he breathing began to sigh a little. His fingers laced behind her neck, cradling her as he rippled them up and down her spine.

Then he wrapped his long, strong fingers around her arm and gently kneaded her muscles right from the shoulder, to her fingertips, first her left and then her right, slowly working every scrap of tension and resistance out of her arms. Janet tried to find words to tell him how she enjoyed the firm, sensuous, caress of his hands, but she could not be bothered and, besides, she thought he must already have realised by the wetness of her pussy.

He laid her arms gently on the bed and rested his hands upon her shoulders, caressing the fine skin over her collarbones with his thumbs and using his fingers to knead her shoulders. She desperately wanted to reach out to him and touch him, but his caresses seemed to have stolen all of her will. She realised it did not matter, as she rolled her head on the pillow and saw the erect pole of his cock making a tent of his shorts.

His hands slid onto her breasts, his fingers pulling gently at her nipples, her skin becoming hot and slippery with the lotion. His hands glided over her body, seeming to be everywhere at once, making her breasts tighten and her pussy ooze in excitement. Her thighs trembled as his hands slid lower and lower, pressing on the smooth, inner, surface and spreading her legs a little wider, then skimming over them to stroke her shins, from her feet to her knees.

James poured a little more lotion onto his hands and worked it over his fingers until they were glistening and slippery. Then, kneeling between her thighs, he bent her legs at he knee, resting her feet on the bed, so that her pussy and backside were open to his gaze and touch. Leaning forward, he pursed his lips and kissed her pussy, right on the delicate hood hiding her clit. At the same time, he stroked his slippery forefinger over the tight ring of her anus. The kiss almost sent her over the edge and she hummed at the back of her throat, even as the tip of James’s finger caressed the tight opening of her bottom.

Slowly he ran the tip of his tongue along the puffy, tender lips, tasting her and then pointing it and thrusting deeply, just as he had kissed her mouth. Her breath rattled for a moment and then, just as he curled his tongue and lashed the tip against the point of her clit, bucked her hips, thrusting against his busy mouth. The thrust of her hips pressed her anus against his finger, taking it inside her. Janet cried out as she felt the start of her orgasm ripping through her “Oh my Goddd!” she whimpered, as his tongue caressed her clit. James pressed his mouth more firmly against her pussy, lashing the tip of her clit with his tongue, then swirling it around the tiny shaft. Janet bucked beneath him again, uncaring that she was pressing her tight backside onto his finger. James fiendishly caressed her pussy and clit with his tongue as he eased his finger, slowly, deeper and deeper into her bottom.

“James, I’m sooo close,” Janet warned, and then sobbed as he lifted his mouth from her pussy, sliding his finger out of her bottom. The sudden feeling of emptiness in her behind made her groan pleadingly. She had never felt this way, and the thought of being penetrated in her behind would have repulsed her, but now she found herself yearning for James’s finger to probe her again and wondering what his cock would feel like in her ass.

James pushed his shorts down to his knees and then wriggled out of them. His cock was hard and erect, thrusting from his loins. The head was swollen and purple and as she looked down she could see him guiding it between her thighs. She felt the tip nudging between the lips of her pussy and whimpered through her tears of anticipation.

James pressed deeply, his cock sliding smoothly into her pussy, filling her. He sank into her dripping pussy until his cock was completely sheathed in her hot pussy. Janet trembled as his body covered hers and then her eyes widened as he rocked forward so that the top side of his cock rubbed against her clit with every thrust. Wave after wave of sensation ripped through her driving her harder and harder until she could not hold back any longer. The final wave of her orgasm ripped through her body, locking her muscles into a huge spasm as she clutched him to her.

For a moment they both could not breathe and then Janet relaxed, swooning beneath him. James had almost spurted his hot cum into her womb but, with a desperate effort, managed pendik escort bayan to hold back. Slowly he moved his cock in her pussy. Janet grabbed at his ass to hold him still within her. “Please James, ” she sobbed, “not yet, you’ll make me so sore.” James leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “But what can I do about my hard cock? I need to come too.”

Janet looked at him and kissed him deeply, making his cock twitch inside her. She moaned again as even that tiny movement within her threatened to trigger another wave of orgasm through her. Holding his gaze with her eyes, she murmured, huskily, “I could suck you until you cum, or stroke your hard cock until you spurt over my tummy and nipples.” She groaned as her words made him twitch again and then she dropped her eyes, shyly, and whispered, “Or you could fuck me in my ass.” James strained to catch her words, realising that she was offering to surrender to him completely. The thought had occurred to him as he had teased her anus, but he had pushed it to the back of his mind as an impossible wish. Now she was offering to take his cock in her ass. “Are you sure? Have you done it that way before?” He asked, in an incredulous whisper. Janet whispered, “I’m not sure, if it hurts too much you’ll have to stop, and I haven’t done it like this before.”

James slowly eased himself out of her pussy, his slippery cock sliding out of her easily, but still triggering a series of tiny aftershocks. She glanced down the length of her body and looked at his angry cock, erect and swollen. The heat in her pussy slowly subsided into a dull glow and she could feel a slow trickle of her nectar running between the cheeks of her bottom

Gently he turned Janet onto her tummy, slipping pillows beneath her hips so that her bottom was raised. “Just relax, I’ll be very gentle, my darling,” James murmured into her ear, before he kissed the lobe, lightly. Kneeling behind her, he teased Janet’s buttocks apart and gently kissed the top of the cleft between them, just below the base of her spine. Slowly, he kissed the base of the valley between the rounded cheeks, until the tip of his tongue was almost skating around her rear entrance. As his tongue caressed the tight ring, Janet groaned softly, feeling the tension building a little. The point of his tongue pressed into the opening and Janet clutched the bedclothes, twisting the sheets in her hands. James’s tongue teased her fiendishly, the caress upon her bottom exciting her and making her blush as she realised that the forbidden nature of these caresses made them more arousing.

James drew back and dripped a little more of the lotion he had used earlier onto her body. Against the heat of her excitement, the lotion felt cool and soothing. This time, James made sure that each droplet fell directly on the tightly puckered ring between her cheeks. Drizzling a little on his fingers, James spread the lotion around her entrance, using his fingertips to coax her to relax. When her pressed the tip of his finger just inside, Janet pressed back, opening herself to him and allowing his finger to slip inside. James slowly moved his finger in and out of her bottom turning his hand a little as he slid in, and again as he eased it out.

Janet was panting heavily, trying to relax her bottom and thrilling to his illicit touch. James’s finger slid easily inside her anus, probing gently. Janet lifted her hips a little, grunting softly as his finger slipped in and out. A little more of the lotion on his fingers and James was able to ease a second finger next to the first. Janet moaned gently and James paused, waiting for her speak. “James, don’t stop now, ” she implored. “I was just making sure it doesn’t hurt,” James replied. “It’s not that, It’s that I feel so full,” Janet confessed, “I want you to do it all the way”

James slid his fingers out of her bottom, and she trembled as the cool air teased her sensitive opening. He took the lotion and smeared a generous amount over the head and shaft of his hard cock. Taking hold of the base, he brushed the tip over the cleft between her buttocks and nuzzled it against the ring of her anus. Slowly he leaned forward a little, listening to Janet’s throaty moan as he slowly stretched her bottom. Looking down he could see the swollen head of his cock pressing into her opening. Slowly he pressed deeper, then eased the pressure a little so she could become used to the feeling. Then he pressed a little further and watch her bottom taking his cock deeper.

Janet clutched the sheets in her fists, almost telling him that it hurt too much. She could feel the head of his cock pressed against her bottom, stretching her beyond her imagination. In her mind, she could see her bottom, pierced by James’s hard cock. Suddenly, her thighs tightened and she rocked back. The rim of his cockhead slipped past the tight ring of muscle and she cried out in a mixture of pain and triumph. She had taken his cock into her bottom and he was sliding slowly into her rectum. The burning in her bottom had eased to a hot glow. She could feel his hands holding her steady and her cry of pain was replaced by grunts on encouragement as James pushed slowly into her. She could feel him stiffen inside her as the tight caress of her bottom began to milk the hot cum from his balls.

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