First Time

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Big Tits

Darkness. I was alone in her room for so long I lost count. It was crazy of me to be counting when I should have been “Making myself comfortable” like she instructed me to do. To nervous, she could smell it on me, I was way too nervous or maybe I was just nervous enough. What was I thinking, there is no such thing as nervous enough, I almost exploded right then, when she grabbed my hand and lead me up those stairs. Each step I felt her grip tighten on me, I tried to grip back but I know if I did I would have hurt her. She brought me into this dark room and left. I reached for my wallet to make sure I was properly prepared for when she got back. I had to get this stupid monkey suit off before she came back in from the bathroom. I quickly threw off my jacket and shirt, next came the pants, I was at the crossroads about my underwear, on or off? Of course off only an amateur would keep anything on before getting under the sheets.

But as I pulled them down she walked in, the light from the bathroom shining like a spotlight on me. I turned quickly but I could see was her sexy silhouette standing in the doorway. She let out what I thought was a moan pendik escort of excitement, but I couldn’t be sure, as she dropped her rode and stood there, waiting. I stared, naked, at her perfectly toned curved figure, her naked body seemed to glisten from the light and turn golden. She moved her hands up and down her smooth body down then up around her beasts. I couldn’t imagine what she saw in me, but it that moment, “who gives a fuck”. We stood there until she turned off the light and darkness penetrated the room again. She walked up to me, face to face and slipped her hands down and touched my side. I leaned in as did she until our lips touched, her warm lips and tongue. As I placed my hand on her breast, her hands gripped my thighs, and moved upward. Our tongues and lips pressed harder and harder into each other.

As I clenched her breast she let out a soft moan. I felt my blood pump faster as her hands moved higher and higher. When she finally grabbed me in her hand, after much teasing, she rubbed and felt around for a while just coarsening. I started to move my hands down as well but like a flash she ripped sefaköy escort her mouth away from mine and dropped down to her knees. I felt her mouth and tongue swallow me whole, I was soaring, floating high in the clouds above the darkness of the room. I don’t know if this flying feeling was because or her of the weed we smoked earlier but at that moment I didn’t give one shred of a shit. The faster and wetter it got the more my legs began to shake and back began to arch, I could feel my body getting ready to release. She must have felt it as well because she stopped and looked up at me, I’d imagine. She then turned and jumped on to the bed, I couldn’t see at first. My eyes were still adjusting to the dark, when I heard she voice whisper almost in a moan…

“Come to me.”

Like a shot I jumped on her in a fit of lust, I landed on top of her hard. We both clawed at each other furiously, primal like animals. We had been waiting so long. I pushed myself into her deeply, pull myself back out and in again. The hips thrusted back and forth, my cock slamming into her, the slap of my balls on her ass, her moans silivri escort of pleasure filled the entire room. I could feel her nails digging into my ass as I continued to push my myself into her, hard. Until, the feel of release started to rise…Oh NO, not yet?…

“I’m gonna come! Oh, god. I’m gonna come!”

“Do it. Come for me. Come inside me.”

I tried to pull out but she locked her legs around me, I couldn’t escape.

“No, I can’t I…”

“Come in me. Do it!”

She wasn’t as innocent as I thought. In that moment, her vagina squeezed me as if was sucking the come out of me. Trying to squeeze every drop out. I couldn’t hold it, I was going blow. No, not yet. Please no. Her nails scratched across my ass cheeks and that was it. I came, loud, hard inside of her. My seed shooting deep into her cunt. Her legs not letting go until my cock was drained completely dry. We held each other in that transcendent moment, alone in the darkness, together making one.I couldn’t breathe, it was if she was sucking the air right out of me then finally she loosened her grip and we separated.

“Holy shit.” I felt like I had died and been resurrected.

“Don’t you holy shit, cause you only got ten minutes boy. Then it’s my turn.”


“You’ll find out. Don’t go anywhere.” She walked out of the room. Again I was alone, in the dark, wondering what she meant by…

“Your turn?”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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