First Date Again

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Chris sighed as she felt him slowly sliding inside, her hips arching up to meet his thrust as he buried himself deep inside of her for the first time. She couldn’t believe how this felt, she couldn’t believe how nice it was to be treated as a human being not to mention a woman for the first time in too many years. This certainly wasn’t how she had envisioned the day going when she got up that morning.

Chris had woken up that morning with a hollow feeling in her stomach. She was going on a date for the first time since her divorce and wasn’t sure if she should go or just call it off. It had been too many years since she had dated and it had only been six months since her divorce had become final. Because she had already sent the kids to stay with their grandmother until the next day she had finally decided to go, it would get her out of the house. This would be the first time since the divorce that she had dealt with an adult outside of work.

She had been careful when she chose what to wear, she had been informed her date didn’t have a car just a motorcycle. While she wanted to be comfortable on this wonderfully warm day she also didn’t want to shock her date by letting him see too much. She had finally settled on a pair of jeans, boots and a white t-shirt. Her friends hadn’t told her who they had set her up with but they had mentioned he would be picking her up at noon. She had waited for him with butterflies in her stomach and when he finally pulled into her driveway she had been disappointed that she couldn’t tell who it was. His helmet had hidden his face from her and his leathers had covered his body too well to tell who it might be. She had been even more disappointed when he had removed his helmet and revealed that it was Terry from the office.

Chris was surprised to see him, maybe he hadn’t known who he was taking out. While she was loud and very vocal in work Terry was one of the very few quiet ones. He was the resident Geek, able to fix anything from the office copier to the computers that always seemed to crash at the worst possible moment. He was so quiet around the office that people didn’t seem to see him until they needed his skills, and even then he was just the computer guy. In other words he was the exact opposite of her. Seeing him astride the ‘Bike was a surprise for her, she just hadn’t thought of him being the kind to ride.

At first he had rubbed her the wrong way, he had insisted that she put on a leather coat he had brought along, telling her he wouldn’t allow her on his bike without it. She had been surprised to find it fit her perfectly even though they had to work on the zipper with some soap to get it closed. He had apologized for while telling her it had belonged to his ex-wife and hadn’t been worn in several years. She hadn’t known he had been married but had refrained from asking him about it.

After she had put on the jacket and a helmet they had climbed on the bike and off they went. To her surprise she had enjoyed the ride. Her Ex had ridden a sport bike and every time he had convinced her to ride with him he had scared her half to death with his aggressive riding style. Terry on the other hand was relaxed when he rode, taking it easy and making it fun to ride with him. When they arrived at the park by the river she had gotten a little concerned. She had been here on occasion and couldn’t remember any restaurants. When she asked her date about this over the rumble of the engine he had laughed while telling her their lunch was in the saddle bags. She had become even more concerned when he rode through the park and up an old logging road along the river while telling her he had permission to ride up there.

When they had finally stopped in a small clearing along the river she had climbed off the bike and looked around with no small amount of trepidation. She was remembering the knife in her back pocket and thinking about asking him to take her home as he unloaded the saddle bags and started working in the middle of the clearing. She changed her mind though when he stepped away from his handy work and she saw what he had done. There in the middle of the clearing was a blanket spread out on the grass. On the blanket were platters of what looked like salad and grilled chicken as well as a bottle of wine. Along the edges were what appeared to be pillows. She was asking herself where he had carried all of this when she saw him taking off his leathers. To say she was startled would have been an understatement.

Terry was not what she had expected. Dressed like herself in jeans and a t-shirt she saw him as though for the first time. His work uniform had covered the tattoos on both upper arms as well as what she now saw was a well developed body. As she watched him moving she was reminded of a big cat, every move he made was smooth and unhurried. As he took her jacket from her and hung it on the bike she saw that he was very self confident. Finally he had everything ready and motioned for her to join him at the blanket. He even helped her mecidiyeköy escort to lower herself to the blanket and positioned several of what she now saw were blow up pillows behind her to help support her.

After he had moved to the opposite side of the blanket and sat down he had passed her a plate and told her to serve herself as he poured them some wine. She had loaded up her plate and accepted the glass of wine from him when he handed it over and been startled at how cold it had been. She had been even more startled when she had taken a bite of the chicken, it definitely wasn’t store bought chicken. When she had asked him about it he had smiled shyly and admitted he had cooked it. That was the first of many surprising things about him she learned during their meal.

She was amazed when he asked her about a book he had seen her carrying earlier in the week. She had wondered at how to reply, the book after all was slightly off beat being about religions and how they were the same. She mentioned that to him and was surprised when he started talking with her about it in both a knowledgeable and humorous way. She couldn’t believe how widely read he was, not just on religion but politics and history as well. He even surprised her when he commented that he wrote short stories for several popular magazines. He had blushed when she asked him which magazines then admitted they were men’s magazines and his stories were highly graphical in nature.

She had laughed when she heard that and the conversation had naturally flowed into more intimate channels. Before long they were talking about sex and their own sex lives, or the lack of one on their parts. She was amazed that she felt so comfortable with him, comfortable enough to talk like that.

Before she was ready for it to be over their lunch was done. As Terry picked up the debris left over from their little feast Chris wandered down to the river bank. Watching the water flowing by she realized just how warm she had become during their lunch and talk. They had been sitting under the early summer sun and had been protected trothplight breeze by the surrounding trees. She was actually sweating from the heat trapped in the clearing and the water was looking more and more refreshing as she watched it. She knew that if she had been alone she would have risked getting caught and gone skinny dipping, but with Terry there she didn’t dare. Instead she kicked off her boots and socks and climbed out on a dead branch hanging over the water. Halfway out was a spot where it was low enough that she could sit and dangle her feet, getting them wet and hopefully cooling herself off as well.

She had been sitting there daydreaming and enjoying the cool water when she felt the branch shift slightly under her. Looking over her shoulder she saw Terry had finished what he had been doing and was joining her. As he stepped onto the branch she looked down at the water beneath her and realized it was a lot deeper than it had looked from shore. This was one of the little holes the river had cut and it would have made a perfect swimming hole. Now though it just looked deep. Looking back at Terry she asked him to step back, she would come back on shore. She didn’t think the branch would hold both of them without breaking. Shrugging he smiled and backed off.

Climbing carefully to her feet Chris turned and started making her way back to shore. She had moved only a couple of feet when the branch shifted beneath her again. This time she couldn’t stop herself, she was over balanced and a piece of bark came away from under her foot. She could hear the startled scream coming from her as she toppled backwards off the branch into the water. The shock of the cold water on her skin as well as the surprise of falling in had disoriented her. As she flailed around trying to figure out which way was up she heard a splash in the water. As her feet finally touched bottom and she could discern which way to go she saw a shadow glide through the water towards her. Chris was about to kick off the bottom for the surface when she felt a pair of arms, warm in the chill water, encircle her body from behind as the shadowy figure pulled her to his. Relaxing, she knew better to fight this, she felt him hold her close and swim to the surface

Reaching the surface she felt herself turned onto her back so she could breath as she was unceremoniously towed towards shore. It was only when she felt him stop and stand that Chris tried to break free of the arms around her. She had to break free of those arms, she felt strange being held by them. She felt almost protected as they cradled her. pulling free of the embrace she staggered and would have fallen again if he hadn’t grabbed her shoulder from behind. With a slow, gently firm touch he turned her until she was facing him. As he stood there in front of her, one hand on her shoulder to steady her against the slight tug of the current she looked at him and couldn’t believe what she saw.

Terry nişantaşı escort had obviously jumped in when he saw her fall off the branch and now he was soaked. His hair hung dripping into his face while his shirt seemed melded to his body. Now she could truly see just how well developed he was. Oh she knew the strength of his arms from when he had grabbed her under the water but now she could see that he hadn’t even been trying to squeeze her. She could also see through the thin fabric that he had many more tattoos than just the ones on his arms. It was while she was shamelessly staring at him that she noticed he was looking everywhere but at her.

At first she didn’t understand why this would be so, why wasn’t he looking at her? Was he ashamed at how his hands had brushed her breasts under the water? Was he ashamed for her because she had fallen off the log? While she was thinking this she felt a slight breeze blow across the water and chill her through her shirt. Understanding of a kind dawned on her. He was looking away because her shirt must have been stuck to her skin like his was. She knew that the thin fabric of her shirt had to be as transparent as his showing him just what she looked like so why wasn’t he trying to get an eyeful? Every other guy she had known would have been staring at her tits through her shirt and hoping for more. She was realizing this when he spoke so quietly she had a hard time hearing him.

“Chris, I, uh I hope you don’t think this is why I brought you out here.” Was what he almost silently said as he let go of her shoulder and turned so his back was to her. “I didn’t plan on this happening at all and I’m sorry.”

She couldn’t believe he was saying this. What was he talking about? As he started talking again he sidled past her making sure to keep his eyes turned away.

“I’ll uh, I’ll go get the blanket so you can wrap up and I won’t be able to see you. Then I can hang up your shirt so at least that dries before we leave. I can’t believe I let this happen to you again.” She heard him almost sob as he scrambled up the bank and hurried towards the bike.

Stunned Chris could only stand there and stare after him. How had he known about that? How could he have known about the last night she had spent with her husband and what had happened? Somehow he knew, or thought he knew about that night. Somehow he had heard or read about how on their last night together her and her husband had gone to a pool for a little midnight swim.

At first she had been happily surprised at finding the gate to the public pool unlocked. They had just walked in, stripped and hit the water for a little skinny dipping. It was only after she had seen three of his friends step out of the shadows that she had started to worry. When he had guided her to the shallow end of the pool and made her stand up under the moon light for them to look at she had started to get concerned, but when he had told her what he and his buddies were going to do, that was when she had gotten scared. Oh she had fought them, getting banged by him and his friends in the public pool hadn’t been something she had wanted, but there were four of them. They were unhappy with her for fighting and had taken their anger out on her. The next day, bruised and battered she had slipped away from their house and hidden with one of her few friends until the divorce trial.

Now she stood in the waist deep water watching as Terry dug almost franticly through the saddle bags for the blanket, her shirt sticking to her body and her mind whirling with the thoughts and memories. She couldn’t believe that he was so upset because of this. He hadn’t been there. He hadn’t been one of them but now he was acting almost as if he had been there. It took Chris another minute to figure out why. He was afraid, somehow she knew he was afraid that this was going to bring back the memories of that night. He was afraid that she was going to think he was planning the same thing.

Realizing this Chris looked at him through slightly different eyes. As she looked at him kneeling next to the bike, shaking as he pulled out the blanket she couldn’t help but wonder. This was the first time a man had been afraid of what she thought of him and it felt strange. As she looked up at him she knew he was smart, he had proven that during their lunch. She knew he had a sense of humor and she knew he was strong as hell. Now she realized he had something else, something she hadn’t dealt with before. Looking at him, watching him as he stood up and headed for the river where she stood she understood something else.

Yes she knew he was divorced, and from what she had heard his divorce had been nearly as nasty and messy as hers had been. He had come home to catch his wife with another man and beat that man into a stay in the hospital. Because he had hit his wife when she stepped in she had been able to get almost everything of his in the divorce. Chris knew this but seeing the way he was acting now otele gelen escort told her all she needed to know about that. She knew he hadn’t meant to hit her, it had to have been an accident. She also knew that Terry was someone she wanted to know better but that if she didn’t move now she wouldn’t get the chance. Somehow she knew that after this he would avoid her, not because he didn’t like or find her exciting but because of what had happened. She knew that she had to make him understand she didn’t blame him. The only problem was she didn’t know how.

When Terry stepped to the bank he stood there for a minute, dropping the blanket and keeping his eyes downcast. Clearing his throat he made sure she saw him close his eyes before he extended his hand to help her out of the water. He wanted her to know he wasn’t going to look. Touched she slowly waded towards the bank and grabbed his hand before it hit her. She knew what she needed to do. Seeing the blanket laying on the grass at his feet had given her the idea and feeling his hand warm in hers sealed it. Instead of letting him help her up the bank she braced a foot against the dirt while grabbing a branch with her free hand. With a sharp tug she pulled him into the river beside her with a large splash and a yell. As he hit the water she let go of his hand and quickly circled around behind him as he stood up and brushed the hair out of his eyes.

“Shhhhh, Terry don’t move.” She whispered from behind him.

She could see how tense he was as he stood there wondering what was going on but she didn’t say anything for a minute. Reaching down and grabbing the bottom of her shirt she pulled it over her head as she felt the breeze against her skin. Tossing the shirt to the bank she turned back and facing his back gently placed her hands on his shoulders.

“Terry I want, no I need you to relax.” She said as she gently started kneading his shoulders. “Close your eyes and just relax. Think of the river here, think of the sun shining down on the water warming it and us.”

Slowly she felt his shoulder lose their tenseness, slowly she felt his muscles relax under her hands as she worked. When she felt he had calmed down enough to be able to think a little she stopped what she was doing. Slowly she moved her hands down his back working on the muscles there. She could feel how he slowly relaxed under her ministrations. When she reached his belt she slowly eased his shirt out from under it until she was able to peel it off of him. After she had tossed it to lay beside her own she slowly slid her arms around his waist pressing herself against him.

She knew he could feel her naked skin against his own. She felt him tense up again when he felt her small breasts press against his back. She knew, oh she knew he could feel her hard nipples pushing against his skin, their small rings a colder counterpoint to the warmth of her skin. She ached to feel his fingers and lips on them but knew she couldn’t move too fast. She would have to wait or risk scaring him off.

Holding him like this, her arms around his waist and her upper body pressed against his back she held still for a minute basking in the warmth of his body. When she felt him start to relax again she slowly moved her hands, slowly sliding them over his belly feeling his skin, soft over his hard muscles . She explored his body by brail, chest belly and shoulders while holding herself against him. Making sure he could feel her against him she slowly worked his body with her hands. Enjoying the feel of his skin beneath hers she slowly felt every ripple and scar on his upper body. Slowly he relaxed into her embrace. Gently he leaned back against her as she slowly slid her body against him.

The next step was harder. Lifting her hands to his shoulders she held him for a minute before slowly turning him, she wanted him to face her. She felt him fighting against her, she could feel his muscles tense up as he got ready to pull away.

“Terry relax, I want to do this. You weren’t there Terry, you weren’t one of them. Don’t you understand? Can’t you understand I want you to look at me? Don’t you understand I want you to see me?”

Even as she was saying this Chris was turning him and realizing that what she was saying was the truth. She did want him to look at her. She wanted to feel her body against his and more. Slowly, oh so slowly Terry allowed himself to be turned, his body rubbing against hers. When he was finally facing her Chris slid her hands up his body until they rested on his shoulders. Looking him in the eyes she leaned forward while pulling him to her. She knew what she wanted to do, would he allow it?

Pulling him towards her by his shoulders she felt herself lick suddenly dry lips just before they touched his. As she kissed him she felt Terry start to move as though he had suddenly awakened. Sighing as she felt his hands encircle her once again she moaned quietly when his hands traced lightly up her back and held her body against his as he returned her kiss. She loved the feel of his body, warm against hers as they stood in the water. She loved how he felt and how he smelled as they kissed in the river. When one of his hands slowly moved down her body, pausing at the small of her back for a minute before moving on to finally rest on her ass she knew they both wanted more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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