Finally, I Got To Do Her Ch. 02

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It had been several weeks since my first encounter with Cheryl and she gave no indication she wanted to get together again. She was the same at the office, friendly and spoke to me, but nothing beyond that. Our final day of working together came and we had a huge party in our department with a lot of laughs and a lot of tears. There were twenty of us going our separate ways; some had other jobs lined up already but others didn’t and were unsure of what the future held. I started a new job the following Wednesday, but as far a I knew, Cheryl was going to take some time off, enjoy herself and be a stay at home mom for awhile. This would probably be the last time I saw her as we hugged and bade our goodbyes.

Later that evening my wife, Stacy, and I were watching television.

“What’s wrong honey,” she asked, “you don’t seem yourself.”

“Well, it was the last day with a number of people I knew for a long time and it’s kind of sad. Plus I may never have the opportunity to get with Cheryl again.”

As my wife and I had several partners over the years, she understood and even though the longest time either of us had stayed with a different partner was about three months, I still felt a little longing for Cheryl.

We were on the couch and my wife scooted closer. Her hand was on my leg and slowly was making its way to my crotch. My cock started stirring as I’m one that doesn’t need much to get an erection, and was starting to tent the shorts I had on. I quickly thought about our kids, but being teenagers that drive, they were out for the evening. As Stacy continued to caress my dick she said, “I think I can make you forget about Cheryl.”

She moved to her knees in front of me. Her blowjobs were mind numbing and as I knew what was coming, my dick was as hard as it could get. She reached up to unbutton my shorts while caressing my erection through the material, slowly rubbing with both hands. We had not had sex for a couple of days and I was ready to come in my shorts if she continued doing this. She unzipped my shorts and reached in to pull my cock out. She smiled and continued stroking it almost teasingly and I pumped my hips into her hand.

Stacy giggled and smiled. “Someone’s a little antsy aren’t we?”

She lowered her head and wrapped her lips around my dick and slowly moved her head down the shaft. Her hands were on my legs as her mouth started to move up and down, keeping that slow pace that was killing me. I wanted to grab her head and pump my dick in her mouth as hard as I could.

“You always are so hard for me Alan. You’re going to blow aren’t you?”

I just shook my head as she continued moving up and down the shaft with her lips. She moved to the head and licked it with her tongue as she pumped my shaft with her hand. She started stroking faster and faster and moved her lips back down on my dick. As she continued to pump and suck on me I said to her, “honey, I’m about to come.”

One more stroke from her and I groaned, arched my back, and shot my load into her mouth. She was able to swallow some, taksim üniversiteli escort but a lot dripped from her mouth and ran down her chin.

“Oh man….oh god….that was great.” I panted. She continued licking my dick and swallowing the come that escaped her mouth earlier.

I reached over to start stroking her nipples but she moved a little and stopped me.

“It’s okay, honey. I just wanted to take care of you tonight.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yea, I’m fine. Just hold me.”

We fell asleep holding each other until of one our sons came home and woke us up and we went up to bed.


Several weeks went by and I became engulfed in the new job. It was a lot higher pay and it involved a little travel, something I’ve always enjoyed and I loved what I was doing. I was at the office one day and my cell phone beeped to indicate a text message. When I looked at the number, I didn’t recognize it, so I opened the message – it was from Cheryl. I was quite surprised; the message read “Can you come to the house Saturday around 10:00? Please let me know” I immediately started to get hard thinking of our previous encounter. My wife was going out of town this weekend with some friends to Vegas. My kids would do whatever so I had the day free and replied “yes, I’ll be there”

The rest of the week was a drag waiting for Saturday. I did let Stacy know what was going on – she grinned and said I was a bad, bad boy.

“I guess I’ll have to try harder next time to make you forget her, ” she accused.

I reassured her that she was still my wife and reminded her I would always love her and no one else. She smiled and went into our bedroom to start packing for her trip, as she was leaving in about an hour. I dropped her off at the airport, said hi to a couple of the women she was going with and returned home. I tried to watch tv but couldn’t focus, thinking about Cheryl and the next day. I tried surfing porn on the computer but I’ve never really been into that, so I just went to bed. I couldn’t sleep well and tossed around most of the night, thinking about tomorrow.

As Saturday morning finally arrived I showered and left for Cheryl’s house. Again anticipating our encounter, I was rock hard when I pulled in her driveway. When she answered the door I about came in my shorts. She was wearing a pair of running shorts, showing off a pair of incredible sexy legs. I never realized how muscular they were. But to top that, she was just wearing a sports bra – showing a ton of her flat tummy and the belly button that looked so good. Her breasts were sticking out and those huge nipples were showing through the bra. We moved into the kitchen and she turned around.

“What do you think of this outfit” she said and she smiled as she ran her hands along the waistband of her shorts.

“I think you look awesome and really sexy.”

She moved a hand down into her shorts and started to caress herself, the whole time looking at me and licking tophane escort her lips. My dick was screaming for relief, I was so hard. I moved around to approach her from behind. I nuzzled up against her, placing my dick against her ass and started to slowly pump my hips.

“Wait, Alan, we’re in the kitchen!”

“But it looks into the woods remember?” And as that just reminded me, “By the way, where is John and the kids?”

“John had to work and the kids are at my parents for the day. We should have plenty of time.”

I continued to pump against her ass and starting rubbing her hard belly. My hand slowly moved down into her shorts and I discovered she had no panties on. I got even harder as she was already soaked and her shorts were very wet. Since she was so much shorter than me, I suggested we sit on a kitchen chair. I sat down first and she sat with her back to me. This allowed me to reach into her shorts and caress her breasts and nipples at the same time. She leaned back into me so her ass would rub against my dick.

I kissed her neck as I worked my hand under the waistband or her shorts and down to her sweet, wet pussy. She started moaning, “uh…uh…mmm”

My hand moved through her bush and I ran my finger along her slit. She started moving against my hand and reached back to start stroking my dick.

“Let me undo your shorts so I can get to you”

I quickly unbuttoned them and pulled the zipper down. She reached in grabbed my shaft and slowly started stroking me. I moved my hand back into her shorts and started fingering her cunt.

“Yes….yes…mmmm”, she moaned.

I reached up with my other hand and pushed her sports bra up over her tits. Those beautiful nipples popped into view and I gently caressed one with my hand, pulling on it and flicking it with my thumb.

“Ohhh Alan,” Cheryl moaned as I continued to finger her sopping wet pussy and massage her beautiful tits. She stopped massaging my dick and said to me,

“Will you please lick me again? That hasn’t happened since last time and I really enjoyed it.”

“I would love to do that again to you.”

“Let’s go downstairs again and finish on the bed there.”

“Why don’t we just stay in the kitchen? Let me show you something you might really enjoy,” and with that I lifted her up from the chair, slid her shorts down her legs and off of her and sat her on the counter. We knocked some papers out of the way and Cheryl laughed.

“Dear god, I cut vegetables and meat up here. Now my bare ass is up here!” and she laughed again.

“Don’t worry, we’ll clean the counter afterward.”

The counter came to about my waist and if I kneeled I would be even with her pussy. I raised her ass and placed my hands on her fabulous cheeks and moved her to the edge of the counter. She was shaking again with anticipation and I lowered my head and started to run my tongue around her belly button.

“Oh yesss” she started moaning. “You’re teasing me.”

I moved further down over her mound and topkapı escort onto her slit. She was really soaking and her juices were already all over her thighs. I loved the taste of her pussy and licked the juices off her legs.

“Mmmm……mmm….ohhhh…..God, please, lick me! Please!”

Cheryl was leaning back and supporting herself with her arms on the counter which left her legs spread open as wide as she could. I pulled her closer onto my tongue and started licking around her pussy lips.

“Oh oh oh oh……..mmmmm…..keep licking, keep licking……”

I flattened my tongue and ran it all over her slit and found her clit. She was bucking her hips into my face and I had to hold onto her ass as I thought she would fall off the counter. I started nibbling on the small nub and alternated sucking on it.

Ahhhh, don’t stop……don’t stop..don’t stop,” Cheryl panted. She wrapped her legs around my head and I continued to tongue and lick her clit and pussy. “My god…my god….I’m commminng…’re making me come again….”

I knew she was close and I pulled her pussy even closer onto my tongue. She was moaning louder and louder continuing to buck wildly on my tongue. I then shoved my tongue into her pussy and drove her over the edge.

Ohhhh my…..oh god..oh god…….oh oh oh, ” she moaned again and collapsed against me as her orgasm drained her. My face was wet and sticky with the sweet juices of her pussy.

Cheryl looked at me and said, “Wow, you’re incredible when you do that to me. I can’t believe I waited so long to call you again, but I got really nervous and scared after that first time.”

“That’s Ok. Like I said I’ll never pressure you to do anything you don’t want to.” As I said this I was unconsciously stroking my raging hard on.

“We still need to finish something, don’t we,” she said. “Sit on the chair I want to try something I’ve never done before.”

As I sat down Cheryl pulled my shorts and boxers off so I was completely naked on the chair. She knelt in front of me and started to caress my hard on. One hand stroked my shaft in a slow, maddening pace and her other hand was gently squeezing my balls. She lowered her head and her lips slipped around my dick. Her mouth was incredibly wet and hot and it took all I had not to come right then. She ran her mouth all the way down to the base of my cock and slowly moved back to the tip. She did this again, moving even slower.

“Cheryl, if you keep doing that I will come quickly.” I warned her since I didn’t think she wanted me to come in her mouth. She lifted her head and said, “It’s alright. That’s what I want to try is swallow your come.”

She placed her lips around my dick again and continued slowly fondling my balls. She moved up and down the shaft again at the same slow pace. The third time she did this, I couldn’t hold back.

“Here it comes….I’m coming.” I moaned and my cock erupted into her mouth. Cheryl swallowed the first spurt but she coughed and gagged. She tried her best but the remaining spurts were too much for her and she ended up taking most of my load on her face. It also dribbled down onto her tits. I was sitting there drained and she continued to slowly stroke what was left of my hard on. While in this state of ecstacy, we both failed to hear the garage door open.

“Hey Cheryl, who’s car is parked in our driveway?”

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