Farm Girl Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Darla’s childhood on a farm had not prepared her for life in the city, and her protective parents had home schooled her and given her no sex education. In fact, they had been careful to make sure she never even saw the farm animals breeding. When she turned 18 and took a job in the city it was Jerry, her employer, who gently introduced her to sex and made sure it was pleasurable for her right up to the time of the birth of her first child by him.

Jerry’s wife, Susan, had become pregnant shortly before Darla came to live with them. Patty was hired to help with the housework and to be a nursemaid when Susan’s baby came. Although Jerry was a great swordsman he found it difficult to take care of the needs of two women, but help was on the way.

Very early in Darla’s pregnancy Susan’s ex-husband moved in with them. He had been working in Alaska, and when that job ended Susan invited Jake to stay with them until he found a place of his own. Susan and Jake had had a good marriage, and his thick tool had given her endless pleasure, but as a mining engineer he had not been around enough to be a good husband. During one of his absences Susan had met Jerry. They were immediately attracted to each other, and that was the end of her marriage to Jake. Even though Jerry was not as well endowed as Jake, he won Susan with his skillful fucking, and they eventually married.

Ever since she had been a teenager Susan had enjoyed nothing so much as the feel of a dick thrusting in and out of her pussy and the squirting of jizz against her cervix, but she wanted to avoid motherhood and went on the pill early. By the time she and Jerry were married Susan began to wonder what it would feel like to be pregnant and decided she was ready to start a family. Jerry knocked her up quickly and they both enjoyed the swelling of her breasts and belly. The pregnancy and birth were uneventful, and she was already looking forward to the next one.

When Jake moved in Susan was still too sore from giving birth to her daughter to take advantage of Jake’s endowment, but late one night he came across her nursing her baby in her rocking chair. He salaciously asked if she had any extra for him. She said she didn’t but might be able to help him out. She had noticed that Jake and Darla seemed interested in each other, so she called the girl in. Jake took the hint, and was soon exploring Darla on the sofa. As he kissed her his hands roamed to her breasts which had filled out attractively with her pregnancy. He undid a few buttons of her blouse and slipped his hand inside her bra. She encouraged him by opening her blouse further and pushing her bra below her breasts maltepe escort which thrust them up invitingly. Jake began squeezing, kissing and then pulling at her breasts with his mouth in imitation of the baby pulling on Susan’s breasts. He moved his mouth from one breast to the other while keeping the other occupied with his hand.

Darla was pregnant, horny and glad to have the pressure in her swollen aching breasts relieved by Jake’s nursing. She wondered if Jake was going to ride her the way Jerry did. Jerry no longer seemed as interested in Darla as he had, and she would have preferred to be ridden more often. She responded eagerly as Jake suckled her breasts. She asked if he wanted to go to her room. He took his leave of Susan and followed Darla upstairs. She undressed and prepared herself as she did for Jerry with her nightgown pulled up around her hips, a pillow under them and her legs spread.

Jake lifted the nightgown higher and took a few more pulls at her breasts with his mouth as he ran his hands up and down her legs and stroked between them, each time lingering longer at her pussy. He stood up and took off his shirt, and when he unfastened his belt and began to take off his pants Darla started to cream in anticipation. When he dropped his shorts Darla gasped at the size of his growing erection and felt the moisture between her legs increase. Jake’s member was far larger than Jerry’s. It looked to her as large as the ones on horses that she had seen at home, much shorter of course, but it seemed at least as big around. Darla was torn between fear and desire but started to relax as Jake suckled her swollen breasts and stroked her crotch, playing with her clitoris as her moisture increased. When he judged that she was wet enough he touched her entrance with his huge bulb, pressing it gently against her opening.

Jake had dealt with apprehensive women before and reassured her by promising they would go at her pace and to tell him if it hurt. Of course it hurt, but he gave it to her a little at a time, pressing in and then withdrawing. With each withdrawal her cunt clutched at him and its spasms seemed to try to pull him back in again. Soon she was jacking her hips and pressing up against him. When he had just passed the opening to her vagina he paused and enjoyed the tiny movements as she tried to milk him. She loved the feeling of fullness his large member gave her. Each time he sensed that her passage had adjusted to him he pressed in a little further. By the time he had inserted the entire length of his stubby dick she was actively humping, and he began thrusting into her mecidiyeköy escort in earnest, matching her movements. When he sensed she was about to cum he gently withdrew and just left the head at her opening. She had been on the verge of cuming, and her cunt made clutching motions at his dick. He began to slowly reenter her as he massaged her breasts and pinched her hard nipples. When he had given it all to her he paused and let her enjoy the sensation of being filled. Soon Darla involuntarily pushed against him and they exploded simultaneously.

Sometime during the night Darla was awakened by Jake’s hands and mouth on her nipples. She spread her legs for him, and again he entered her slowly, teasing her with periodic withdrawals. At last, when he was all the way in she held him to her and rocked her pelvis from side to side enjoying the feel of his huge member filling her completely, stretching her passage to the limit. At last she began gripping and releasing him, till he shot a second load into her.

The next morning Susan smiled knowingly as she saw how gingerly Darla moved as she went about her work. She knew the feeling and remembered her own first experience with Jake when she was in high school.

Susan had not been a virgin, having worked her way through several athletes, including the entire first string of a football team twice in one night, but Jake was definitely better hung than any other guy she had ever screwed. Next day the rim of her vagina stung and burned from the friction, and the walls of her passage felt bruised from being stretched. The pain was minor and was actually a reminder of a pleasant time.

When Susan was younger she liked to party more than study so she took longer than usual to get through high school. As a 19-year-old junior she took a dare from her best friend and told the captain of a nearby college football team that if he would rent a motel room she would take on all comers. The boys crowded into the room and began taking their clothes off as the captain claimed first rights and began opening Susan’s blouse. She had dressed for the occasion by leaving off her bra and panties and wearing a skirt short enough that it did not need to be removed to provide access to her pussy. When he had undone enough buttons to expose both breasts he shoved the blouse aside and invited the quarterback to partake of the breast he did not intend to occupy himself. Susan almost came when she felt two mouths latched onto her breasts and watched the nine men standing around the bed, stroking their cocks in eager anticipation as they waited their turn. The team captain nişantaşı escort released the breast he was sucking, pushed the quarterback aside and rolled on top of Susan, his dick at the ready. He rammed it into her without ceremony and shot his load almost before he got it all the way in. The quarterback was at least as fast as the captain. The others drew lots to choose her next partners in turn, and soon Susan’s poor cunt was oozing cum, there hadn’t been time to take her blouse all the way off, so when she sat up to go for a bathroom break it framed her breasts in a very sexy manner. It didn’t take long for the boys all to finish and get ready for round two.

Susan decided she liked being laid in a motel much better than the back seat of a car where she usually got it. In the car it was a turn-on to be able to hear the couple in the front seat talking about what they were doing, listening to their grunts and moans, knowing that another girl was getting it too and feeling the car rock as the girls were drilled. Sometimes she would go with three or four guys alone or with her friend and enjoy their simultaneous attention to her breasts and pussy on the way to a good parking spot. But the motel was less cramped, and being able to actually see her next partners preparing themselves to screw her was immensely arousing. It was the most satisfying sex Susan had until she met Jake.

Word got around that Susan was a good lay, and when Jake asked her friend if she would set them up she was glad to do it. Jake’s parents were out of town, so he invited Susan, her friend and her friend’s boyfriend to spend the night. The four sat around the living room for a while watching a porn movie and feeling each other up. When the movie ended they moved the action to the king-sized bed upstairs. They boys soon had their own and their dates’ clothes off and were ready to mount. Despite Susan’s extensive experience with dicks, Jake’s was the biggest she had ever seen. She was already creaming from watching the movie and being fondled, so she quickly spread her legs and urged him to hurry. Even her well-used cunt was a tight fit for Jake. He entered her slowly and she came almost before he had entered her completely. His staying power matched the size of his dick, and he was able to keep her filled most of the night. Much as Susan enjoyed being screwed by Jake she got a charge out of multiple partners, and knowing another girl was getting it at the same time intensified her pleasure.

Jake and Susan were married soon after high school, and she worked while he got his degree in engineering. Wherever his work took him word would somehow get around that he had a tool that could give women boundless pleasure. Its length did not match its width, but he learned the trick of putting a pillow under the hips of his partners who liked deeper penetration in addition to his satisfying bulk.

To be continued — if you want more let me know.

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