Fantasy Visit Ch. 3

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I step off the bed and walk over to your shower, my body hot and covered with cum. With your limp cock in hand, you look at me and wickedly smile. I smile back, reaching between my legs to grab a fingerful of my sticky sweetness.

I bring it to my tit and begin to smear it around my hard nipples, pinching and squeezing at the same time. I straddle the edge of the bathtub and motion you over to join me.

You quickly walk over and push your cock at my face. Grabbing your hardening prick with one hand, I ask you what you want me to do.

“Fuck my cock with your mouth,” you reply.

I slowly stretch my tongue from my mouth and begin lapping at your cock. Up and down my tongue licks, my chin hitting your balls as I lick from the base to the head. I gently draw traces around your cock with my tongue, circling around your hard member, teasing you with my mouth.

“Mmmmm,” you moan as I take your balls into my mouth, gently massaging them between my cheeks. I begin to moan and swirl my tongue around your nuts, causing you to groan in pleasure.

I stop sucking your balls and open my mouth wide, grabbing your kurtuluş escort ass to push your cock deep into my throat. I feel the tip of your thick rod press roughly against the back of my mouth as I begin to hungrily suck on you.

My tongue dances around your cock as my mouth sucks up and down. I slurp and suck on your prick faster and faster, your grunts and moans echoing off the walls. I look up at you with my big green eyes and moan while i thrust your cock deep into my wet mouth.

“Keep going baby, I’m gonna cum soon,” you yell.

I stop and step into the shower, turning the water on to steam up the room. You follow me into the shower as I watch the hot water pouring down your beautiful body. The water slides down your face, onto your chest, past your stomach, hitting your cock and then down to the floor. I am incredibly turned on at the sight of you standing there naked, with your cock throbbing and water spraying all over you.

You pull my body into yours and bury your face between my tits. You begin sucking my nipples, biting and pinching them.

“Oh god, yes,” levent escort I scream.

I am so horny and I want you to fuck me so bad. I can feel a mixture of water and pussy juice flowing down my legs. I grab your cock and stroke it softly.

“I want this in my ass,” I plead.

You grab my ass and push me against the wall as my hands reach out for support. I turn around to watch as the head of your cock slowly pushes against my tight asshole. You grab my hips and push your cock farther, trying to fit your entire length in my ass. With your other hand, you reach around and play with my clit, as you thrust the remainder of your cock into my hole, making it disappear.

“Fuck me now, fuck my tight little asshole,” I beg you.

You begin to slide your cock in and out of my ass, pushing deeper each time. My moans fill the room as two of your fingers plunge into my sopping wet cunt. Feeling you finger my pussy and fuck my asshole forces me to scream,

“HARDER! Uhhhh, yeahhhh!” Harder and faster your cock dives into my tightness, the water pouring down our bodies. I bring one hand maçka escort to my tits and pinch and pull.

“Mmmm, you feel so good inside of me. Keep fucking me, make me cum all over you!”

After hearing me say that, with both hands, you grab my hips and furiously pound your cock into my asshole. In and out, over and over, I feel your cock fucking me. I plunge two of my fingers into my soaked pussy. I feel your cock throbbing inside of me and I know that you won’t last much longer and neither will I.

Faster and deeper you thrust into me until you yell, “Uhhhh, I’m gonna cum!!!”

I shove my fingers deep inside my pussy as your cock rips into my asshole.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” I scream. An orgasm moves through my body, forcing both my pussy and asshole to contract. My tight hole milks your cock as my cum squirts down both of our bodies.

Just as my orgasm subsides, I feel your cock twitch and explode into my ass. Thick, hot streams of cum shoot deep inside of me and you groan out loud, screaming my name.

You pull your cock out of my asshole and your cum flows freely down my ass and onto my pussy. You pull me close and kiss me hard on the lips. I have just experienced some of the most pleasurable sexual experiences of my life and I am looking forward to the next time when I visit you; or better yet, when you visit me and I have complete control over you and what I do to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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