Fantasy Fulfilled

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Note: This story is dedicated to Miss Veronica. She was my inspiration for the story and throughout the writing process encouraged me and provided much needed input.

As he parked his car in the underground parking at her apartment complex, Ed felt a bit apprehensive. Tonight was going to be different. He and Veronica had been seeing one another for several months. To say the sex with her was amazing would be an understatement. She was so passionate, so responsive and oh so adventurous. Although she had previous relationships where she took the role of a Domme, theirs had not been that way. Sometimes it was just mutual; sometimes he took control and sometimes so did she. But tonight they had agreed, she would be his Mistress and he would submit. She was going to take his virgin ass, and it seemed appropriate that she be totally in control for that most intimate encounter. He smiled as he remembered the two of them going together to the sex shop and picking out the strap on that she would use. Nothing too big for his first time she had told him and he was glad for that. But still, he was apprehensive; even though it was something he had wanted for many years.

He took the elevator to her floor and walked slowly down the hallway to her apartment. The tension in his body increased with every step. They had discussed this at length and he knew she would be gentle with him, but still he had some doubts as to how he would react when the act was consummated.

He knocked on her door and it was opened for him. She stayed behind the door until he was inside then closed and locked it behind him. As he turned and saw her his breath caught. She was a tall woman, almost the same height as him, but tonight she wore heels and seemed to tower above him. Her brown hair cascaded down to her shoulders, She wore a sheer black peignoir and he could see the brown areola on her full breasts and the dark patch of hair between her legs through the material. Her shapely legs were encased in the dark stockings that he loved and she wore a garter belt around her waist. Her full lips gave him a reassuring smile and then her hazel eyes darkened as she put on her Mistress persona.

“Go to the bedroom and prepare yourself!” She commanded.

“Yes Mistress.” he replied, turning and walking to the back bedroom.

Upon entering he took off his clothes, laying them neatly on the chair in the corner of the room. The room was dark, blackout curtains having been drawn. The only illumination was from the small lamp on the bedside table, its red shade giving the room an almost eerie glow. He moved to the bed, kneeling in the centre and lowering his arms so that he assumed an all fours position. canlı bahis He was both excited and nervous at the same time. He was taking care of unfinished business, something he had regretted for these many years.

His mind slipped back, back to Laura. He remembered her, and her disappointment when he had said no to her suggestion. She had an obsession with his ass. She loved playing with it, fingering it and even using her tongue. He had found it pleasurable, but when she had suggested using a strap-on and fucking him he had balked and said no. For all these years he had regretted that decision, and now he was about to make it right. Not with Laura, but with Mistress Veronica.

He had met Her online and they had shared so much. She knew his most intimate thoughts and desires. Tonight She was going to fuck his ass. He had never thought of himself as a sub, but with this incredible woman it seemed so very right. Their encounters were amazing. Throughout his life he had always had to be the one in control, and now he was letting Her be the one in charge.

He remained motionless, in position, waiting, his anticipation building. It seemed like an eternity before he heard Her enter, when in fact it was only a few minutes.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh yes ma’am.”

He felt Her hand as She slapped his bottom, “What did you call me?”

“I’m, I’m sorry Mistress, please forgive me.”

He heard Her moving around, but dared not look back. He felt Her on the bed behind him. “I am going to prepare you.”

Her hands slid over the swell of his bottom and up his back. She leaned forward to whisper in his ear, her body against his, Her taut nipples brushing his back. “Relax my sweet man, enjoy every sensation.”

She lifted up and he felt Her hands on his bottom again, massaging him, spreading him. Her lips found each cheek, softly kissing him as her fingertip slid slowly up and down the crease of his bottom. His body savoured her touch, anticipating what was to come. He shivered as he felt her tongue against his most intimate place.

She lifted up, and he immediately missed her touch. Then he felt the drizzle of lube onto his ass.. Her hands were on his flesh, massaging his ass, coating it with the slick liquid. A finger entered him and he let out a sigh. Then a second finger joined the first, it felt so good, moving slowly in and out, preparing him. Her fingers pushed deeper, pressing against that sensitive gland, making him quiver in delight. She leaned close, he felt a hardness against his thigh, felt Her breath against his neck.

The scent of Her delicate perfume caught his nostrils as She whispered, “Are you ready, ready for this gift bahis siteleri I am giving you, ready to fulfill your fantasy?”

“Yes, Mistress,” was all he could say, hoping that he could go all the way with this and not have to use their safe word.

She moved into position behind him. He could hear Her rubbing lube on the strap on. Her hands guided his legs further apart. He felt the hardness press against him. The tip pushed slowly forward, stretching him, easing into his ass. He let out a soft groan as that hardness pushed past his sphincter, a twinge of pain mixed with pleasure. She took her time, nice and slow as the dildo began to fill his ass. Twice she stopped, asking him if he was alright, to which he replied, “Oh yes!” He closed his eyes and let out another long sigh as he felt the warmth of Her thighs press against the back of his legs. It was so very intimate. She was fully inside him and held still, allowing him to adjust to the feeling and savour this new sensation.

He felt Her hands on his hips as she slowly began rocking Her’s. It was actually happening, She was fucking his ass. It was so erotic, his amazing Mistress giving him this special gift. His cock was rock hard, dripping pre cum onto the bed. He was so enjoying what She was doing.

“Thank you Mistress.” he moaned.

She continued fucking him, her hands caressing his buttocks as she moved the dildo in and out of his virgin ass. “You like it, don’t you?” She asked, not needing a reply as his soft moans of pleasure said all She needed to hear. She kept talking to him increasing his arousal with every word.

“I love seeing you like this, on all fours in front of me.”

He could feel the sensations building within him.

“My cock looks so perfect in your ass.”

His mind was racing, trying to process this new experience, these new feelings, that had him so on edge.

“I love being the first to fuck you.”

It was like nothing he had felt before, so very powerful and he could not hold back. He began to moan, that sound She had heard before, and She knew She was pushing him over the edge.

“That’s it, show me that you love this!”

His cock seemed to swell, then twitched as he felt that sweet release. Ropes of his cum shot onto the bedspread and a deep growl of pleasure escaped his throat.

“I’m sorry Mistress… I should have asked for permission.”

“It is alright this one special time,” the dildo still moving in and out of his ass, “later you will make it up to me!”

Then slowly She withdrew the dildo, and he felt an emptiness that he had never experienced before. He fell forward, and lay on the bed his body and mind trying to recover bahis şirketleri and process the new sensations that She had given him.

He did not know how long he had laid there. Time had seemed to stop for him after she withdrew. Then he felt her on the bed again, laying beside him, her leg over his. The strap on had been discarded and only the heat and wetness of her sex pressed against his thigh. Her fingertips lightly caressed his cheek. He turned to her, and their eyes met. It was wonderful, tonight they had shared a special bond and this amazing woman had fulfilled his fantasy.

His arms encircled her, his lips finding hers for a long deep kiss. His hand slid down her beautiful body, trailing across her belly and through the patch of hair above her hot centre. As their tongues played he found her wetness and two fingers slipped inside the velvet lips of her pussy. She moaned against his mouth as his fingers teased her.

He broke the kiss, and with his fingers still in her slowly began kissing his way down that beautiful body. His lips caressed her neck, her breasts, and her belly as they journeyed to the sweetness below. He moved between her legs and continued fingering her as his lips and tongue explored those nether lips that he loved. His nose pressed against her tuft of hair as his tongue found that sensitive nub of flesh and flicked at it. He felt her squirm, hips rising to meet his fingers and lips. The scent of her hot sex filled his nostrils as he ministered to her. Her fingertips found his hair, gripping it as she cried out and the wave of pleasure broke over her body.

He kept going, bringing her to the heights of pleasure twice more before she pulled him away, needing a respite from the powerful sensations that had enveloped her. His fingers slipped from her and he moved again, this time bringing the head of his revived cock to those sweet lips. He began fucking her, nice and slow, savouring each long slow thrust. Her hands found his back, nails lightly raking his flesh as they moved as one.

As he thrust deep, he felt her rise to meet him and her flesh clenched around his.

“Yes Ed, fuck me good!”

Together their bodies moved to a crescendo of pleasure, her nails digging into his shoulders as he thrust deeply into her. Their pace increased as the sensations built within them. His mind flashed back to her fucking his ass and it made his cock throb inside her. He heard her begin to whimper and then cry out and he could not hold back. Again he felt that sweet release, this time deep inside her. His arms wrapped around her and he held her tightly. His lips found hers again and they kissed, this time more sweetly as together they basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Rising up Ed looked into her eyes and whispered, “You have made tonight so special, just as I knew you would. I am glad it was you that fulfilled my fantasy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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