Fantasy First Date Ch. 01

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They have been messaging each other for a while and she’s finally agreed to meet up. She is rushing around, as usual, due to her stressful office job. Her boss is a complete nightmare! He thinks he owns her. She checks her watch… ‘Shit! He’ll be here in half an hour’.

She hasn’t got time to shower. She rushes around the bedroom rummaging through her knicker drawer. ‘Where did I put that bloody Basque he’s always going on about? Ah, there it is.’ She finishes dressing hurriedly and checks herself in her bedroom mirror ‘Hmm, not bad.’ she tells herself as she heads for the door.

Ten minutes later she nervously enters the Italian restaurant, smiling at the waiter. She sees him sat at a corner table. She catches her breath, her chest heaves with butterflies. Not un-noticed by the waiter and her date who stands to greet her, pulling her chair out for her. She nervously smoothes her dress as she sits. He watches her hands glide over her superb curves and offers her his best seductive smile as he pours her a glass of Pinot Grigio.

She is so nervous she can hardly eat anything. ‘Phew! He like olives too. Thank god.’ As the dinner conversation flows she relaxes. His eyes play all over every inch of her throughout the dinner. He makes her laugh too. Bonus! He seems very keen to ask about all the naughty ‘on-line’ stuff. Not about them, but about other men she has been chatting too. What she likes about the experience, what turns her off, in addition to ‘cock’ pictures!

He drops in references to their on-line chats and is curious to know why an attractive sophisticated woman like her needs to use a dating web-site. But they both agree it’s exciting, talking to complete strangers, especially when the chat gets naughty.

She already knows he’s a ‘boob man’, hence halkalı escort her choice of dress. Her magnificent cleavage is accentuated by her gorgeous black necklace. She is now feeling very relaxed in his company and she begins flirting, tentatively at first. She then does something she hasn’t done in years. He smiles as he feels her foot touch his leg. As they leave the restaurant he places his hand on her hip. She tingles at the ‘first touch’. As they head for the waiting taxi he grows bolder. His hand slips from her hip to caress her gorgeous curvy bum.

In the taxi he places his hand on her thigh, gently caressing her. His fingers trace the line of her suspenders under her dress, toying with them. She is enjoying the intimate attention. She leans forward and re-directs the driver. He looks mildly surprised and rather smug as the taxi delivers them to her place. As they walk up the path he holds her hand. As they enter she tells him where the fridge is as she disappears to the loo. Her heart is going ten to the dozen. He enters the lounge and tactically places the wine glasses on the side tables. He sits in the chair and waits.

‘Well is this what you’ve been waiting to see?’ She can feel his erection growing from where she is stood in the doorway as his eyes devour the erotic sight of this gorgeous brunette standing in front of him dressed in a stunning white Basque, lace knickers and delicious tan stockings. She walks over to the sofa and sits down, giving him a very naughty wink. ‘Well considering you’ve been banging on about this bloody Basque for ages, the least I could do was let you see it.’ He gulps his wine and begins to rise from the chair.

‘No, stay there. I know exactly what you want me to do.’ She replies as she heads for the harbiye escort kitchen. She places her glass by the sofa then sashays over to him, bending as she places his drink on the side table. His eyes drink in the stupendous vision of her gorgeous breasts almost falling out of her Basque. She then walks slowly around the chair.

‘So what turns you on so much about the sound a girl’s stockings make as they rub together?’ She asks teasingly as she heads back to the sofa. ‘Now what do you want me to do ‘Sir’?’ she asks as she slowly spreads her delicious thighs apart for him.

He places his wine glass on table and coolly appraises her. ‘First, I want you to play with your gorgeous tits for me. Don’t forget, I can look but I can’t touch.’ She stands and walks nearer to the chair, cupping her fantastic breasts.

‘Like this you mean?’

‘Exactly like that.’ He slowly sips his wine as he watches her tease herself. Her hands drift from her breasts along her waist, over her hips. He follows every curve. She naughtily bends forward allowing her boobs to almost fall out of her Basque again. His erection grows as he catches the first glimpse of her gorgeous nipples.

‘Oh so that’s what you want is it you naughty boy. You want to see my nips?’ She slips a finger inside the cup of her Basque and teases one nipple out for him to enjoy. She leans forward and brushes it against his mouth.

‘Ah ah ah! You can’t touch, remember? Not until I say you can. Do you want to see both?’

He smiles at the unnecessary question. She teases her other nipple out for him and begins to pull them tantalisingly. Her hands then drift back down her Basque and she begins stroking her creamy thighs.

‘Do you like my knickers? I chose them especially ikitelli escort for you today.’ she lied. They were the first ones she pulled out of her knicker drawer. But they are white. ‘Phew!’

‘Yes I do, very much.’ He slowly replies, ‘But they aren’t the ones in your photo. They’re even sexier.’ His eyes take in her delicious knickers, appreciating the carefully designed lace which then becomes see-through, just enough to allow him a glimpse of her delicious smooth pussy. ‘I wonder what they taste like?’

She moves nearer then raises her leg, placing it on the arm of his chair, tantalisingly close to his face. ‘Well you’d better find out then hadn’t you?’ His lips first brush against her sheer stockings, then tease her expensive lace stocking tops. They move higher, finding her warm creamy inner-thigh. He slowly licks her intimate warm skin. She then feels his warm breath as his mouth begins to kiss her knickers. She loves the feel of his tongue pushing the sheer fabric of her now very wet knickers against her swollen pussy. He laps greedily at the white lace, taking her to heaven.

‘God I could let you do that all night!’ She moans breathlessly. Then he stops.

‘Now I want you on the sofa.’ He orders.

‘Yes Sir!’ she replies mockingly. ‘Anything you say Sir!’ She obliges and parts her creamy thighs for him.

‘Now I want you to slowly tease your gorgeous lips out for me.’ She is lost in this wicked fantasy game now and will anything, well, almost anything, he wants. She does as she is instructed. Her hand strays to her moist knickers, pulling them tight between her legs, displaying her wet swollen lips for him.

He finally rises from the chair and kneels between her aching thighs. Her eyes are closed in ecstasy. Then she feels his lips. But not touching her knickers. She moans as he begins to gently bite her nipples. She can’t contain herself and begins massaging her pussy. His mouth eventually stops torturing her swollen nipples then her levels of ecstasy are raised even further as she feels him gently biting her swollen lips…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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