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I see you walking through a thick crowd of people. My heart begins to quicken it’s already rapid pace. I’m nervous, anxious, and excited all in one body. I have waited so long for this moment to happen, I’ll remember it forever.

You’re wandering around the airport looking for a familiar face, my face. Your face is full of the unknown, but suggests something a little playful. I begin to walk towards you, trying to slash through the sea of people. Finally, I reach over and tap you on the back of your shoulder. For the first time our eyes meet. I see the joy in your eyes as you do mine. You drop your carry on luggage and wrap your arms around my neck as we finally kiss. It feels like time has been stopped for us, our moment in time. A passionate kiss takes us into our own world ignoring the sounds and sites of the Minneapolis airport.

We walk into the frigid air of Minnesota that I warned you about. I wrap my arms around you and we make a mad dash for the car! The car is still somewhat warm from an hour ago when I parked it in the ramp. I open the passenger side door and let you step in. I pop the trunk and throw your luggage in neatly. After stepping into the car, I lean etiler ucuz escort over and kiss your cheek. I move away to turn on the car, but your hand stops me. Placing one hand on mine and the other on my cheek you turn my head and kiss my lips passionately. We embrace each other again, this time letting our emotions loose. My tongue slips through your lips and ventures to explore your mouth. I feel your hands working their way down to my now “hard as hell” cock.. I hear you moan as I pinch your nipples through your blouse, My hands roam free over your breasts. I take advantage of the steamed up windows and unbutton your blouse to expose your bra. I feel a surge of cold air hit my cock as you take it out of my black boxers. As you stroke my hard cock, I moan in delight.

Unfastening your bra, I begin to move my tongue around your nipples, not yet touching them. I circle your right breast with my tongue as the left commands the attention of my hand. I hear your breathing quicken, as does mine.

Finally, I realize that this could be much better at home. I say something and we start to re-clothe ourselves somewhat. I start the engine and etiler üniversiteli escort we’re off to Minneapolis! As I drive down the free way, I feel your hand begin to rub my thigh. I look over to see you flash an all too enticing grin at me. I try to refocus my attention on the noon hour traffic. As I regain my driving poise, I feel my pants being unbuttoned! The next thing I know is my cock is half hard and in your hands again. You begin to stroke me, teasing me. I moan in pleasure while you lower your head into my lap. I feel your warm lips touch the head of my cock, sending me into a pleasurable place. You continue to stroke my cock while licking and sucking the head. I am going absolutely nuts!!! My breathing increases as you take my whole cock into your mouth, sucking and licking the entire shaft. Your hands play with my balls while I lean my head back and let out a loud moan . . . You begin to suck me off while I cum in your mouth. Afterwards, you look up and smile at me. I reach over and give you a soft playful kiss.

Finally we reach my apartment. My sister has left for the weekend so we’ve got the entire place to ourselves. fatih escort We race up the stairs, shut the front door behind us and immediately embrace each other. I immediately remove your blouse and bra while you go to work on my shirt and pants. We start to move through the living room, past the kitchen, and into my room while leaving a trail of clothes behind us. By the time we hit the bed, we’re completely naked. Our hands explore each other thoroughly, without any hesitation. I begin to feel your breasts again as I move my way down your body with my tongue. I find what I want and you agree with me with a simple moan. I turn my body around and part your legs to the side.

My tongue begins to explore your inner thighs while my hands play with your ass . . .. I let my tongue gently roam the outer edges of your pussy, again teasing you with my tongue. I feel you beginning suck my hard cock again, mmm, feels so damn good Lisa! I finally penetrate your pussy with my tongue, exploring the inside walls. I fuck your pussy with my tongue hard and fast, you begin to buck your hips wildly as you take my hard cock in your mouth. I grab your hips and draw your pussy closer to my mouth. I go deeper into you, grinding with your hips to go fast and deeper. I feel your pussy tighten and your thighs squeeze my head. you’re about to come as am I. I begin to quiver with pleasure. I hear you let out a moan of pleasure just as you cum . . . I lick up every drop from your pussy, savoring every bit.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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