Ezmerelda Loses the Bet

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This is a follow up to Ezmerelda Wins the Bet, you may want to read it first!

After spending a full day as the slave of Ezmerelda, Dan was very much looking forward to the turn of events that had revealed that in actuality, he had won the bet, and now it was his turn to be King for a day.

In truth, he had enjoyed being a slave and had been unexpectedly captivated by Ezmerelda. Unlike her studious personae in Chemistry class, she was beautiful, funny, and fun to be around. And being her slave had turned out to be a memorably erotic experience, even though they didn’t even have sex. So he was spending quite a bit of time thinking about Saturday at 8 am, when he would be her King for a day.

Ezmerelda had also been pleasantly surprised by her day having Dan as slave. Honestly she thought he was a dork and had only planned to have him do chores. She would never have even thought about having him undress in front of her had Gia not suggested it, but looking back on it she was very glad her crazy friend had stopped by. The mental image of Dan standing in front of them completely naked was burned into her brain. She was curious, and excited, at what might happen now that the tables were turned.

All week long in Chemistry class, there was an unspoken tension in the air. They sat on opposite sides of the class, and both were a bit shy and geeky, so neither could summon up the nerve to start a conversation. So there were furtive glances, occasional eye contract, blushing smiles. On Friday, they caught each other’s smile when the professor was defining Electromagnetism – an electric charge that changes the way things move and react.

Dan worked up the nerve to come up to her after class.

“Are we still on for tomorrow?” he asked.

“Yes, of course, I don’t back out of bets,” she grinned. “I hope you aren’t going to make me work too hard.”

“Well fair is fair,” he smiled back. “And you did make me pretty hard…I mean work pretty hard.”

They both blushed at his slip.

“Listen Dan, I will be your slave for the day, but I know you have an out of town girlfriend, and I have an out of town boyfriend, so there can’t be….you know…too much….” she couldn’t get the words out.

“Right, I know, I agree, I’ll be good, I promise,” he said, both relieved and disappointed at the same time.

“It’ll still be fun,” she said softly, words that stuck in his mind and made him wonder the rest of that day and into the night.

At 8 am the next day, Ezmerelda knocked on Dan’s apartment door and he opened it up with great anticipation. He was a bit disappointed though. She had her long black hair tied back in a ponytail and was wearing an old pair of faded, cut up jeans and a tank top covered by a blouse. Even dressed like a cleaner though, she looked naturally sexy—and he couldn’t have expected her to show up naked.

“Hi, how’s it going?” Dan said cheerfully.

“Great, I’m ready to pay off my debt,” she answered.

Dan couldn’t help but rub her nose in it. “Don’t you mean, I’m ready to pay off my debt my lord and master,” he grinned.

Ezmerelda blushed and did a sarcastic curtesy. “As you wish, my lord. What will you have me work on first.”

Dan had developed a script in his head about how the day we go, but imagining a script and saying it are two different things.

“Uh, I guess you could, ah, go into the bedroom, and straighten up in there,” he said. What he really wanted to tell her to do was to go into the bedroom and change into the outfit that he had picked out and had left on the bed, but he not only lost his nerve he started to panic that maybe he had made a mistake. As he watched her walk into the bedroom he realized it was too late to change it, and he started cursing himself for being too bold.

After several moments of dead silence, Ezmerelda came stomping out of the bedroom holding up the sexy French maid outfit that Dan had picked out. She was not smiling.

“Surely you do not expect me to wear this,” she said.

Dan panicked. “No, I didn’t know that was in there, I mean, I did, but that’s more like, sort of, an option, if you want to, but just if you want to,” he stammered.

Ezmerelda’s face softened and she chuckled. “Boy Dan, you would make a lousy king,” she said. “I made you walk around my place buck naked, if you want me to go French maid, I think that’s reasonable.”

Dan sighed with relief, both at her not being mad and the possibility of seeing her in that outfit.

“But you have to order me, my King,” she grinned.

Dan took a deep breath. “I order you to don the clothes your King has provided,” he said.

“As you command,” Ezmerelda said and turned to walk back into the bedroom. Secretly she was incredibly excited that he had picked out the outfit.

After she disappeared into the room, Dan closed his eyes and did a little celebration dance, jumping around the living room and fist pumping the sky. He did not hear Ezmerelda come back into the room until şişli rus escort she cleared her throat.

He opened his eyes in mid-fist pump and saw her grinning at him. She was still holding the outfit.

“My King, I noted that there are no shoes to go with this outfit, I don’t think my tennis shoes are a good match,” she said. “Would it be ok if I went to my car and got some appropriate footwear?”

“Why yes, of course,” said Dan, somewhat sheepishly.

Ezmerelda bowed to him and went outside, when she came back in, she was holding a pair of black high heels. Dan’s heart skipped several beats.

His heart skipped several more beats when Ezmerelda appeared a few minutes later, wearing the French maid outfit. She looked stunning, especially with the high heels making her shapely legs look even longer than they were. Dan had carefully picked out the outfit to be tastefully sexy, but he made sure to get a skirt with a high cut, because Ezmerelda had fabulous legs.

“Wow,” was all he could say as he collapsed backward onto the couch.

Ezmerelda did him the courtesy of turning around and showing the outfit off. In truth, she had become quite aroused putting the outfit on, she had to admit she looked very sexy.

After three more “wows,” Dan finally got his head together enough to assign his slave some tasks around the apartment. All of his “assignments” mostly involved her moving around in front of him, and his eyes never left her body and his jaw never stopped dropping. He would’ve been perfectly happy to have her stand in front of him for 10 hours.

His apartment did need cleaning though, so eventually he began to give her some serious cleaning tasks in the kitchen and bathroom. Ezmerelda did it without complaint. After all, she had made him work like a dog at her house.

No matter what room she was working in, Dan would find some reason to walk by. He could hardly believe that he had this beautiful woman in lingerie cleaning his house. She was also pretty fast at getting the job done, and he was running out of things to do. Lucky for him, Ezmerelda was enjoying herself and had ideas for what to do next.

“My King, I have noticed that there are some minor faults in your castle, would it please you if I made some repairs?” she asked with an exaggerated curtsey.

“Repairs?” Dan said. “You can make repairs?”

“As it were, my father is a handyman who has taught me everything he knows,” Ezmerelda replied. “So yes, I can make repairs.”

“Oh, ok then,” grinned Dan, who was becoming quickly infatuated with his slave girl.

“I’ll need to go the hardware store, do you have anything I might be able to wear over this outfit?” she asked. “I’m not sure this is hardware store appropriate.”

Actually Dan thought the French maid outfit would be considered entirely appropriate by the guys at the hardware store, but he found a knee length coat for her anyway.

Ezmerelda was gone for the longest half hour of Dan’s life, and when she returned she had a tool kit and everything from electrical fixtures to plumbing. She spent the next few hours blowing Dan’s mind with her ability to fix anything and everything. The highlight of the repairs was when she was fixing a leak under the kitchen sink. She was laying on her back with her head up under the cabinet, so Dan could just stand there and admire her long, shapely legs as long as he wished. He even got her a pillow to make her comfortable. Dan was also quite helpful holding the ladder when she changed out some broken light fixtures.

Eventually she ran out of repairs, and while Dan was scrambling to come up with something else for her to do she volunteered to make him lunch. So Dan sat on the couch watching a soccer match while Ezmerelda made him lunch. She whipped up a grilled ham and cheese and brought it to him on a plate with chips, a banana and a cold beer.

“Your lunch, my master,” she said.

“Did you fix yourself anything?” Dan asked.

“I had a bite while making yours,” she said.

“Well a bite isn’t enough, the least I can do is give you my banana,” he said.

She took the banana and looked at him with a wry smile. “You want me to eat your banana?” she said slowly.

Dan suddenly realized the implications of asking a girl to eat a banana. “Oh, um, no, or yes, if you want…”

Ezmerelda was starting to really enjoy making Dan feel uncomfortable. She could tell he was a sweet guy who was not likely to be pushy or aggressive. “How would you like me to eat your banana?” she said, as her hands slowly fondled the banana and peeled back the skin.

Dan’s eyes got big watching Ezmerelda’s long fingers caressing the banana in a deliberate effort to torture him. “Um, like that, I guess,” he managed to mumble.

Ezmerelda eased down onto her knees in front of him on the couch and got close enough for him to have a good view of her lifting the banana slowly up to her mouth. She let it touch her closed lips, ran it şişli türbanlı escort across her mouth a few times, and then slipped it slowly, seductively, into her mouth. Just as Dan thought he was going to faint, she gave out an exaggerated growl and chomped down, cutting the poor banana in half and abruptly ending Dan’s banana fantasy. She laughed so hard she almost choked on the banana.

After Dan got over the initial shock he was laughing too. “Your King did not authorize a banana castration.”

Ezmerelda had not yet stopped laughing. “I couldn’t stop myself, you should have seen your face,” she said. She lifted up off her knees and sat down with him on the couch. “So what are you watching…wait is that Real Madrid v. Barcelona? I forgot they were playing today.”

Dan looked at her in disbelief. “You’re a soccer fan?”

“Absolutely,” she grinned.

Ezmerelda’s approval rating was going through the roof. “Well, in that case, I order you to sit there and watch the second half with me.”

“As you wish, my King,” she said.

Ezmerelda wasn’t kidding about being a fan, Dan quickly figured out she knew the game. He managed to work into the conversation that he had played a little soccer back in high school, which led Ezmerelda to point out that she had been all state both her junior and senior years. Dan was struck with a vision of Ezmerelda in a silky jersey with her long legs and long dark hair flowing behind her.

“I guess playing soccer all those years is why your legs look so fabulous,” Dan said. Actually he was thinking it, and before he realized what had happened he had spoken it.

“Thanks, my King,” she smiled. “Walking around on these high heels is pretty good exercise too.”

“I can imagine,” said Dan. “As your King, I command you to kick off your shoes and let me give you a foot massage.”

“The King, giving his slave a foot massage?” said Ezmerelda as she set her feet in Dan’s lap. “What would the tabloids say about that?”

“That I am a kind and noble King,” he said.

For the rest of the soccer game, Dan rubbed and massaged and scratched Ezmerelda’s feet, much to her delight. As much as she cooed and aahed at his attention, he swore he enjoyed it more than she did.

When the game ended, she got quickly back into slave character, slipping her heels back on and standing up in front of Dan. “What is your next wish of me, kind and noble King?”

Dan had a flood of ideas hit him all at once and was unable to articulate anything beyond ums. Ezmerelda quickly rescued him from his indecision.

“Perhaps the King would have his subject return the favor of a massage,” she said.

“Yes,” he said decisively. “That is indeed what the King would wish.”

Ezmerelda pulled some of the cushions off the couch and made a makeshift bed for him to lie down on. As he started to lie face down, she stopped him. “You know King, I have already seen you naked, so I don’t know what the harm would be in you being undressed.”

Dan was more than happy to oblige, awkwardly removing his t shirt and shorts and positioning himself face down on the cushions.

Ezmerelda started at his feet and worked her way up over his calves and thighs and then to his ass, which, on closer inspection, she decided was perfect. She probably spent a little too much time on the ass massage, but based on his grinding onto the pillows she didn’t think he minded.

By the time Ezmerelda reached his shoulders Dan had turned to jelly, but at some point he also began to think about what was coming next, most notably, was she going to massage his front side. He didn’t have to wonder to long.

“Would you like to turn over, my King,” she whispered.

“Yes, very much,” he answered softly. He turned over slowly, making no effort to conceal the fact that his cock was rock hard and fully at attention.

“It would seem that the King approves of the massage so far,” teased Ezmerelda, looking with admiration at his erection.

“Very much so,” groaned Dan.

Ezmerelda got right back to work, starting once again at his feet and working her way up. By the time her hands were rubbing his upper thighs, Dan had reached a state of arousal so advanced he felt like his body was on fire. He knew they had both agreed to not have sex because of their significant others, but he couldn’t help but wonder if she had changed her mind, or forgotten, or maybe she didn’t think a hand job counted as sex. All these thoughts whirled by in his brain as her hands moved up higher on his thighs, to the point where she was running them lightly up and down on either side of his cock, coming tantalizingly close to touching him.

Ezmerelda was suffering from a similar torture. From the second Dan had rolled over she had become mesmerized looking at his cock, which she had quickly decided was the most perfect she had ever seen. The size, the color, the shape, even the urgent but gentle arc as it strained to feel her touch, şişli ucuz escort had intoxicated and overwhelmed her. She badly wanted to wrap her fingers around him, give him a tongue bath and then fuck him into next week.

“I’m sorry for doing this to you, I…I need to stop,” she stammered. “Before I can’t stop.”

Dan quickly eased her mind. “No, don’t be sorry, it was a wonderful massage,” he said. “And we did say we were not going to have sex…for some reason I can’t even remember now.”

“Significant others,” she replied, sounding disappointed they existed.

“Right,” Dan said. He was still sitting on the floor but had his back on the couch so he was in a partial sitting position.

Ezmerelda was on her knees beside him, looking gorgeously hot and bothered in the French maid outfit. “I am sorry to leave you in such a state,” she said, looking at his engorged cock. “And I am sorry to leave myself in such a state, I am so horny.”

Dan laughed. “I wonder, if we, like, ‘took care of ourselves,’ here, like in front of each other, would that count, as like, not having sex with each other?”

Ezmerelda got a look in her eye that told him she was definitely thinking about that. “So, sort of mutual masturbation but not with any full interaction.”

Dan nodded, appreciating her improved description.

Without saying a word, Ezmerelda moved the proposal forward. From her kneeling position, she spread her legs just slightly and brought both of her hands to her upper thighs. She slid them down close to her knees and then back up again, her fingers slipping beneath her skirt. She had been aching to touch herself for some time now, and the contact made her close her eyes and purr.

Dan took the cue and slipped his hand over his raging hard on. He was so aroused he had to be careful to touch himself lightly and move slowly, because he wanted this to last.

Watching Dan fondle his gorgeous cock made Ezmerelda even more aroused, and she spread her legs even further apart and moved as close as she could to him without touching him. The room fell silent as they watched each other slowly masturbate. Gradually they both picked up the pace, and occasionally one would let a quiet moan escape. Finally Ezmerelda couldn’t stand the lack of contact any longer, and with a flourish she swung her leg over Dan and straddled him. Her legs were tight against his, but she leaned back away from, so his cock was mere inches from coming in contact with her. With her hand once again under her skirt, she began slowly rocking back and forth and up and down. It looked like they were having sex, but the important parts were still separate.

This position and the physical contact sped things up for both of them, and with a nod of understanding they began moving toward the finish. He was pumping firmly with one hand and the other hand found its way onto her waist as she rode him up and down. He could tell she was on her way as she laid her head back and moaned loudly, and just as she did he felt himself release.

Several minutes later, when they once again became conscious, they found themselves wrapped together, her laying atop his torso. She eased slowly back up and sat back down on his thighs and they both surveyed the damage. Both his torso and her French maid outfit was coated in what must have been a huge orgasm.

“Well, that has to be the closest I’ve ever come to not having sex,” Ezmerelda said dreamily.

Dan nodded. “Best sex I never had.”

Ezmerelda laughed and went to the bathroom for a towel. She handed Dan the towel and then went into the bathroom to at least attempt to tidy up her outfit. When she came out Dan was standing in the room with the towel around his waist.

“I have another task for you, my slave,” Dan said.

Ezmerelda had long since forgotten about the King-slave relationship, she had thought they had maybe moved past that. But she jolted herself back into character. “As you wish,” she said.

“I have a very special guest coming over later tonight for dinner,” he said. “I command you to go take a shower and put out the clothes I have for you.”

Ezmerelda shook her head in agreement but had a hard time saying anything. She suddenly realized that Dan was having his girlfriend over that night for dinner. She suddenly realized that he was going to have her dress up as a waitress and serve dinner. She suddenly realized that she had been used by a guy she had totally fallen for. He had gotten his rocks off and cast her aside.

Tail between her legs, she moved sullenly into the bedroom. Set out on the bed was a very elegant, short black dress. She frowned, not really sure how that was going to work as a waitress outfit. But at this point she just wanted to get the slave duty over with, so she jumped in the shower and prepared herself mentally to be humiliated. She decided to make the best of it, maybe if she looked good enough Dan’s girlfriend would wonder what was going on and he would get in trouble. She was not one to wear much makeup, but she did take her ponytail out and let her long black hair cascade down her back. She looked at herself in the mirror and had to shake her head. She looked mighty hot in that black dress, Dan’s girlfriend was not going to like this. She took a deep breath and walked into the living room.

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