Exchange Student

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The University was looking for families to take in exchange students for a year. My parents talked it over and decided that as they had a spare room it would be a nice thing to do. So they put their hands up and eventually we were given an exchange student. All ours, while she completed her course at Uni.

Well, all our parents, anyway. Neither my sister nor I were really consulted apart from being asked if we had any violent objections. I didn’t and apparently neither did Katy. As far as I was concerned it was my parent’s house and I wasn’t going to tell them who they could or couldn’t have staying there. Katy, typical teenager, was too concerned with her own life to worry about passing strangers.

At the start of the school year Amber fronted up. She was from Austria or Germany, somewhere like that. Apart from the initial introduction I rarely saw her. From comments my parents made she was working hard and doing very well. A charming girl and absolutely no problem.

Actually, when I say I rarely saw her I was probably playing it down a bit. When a lovely young nubile blonde takes up residence in your home it’s hard not to notice her. Amber was eighteen, quite pretty and her hair was that whitish blonde that so many German and Nordic girls have. Platinum blonde I think they call it.

Everything went smoothly for the first nine months or so. Then my parents went on holidays for a couple of weeks. This supposedly left me in charge of the house and the inmates, but I wasn’t stupid enough to start ordering my sister around. She had her head screwed on right and I didn’t think that she’d get into much trouble as long as I just kept one eye on her.

Halfway through the holidays I arrived home from work to find Katy in a rare old stew. She was pacing back and forth and muttering under her breath, obviously waiting for me. She pounced as soon as I walked in the door.

“You’re supposed to be in charge,” she snapped. “You deal with her. If you have any sense you’ll get a big stick and beat her. Silly bitch. I’m going out for dinner.”

With that she grabbed her purse and jacket and departed in a huff.

Reasoning that she wouldn’t be calling me a silly bitch I decided that she’d had some sort of argument with Amber. I also guessed that I was supposed to sort out whatever the problem was and hand out a penalty as required. Thank you, Katy. I could see a penalty heading her way as well. I wondered how she’d take to being grounded for the next week.

Whatever, I wasn’t rushing into anything. I got changed and had a cup of coffee and relaxed a little. Then I headed down to Amber’s room and knocked. She called for me to come in and I did.

Would Amber be so kind as to explain what the hell was going on? I’d had Katy yapping at me but I would appreciate being told her side of the story.

Amber blushed and said it was all her fault. She’d been having a disagreement with Katy and had lost her temper. She regretted it. She knew it was wrong and was ready to accept her punishment.

I pointed out to Amber that she still hadn’t really told me anything. Would she care to go into details?

The details turned out to be that she was studying and Katy had her music too loud. Amber had requested that Katy turn it down a bit as it was a bit distracting. Katy was rather offhand and didn’t care. In the ensuing argument Amber had picked up the noisemaker and thrown it on the floor. Rather forcefully. It would never make another sound. Amber said she would replace it, which was fair enough.

I could see myself having a few pointed words with Katy about common courtesy and respect for others rights. If she wanted to argue the point I would be quite willing to ground her until the parents could adjudicate.

The killer, of course, was Amber. Replacing the amplifier was one thing. It had been a cheap one anyway and Amber could probably afford it, but some sort of penalty needed to be exacted for wilful damage to someone else’s property. I didn’t need to give a lecture. She knew she’d screwed up. I just had to work out some sort of penalty.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t bother to just ground her it was because it wouldn’t mean much to Amber. She didn’t often go out. I was damned if I knew what to do, so I put the question to Amber.

What, I wanted to know, would she consider acceptable as a punishment. It would, I added, have to be şişli üniversiteli escort something that I would also consider acceptable. If we couldn’t agree I would have to pass the buck to my parents. After all, Amber was really there responsibility.

Amber tentatively suggested being grounded but didn’t seem too surprised when I just brushed that one aside.

“Katy,” Amber said carefully, “seemed to think that you would beat me. That’s what she told me was going to happen.”

“An interesting idea,” I admitted, “but without your co-operation it’s a non-issue. I am not going to try to wrestle you over my knee and try to spank you. Far too hazardous to my health.”

“What if I do co-operate?”

“Bend over and get your bottom tanned? Maybe you’re a little old for that?”

“Maybe, but I’ve been spanked before. A spanking is immediate and then it’s over and done with.”

“Ah, so you’ve been spanked before,” I observed. “How recently?”

Amber um’ed and ah’ed a bit and finally admitted that the last one had been about ten years ago.

“Yeah, well I think you’ll find that there’s a bit of a difference between being spanked at eight and being spanked at eighteen,” I told her.

“Not really,” Amber said. “It’s the same principle. When Katy said you’d beat me I thought you’d just barge in and do it and I got ready. I’ll admit I was feeling a bit scared, but I don’t think you’d beat me viciously, now would you?”

“No, I wouldn’t, but I can assure you that you’d know you’d been paddled. And what do you mean you got ready? Stuffed some padding down you panties?”

“No. I took them off. See.”

Amber hitched up her dress to show me that she was bare butt and ready to be spanked. I’m only assuming that she was bare butt because she was facing me and it wasn’t actually her bare butt I was looking at. And I’m quite sure she knew precisely what she was doing. She wasn’t that naïve.

I gave her a cold look, letting her know that I wasn’t impressed by her flashing me. She flushed and dropped her dress again.

“That’s one of the differences between eight and eighteen,” I told her. “While I’d still be spanking your bare bottom, I’d insist that the rest of you be naked as well. Still feel like getting a beating?”

“Why would I have to be naked?” Amber protested, indignant. “That’s not necessary.”

“Because you know damn well that I wouldn’t have made you drop your panties for a spanking. You did it deliberately, to embarrass me and hopefully get out of any punishment. Tell me, did you also shave to emphasise your nakedness?”

She blushed. It seems that I’d guessed correctly.

“My, my. The biter bit. You do realise that after that little stunt you can’t really claim modesty as an excuse to avoid stripping?”

Amber’s affability decreased significantly. I could hear her muttering under her breath as she lifted her dress over her head and then reached behind to undo her bra. Naked, she stood there, glaring at me.

“Well?” she demanded.

“Well what?” I asked.

“Aren’t you going to start beating me?”

“Well, no. We haven’t agreed that that is the punishment I’d hand down.”

“Then why did I have to get undressed?” Amber shrieked at me.

“You didn’t. I didn’t tell you to. I just mentioned that you would need to if I was going to spank your pretty little bottom.”

For a second there I thought she was going to hit me. Amber thought so, too, from the way she was looking at her clenched fist.

“Well are you going to spank me or not?” she demanded.

“Are you saying that you would consider this an acceptable punishment?” I asked.

She bit her lip and looked away from, then nodded.

“Do I really have to be naked for it?” she asked, her nerves showing in her voice.

I sat on the bed and then ran my eyes over her, watching her nipples crinkle as I looked at her breasts. She was breathing a little harder.

“No. I won’t insist. But why not? You’re already naked. All you have to do now is bend over my knee. But you decide.”

She hesitated. She badly wanted to get dressed again but she was curious. She was wondering what it would be like to be spanked while naked. I could see she was excited and slightly horrified at the idea. She glanced at her clothes and then at me, seemed to give herself a little taksim anal yapan escort shake that did wonderful things to her breasts, and then stepped over to me to lie across my lap.

I rubbed my hand lightly over her bottom.

“You sure?” I asked, and she nodded.

“Tell me, are you a virgin?”

“Why do you need to know that?”

“If I have a naked girl in my hands I think it’s only fair that I know if she’s a virgin. It will help me to know if I should be careful if we start to get a bit carried away.”

“Why would we get carried away,” Amber demanded. “It’s just a spanking. That’s all.”

My hand was still casually rubbing her bottom. My other hand now reached around and slid gently over the breast nearest me, feeling her nipple rasp across my palm.

“You’re naked and attractive and my hands are on you. Who knows what might happen. You may be overcome with lust and attack me. Answer the question.”

“No, I’m not,” she muttered. “I have a boyfriend back home. But I’m not going to be overcome by lust and attack you, I can guarantee it.”

“OK. If you don’t, you don’t. I just like to be prepared.”

I slid my hand around the curve of her bottom and gently cupped her mound.

“I assume that you would prefer me not to spank you here,” I said, squeezing slightly.

“Yes,” she said quickly, and her voice seemed to be rather squeaky all of a sudden.

“Yes, you would?” I asked, trying to sound surprised.

“I mean no. I mean don’t spank me there. That’s not my bottom.”

“OK,” I said with one last squeeze. “Just checking the limits.”

One of the limits I was checking was her breast. She hadn’t said anything about the hand that was gently cupping one, so neither did I. I just left it there, holding her soft globe.

My hand came down smartly on her bottom, leaving a nice red hand print on one of her cheeks. Amber yelped and then yelped again when I did the same to her other cheek. I was a little careless with the next spank, accidently cupping her pussy. Fortunately it wasn’t a very had spank. Just hard enough to liven her up.

She squealed and protested at that one and I apologised. It wasn’t deliberate, I assured her. A couple more spanks to her bottom and then another slip.

It wasn’t my fault, I protested. It’s not as though I’m used to spanking pretty young girls. You might say it’s a learning experience.

Amber insinuated I was lying in my teeth. And why, she wanted to know, was I holding her breast?

“This one,” I asked, squeezing it slightly.

“Yes,” she said, with a bit of a squeak.

“I have to. I can’t reach the other one just yet.”

To distract her I gave her another couple of spanks on her bottom. Amber squirmed slightly, seeming to forget about the hand on her breast. A few more spanks and then another slip, neatly cupping her mound.

“Sorry,” I murmured, rubbing her pussy to soothe away the sting.

“Sorry, hell. You’re doing that deliberately and you know it.”

“Now how can you say such a thing?” I chided, continuing to massage her mound.

“Easy. What do you think you’re doing now?”

“Just rubbing it better,” I said. “Taking away the sting.”

“You can stop. It’s not stinging.”

“But it probably would if I stop,” I pointed out. “Better to be safe than sorry.”

“You call that safe? And I thought you were supposed to be spanking me.”

“I did. There was no need for a big spanking, you know. Just enough to let you feel my displeasure at your behaviour.”

“Then why don’t you let me up off your knee?”

“Who’s stopping you?” I asked indignantly. “Both my hands are under you, not holding you down.”

To emphasise the point I squeezed both breast and pussy. Amber squealed and reared up and off me. She stood glaring at me, flushed and breathing hard.

“I assume that I can get dressed now?” she asked.

“You can,” I said, standing up, “but, first I’d rather you sat on the bed for a moment.”

Even while talking I was taking action. Hands on Amber’s hips, I lifted her and sat her on the bed facing me.

“Legs slightly apart,” I told her, tapping the inside of her knee.

“What are you doing? Why do I have to sit on the bed like this?” Amber wanted to know.

“I want you to sit like that so you can watch while I take you,” taksim bdsm escort I said calmly, unbuckling my belt.

Amber just stared at me, mouth slightly open. Then she shut it with a snap.

“What are you talking about? I haven’t said you can take me. What makes you think you can just tell me to sit here and I’ll let you?”

“I don’t know that you will,” I pointed out, “but I won’t know you won’t until I try, now will I?”

At this point my trousers and jocks hit the floor and my erection was ready to play. I moved closer, standing between Amber’s thighs, my cock hovering close to her pussy. She was staring down at where I was nearly, but not quite, touching her.

“You don’t seriously expect me to just sit here while you put that thing in me, do you?”

“That’s what I’m going to find out,” I calmly replied, and my cock was now pressing lightly against her slit. “If you want me to stop all you have to do is say so.”

She wasn’t going to say so. From the time she had lifted her dress to show she wasn’t wearing any panties she had been giving me the go ahead. She wasn’t going to stop now for all her supposed protests. At no stage had she said no and I didn’t think she would now.

“I can’t believe that you’re doing this,” she muttered as my cock pressed slightly harder against her slit. I could feel her softness starting to yield to the rigid shaft I was pressing against her. I held still for a moment.

“It will be easier if you hold your lips apart slightly,” I challenged her.

Her gaze lifted from where I was touching her to look at me and then down again.

“You surely don’t expect me to help you do this,” she said with a slight gasp. She looked at me again and then back down. “Oh, god, you do. You expect me to help you. How could you?”

Quite easily. Her boyfriend was back home and she hadn’t seen him for nine months. A long dry spell, sex wise, and she was feeling the heat. Her hands came slowly around to her pussy, drawing her lips slightly apart. I pressed forward a little, easing past them. Amber gasped and released her lips to close over me. She sat there, leaning back a little, watching as I slowly penetrated her. I could hear a little groaning sound escaping her lips as I sank steadily in.

Now I pulled back until I was almost out of her. She was hot and wet and wanting. She seemed to tense slightly as I pulled back, then gave a sigh of relief when I halted and drove back into her, hard.

This time I just held myself firmly in her for a moment while I arranged things. I took her breasts in my hands and pressed against them, encouraging Amber to lie back on the bed. Then she was flat on her back and I was on top of her. A little twisting and lifting of her legs and she was lying fully on the bed, held captive by my pressing down into her.

Now I started to take her properly. I pressed firmly against her and then withdrew. Driving back down I was gratified to find her pushing firmly up to meet me. There was nothing tentative about it. She knew what she was doing and she knew what she wanted. We bounced on the bed, giving the springs a thorough workout.

It was fun. It was exhilarating. Amber was wrapped around my cock and I was enjoying her every movement. Maybe I’m flattering myself but the look on her face and her enthusiastic response tended to say she was enjoying my attentions just as much.

After a while I rolled over, taking her with me so that she was sitting straddling me. I stopped thrusting into her and relaxed. Amber looked down at me puzzled for a moment, but then caught on. She giggled and started to bounce on me, doing all the work while I lay there and enjoyed her. She twisted and gyrated, demonstrating excellent pole dancing techniques. I let her go, trying hard not to explode.

It was all getting too much for me. I suddenly twisted, tossing Amber off me. She squealed in protest, yammering at me, not understanding. Then she found that I was rolling her onto her tummy and lifting her bottom high. She went eagerly with me. I knelt behind her for a moment and then drove in hard, hearing her shriek as I nailed her.

Then I hammered her hard. I was way past the stage where I wanted to climax. God only knows why I hadn’t. Now I was going to. I plunged in hard, my arms around her clasping her breasts, moving faster and faster. Amber was squealing and bucking beneath me. She was ready for me, aching for me, and I didn’t disappoint. A last hard thrust and I was flooding her. A choked scream from Amber and she was convulsing under me, taking everything I was giving her and demanding more, draining me.

We settled down onto the bed, spent. Maintaining discipline wasn’t so hard. One just needed to be hard at the right time.

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