Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 25

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** Sunday morning **

I got in late last night after a long day of scouting a ranch for a photo shoot next week and a bunch of sex. Our red-headed friend Becky works at a western wear store that is owned by her aunt, a feisty older woman named Virginia, or Ginny as her friends call her. Ginny just happened to need some photo work done for the store and Becky quickly recommended us for the job. Ginny owns a small ranch outside of town and both she and Becky thought that it would be the ideal place to shoot for her store. Britt, my business partner, lover and best friend insisted that Becky and I visit the ranch to scope it out while she and our other roommates, Kate and Gina, finished closing down their bikini boutique and move all the contents to my warehouse. Since buying out the business from an old friend, John, the girls decided that they would be an on-line company only. Between that and going to school, they will be a busy bunch of girls. All three of them, Britt included, are also students at the local state college and the fall semester starts soon.

As I was saying, I got home late and I was bushed. I’d always heard that redheads could be wild and insatiable and Becky was doing her part to live up to that reputation. Becky and I had been together once before on a wild evening in a couple of stores at the local mall. She and Britt had orchestrated the whole event that culminated in a threeway fuck-fest in a dressing room at a famous lingerie store. Out at her aunt’s ranch, other than a few representatives from the equine family, we had the place to ourselves and Becky decided to work out a few fantasies that she had stored up over the years. Before we’d left the ranch, she’d had her pussy eaten in the hayloft and fucked three ways from Sunday under the canopy of a majestic oak. I was pretty well satisfied with the day’s accomplishments, but Becky had one more fantasy to fulfill. After a quick bite at the local BBQ joint for dinner, I took Becky back to her car at the store. Evidently the dark parking lot and my big truck were too much to pass up, so we finished off the evening with an awkward fuck in the cab of the truck.

When I finally did get home, all was quiet. I tip-toed around and found Kate and Gina in their bed, fast asleep and spooning under the sheets. I crept into the master bedroom and found my love, Britt, face down on the top of the bed, bare-ass naked. Her long blonde hair was artfully fanned out over her back, reaching nearly to her perfect butt. Her long, sculpted legs were spread just enough to offer a glimpse of her sweet slit.

More often than not, when I did catch Britt asleep alone in our bed, she was in some kind of provocative pose. It seemed like it must have been wholly intentional, but her cute snore gave proof that she just naturally looked sexy while she slept. Once again, lack of a decent camera frustrated me and I thought of what a great series of photos I could have been amassing of my statuesque lover in slumberous repose. I slipped into the bathroom and took a quick shower, washing away any evidence of Becky and my romp on the ranch.

** The next morning**

I awoke with sweet kisses on my neck and shoulder and a soft hand firmly gripping my morning wood, stroking ever-so –slightly. “Sweet dreams?” Britt asked as she shifted to kiss my lips, half lying on my chest. I could feel her stiff nipple on her perfect c-cup breast poking at mine.

“Mmm,” I replied in her kiss. My left arm pulled her to me as my right hand ran over her backside. She moaned in turn as I caressed her firm butt cheek.

“So how was the ranch?” her hand still on my cock, running up and down my length.

“It was fine; nice place,” I replied, continuing the bum massage.

“And Becky,” she asked, her grip a little tighter.

I tried not to smile at her obvious intent of squeezing information out of me, as it were. “Becky was fine; very helpful,” I answered.

Her eyes narrowed at my answer, pursing her lips in frustration. “Anything else?” as she ran her thumb over the head of my dick, gathering the drop of pre-cum that had perked out.

Enjoying the tease, I answered, “We had a nice picnic lunch,” just able to contain my moan as she played with my slick crown.

Britt growled a little in my ear before running her tongue around it, nibbling at the lobe. Her grip tightened a bit more, the stroke slower; “Anything else?” It was obvious what she wanted to hear about, but in all honesty, even though she sort of set up the whole thing, I didn’t think it was right to talk about the private goings on between Becky and I. Sure, I knew that as soon as Becky and Britt got together there would be a blow-by-blow narration of the entire day and somehow, that was okay with me.

I turned my head to capture her lips and kissed her hard, my distraction tactic. Our tongues dueled, her hand moved a bit faster as I explored the crack of her ass. I thought I was in the clear when she suddenly stopped, squeezing kurtuluş escort my cock to the point that it almost hurt. She lifted her head and stared down at me, a bit of a glare. “Nice try Mister…now spill it,” easing her grip and moving up and down in incremental amounts.

I smiled back up at her, which only pissed her off more and then my middle finger found her rosebud and applied pressure. She bit her bottom lip and rocked her hips a bit, trying to contain a pleasurable moan. “You know a gentleman never tells tales,” slipping the tip of my finger into her ass.

“Oh you fuck…” she moaned out loud. Momentarily distracted, I physically dragged her by the ass over the top of me until her pussy was planted on my face and I went at her like a dog on a bone. “Holy shit,” she cried as I had an ass cheek in each hand and spread her wide and feasted on her wet cunt. Her first orgasm came quick as I buried my tongue in her pussy, my stubble-covered chin grated her clit and my nose poked at her pink pucker. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” she chanted as she ground her crotch on my face. On the downhill side of a face-quenching climax, Britt remembered my cock and I felt it slip inside her warm, wet mouth. Determined to return the favor, she worked my cock, taking it as only she could, deep into her throat. Her nose nudged my balls as she tried to swallow me whole.

“Oh baby,” I mumbled as I French-kissed her pussy. Lubrication abounded as I gathered up a couple fingers full and approached her ass once more. Her pussy clinched on my tongue as my middle finger made entry into her tight tush. I felt her groan on my cock as I stroked my finger slowly, my tongue still playing inside. The duel was now in full swing to see who succumbed first. I figured I had a two-to-one advantage along with the fact that the pump was primed after her first climax. Britt was up for it though and was working my balls with one hand while her talented mouth had complete control of my swelling dick. Britt squirmed on my face, either trying to get free or smother me, one or the other. Instinctively, I reached up with my free hand and gave her a swat on the ass before I grabbed a handful and held on tight. I spread her cheeks more, burying my face as deep as I could, growling as my tongue fucked her.

Cross-eyed, I tried to focus on the sight of my finger probing her constricting ass. Her moaning was constant now, reverberating on my throbbing cock. My balls were soaked with her saliva and she continued to massage them, working my cum upward. Occasionally I felt a stray finger slide over my taint, in search of my ass, but I would clinch my butt and push myself further into the mattress; no way was she going there! After what seemed like hours, we were both ready to fall over the edge. Britt’s body seemed to vibrate, building pressure before the final eruption and my balls were in hiding, clinched and ready. Holding on for all I was worth, one final tactic jumped to the front of my brain, directing my middle finger on my other hand. Britt inhaled deep and squirmed even more when she felt the second finger knocking at her back door.

In a split second, victory was mine. My lover had an off-the-scale orgasm rip through her, her pussy walls undulating on my tongue, trying to draw me in even further as her ass did its best to try and expel the two intruders that were buried as deep as my anatomy would allow. I held my ground, doing my best not to drown in a river of sweet pussy nectar and in defense I did my best to choke her, letting loose a torrent of cum deep into her gullet. Ever the trooper, Britt never flinched, swallowing load after load until I was spent.

Depleted of all my reserves, I collapsed, releasing my hold on her, eliciting a sad sigh. Britt released her hostage, my spent cock flopping onto my belly. “Come here,” I said, grabbing her by the hips and spinning her end-for-end on top of me once more. Our eyes met and hers glistened as she looked down on me. A telepathic spark caused my heart to flutter and my own eyes betrayed my emotions. My lover parted her lips to speak but before she had a chance to utter a word, I took her head in both my hands and brought our lips together.

The kiss was one of those long, lingering kisses; a loving kiss I’ll call it; nice and moist but not one of those ravenous, dick straightening kisses. If kisses were kind of like a foreign language or a secret code, this one translated to ‘I Love You’. We both uttered audible sighs when our lips parted and I rolled us to our sides, still face-to-face, all body parts touching that could. For a moment we just looked at one another, telepathically urging the other to speak first. “I love you so much,” I whispered first as I ran my free hand up her side. The words or maybe the touch brought a shiver that washed over her. I pulled her in tighter and she kissed me softly once more and licked my lips with the tip of her tongue and then whispered back, “I love you more.”

We finally levent escort drug ourselves out of bed and the rest of the day was spent with Kate and Gina in the warehouse moving stuff around until we finally came up with a layout for the room I was going to build for them in the front corner of the warehouse. There was the occasional question about the ranch and what I thought the shoot on Saturday would be like, but Britt must have given the girls the heads-up on my ‘Don’t kiss and tell’ philosophy. Like all Sundays, it ended too soon, another work week looming.

** Monday **

All my girls were sound asleep when I quietly snuck out of the house to begin another work week. Most of the morning, I was in this kind of mental fog, thinking about the construction work coming to an end and the photography business taking over. There were so many things I had to get done to make a clean break from the building business and at the same time, I wanted to make sure that I really hit the road running when the photo biz was my only job; thank god for Britt!

Right on cue, the Bluetooth jangled in my ear; “This is George.”

“Hey baby,” came the voice that took me to a better place every time I heard it; “How’s your day going?”

“Well it’s better now,” I answered.

“Aww…well I’m sorry you didn’t get your good morning kiss this morning,” she said huskily; my cock stirred.

“I didn’t want to wake you, but you did get your kiss,” I said.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry, I didn’t even notice. I must have really been out of it,” she said apologetically.

“Hey, no worries. You looked so cute laying there all curled up that I didn’t want to wake you. I didn’t figure a kiss on the butt would wake you anyway, but let me tell you, it was hard not to give it a little nibble.”

“Oh baby,” she replied in her innocent little girl voice, “Don’t ever worry about waking me to give me a kiss, but you probably wouldn’t have gotten to work on time,” she giggled.

“Yeah, that’s kinda why I didn’t wake you; so anyway, you called me; what’s up?”

“Oh yeah, well it’s been a busy morning so far. I confirmed Kate’s shoot for tomorrow so we’re good to go there and we got an email from one of the local television stations wanting to talk about shooting some promo shots, you know, head shots of some of the on-air people and that kind of thing.”

“Well that would be different,” I said. “I’d have thought that they had people in-house for that, but maybe all they do is video, so…”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too. How do you want me to reply?”

“Well did they ask for anything specific like pricing or anything like that?”

“No, now that I read it again, it looks like they are just asking if we are interested in doing the work. I could reply that we are interested and give them our website if they don’t already have it and offer to set up a meeting or a phone call to discuss the specifics. How does that sound,” she asked.

“That works for me babe, anything else?”

“No I guess not,” she replied, this time sounding a bit disappointed.

I waited for a second and then asked warily, “Is everything okay?”

“Huh?” sounding like she’d just snapped out of a daydream; “Oh yeah, sorry baby. I was thinking about you kissing my butt this morning and hearing your voice and all, I guess I just miss you is all. I know it’s silly, but the more I think about you being here all the time, you know, with me, well I’m just anxious I guess.”

My heart did a little flutter, a common occurrence here lately; “Yeah, you say that now,” I kidded. “After a couple days,” I continued,” you’ll be looking for things for me to do just to get me out of your hair. I’ve been told more than once that I’m kind of a dick when it comes to being a boss.”

“Ha,” she cracked, “I don’t believe that for a minute, but then they don’t have the secret weapon that I have to keep you from turning into a tyrannical slave-driver.”

“Oh really; and what secret weapon would that be?”

“Well,” she said, her voice low and husky, “If you get a bit testy and somewhat of a dick, well…I’ll just suck on yours until you behave.”

“Okay,” I laughed. “Now you’ve done it. I’ll probably be an asshole two or three times a day now.”

“Yeah, and don’t you forget that two can play that game, buster” she laughed. “I get real cranky if I don’t get off a least three or four times a day!”

“Alright, alright,” I said in mock defeat; “The state says I have to give you a lunch and two breaks in an eight hour workday, so a couple of quickies for break, and a good old-fashioned fucking at lunch; how does that sound?”

All I heard was laughing and snorting on the other end. She finally caught her breath; “Oh god baby, you missed your calling as a labor negotiator. I’ll sign that contract anytime you want. God I can’t wait until you’re here every day. Shit, I’m so horny now; my pussy’s leaking like someone left the tap on.”

“Well maçka escort I’m sorry babe,” trying to get the kink out of my dick, lodged in my pants; “I guess you’ll have to take care of that little problem yourself this time.”

“Fat chance,” she moaned and I visualized her sitting in the office, legs up on the desk with her fingers buried in her slick snatch; “You forget, I have two able and willing girlfriends here now, working away downstairs. In fact, if I move just a little to the right here, yeah, there they are, wearing nothing but little shorts and string tops, sorting through their inventory. I’ll bet you I can get a little three-way going here before you can get your dick out of your pants.”

“Ah Jesus Britt,” I groaned as my cock tried to snap itself in two, captured in my jeans; “You are so going to get it when I get home.”

“You promise, big boy?” …Mae West now in the building. I could hear the slick squelching sounds of her fingers working her pussy.

My destination was in sight and it would take a couple minutes before I dared leave the truck; “Crap, I gotta go babe. I love you. See you tonight.”

All I got in reply was a strangled, ‘Uh huh…yeah…love you too’, a deep inhale and the sound of the handset dropping onto its base…dialtone.

** Tuesday morning, early **

I woke up early and a bit sore. I was snuggled up to Britt’s backside, our normal sleeping position. My right hand cupped her right breast and my cock was nestled in her ass crack, a hot dog in a bun. Last night began to replay itself as I pulled her tighter and nuzzled the nape of her neck.

After our teasing phone call that left me with a set of blue balls, a bent dick and visions of her, Kate and Gina in a daisy chain, licking each other into submission; Britt saw fit to send more teasing tidbits to my phone. Throughout the rest of the day I got glimpses of various pussy’s and tits, fingers and tongues in various places and then to top it off, Britt discovered the pictures I’d taken on Saturday at the ranch. Of course, the only ones she forwarded were those of Becky, our redheaded cowgirl, in various states of undress and compromising positions. Little comments like, ‘lick this’ or ‘nice view’ accompanied many of them. The last photo I got, just as I was on my way home, was a perfectly framed shot of what I immediately recognized as Britt’s backside, bent over our desk, her sweet ass just waiting to be used and abused. The attached note said; ‘Hurry home, we’re waiting’. Needless to say, I did.

Thankfully, home was close and I was hornier than a two-peckered billy goat as my dad used to say. I cussed the big rolling door until it finally opened and then came to a screeching halt in front of the house. I don’t know if I noticed it or not, but Britt’s car was the only other one there. I jumped out of my truck and yelled, “Hey Britt baby, I’m home.” Since the last picture was taken in our loft/office above the house, I thought she might still be up there and would poke her pretty head out over the railing above.

No such luck, so I closed the truck door and opened the front door and stepped into the living room. “What’s all the shouting about?” came an innocent query from the kitchen. I followed her reply and stopped dead in my tracks when I turned the corner. Well I stopped, but my cock kept going; I was stiff as rebar before I could take her all in.

Britt stood timidly in front of the island and fidgeted as I stood there, mouth agape, looking her up and down. Her long blonde locks hung down over her shoulders in two pony-tails with little red bows. She was looking down at her feet and was chewing on her bottom lip. She wore a long sleeve white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the tails tied under her proud breasts. The shirt was a couple sizes too small and the top buttons stood no chance of ever hiding an incredible cleavage. Her taut tummy and her womanly hips led to a very short pleated plaid skirt, not much wider than some belts I own. My cock throbbed as I perused the sights and I heard a little whimper. I glanced up as she quickly dropped her eyes back to the floor. I returned to my survey and followed her long shapely legs until they disappeared into little ruffled white ankle socks and black and white saddle shoes.

Role playing wasn’t something that Britt or I had ever really fooled around with before. She was always trying to dress provocatively to get a rise out of me, like the frilly apron she wore last week while making dinner for us. I quickly decided to play along and I stared at her sternly and said, “Look at me young lady.” She wrung her hands and continued to stare at the floor; “Brittany…look at me when I’m talking to you.” Slowly she raised her head and her facial expression crushed me. Sad or even a little scared, she looked up at me with watery eyes and her mouth turned down. I wanted to rush to her and take her in my arms and console her; make everything okay.

Then the little stink broke out into a big smile and stuck her tongue out at me. “Why you little…” and then she ran, giggling and squealing as I took chase.

Around the island we went and I slid into the refrigerator trying to make the turn; “Betcha can’t catch me Daddy,” she laughed as she headed for the front door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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