English Roses Ch. 06

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In the days following my morning tryst with Felicity, I had managed to avoid seeing her. I was unsure how she would feel; now I had invaded the sanctity of her marital bed.

“If only Melissa had been up for a full night of passion, I wouldn’t have had the urge to go to Felicity the next morning,” was how I rationalised the matter.

By Saturday morning I had pushed such thoughts from my mind, mainly due to Terri becoming the overwhelming focus. She had returned from her trip up north and I knew she’d be coming to the pub that evening. Sweet, slim Terri. I was now completely over the fact that she had not contacted me while she was away and was really looking forward to seeing her again.

I found it hard to concentrate during our cricket game, which we eventually lost. Afterwards everyone was a little down, but began to perk up as the evening continued in the clubrooms. Both Ness and Wendy turned up separately. Ness went to her boyfriend Finn and seemed to ignore me, which I was not unhappy about. Wendy came to talk in my group.

After others drifted home or to other groups we found ourselves briefly alone.

“Aus; look I’m sorry about the other night,” she said in her upper middle class English accent.

“Yeah, nothing to apologise over Wendy,” I assured her, fondly recalling our brief drunken fondle outside the pub. I recalled the tautness of her breast, the softness of her lips.

“You looked after me and I appreciate that,” she said, reaching forward, to lightly touch my forearm.

“Here we go,” I thought, smiling as I brought my hand up to pat hers.

“It’s just that I’ve been quite sad lately. You understand don’t you?”

Wendy looked directly at me enquiringly, searching to see if I did truly understand.

“I’m not sure I understand everything Wendy, but you know I’m always here for you,” I replied honestly.

Wendy smiled and nodded at me, before turning away toward the bar and ordering another wine. I determined right there and then to talk with Jack about what exactly was troubling his finance. What was causing her to drink herself stupid most nights and court the attention of young men she’d do better to stay well clear of.

Around 8pm we moved down to the pub. I looked to indulge in some meaningless examination of the day’s game. However, I couldn’t concentrate knowing Terri was due to arrive. I positioned myself between the door and her boyfriend Francis. He was engaged in a detailed analysis of every ball bowled that afternoon.

When Terri and Mandy walked in together my heart literally skipped a beat. First, because Terri, despite wearing the androgynous look she always wore to the pub, looked radiant. Second, because Mandy looked knowingly at me and memories of our liaison returned. Guilt came flooding in and I found myself resenting her for it. She was spoiling my reunion.

Terri stopped to talk with me, just as I had anticipated she would. Unfortunately Mandy stopped beside her. As usual her breasts tumbled out of the slinky red dress she was wearing. I could swear she drew a deep breath to thrust them at me.

As if to say, “You’ve tasted these Aus. You loved it when they rubbed against your back, while my hand worked your cock.”

“You bitch,” I thought. “What exactly is you’re game?”

“Aus it’s so great to see you,” Terri said, breaking into my thoughts.

“Such a stranger,” I replied, completely pushing thoughts of Mandy out of my mind. Terri became the complete focus of my attention. We engaged in some easy banter, just as we always had. Any lingering ill feeling I felt toward her, over her lack of contact when up north, completely evaporated.

Others including Mandy just melted away, as though they recognised Terri and me only had eyes for each other.

Eventually it was Ness who came to interrupt us. Ness, the only one bold and brash enough to do so, in her tight skirt and T-shirt.

“Francis wants to know what you want to drink Terri.”

“Does he?” Terri replied with obvious puzzlement.

Francis never asked her that question and rarely bought her a drink. I knew it was a lie on Ness’ part, but Terri smiled and moved away to where Francis was standing.

“You and her don’t even try to hide it Aus. You’re such the tightrope walker,” Ness said in her broad northern accent.

“What do you mean?” I said, slightly perplexed.

“Are you fucking her yet?” Ness continued, moving her head up to whisper it in my ear. “I’ll bet she’s not as exciting as me Aus.”

“Jesus Ness,” I whispered. “No I’m not sleeping with Terri. I wouldn’t do that to a team mate. We just get on really well; that’s all.”

I immediately knew I had left myself open and waited for Ness to deliver the proverbial sharp sword thrust to my groin. She smiled broadly like a Cheshire cat.

“But you are fucking a team mate’s girl. Remember, you told me so, when you had your cock buried deep inside me.”

I said nothing, merely took a deep swig of my beer. I hadn’t directly told her about me and Felicity, but nor had I denied şişli rus escort it. I looked around to see how I could escape this busty shrew.

“Anyway,” she continued. “I’ve decided fuck you again. I’ve come to make a date,” she said a little too loudly for my liking, with her boyfriend mere yards from where we stood.

“Shit Ness, keep your voice down.”

Ness broke into a huge smile. She was in her element.

“You’ll be OK Aus. I’m not going to jump you here in the Pub. But the truth is I enjoyed our time in the car and I want to go again,” she said moving forward and subtly grabbing the front of my trousers. “So when you’re ready. When the other ladies in the club aren’t keeping you too busy. You let me know; OK. Just don’t leave it too long.”

Ness moved away and I quickly found the company of some males. Suddenly, analysing boring cricket seemed like an absolute safe haven, away from these marauding females. I didn’t speak with any of them again that night.

Soon after Terri and Mandy left with Francis, so I snuck away early, thus avoiding going to the nightclubs with Ness, Finn and the younger crowd.

The next day, Sunday, proved a much better day. Felicity came downstairs early, while I was having breakfast. She was in the light silk robe I was so familiar with. The one I’d parted any number of times, before my hands wandered over the intimate parts of her well-toned body. I felt my cock stir at the memories, but remained aware that we had not spoken since I had come to her bed uninvited.

I sat there silently for a time, while she tidied the kitchen and made her breakfast. Then she brought it to the table and sat with me.

“It’s not right what you did the other morning,” she said, coming directly to the point, in typical Felicity fashion. She was such a nurse. I decided not to muck her around and risk a rebuke.

“Yeah; look I feel bad about that Fliss. Bad for upsetting you so much. I just thought…”

“You’re cock just thought Aus. It thought it could lead the way and good old Felicity would lie there and take it,” she replied cuttingly.

“Nah, it wasn’t like that. I just had a feeling I needed to be with you. I wanted to be close.”

“Well you should have waited until later, when I got up. We don’t do it in my bed Aus. That’s a rule.”

“Well I never heard that rule,” I replied honestly, glancing down at where her robe had fallen open across her thighs. My eyes trailed up the slight gap between them to where I knew her softest parts lay. My cock grew harder.

“No, but you knew it just the same. Just like you know we don’t do it when Mike’s in the house,” she said, pulling the robe shut tight.

“OK, Ok; fair enough,” I said, my erection now declining. I was fully aware Mike was upstairs asleep.

“That’s good, so long as you understand the rules.”

“No, I do, I do.”

I sat quietly for a minute running it through in my head. It always took to the country boy from Australia a little while to catch on. So I tentatively looked to clarify.

“Does that mean…, me and you are…, you know?”

“Know what Aus,” she said abruptly.

“Are we all…, Ok and back on? So long as Mike is out; of course. And not in your room.”

For about 10 seconds Felicity stared at me expressionless. I feared the worst. Then showed a small smile.

“Maybe,” she said teasingly, with a feminine, knowing look.

I wanted to jump on her right there and then, but given the lecture I’d just received I decided to keep it in my pants. However, I did strut around the kitchen like a peacock for a bit, in shorts and bare top, just so she could have a little reminder.

This posturing was interrupted by my phone vibrating on the table. We both looked at it. I saw Terri’s name come up, but Felicity was reading it upside down and I couldn’t be sure that she’d read the name. I picked up the phone and read the text. Felicity didn’t ask who it was from.

Terri’s text said Mandy had a job. She was free tomorrow and keen for just her and me to meet up for coffee.

“Yeeessss,” I thought to myself, without changing my expression. Things were looking up in old Aus’ life. Back into Felicity and back on with Terri.

Monday morning and Mike was gone early to work as usual. Felicity had a week of day shifts; 6 am to 2pm. I had the house to myself. I ran, showered and spruced myself up; preparing for my 11am rendezvous with Terri. She had come to the pub dressed like a boy, but I knew from experience that she would arrive at the café looking very feminine. I was not disappointed.

Terri was already sitting with a coffee when I entered the café. She stood and moved forward to hug me when I walked over to her. I sucked in my breath. She smelt and looked gorgeous, wearing a tight pale blue skirt with a high neck, white halter top. Her shoulders and arms were bare and tanned, befitting this warm, mid-summer’s day in south England. I noted her hair was starting to grow out on the side, where şişli türbanlı escort it was normally razor short. I liked that.

She smiled warmly and placed her hand on my arm as we exchange greetings. I went to order my coffee at the counter. This gave me a moment to reflect. Her attire and the hug were very telling. The last time we had met at a café we had touched hands. I was sure she had recognised some lust in my eyes, as she had pulled away slightly. Today, however, she had arrived in the most revealing attire I had ever seen her in, plus she had moved to touch me.

“This girl’s upping the ante here,” I thought and my cock stirred. I determined that today would be moving day. I would push this relationship ahead.

“Gee Terri, you look fantastic today,” I said honestly, when I returned to the table.

“Why thank you Mr Aus, and you don’t look too bad yourself. At least you’re not in a singlet today,” she said, recalling our first time to the café. We both laughed.

I couldn’t help myself and ran my eyes down over her top. It wasn’t tight fitting, but I could note the outline of her small breasts. I thought I noted a nipple.

“You’re not wearing a bra,” I blurted out.

“Heavens Aus,” she said, clearly embarrassed. “Do you want the whole café to know?” She took a deep breath. “No I’m not. It’s an outfit that doesn’t require a bra and with my little bosom, normally no one notices; unless they’re really looking.”

I smiled at her like a naughty school boy, caught reading a girly mag.

“Mm mm; well I’m looking that’s for sure,” I replied, noting both nipples were now clearly poking through the light material

Terri blushed and lowered her eyes. I liked that and decided to push on.

“Why do you dress so stunningly during the day and like a boy on Saturday nights?” I asked bluntly.

This clearly made Terri a little uncomfortable and she shifted in her seat. Fortunately my coffee arrived at that moment and allowed her to gather herself.

“It…, it’s just that Francis likes it that way. He prefers me to dress like that.”

Now she was really uncomfortable, eyes down and she fidgeted with her hands. I needed to recover the situation.

“Hey don’t worry about that. No need to feel bad. I was just interested that’s all. You can tell me more when you’re ready. For now I just want you to dress like this when we meet during the day. Can you do that?”

That was what she wanted to hear. Terri lifted her head and smiled broadly. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes. My heart grew and so did my cock, as I drank her in.

We moved on to more mundane conversation about her trip north, Mandy having a temp job and Terri not being able to find one. I told her about all I’d done in her absence, leaving out the bits about fucking Felicity and Ness and her best friend masturbating me.

When we got up and left the café, Terri slipped her arm into mine, as if that were a natural thing to do. We walked along in the sun. This was a real risky move on her part, in as much as people who knew us could be passing by at any time. However, Terri seemed lost in the moment and just kept chatting freely. We reached the corner.

“I’ve got to get home to help Mum with some stuff. Can we meet again tomorrow?”

“Sure, that’d be nice,” I replied, getting that smile again.

“Thanks Aus. Hey I really like talking with you. Tomorrow I’ll be a bit more open about stuff. You just caught me off guard; that’s all. Is that OK?”

As I nodded in the affirmative she stood high and kissed me on the cheek. I felt like grabbing her around that pencil thin waist, pulling those pert breasts into my chest and delivering a hard kiss to her lips. However I restrained this primitive instinct.

“See ya tomorrow,” I called, watching her walk away.

I walked onto the common and found a seat beside the path. I needed to collect my thoughts. I knew that Felicity would be getting home soon. After yesterday’s exchange I was certain she’d want to have sex. The thought stirred my cock even further.

“But can I do that to Terri?” I said feeling pangs of guilt.

I sat contemplating this dilemma. Eventually I came to a more gallant decision than would normally be the case.

“No I can’t do it. Don’t go home,” I said aloud to myself.

With that I stood up and went for a long walk across the common. I tried to push both Terri and Felicity out of my mind and thought about cricket. Later I went to the pub for a drink, before heading for home about 5pm. I knew Mike would be getting home.

Felicity looked at me inquiringly when I came in the door, but said nothing because Mike was present. I ate a quick dinner and then left for my night job stacking the shelves at the supermarket.

The next day I woke feeling good. I was off to see the girl I had really fallen for. I felt very proud in regard to my decision of the previous afternoon.

“Maybe I should try being faithful a bit more often,” I thought. şişli ucuz escort “It makes me feel good about myself.”

I text Terri to have her meet me at the entrance to the Common and went and bought some food for a picnic lunch.

“Ohh, that’s so romantic Aus,” Terri announced with a smile as she walked up to where I was waiting.

Today she had reverted to a light floral dress and sandals. Still sleeveless and very feminine. I made a suitable comment.

We walked along talking happily. Her flat footwear and light frame made her seem very small beside me. The day was clear and warm and it hadn’t rained for some days, so I located a nice spot on the grass.

We were well away from walkers and settled down to eat. We continued with the usual idol chat about what she’d helped her mother with yesterday and about my workmates fooling about last night. However, what I really wanted was more info about her relationship with Francis. Toward this end I manoeuvred the conversation to cricket and the pub. We’d chatted about this for a time before I decided to proceed boldly.

“Yeah I remember the first time you walked in. I thought you were a boy.”

Straight away the smile disappeared; she put her head down and went quiet. I was hoping I hadn’t

pushed it too far.

“Don’t worry,” I continued, “I soon worked out you weren’t.”

“I told you, he likes me to dress like that. I don’t enjoy dressing that way,” Terri replied a little sullenly.

“Why doesn’t Francis like seeing you dressed like this; looking beautiful.”

Terri’s smile returned with the compliment, but only briefly.

“He always has, right from the start. He made that clear. Mandy knows his old girlfriend and he had her dress just the same.”

“Mandy’s known him longer than you then?”

“Yeah, she likes him and said he was OK. She pushed me to go out with him, after my brother introduced us. She says not to worry about the dress thing.”

“Hmmm; well that’s Ok for her to say, she doesn’t have to dress like that,” I said, feeling good having a dig at her two timing friend.

“Oh no, she’s a good friend; she’s my best friend Aus.”

“Yeah I know, but I just can’t work out how you dressing that way gets Francis excited when you get behind closed doors. If you know what I mean.”

Now I was really pushing the envelope and Terri was noticeably uncomfortable, as she struggled with how she should reply. I could see her weighing up just how much to tell me about what went on behind closed doors. Her eyes were lowered again and the silence lingered. It was all I could do to stop from butting in, but I knew if I was patient, reward would come. And sure enough; it did.

“I’ve always been a bit shy and mixed up. He’s my first real boyfriend Aus. When we first went together I wasn’t too sure…, you know…, about what boys like and stuff.”

“Most boys like pretty much the same thing. Doesn’t Francis?”

“I…,” she paused, looking at me. “You’ve got to promise not to tell Aus.”

“Not to tell what?” I replied.

“Not to repeat what I’m going to tell you. I’m only telling you cause I really trust you Aus. Mandy’s the only other person who knows.”

We were lying on the ground, side on to each other, each propped up on an elbow. I shifted my body closer to hers. She made no effort to pull back. I drew in her scent and looked at the cute curl of her bottom lip.

“I promise, cause I really like you too Terri,” I said, looking into those deep, beautiful dark eyes. I drew in a deep breath.

The time was right. I pounced. Moving my head quickly forward I nipped that bottom lip with my lips, delivering a fleeting kiss of sorts. Then I retreated. Terri brought her hand to her mouth, looking at me, wide eyed, in disbelief.

“I can’t say sorry for that Terri. I’ve wanted to do that since the first day I ran into you and Mandy, when I was out running. The first day I saw you were a woman. A beautiful woman.”

There was further silence

“I’ve wanted you to do that too,” she finally said quietly. “I’ve dreamt of it.”

With that she brought her lips to mine, while wrapping her free arm around my neck. Her lips were soft and giving. Our tongues flicked together, while the blood flowed swiftly to my groin. My cock began to harden.

After a time Terri lay down on her back. Without breaking the kiss, we continued on for some minutes. I kept my hand on her hip. Eventually we came up for air. She smiled at me and then went serious again.

“I don’t ever do this with Francis.”

“You don’t? Never?” I said, looking down at her.

“No; never. I’ve tried, but Francis says he doesn’t like it.”

“Really?” I noted with a surprised tone. “How could a man not enjoy this, with a woman as beautiful as you?”

She smiled broadly. Terri clearly loved the compliments.

“What do you do then?” I continued.

There it was. I’d put the question directly to her. Now we’d see. Would she back away or be open and honest with me? I kept my hand on her hip and began to rub it lightly in a circle, in order to give her reassurance, plus allowing me to feel the side of her small buttock. An extended silence ensued as Terri continued to look away, summoning the courage to tell me her story. Eventually she let out a large sigh. She’d made her decision and it gushed out.

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