Empty Nest Adventures Ch. 01

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This is a fun little romp about a 40-something husband and wife who are seeking to find a little of the youthful spark in their sexual activities that has faded over the years. With their kids moved on to college, they now have the time and privacy to “explore” methods of bringing that spark back. I intend to write this as a series, as I have a few other ideas in mind. I’d also like to find a female writing partner that would be willing to write these from wife’s perspective. Please message me privately if you are interested.

This could have gone in any of several categories. I chose “Erotic Couplings,” but I think it would have also worked in others.

I hope you enjoy! Comments are my pay for these stories, so please tell me what you think!


It was a little bit past two in the afternoon, and a break in my schedule allowed me time to get my cell phone out of my desk drawer and tap out a message.

“Are you still up for this?”

After a few minutes, a reply came.

“Yes, I think so.”

“I have a few things to pick up on the way home. I should be there by six.”

“Okay, I’ll see you then.”

“I love you, babe!”

“I love you too!”

I set my phone back in the drawer. We were going to go through with our little plan. I think we were probably both a little nervous, although there really wasn’t any reason to be. We had discussed this thoroughly, covering almost all angles. It may be one of those things that after you do it once or twice, it will eventually seem like second nature, if we decided to do it again. As I set there in my office, I thought back to how it was that we had gotten to this point.

My name is Kyle. There is really nothing remarkable about me. I work in the middle of corporate America, my office in a downtown high-rise overlooking the city below. The job is not nearly as glamorous as the view, but it pays well, and I’m blessed to have been able to provide for my family.

I’m in my mid-40’s. I’m married to a beautiful woman I met while in my second year of college. Her name is Victoria, but it’s a big name for a petite woman, so for as long as I’ve known her, she’s just been Vic. We happened to have a class together, and the professor assigned the two of us to complete a team project. After working together on the project for two straight evenings, we literally fell in love with each other. We married the first weekend following our graduation from college, and began to live the American Dream.

For the first three years of our marriage, we pretty much did whatever we wanted to do, whenever we wanted to do it. We had an active social life with several close friends. Our love life was off the charts. Our relationship was such that we could tell each other anything regarding sex – likes and dislikes, passions and fantasies, all without fear of retribution or jealousy from each other.

But as great as those days were, we felt it was necessary to put that lifestyle aside and expand our family. Our son Justin came first, and 14 months later our daughter Jasmine was born. Feeling like our family size was perfect, we made the decision that I would have a vasectomy. It wasn’t much fun, and I’m glad I don’t have to do it again. But I was able to milk some “special attention” from my wife as I healed. Special attention isn’t always about sex!

We set about our life as doting parents. Our social activities all but ceased. Our sex life remained good, but limited in frequency and availability. We were still madly in love with each other, but it just wasn’t practical to keep up with the level of sex we enjoyed those first three years. But neither of us complained, and in reality, each time we made love, it was that much more special, since it didn’t happen as often as it did before.

As the kids became busier with the activities in their lives, we found less time to spend on our own healthy habits. Consequently, our bodies suffered. Vic never quite lost all of her pregnancy weight after Jasmine was born. I had a pretty typical “dad bod,” complete with small spare tire around my waist. I began to notice that everyday activities were harder to accomplish. I certainly wasn’t as trim and in shape as I had been when we got married.

Our kids had done well in school, and soon they were headed off to college. Between the scholarships they had been awarded and the college funds we had established shortly after each one had been born, it didn’t look like the financial strain of paying for college was going too be hard on us. They had ended up in two different schools, each in the opposite direction from our home.

While we loved our kids, Vic and I found that having the house to ourselves again was pretty nice! I’ve heard other people talk of “empty nest syndrome,” and how hard it was coping without their children being around all the time. Not us – we loved our privacy. We anticipated returning to a lifestyle similar to what we had before the kids were born.

Unfortunately, kurtuluş escort our bodies weren’t able to keep up with that standard. We had neglected them far too long. We decided together that it was time to do something, and that something was joining a gym. We held each other accountable for our workouts, encouraging each other. Our workout times became very special to us, because we were working together, sharing each other’s successes and encouraging each other through setbacks.

Our trips to the gym were paying off. In six months, I lost 35 pounds and gained some muscle in the process. I could tell a huge difference in my stamina, including in the bedroom. I was much less winded with accomplishing physical tasks. There was still a hint of the spare tire, and I wasn’t ready to parade around without a shirt on, but I was proud of my accomplishments nonetheless.

Vic experienced similar success as well. She had lost about 20 pounds, which is a significant amount considering her petite frame and her 5’2″ height. Like me, she wasn’t able to get rid of the belly pooch that marked her as a mom. But the walking and jogging we did together had really toned her beautiful legs, with well-defined calf muscles and sleek thighs. Her perky little ass was always one of her great features, and running behind her while she was wearing her tights could really get my fires going.

It was after a particularly invigorating run one Sunday afternoon that the topic came up. We were just inside the living room, still trying to catch our breath. I looked over at her and noticed the sheen on her skin that was a product of her sweating as her body tried to cool itself. I walked over to her and began to offer little kisses on her cheek before moving down to her neck and shoulder. She pushed me away laughingly and said, “Ewww, Kyle, stop! You’re sweaty and gross. What’s gotten into you?”

I was a little surprised at her reaction. “I don’t know, Vic – I just looked over at you and for the first time saw how sexy you looked after that run. It was almost like a new discovery of sorts. I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before, but I know I was getting excited!”

“Seriously? I mean, look at me? I’m all gross and sweaty! You are as well!

“Baby, there is nothing gross about you right now. Look at yourself – you’re wearing tight clothes that show off every sexy curve, including that delicious ass. You’ve got your hair in a little ponytail, which is not the way your normally wear it. As far as the sweaty part…well, I would prefer to think that you are glistening! Very sexy!

I could tell Vic was thinking. If she would have been looking at me, she would have seen that there was only one head I was thinking with, and it was growing prominently as I stared at her.

That head won out, and I glided over to where she was standing and grabbed the bottom of her sports bra so I could pull it up over her head. She snapped out of her trance and tried to resist, but I was too quick for her. I pulled it up and over her head, and she reflexively held her arms up to help. She looked so sexy, her mocha brown nipples standing at attention on top of her little breasts, the result of them being freed into the cool air.

I kneeled down in front of her and began the more difficult process of peeling off her tights and thong panty. Eventually I got them both pulled down below her knees, but in my brilliance I had forgotten to take her shoes off first. She playfully slapped the side of my head and kicked her shoes off, then took off her socks and the previously mentioned tights and panty. While she did that, I quickly removed my clothing – being a guy, it didn’t take nearly as much effort to get me naked as it did her.

“You horny dog!” she said as she looked first at my erect cock, then my grinning face. “Look, Kyle, I don’t want to feel your sweaty body pawing over me. If you want something, you’re going to have to take a shower first!”

I quit listening after she said “horny dog.” I was a horny dog, and she was fuckin’ sexy, and we were both naked in our living room on a Sunday afternoon. Add up that equation, and the answer is that somebody’s going to get fucked!

I led her over to the couch. She had a confused look on her face, which means I had time to get this done if I played my cards right before she figured out what I was doing. We got to the end of the couch and I turned her around so that her back was to me. I reached around and playfully pinched her nipples. She responded by throwing her head back and allowing a throaty moan to exit from her mouth. It was time to strike.

I reached down below her ass to gauge her moisture content – it was high. Without any fanfare, I pushed her shoulders down so that she was bent over the arm of the couch, her feet still on the floor, and her head lying on the couch cushion, her face turned sideways. As her head hit the couch, I heard her squeal, “What the fuck?!?” levent escort At that precise moment, I spread her legs as far as I could and plunged my cock into her sopping wet pussy.

She went from, “What the fuck” to “OH FUCK” in about 2.5 seconds. For me, it was a standing doggy-style fuck, but because her head was on a much lower level than her ass, my cock was hitting her insides at a completely different angle than usual. With her ass pointed up at this angle, I was able to drive deep into pussy. For good measure, I reached out and grabbed her hips and started pulling her back into me each time I thrust into her.

This wasn’t love, it was pure lust, driven by the sweat on her body, by the fact that we were both naked in our living room in the middle of the day, and by the fact that I felt totally in control of this fuck session, and she was completely at my mercy. God, it was fuckin’ INTENSE!

What I hadn’t realized when I pushed her over the sofa arm and into this position was that her clit was open and exposed and rubbing against the coarse fabric of the arm of the sofa. Immediately she began feeling sparks shoot through her body, and when I grabbed her hips and started pulling her back against me, her clit was actually being rubbed back and forth. We would find out later that she was leaving quite a wet stain, but that was the last thing on our minds as we continued fucking.

She really started moaning and yelling. Her hand reached up above her head and found the pillow on the other end of the couch. She grabbed onto it and squeezed hard and long as her orgasm began to rush over her. She let out a primal scream, the likes I had NEVER heard from her mouth. At the peak, her orgasm caused her to grunt, and her body began to flail wildly.

This really got me hot, and as I struggled to hold on to my active wife beneath me, my orgasm overtook me, and I growled like a grizzly bear as I pulsed my load into my wife’s quivering vagina. I couldn’t keep thrusting for long, because I had to concentrate just keeping my balance. When the last pulse of electricity pushed the last drop of semen into my wife, I backed away. I was treated to a glorious view – my wife’s pussy, red and extremely puffy, was still open, and I could see the pool of my sperm in the depths inside of her.

I placed my hand on the back of the sofa for support as I stood there admiring my wife’s pussy. Eventually she asked me to help her up, and I hooked my arm around her waist until she could stand firmly on her own two feet again. It was then that we discovered the large wet spot on the couch arm. Vic looked at it and exclaimed, “That’s why I came so hard. My clit was being assaulted right on that spot!”

We headed to the master bathroom to take a shower. The shower was plenty big enough for both to be there at the same time. Vic started the water while I grabbed a couple of towels. Showering together was one of the things we had abandoned when we started having children. So now moments like this became special, when we could just take our time, doing what we liked to do without worrying about getting caught.

With the warm water cascading over her shoulders, Vic was relaxing as I was soaping her back. She said, “So Kyle, what got into you out there? You’ve never fucked me like that before! Did you suddenly become possessed?”

“I don’t know – it was just seeing you all sweaty after our run. I saw you as a sexy beast with your body covered in sweat and your tights showing off your amazing ass like that. It turned me on so much! I knew it was you, but it was like it was a different you I’d never seen before. Does that make sense?”

She replied, “Yeah, I think so. I just never considered myself as being sexy when I was all sweaty and tired after a workout. And I’m sorry, buddy, but I wasn’t equally turned on with your sweaty body clinging to me. But I will say the end result was pretty amazing!”

“So what you’re saying is you trusted me with something you didn’t find particularly sexy and your trust was rewarded with a great fuck!”

She shot back, “Wait a minute, I don’t know if I was allowed to trust you – you kind of just had your way with me! But I’d have to say yes, it turned out pretty great, and you showed me that it could be a sexy outcome after all.”

By this time I had moved my hands to her breasts. I knew that she loved to have her breasts massaged like this. She wasn’t big at all, and time and feeding her babies had let them drop just little bit, but I still found them sexy as hell, especially when her nipples were standing so firm it seemed like they were trying to jump off of her body.

Between moans of approval as I massaged her, Vic said, “You remember back then, when we used to explore each other’s fantasies?” The phrase ‘back then’ had come to mean ‘before we had kids.’ “What would you think it maybe we’d look at that again? I remember we had some great sex, and it might be interesting to maçka escort see how much our tastes might have changed between then and now!”

I knew exactly what she was talking about. We did have a lot of fun ‘back then,’ We were completely free and trusting in each other to share our own wishes and desires. That sharing normally led to mind-blowing sex. But that was many years ago. Could we rekindle that kind of reckless passion after so many years away from it?

By now we had stepped out of the shower and were drying off. Even her performing a simple chore as drying herself with a towel was still sexy to me. With that picture in mind, I kept the conversation going. “So how would we do this? I think we would probably need to establish some boundaries.”

She agreed. We talked about it for several minutes before coming up with a frame work of boundaries that would keep this a comfortable experience for both of us. The most important ones were: 1) no swinging or sharing with others – we didn’t need a third person or more to make our relationship spicy; 2) at any time during our fantasies, each of us had the complete right to stop at any time, without any anger or malice from the other, and 3) no excessive pain, humiliation or degradation was permitted.

Sometimes the fantasy scenario would require discussion beforehand, just so everything could be set up to make it as realistic as possible. But both of us agreed that the less discussed, the more exciting it would be as it was carried out.

So that’s how we got to this point today. It was our first scenario, and my text to her told me that she was still willing to go forth. From that moment on, I didn’t get any work done in the office. Instead, I spent my time going over in my head how I wanted this experience to go. I had picked a scenario that was a little edgy for us, but completely private. No one other than Vic and I would know what we are doing. I knew it would be a complete turn-on for me, and I thought she could really get into it as well. I knew she had enjoyed it when I controlled her that Sunday when I fucked her over the arm of the couch. This scenario today was taking that control to a completely new level.

Finally it was 5:00. I made my way to my car in the building garage. Once inside, I sent her another text – “Leaving work now. Have to make a couple of stops. Should be home by 6.”

It was a couple of minutes before her reply came – “OK, I’ll be here waiting for you”

Can you sense nervousness just from the words of a text? I’m not sure why I felt that way. Perhaps it was because she told me she would be waiting for me. I perceived that statement to mean that she was willing, but just wanted to get it over with. Maybe she was having second thoughts? Maybe she didn’t trust me, or maybe she thought this was so warped that she was having second thoughts about this scenario, or our deciding to do this role-playing in the first place.

Or maybe it was just my nerves. Why would I be nervous? After all, this was my idea. I knew I was going to find it sexy as hell, but if she wasn’t enjoying it, would that take away my enjoyment? I love my wife so much that even in a role-playing scenario, it was imperative to me that she had enjoyment as well, or I would stop. After all, I wanted this to enhance our love life, not hinder it!

Then the thought occurred to me – maybe it was me who was scared of this? I wanted it to be perfect – I wanted it to be scintillating for both of us. I knew that according to how we laid it out, there would have to be trust involved, but I was pretty sure our relationship could handle that.

Finally, I just decided that I needed to relax – I was overthinking this. It was just going to be a fun evening, one that hopefully included some mind-numbing sex with my gorgeous wife. Quit thinking so much, I told myself. Get the things you need and get home!

I made my stops, and then headed home. It was 10 minutes past 6:00 when I opened the garage door and pulled the car inside. The door from the garage into the house led through a combination laundry/mud room. I left the larger of my purchases in there on the washer for the time being – I would make her get it when it was time. The other items were carried in innocently enough in a dark paper sack.

Vic was in the living room, sitting on the couch as I walked in. She stood and walked over to me and gave me a kiss, holding it long enough that her tongue snaked out through her teeth and ran across my lips, begging me to open them, which I did. We stayed like that for a few seconds, and then stopped as she pulled away. She looked into my eyes and smiled coyly, and I noticed the slight flush in her cheeks. Her posture, the blushing and the kiss helped to relax me, and I could tell her anticipation was laced with more than a little excitement.

We kissed again, and then it was time to begin. As she watched, I went around the living room making sure all of the curtains were closed. I did the same thing in the attached dining room, and then shut the blinds in the kitchen. I would take little glances at Vic to gauge feelings as I moved around the house. Satisfied that all was shut down and total privacy existed, I picked up the paper sack and walked over to her.

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