Ella Gets a Little Too HOT

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Ella is my smoking hot neighbor. We sometimes end up at neighborhood parties, but she’s a jogger, so most days I just wave politely as she heads out for a long run. I tend to see her when I’m cutting the grass. I stare as she passes by. I stare at her tight ass and her ample tits. She’s got a body that any guy would enjoy. When she runs, she usually wears a tank top that’s a little too tight and shorts that accentuate her well-rounded ass. Today was no different.

This particular day was a very hot day and I had just finished cutting the grass. I was making my way from the garage to the mailbox to grab the mail. I was caught off guard when I saw Ella sitting on the curb in the shade. I walked up to her expecting to make small talk, but I quickly realized things weren’t quite right. Her clothes were soaked with sweat as she had obviously just finished her run, but something was wrong. I tried talking to her, but she was really out of it.

I ran to the garage and grabbed a cold bottle of water. By the time I returned, she had laid back in the grass totally exasperated. I think she was dizzy which got me concerned. I tried to get her to drink some water. I splashed some water on her face. That helped, but she was struggling. It was obvious to me this wasn’t enough.

I convinced Ella to sit up and she took a small sip. She took a second sip, but then she tried to lay back down. That’s when I realized we weren’t making much progress. My family was out of town, so it was pointless to yell for help. I decided that I had to get Ella cooled off, and quickly.

I got her to sit up, and then quickly grabbed her from behind to lift her to her feet. She could barely stand, so I put her arm around my neck as I wrapped my arm around her waist and we walked to the house. I sat her at the kitchen table. I thought getting into a cool place would help.

She took another sip of the water, but put her head on the table. Dizzy again? Probably. In the meantime, I got a wet towel and tried to wipe her face, but I could tell she was over-heated. The wet towel helped, and I managed to get her to take a few more sips.

As I asked her how she was doing, she was starting to respond to my questions.

“What day is it?”

“How far did you run?”

“Are you feeling better?”

I was expecting a “yes” but she said “I think I’m going to throw up.”

That’s when I knew it was going to take more than a few sips of water to get her cooled down and back to normal. She needed a cold shower and quickly. I got her to her feet, put her arm over my neck and my arm around her and we went upstairs to the bedroom and into the bathroom.

I turned the water on in the shower – I wanted it to be luke warm, not cold. As I waited, I helped her pull off her tank top. It was soaked with sweat and sticking to her like glue. Hands above her head, I managed to pull it off. Underneath she had a white sports bra. While time stood still as I stared at her tits, I decided to leave the bra on. Next I moved to her shorts. As I pulled off her black running shorts I revealed the cutest set of pink lace panties. OMG! Here she was with a medical issue and I was getting the chills just thinking about her in her lacy underwear. How many times had I fantasized about what she would look like?

I pulled off my shirt and then grabbed her from behind. We moved into the shower, me standing behind her to hold her up. As the water hit her, I thought I was going to lose her. Her knees got weak and she sort of collapsed, lost in the sensation of the water hitting her body. She seemed to go limp as the cool water ran across her body. She moaned just a little as if to acknowledge that it felt good. As I stood behind her, she stood motionless simply allowing her body to absorb the cooling temps.

As I held on to her tightly, her subtle reactions to the tingling water told me she was starting to feel better. By now, her sports bra was soaked and totally transparent exposing her boobs to me. I could not stop myself. I peered over her shoulder so I could get a good look. I found myself gawking at what I guessed were C cup tits. Her nipples were stiff, and I think I was too.

I gently spun her around to face me so the water ran down her back. She clung to me as if we were dancing a slow dance. I moved her pony tail to the side so the water could drench her neck. By now, she was soaked from head to toe, including both her bra and the lace panties. Both garments clung tightly to her body like a second skin. I could see everything and it was even more amazing than I had imagined.

Lost in my own dream, I decided to spin her back around so she was facing etiler otele gelen escort the water. The chill was helping with her recovery. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear “are you doing better?”. She answered with a low mumble “yes” as if to say “don’t stop, not now.”

Without her moving an inch, I waited to see what would happen. It was clear she was transfixed, so I decided that a little more stimulation would be that much better.

I was fortunate that we had installed a massaging showerhead. It’s great after a long workout when you set the jets to massage mode. It’s even better when you use it as a handheld massager. I reached up and removed it from the cradle. I switched it to massage mode which changed from a gentle spray to a pulsating massage of water jets.

Knowing how good it felt when I use it, I started with her neck and then moved the pulsating jets down the front of her body. As I moved down across her breasts, I refused to pause. Instead I continued down her stomach. I guess she was ticklish because she flinched ever so slightly. I paused, but as she exhaled she said “ummm, keep going.”

For the next five minutes, I worked the massager from her scalp down her chest across her stomach to her belt line and then back up. Slowly. Methodically. Teasing.

Finally, I gave into my personal temptation as I paused with the massaging jets blasting her tits, massaging her nipples and sending electricity throughout her body. I could almost feel her melting in my arms. Her tits were stunning in every way and her rock hard nipples signaled that I should not stop now.

Her mouth opened with a deep sigh and without saying a word I could tell she did not want me to stop. She moaned ever so sheepishly as if to tell me I had found the right spot. She was overcome with a wave of pleasure. She reached down and grabbed my arm as if to make sure I was not going to move.

The sensation was reaching a pitch but I decided to move on. She may have had her first orgasm right there, but I wanted to keep moving. In the meantime, my cock was as hard as a rock and starting to tingle as I pressed firmly against her. If she had cum, I was certain I was going to blow my load,. I moved the massager to her shoulders. I leaned in and whispered “I hope that feels good.”

She whispered back to me “it feels amazing!”

As I slowly moved the massager down across her tits again, she reached up with her right hand to grab the back of my head. I think she wanted to kiss me.

I couldn’t help but to lick my lips as I stared down her chest at her luscious tits. The sports bra held them firmly in place but the water made it see-thru. I could see everything. I wanted to kiss them as the jets pounded her rock hard nipples. I could feel my dick throbbing. She stared me in the eyes wondering what I would do next.

The tingling sensation was sending her over the edge. She couldn’t resist as she closed her eyes, sinking, yet totally immersed in the sensation that you can’t stop, so you just keep going!. I leaned in and kissed her neck, but I don’t think she even noticed.

As I moved the pounding water down to her stomach, she again flinched just a little. This time I did not stop at the belt line as I had before. I pushed on, daring myself to spray her pussy, opening her private parts to a wave of sexual tension. But no, I avoided her love nest as I moved to the right, gliding the massager down her leg and across her thigh as far down as I could reach.

I think she was disappointed, but she remained speechless and totally still, absorbing the tingling feeling in her legs. I switched the massager to my left hand and focused on her other leg, working my way up her body slowly, all the way back to her neck. She moaned again when the water hit her left breast. By now, we were both breathing heavy.

I squeezed her tight to me as I started back down her body. This time I split her tits with the pulsating water pounding her ample cleavage. With her left hand, she reached for her tits, squeezing where I had just passed as if to say she needed more. As she tugged on her nipples I kept moving, forever teasing her with the pulsating water. I moved south across her belly button working our way down her body.

As my cock was throbbing, I allowed myself to move the massager straight across her pussy. She gasped as the water hit her clit. She flinched in a mini-convulsion over the sensation. I flicked the massager away wondering if I had pushed this too far. I was waiting on her reaction, but she never moved. In fact, she arched her back ever so slightly, etiler rus escort offering her pussy to me and inviting me to give her more.

As I flicked the massager back onto her pussy, I realized my hand was now below her crotch and I was spraying the water upwards into her lace covered pussy. Boy did I wish we had removed her panties when I had the chance. I wanted her lips to feel the full effect of the water.

As I sprayed water hard onto her pussy lips, her hands fell limply to her side. Subconsciously she subtly spread her legs granting me full access to her pussy. Her hands clenched her thighs as I squeezed her tight to me. I’m sure she could feel my dick through my shorts, except, I don’t think she felt anything but her tingling pussy. I wanted to thrust my dick deep inside of her, but I still had my shorts on. That sucked.

As the water drenched her most private parts, she stood motionless for what seemed like minutes. I could not move either. We were both about to erupt, yet there was something going on. I exploded in my underwear with an intense orgasm. She just stood there processing what she was feeling.

I really did not want to stop, but by now she was out of danger and clearly feeling something besides dizzy. The obvious next step was for both of us to get naked and embrace the moment. We could fuck like crazy kids who just discovered each other. But, I was having second thoughts about the whole situation.

As I was contemplating what to do next, she reached down and gently slid her panties to the side of her pussy. She leaned back as if to kiss me and said “that feels so good.” My dick was growing hard again. I wanted to stroke my cock, but with my left hand around her and my right hand working the massager, I was out of luck.

For the next few minutes, we stood locked together, both of us with our eyes closed, embracing, dreaming, relishing the simplicity, yet simply allowing her to enjoy the sensation. My dick was standing at attention again, ready to burst. Her pussy tingled like nothing she had ever felt before.

She reached back and grabbed my thigh, squeezing me tightly. I was secretly hoping she would reach for my cock, but she didn’t. She dug her fingers into my thigh. It was then that she seemed to have her first orgasm. Her breathing stopped for a few seconds followed by a long gasp. “Oh my god!” she screamed as she exhaled, her hips rocking back and forth maximizing the sensation. Her legs got weak. While I wanted to fuck her like crazy, I somehow knew this was not the time or place.

“I need to grab you a towel.” I said to her as I put the shower massager back in the holder. The water continued to pour onto her as she tried to gather her thoughts. I slipped out of the shower, stripped off my shorts and wrapped myself in a towel. I was hoping she would notice my hard on and follow me, but no such luck.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I told her. With that, I left the bathroom with her still enjoying her shower.

I slipped out quietly, but I purposely did not close the door entirely. I was stroking my cock like crazy and had my second orgasm right there in the doorway, cumming hard into my towel. I was so jacked up I almost fell on the floor. I grabbed her a towel from the linen closet, but instead of barging back into the bathroom, I slowly cracked the door open. Thankfully, she did not hear me.

While I was gone, she had peeled off her sports bra and her panties. I saw them on the floor. My jaw dropped admiring the beauty of her fully naked body through the glass doors. I had imagined her naked many times in my mind, but even that did not do it justice. Her tits were firm and amazing. Her pussy was shaved with nothing but a small strip of pubic hair. Her ass voluptuous. You’d never know she had two kids. I bit my lip hard to not comment about her beauty.

I had convinced myself our little escapade was over and that she was patiently waiting for her towel. I’m sure she needed to get home, so I was fully prepared to just throw her a towel and head out. She had something else going on and did not even realize I was there.

To my surprise, she had pulled the massager from the cradle and was working the pulsating jets all over her body. As I stood silently staring, I was completely engrossed in her involuntary peep show or was it voluntary? I watched her manipulate the massager to apply gentle but deep pressure directly to her pussy. Her head flung back as if to acknowledge how amazing the warm water felt. She had her legs spread wide, using the sides of the shower to brace her from slipping. She glided the pulsing jets etiler türbanlı escort across her clit making her pussy tingle with electricity. Her pussy was dripping with a mixture of her juices and the warm water. She lost herself in the feeling of the water penetrating her vagina.

As I stared intensely at the beast that I had unleashed, I grabbed my cock. It was rock hard and I twisted and tugged on it as if it was her manipulating my manhood. But, I was in a bad spot. Do I go ahead and jerk off invoking yet another orgasm at the risk of getting caught? Or do I watch silently enjoying the best sex show I had seen in my life?

In the end, it was not a choice. With the massager in her right hand, she used her left hand to play with her tits. She moaned like she was pretending I was with her.

“Oh god this is so good.” she said to herself.

As the jets stroked her pussy, she reached down with her left hand. Her fingers gently pulled back the hood to expose her clit directly to the water. Again, she gasped, but this time she froze. For the next fifteen seconds she did not even breathe. As she exhaled, she melted and you could tell she needed more. I was deathly quiet pumping my cock, twisting, tugging and pulling with excitement. I was on the verge of cumming for a third time, but I was enjoying her show.

She finally inhaled taking a deep breath. With that, she moved her left hand to her mouth and buried two fingers in her lips as if she was sucking my cock. She pulled them out slowly and moved them to her cunt. In seconds, she had them buried deep inside her pussy. It was sopping wet, so shoving two fingers deep in her pussy was not much of a challenge.

She fucked herself intensely, pushing her fingers in as deep as she could and then pulling them back out. In slowly and deeply and then out- in and out – in and out – like some stud’s dick using her pussy. Her hand curved upward shoving her fingers as deep as she could get them. She was totally lost in the ecstasy of the moment. So was I. She was feverishly fucking herself. At first it was two fingers, but that wasn’t enough. She hunched over to get more leverage as she shoved three fingers deep in her pussy. In and out, in and out. The whole time she had the water beating steadily on her clit.

I couldn’t take it any more. I bolted for the door. As soon as I escaped I exploded into my towel. I can’t remember the last time I came that hard. I just kept pumping my dick and my cock kept shooting cum all over the place.

I did not want to be gone too long, so, wrapped in my towel, I headed back into the bathroom. I listened for clues before I entered, but I could only hear the shower, so I knocked on the door as if to announce my presence. She was leaning on the shower wall with her back to me. She had her head on her arm almost looking worse than when I originally found her.

“Here’s your towel.” I said. “I’ll leave you alone. Your clothes are right here.”

“Thank you.” she said in a sort of gasp. “I’ll be right out.”

As great as that show was, my heart sank just a little. Was it over? Was that it? I changed into a dry pair of shorts and sat on the bed to wait for her. There was no doubt she was feeling better, so I should lead her out and make sure she was fine to get home. I waited patiently.

I heard the door open and she strutted out wrapped in the towel I gave her. As she approached me, she looked at me and said “I must have been in bad shape?”

“Yes.” I said. “You were very overheated and I was not sure what else to do.”

She stood directly in front of me and said “I can’t thank you enough for what you did. I feel so much better and I’m not sure how I could ever re-pay you.”

“It was nothing.” I said. “I’m just glad you are feeling better.”

With that, she put her hands on my shoulders I was expecting a hug, but she stared deeply into my eyes. Was she going to kiss me? Should we shake hands? I froze.

She pushed me down on the bed Before I could move, she dropped her towel to reveal that she was still naked. She climbed on top of me eventually pinning my arms to the bed. As she sat naked on top of me, I stared at her tits, a willing prisoner to her gratitude. In mere seconds, my dick was rock hard again and struggling to free itself from my shorts. She didn’t care. She’d deal with that later.

Instead, she scrunched her way up my bare chest keeping my arms pinned to the bed. She had no intention of letting me up. Before I knew what had happened, my tongue was deep in her pussy and she was rocking her hips back and forth on my face. She tasted amazing.

I’m not sure what time we finished. There were several more orgasms before she slipped into her tank top and shorts and left through the back door. It was a day I will never forget.

Every time I see her now I yell to her “you look hot” and she just smiles with a wry smirk, as if to say “only you know how hot I get!” Maybe one day, she’ll be just a little too hot.

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