Elevator Man

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I was coming home from work late one night and just as the doors to the elevator were closing in the lobby for my journey alone to the 36th floor, a man comes rushing in. He was about 30 to my 23 and fairly good looking from what I could see.

I think to myself “Oh no! Small talk for 10 minutes…” when all of a sudden the lights go out and the elevator stops between floors. I start to panic because I am slightly claustrophobic when I hear this deep reassuring voice saying “Don’t worry, I won’t attack you. We can talk for a while to get your mind off this.”

Just the deep richness of his voice made me weak and I slid down to a sitting position on the elevator floor. I heard him settle down next to me and he took my hand in his. We sat there for a while holding hands and talking about our day at work.

After a while, sitting in the dark with a man made me remember that I hadn’t been this close to a male specimen for a long time and I started getting horny. I casually started leaning into him, caressing his forearm while talking and playfully mingling my fingers in his longish black hair.

Surprised etiler bdsm escort at this, he turned his head toward me to get a better look at my face but I was leaning too close so his lips actually grazed mine. I was lost. I pressed myself against his chest kissing him over and over, wanting to feel him all over me and inside me! He was kissing me back with a passion barely contained as, in my position, I could feel his growing arousal against my leg!

He was sliding his hands all over my body but never dipping under my clothes which was driving me crazy from lust! I took the initiative and tore off my jacket, shirt and skirt, revealing myself in bra and panties. He took the hint and started undoing his shirt and pants, leaving himself naked except his very tented boxers!

As soon as we were free of extra clothing, his hands went straight to my breasts, fondling them and making them ache for more. We slid back down to the floor and I lay on my back, opening my legs slightly. His hands left my breasts to trace a pattern down to my lower belly, where he could surely start etiler elit escort to feel the moisture pooling in the dark recesses of my honey pot… My hands were doing a little exploring of their own, trailing down his back to cup his butt and back up, then down his chest to come to rest against his erection, which I could tell was impressive.

Not one to forego foreplay I did something totally out of character and said, “Fuck foreplay I wanna fuck you NOW!” He obeyed and took off his boxers and my panties, told me to stand up. I was getting intrigued at this command but still stood in the corner, watching him put on protection.

Finally, he told me to open my legs up by standing with my feet slightly wider apart than my shoulders. He came to stand between my legs and bent his knees slightly so his cock was just below my pussy. He then told me to come closer to him and wrap one leg around his.

As I did this, I felt him slide up to a fully standing position, impaling my pussy on his dick! He pushed my back against the wall for better leverage and started moving me etiler escort up and down on his cock, holding me by the waist. I was getting tired of standing on one leg so I got a good hold on his broad shoulders and heaved myself until both of my feet were of the ground and I wrapped my legs around his waist. This way I could better help him by thrusting down as he was thrusting upward, making it a better contact on my clit and my G-spot.

We were moaning like crazy, the elevator was rocking back and forth but we were just concentrating on pleasing each other. All of a sudden, the lights go back on and we start moving again! I groan saying “Noooo! I wanna cum!” At these words, my mystery elevator man moves us toward the button panel and presses the stop button, plunging us back into darkness and stillness. As we resume our fuckfest, I can feel him growing harder and harder, pressing even more inside me, growing closer and closer to ecstasy until I feel him expand and explode inside his pouch, making me moan and twitch and groan and scream out as my orgasm finally rocks my body.

We both fall limp to the floor and rest for a few minutes before attempting to dress ourselves before putting the elevator back in action.

Before leaving the elevator at my floor, I feel his hand squeeze my rump as a promise of more fun to come on future elevator rides. My mystery elevator man hasn’t broken his unspoken promise yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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