Double Time 3

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In Double Time 1 and 2 I recorded the first day of my threesome, twenty years ago, in Portugal, with two beautiful, young transgirls, who had named themselves Kathy and Linda. Our consummations had brought all three fulfilment, and, certainly for me, healing. Since they, like me, liked to talk their way through sexual activities, I represented our intercourse largely in dialogue form. I continue that format now into a sequel.

Linda: We’ve given our all, literally, Norma.

Kathy: All semen spent.

Norma: You’ve certainly flooded me out.

Kathy: Did you like that? I think you did.

Linda: She’s a spermaholic, darling.

Kathy: Wriggling out from under you, Norma.

Linda: We’ll have to sleep a while now.

Kathy: We muddle up, cuddle up close, like this.

Norma: You look so charming, folded into each other like that.

Linda: You’ll come with us again, won’t you, dear Norma?

Norma: Need you ask. Look at your sweet little bottoms. Well, you can’t, but I can.

Kathy: Stay with us, if you like. We’d love to have you holding us.

Norma: No, my dear girls, now you’ve revitalised me I’ll go and exercise.

They were asleep before I was out of the door. Away I went to my room for a shower, and then I had a naked dip from the beach where we had first stripped and enjoyed each other.. If there was anyone watching from the cliff-top I didn’t care, not being a very modest person. The salt water was good for removing the vestiges of any sweet transemen left after the shower. Though I was sure I had sucked some up through my cervix and was therapeutically absorbing it into my system.

I ate a solitary dinner, for those round-bottomed little shegirls did not appear. I wondered whether to visit them, and let myself quietly into their room. They were curled up together, fast asleep, clearly replenishing their cumables, so I didn’t wake them. Instead I went and had the best sleep I had had in a long while.

They weren’t at breakfast, either, and another visit to their room found the Don’t Disturb notice on their door, and a cautious foray within found them still slumbering. After I had taken a lengthy morning walk into the xerophytic hinterland towards Sagres, they appeared at lunchtime.

Kathy: May we join you?

Linda: Not in that way, not quite yet.

Kathy: But we hope to join with, in, to, for, you today sometime.

Linda: But we won’t be able to ejaculspate till later on.

Kathy: Food and several litres of liquid are needed meantime.

Linda: On the other hand, or, rather, with both hands, we’d love to make you —

Kathy: – well, that sounds rather compulsive or punitive.

Linda: We mean we’d love to kiss, cuddle, lick, caress —

Kathy: All that two transies can do to, for, with a woman, without spillage.

Linda: Their spillage, that is. Though we hope she might achieve fillage.

Norma: I’m starting to right now, and it’s not the coffee.

Kathy: When shall we three meet again?

Linda: Before the hurly-burly, in this case.

Kathy: The girly-pearly.

Linda: Not so much eye of newt and toe of frog.

Kathy: As thigh of cute and tool with snog.

Norma: Not just Latin but Shakespeare at your high-class school.

Linda: We acted, too, you know.

Kathy: She was a lovely Ophelia.

Linda: That silly Hamlet should have hoiked her out of that brook.

Kathy: And buggered her little herbaceous botty.

Norma: But then Gertrude would have seen them.

Linda: She’d have liked that, wouldn’t she? Randy old MILF she was, after all.

Kathy: Beside, I was playing Gertrude, beylikdüzü escort wasn’t I?

Linda: She certainly was. With her falsies on she looked so sexy.

Kathy: Did we have to rub each other off then!

Linda: Even more than usual.

Kathy: Well, we’d better feed the inner toolgirl, or we’ll not be up to it.

Norma: You are certainly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed now.

Linda: No, darling, we’re not bushy-tailed, as you’ve seen. Our tails are smooooth.

Kathy: Tushy-tailed, often slushy-tailed.

Norma: I’m bushy, though. Do you mind?

Linda: We love your bosky twattie, dear Norma.

They went to the buffet, assembled huge platefuls, collected juice and water, and there was a long silence as they replenished themselves.

Kathy: We were thinking of a see-nester, this afternoon, Norma.

Linda: The nest we had in mind is nest-ling in your knickers, in fact.

Kathy: Yes, we want to go nesting.

Norma: But you won’t have to search, girls. You know where it is.

Linda: You know, Norma, it’s a curious thing, that although we know where it is —

Kathy: It’s always a delightful little surprise to find it again.

Linda: One of the joys of sex, that is, being surprised by what you know is there.

Norma: It’s going to be swamped if you go on talking about it.

Kathy: May we have the pleasure of the next glance, then, Norma?

Linda: More of a fascinated stare than a glance, darling.

Kathy: Are you up again, darling?

Linda: You know I am, and I know you are.

Kathy: We can bring them to bear, or, rather, to beaver.

Linda: Or to b-a-r-e, of course.

We left the dining-room and headed their room, wherein the bed-covers were turned back and towels were spread on the exposed sheet.

Kathy: Forgive us for anticipating your readiness —

Linda: But we thought some relaxing massage might be good.

Kathy: We love to run our hands, and everything else, over a woman.

Linda: Let’s take off this shirt, then.

Kathy: Talk about nestling. Look at those beauties jostling in there.

Linda: Let’s let them loose. That wonderful moment when they come free —

Kathy: And settle like that.

Linda: I’m going or the skirt. Rather impatient, I’m afraid.

Kathy: You want to get to the knickers, don’t you?

Linda: So do you. Leave them on while we strip, though. Save them up.

Kathy: Yes, save them up, before we get them down.

Linda: I’m ready! And so are you. Quick with only three garments.

Kathy: Only half-hard, though.

Linda: Let’s lie you down on your back, Norma. That’s right.

Kathy: Her knickies are damp already. A good sign.

Linda: You pull from the top and I’ll draw down the drawers.

Kathy: Isn’t it lovely the way the puss-moths spring up when the knicks release them.

Linda: There is nothing more beautiful than a naked mature woman.

Kathy: Here’s the cream. You start on the upperworks and I’ll handle the bottom.

Linda: Not till we turn her over, but I know what you mean.

Kathy: I love to slide up her thighs, up against her outer labiles, but stop there.

Linda: When she’s lying down you can move her mammas about like this.

Kathy: It’s delightful the way she lifts her botty like a pussy enjoying being stroked.

Linda: It is a pussy enjoying being stroked — or will be shortly.

Kathy: Now I’ll glide up her thighs and circle her clickety-clit.

Linda: Help me with the nippeties now. Either side.

Kathy: When there beyoğlu escort are two of you, you can circle-suckle both.

Linda: We can both tinker with the twattie, too, like playing piano duets.

Norma: You’re virtuosi, my dears. Such skilful fingering.

Kathy: Mmmm.

Linda: Mmmm.

Norma: As for your embouchure on my tit-stalks — wonderful. You can’t talk just now, so I’ll do the talking. Such coverage you can achieve, with two sets of fingers. Up and under everywhere. You flit around my clit. Grease along my crease. Yes, four-way in my doorway. How sweetly that digit slips and dips between my lips. I don’t know whether you want to go on longer, but if you do you’ll have to stop a bit, because I’m going to cum soon.

Linda: Mmmm!

Kathy: Mmmn!

Norma: Ah, you want me to come? Fine. Just keep going like that, and —

Linda: Mmmm!!

Kathy: Mmmm!!

Norma: Oh, darling girls, this is lovely. What bliss! A slow, spreading come. Sweet.

Kathy: Yes, dear Norma, sweet. We could feel it spreading.

Linda: We could feel it through our fingers and tongues.

Norma: But what about you, my kindly gasm-givers? You’re so hard —

Linda: Yes, we are. We didn’t expect to be spermy quite yet —

Kathy: But now, thanks to you, we think we’re ready again.

Linda: We need your help, though. With a sort of fetish we have.

Kathy: If you stand up and we put your knicker back on.

Linda: Yes, like that.

Kathy: Then we stand either side of you, like this.

Linda: And we slip our little rods up your knickers. Yes, that’s marvellous.

Kathy: Then you rub us through the knickers.

Linda: We’ll tell you why this is so good for starting us off again.

Kathy: We told you our mothers were supportive, but there’s more to tell about them.

Linda: They were close friends, but we didn’t twig how close they were —

Kathy: Until we were growing our titties, and rounding our botties.

Linda: We were loving it all, and loving each other all the time —

Kathy: Couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Not that we tried.

Linda: We’d both had rather strange feelings about our mothers.

Kathy: They are wonderfully uninhibited women, ready to talk about sex —

Linda: Wandering about naked, doing the most intimate things.

Kathy: We wanted to fuck them.

Linda: But as well we wanted to be them, these beautiful, free and easy women.

Kathy: We used to get their used knickers out of the laundry and sniff them.

Linda: Then we’d toss off onto them. Or we put them on and toss off in them.

Kathy: That made us feel we were having sex with them in a way.

Linda: And that we were having sex with each other at the same time.

Kathy: Eventually my mother caught us spunking her knickers.

Linda: It was amazing. She walked in on us and said, You want some help with that?

Kathy: Of course, I was embarrassed at first, but really only out of convention.

Linda: Not so complicated for me. I’d been in love with Kath’s mummy for years.

Kathy: Sexy little Linda goes up to her and says, That would be very nice.

Linda: And she says, Do you need my knickers for it?

Kathy: And Lin says, Could we have the ones you’re wearing?

Linda: And she laughs and says, On or off?

Kathy: And the cheeky little madam says, Off, please.

Linda: And she says, You’ve wanted to do this ever since your puberty, haven’t you?

Kathy: And Lin says, Yes, and pushes her little prick at my lovely mummy.

Linda: And Kath’s bomonti escort lovely mummy lifts her skirt and pushes down her panties.

Kathy: She says, You’ve seen this before, I know, but seeing it now may help.

Linda: So, she tucks her skirt up and fluffs up her muffy, and reaches for my roddy.

Kathy: Then she says, Tell me if I’m not doing it right, and she takes hold of it.

Linda: She says, I’ve not done a girl like you before.

Kathy: Which was interesting, because it seemed to mean she had done girls.

Linda: Anyway, she starts tossing me, and she knows what she’s doing all right .

Kathy: It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen, my mummy tossing off my lover.

Linda: It feels marvellous, but for some reason I can’t quite come.

Kathy: My darling mamma knows that, and she says, What more do you need need?

Linda: And I say, Can I see your lovely bosoms?

Kathy: She laughs again, and says, Won’t Kathy’s do? She’s happy with our names.

Linda: And I say, Ours aren’t full grown yet.

Kathy: And she says, Well, mine are certainly that, after feeding Kathy.

Linda: She knows that makes Kathy feel a bit strange but also excited.

Kathy: And she then says, Come on, girl, get your mother’s shirt off.

Linda: And while mummy is holding up her skirt, knickers round her knees —

Kathy: And she’s still patiently tossing off Lin —

Linda: Kath takes off the shirt, and there’s her mummy’s big tits in the bra.

Kathy: Mummy says, Your friend wants to see my breasts, darling.

Linda: So, Kath undoes the bra and mummy’s mammaries flop out.

Kathy: Mummy says, There you are, then, do they help?

Linda: And I say, Yes, but can I feel your bottom, too?

Kathy: She says, It’s right there, sweetheart, just waiting.

Linda: When I get my hand on her bum I can feel I’m beginning to cum.

Kathy: She says, I’m glad my old arse can be useful.

Linda: It’s coming very slowly, but I can tell it’s going to be strong.

Kathy: Then mummy says, Is someone going to do something for me?

Linda: We realise that this is getting Kath’s mamma excited.

Kathy: Then my mamma says something astonishing. She says, I fed you, darling.

Linda: She stops for a moment, then goes on, Now it’s time for you to feed me.

Kathy: I know what she means. She means I should feed her in feeling.

Linda: So, Kathy steps up on the other side of mummy and reaches into her pussy.

Kathy: She says, That’s it, darling, tweak the tooky. It’s usually pretty quick.

Linda: That does it. I say, It’s coming, it’s coming.

Kathy: Mummy says, Come, then, sweetheart. Come in my hand.

Linda: She says, Oh, yes, that’s so nice. I’m going over.

Kathy: And suddenly I realise I’m going to come.

Linda: We all come at once. Kath shoots great dollops on her mother’s thigh.

Kathy: Lin’s spray out onto the floor. Mummy stands with her head held back.

Linda: Her bum is clenched hard under my hand.

Kathy: I feel a great sense of pride. I’ve given my dear mummy an orgasm.

Linda: We stand like that a good while, then mummy says, Careful with that sperm.

Kathy: Then she says, We don’ want you getting your mother pregnant, do we?

Linda: We all laugh, and she says, Of course, I don’t know about your sperm.

Norma: That is one amazing story. I see, I’m the mummy for you now.

Kathy: Well, sort of, but you haven’t come yet. Can you come now?

Linda: Yes. Remembering that first time with mother, that does it.

Kathy: Can you feel us stiffen in your knick-knicks, Norma.

Norma I certainly can. Come now, dear mother-comers, I’m your mummy today.

Linda: Here we come! Ooooh, yeees.

Kathy: Lovely, lovely, lovely.


Norma: Another first time. Never had two transgirls filling my knickers before.

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