Don’t… Stop…

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He walks in home from work and sits on the lounge next to her. She’s only wearing underwear and a singlet, and climbs on top of him, straddling him. She smiles and kisses him, pulling undone his top button. His cold hands are on her immediately, sliding under her singlet up her back, making her gasp and jump a little. He likes it when she squeals, so he moves his hands around to her front, and places the back of his fingers, which are coldest, against the warm skin just under her boobs. She squeals and tries to lean back away from him, but he catches her with his left arm.

He moves his right hand up to her breast, pushing up her singlet until the nipple is exposed, and lightly pinches it. She squirms, grinding her hips a little, and leans down to kiss him. Their lips meet, part, and their tongues play their familiar game. His left hand moves up under her singlet to the back of her neck, holding her in place while his mouth possesses hers. His right hand moves down to her hip and pulls her closer as he adjusts his hips, grinding his hard cock against her.

He moves his mouth down to her shoulder and bites down. She momentarily goes limp, collapsing onto him in pleasure. He hugs her to him, then pulls her singlet all the way off, his eyes drawn to her large round breasts. The sight of them never fails to take his breath away. He takes one in each hand, squeezing them gently, lifting them, feeling the weight of them, running his thumbs over her sensitive nipples to make her moan in pleasure. He takes her unpierced nipple in his mouth, sucking firmly, his left hand gently pinching her pierced nipple. She tips her head back slightly, and moans again, then slides one hand behind his head, holding him there. She grinds her pussy against his jeans, impatient for him already. He leans up to kiss her again, and she reaches down to undo his shirt and pull it out of his jeans.

She leans back a little, still grasping his shirt in her fists, and says, “Fuck me like a dirty slut.”

Its a code phrase of theirs. It means that she will let him do almost anything, and he intends to take full advantage of her. He pulls her toward him again, one arm around her waist, the other hand on the back of her neck, and kisses her again, forcefully, possessively, like he’s waited forever to have her in his arms and he can’t wait to be inside her. They break the kiss and she is breathless and horny, he can see it in her eyes.

“Bedroom,” he says. She stands up, still facing him, and pulls down her underwear, looking him in the eye. Then she turns and struts to the bedroom. He follows her in, discarding clothing along the way, and finds her kneeling on the bed, side on to the door, with her ass in the air, and watching bağdat caddesi escort him come toward her with a smirk on her face. He kneels on the bed and then lays down beside her, sliding his left arm under her neck and his right arm around her waist to pull her closer. She hooks her left leg over his hip, and slides her left hand around the back of his neck.

He kisses her deeply, his right hand roaming over her body, caressing her soft skin. He leans down to kiss her neck and she surrenders to his mouth, leaning her head back against his arm. He reaches up to move her hair out of her face, his fingertips tracing her skin down to her left breast. He leans down to take it into his mouth again, sucking on it harder this time, gently biting it. She moans and squirms, tensing her leg to pull his hips closer to hers. He slides his right hand down her side, from her breast to her waist, then around to her back and up her spine. He digs his nails in slightly and draws them down her back. The fingernails on her left hand dig into his shoulder in response, as her back arches. He knows how to push all of her buttons.

His fingernails drag fiery lines down her back and dig into her buttock, pulling her hips closer to his. She can feel his erection pushing against the outside of her pussy, and she shifts her hips slightly, she doesn’t want that quite yet. He squeezes her bum, and as he does, he bites a little harder on her nipple. She gasps with the sudden pain/pleasure of his teeth on her nipple, then again as drags his fingernails down her thigh.

She is squirming with passion in his arms now; she is kissing him more urgently, her hands squeezing his flesh, her nails slightly digging in before they move to a different part of his body. Her left hand roams over his skin, from the back of his neck, grasping his shoulder, then lightly dragging her nails down his arm, and finally slipping under his elbow around his waist and pulling him toward her. He follows suit, encircling her with both of his arms, his left arm nestling her neck in the crook of his elbow, his bicep against her cheek, and his hand splayed on her back.

His right hand cups her cheek and moves down to her neck, his fingers grasp the side of her neck, his thumb across the front, he increases the pressure slightly, letting her know that she is his. He pushes down on her neck as he breaks the kiss, and then rolls over on top of her, rolling her onto her back, his right thigh in between her thighs; he can feel the heat of her pussy, so he pushes his thigh against it. She responds by grinding her pussy onto his thigh, greedily wanting more of him.

He moves his left leg also between hers, bahçelievler escort forcing her legs further apart, his left arm still cradling the back of her neck even while his right hand keeps pressure on the front of her neck. She leans up to his, her eyes on his lips, wanting to taste them again, and he increases the pressure on her neck, silently telling her that she will get it when he gives it to her, not when she demands it.

He keeps his right hand on her neck, and grasps her breast with the nipple bar firmly in his left hand, he squeezes and kneads it, then leans down to play with her piercing. It is more sensitive, and he is usually gentle, but this night, she is his slut, and sluts don’t like gentle. He bites down on her nipple, he grasps the bar between his teeth, through her flesh. He hears her gasp, feels her arch against him, and then she moans in pleasure. He gently licks her nipple, and then his mouth clamps down on it again, sucking this time. She arches against him again, and this time he increases the pressure of his hand on her neck. She makes a small squeal, perhaps a token of protest, she likes to say no, but that is not the safe word. He loosens his grip on her neck and she takes deep breaths, more out of pleasure than anything else, but he leaves his hand there for the moment.

His left hand leaves her breast, and he moves a flat, warm palm slowly down her stomach. He grasps the flesh of her bum firmly, squeezing it, encouraging her to squirm for him because he likes it when she squirms. His hand moves over her hip to rest on her inner thigh, and she goes still, desperately waiting for him to touch her. He brushes her pussy ever so lightly with his thumb, and she moans with wanton lust.

“Are you my slut?” he asks.

“Yes,” she breathes.

“Say it.” His tone is demanding, and he knows she doesn’t like to say it out loud, unless she’s trying to tease him.


“What do you want?”

“Touch me.” She lifts her hips, trying to make contact with his hand again, and he squeezes her neck again, reaffirming that he’s in charge.

“Only good little sluts get touched. Are you a good little slut?”


“Say it.”

“I don’t want to.” She pouts. He likes it when she fights. And pouts. He brushes her pussy again with his thumb, and she moans and tries to grind against his hand, but his grip on her neck keeps her where he wants her. She sighs in frustration. He slides one finger down her pussy, starting from her clit, all the way down to her dripping entrance, and slides in just the tip of his finger. She moans in encouragement, thinking that he is going to give her what she wants, but he bahçeşehir escort doesn’t. He is only teasing her. She screws her face into an expression that is frustrated, demanding, and pouty all at once. She knows she has to give in to him to get what she wants, but she doesn’t like to give in. She wants to make it hard for him, but she wants him so much!

“I’m your good little slut. Now finger me.”

He leans close and whispers, “You’re so demanding.”

Before she can reply, he shoves one finger all the way inside her. It goes in easily, as much as she makes like she hates being teased, the evidence is there that she loves it. Her back arches as suddenly she feels his finger inside her. He goes straight for her gspot, he knows exactly what she loves. As soon as the shock of actually getting what she wants wears off, she starts to grind against his hand, fucking his finger. Her left hand grips his wrist, his right hand still around her throat, he can feel her start to dig in her nails as she fucks his hand, getting herself closer and closer to her climax.

He stops suddenly, and her eyes fly open, the expression on her face is priceless.

“Don’t stop!”

“Oh I’m sorry I thought you said something.” His face is innocent, except for the smirk that plays around the edges.

He moves his finger inside her again, pressing on her gspot, and she is again fucking his hand, her breaths coming shorter and more frequently. Her body is squirming, her back arching and relaxing. He can feel her pulse in her neck beneath his hand. Her hands start to grasp and dig in her fingernails again, and he knows she is getting close.

She moans something that sounds vaguely like a word, and he stops again.

Her expression is pure devastation, like she just dropped a diamond ring through a grate.

She squeals loudly in frustration, unable to even form the words.

“Are you ok?” He asks. He grins, he likes it when he makes her forget how to speak.

“Don’t… Stop..”

“Stop? You want me to stop?”

“No..” She can’t think, her brain is mush, her body just wants to release the pressure he has built up inside her, but she struggles to find the words.

“Make me cum?” she pleads with her words, with her tone, with her expression.

He takes pity on her and drives his finger into her pussy. She moans and her hips buck. He holds her down by the throat as pushes again and again on her gspot, timing with the thrusts of her hips, dragging the orgasm out of her.

He feels the muscles in her throat move as she gasps for breath, and as he lets go of her neck, her eyes roll back as her body tenses, her moans rise in pitch and her hips buck. He pushes hard with his hand, and with his finger inside of her, letting her move as she will as she rides her climax.

She finally relaxes onto her back, catching her breath, her body covered in a sheen of sweat.

He lets her rest for a few moments, but he is only getting started with her.

Sluts don’t get to rest for long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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