Disney Daze Ch. 01

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Greg, 36, was finally able to let loose of all his sexual tension that he had been holding back all day and pound his hard meat into his 34 year old wife, Diane with every ounce of his might on the hotel bed. In the adjoining room, Tim, 34, was also in heaven as his 28 year old spouse, Lisa, hungrily slurped his erect cock. It had been a long day touring the Magic Kingdom in Orlando’s famous Disney World resort, and the two couples had both retired to their rooms. They had just checked into the Polynesian Resort that morning, but already all four travel buddies were starving for sex.

You see, Greg and Diane and Tim and Lisa were neighbors and good friends back home in Ohio, and they often traveled with each other. This year, they had decided on Florida and planned on spending ten days in Disney World. So far, they had loved it. Diane had gone there every year as a kid, whereas the other three knew nothing. Diane had fun revisiting her favorite attractions and showing her companions around, but nothing was more fun than having your moist pussy fucked by your husband’s seven incher when you had turned in for the day.

Greg was a seasoned veteran, and knew just the right spots to hit to make his wife feel fantastic. Diane returned the favor by giving him a nice handjob under the covers while he took a rest. He ran a hand through his curly black hair and blinked his honey brown eyes before ramming his dick back inside of her and finishing, pumping his seed into her and sighing in content. Diane closed her eyes and smiled as Greg kissed her softly on her cheek and played with her long blonde hair before gently cupping one of her B cup breasts and holding it in his hand for a moment. She could hear Tim and Lisa in the other room, still making love. She wondered what Tim looked like naked. How big was he? She often caught herself staring at Lisa too. Her boobs were at least a full D cup; were they real?

They topkapı escort were indeed real, and Tim was enjoying them very much as he noisily sucked her nipple and squeezed and jiggled them around in his palm as she worked all eight inches of his cock in her hand. She knew when his load was coming and slid down until she was eye level with his member when he started shooting semen down her throat and all over her shoulder-length, red hair. He sat up and reached down to grab her tight, little ass and spank it a few times as she sucked out the last few drops. He then swallowed and fumbled around for his glasses on the nightstand. Lisa licked her lips and snuggled up against her husband, pecking him gently on his balding head. He blushed and turned off the light, as both held one another tightly against their naked, sweaty bodies before falling asleep.

The next morning, the couples woke early and decided on Disney’s Animal Kingdom as their destination for the day. For hours, they toured various attractions and exhibits before stopping for lunch at a café themed like an African game lodge. Greg especially enjoyed the ride they took for a spin after they were finished eating, the Kali River Rapids. Everyone got soaked, and Lisa was only wearing a thin, yellow t-shirt, and evidently no bra. He knew that she had caught him sneaking a peek at her hard nipples poking through her top, but he didn’t care. She must have known that he was attracted to her.

That night, they were tired after walking around all day and just decided to rest by the pool. Diane and Lisa laid out in skimpy bikinis, while Tim frantically checked his stocks on his laptop. Greg, however, took the opportunity to check out the ladies and snagged a seat right in between them. His eyes crawled all over his wife’s round, plump ass in her black thong swimsuit bottoms and then licked his lips as he watched Lisa’s barely-constrained, türbanlı escort tan breasts rise and fall with her every breath.

All four had been ordering drink after drink from the bar and were rather tipsy. After Diane headed back upstairs to the room to get some sleep, and Tim went to him and Lisa’s room to make some phone calls, Lisa giggled and took a seat on Greg’s lap. He grinned and looked at her up and down. His eyes stopped at her magnificent rack and he gazed at them longingly. She laughed and shook them back and forth in his face as stared on in awe at their mesmerizing jiggle. His erection was now touching her thigh. She looked down at it and bit her lip, licking her lips much like he had. They didn’t say many words to each other, simply looking with a deep desire burning in their eyes.

Finally, Greg couldn’t handle it any more and lead her by the hand to the front desk. He promptly slammed his credit card down and demanded another room. The woman there gave him a strange look, but handed over the key anyway. Lisa laughed as he planted kisses all over her neck and carried her in his arms into the elevator and raced down the third story hall to their room. He kicked the door shut and tossed her on to the bed. She was seductively tossing her flaming red hair back and beckoning him forward with her finger. He leapt onto the bed and grabbed her head, shoving it into his and cramming his tongue down her throat. She ran her hands all over his body as they made out and rolled around on the blankets. When they had kissed long enough, the first thing he did was kneel over her and rip off her bikini top, allowing her D cups to bounce free. He grabbed both in his hands and roughly manhandled them, mashing them together and bouncing them up and down. Lisa seemed to enjoy it and tossed her head back in pleasure. He then plunged his face down into her chest and shook his tüyap escort head back and forth, brushing his stubbly beard against her skin and causing her to jump. He tongued her nipples rapidly and traced his tongue all around them before finally taking one into his mouth and sucking those beauties for what seemed like hours.

After a while, his cock couldn’t handle being constrained anymore and Greg hastily pulled down his swimsuit trunks and tossed them aside, allowing his throbbing manhood to spring out and brush against Lisa’s arm. She took a deep breath and laid down on her stomach before reaching out her long tongue and cautiously licking the head and balls. She seemed to approve of the taste and grabbed the entire thing, licking the whole underside and slapping it repeatedly against her tongue. Greg enjoyed that very much and moaned appreciatively, running his hands through her rich, red hair. She kissed every inch of his dick before sliding the first few inches of the shaft between her lips and sucking it hard. She slurped it like a popsicle, hardly ever taking a break. Lisa lapped up every drop of pre cum that oozed out of the tip and smeared it all up and down his pole with her tongue.

When it seemed like Greg was about halfway to his climax, she grudgingly spit him out and then slid his glistening cock between her already slippery tits and bounced them up and down suggestively. Greg held onto her shoulders and pumped in and out of her cleavage. He had never done this before; Diane’s breasts were too small. He grunted and shoved his meat harder and faster into her boobs as she bent down to lick him when the head broke through.

Greg was just about ready to blow his load when Lisa released her breasts and suddenly took hold of his stiff member in her hand, jerking him off more powerfully than he ever could. He braced himself as he felt his climax approaching. Lisa aimed his dick carefully into her mouth and shot his juice all over her lips and tits before sucking him a little more until he was done.

Following Greg’s huge orgasm, they both collapsed onto the bed. Little did they know that over in Diane’s room, she and Tim were also getting it on, but that is another chapter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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