Dinner With Scarlet

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It’s been a long day of bullshit in the office followed by an hour sitting in traffic to get home. You are ready to for a cold beer and some down time. You see my car in your driveway when you turn onto the street. A smile creeps across your face and you think this may be exactly what you need after the day you’ve had. You walk in the door expecting to see me waiting for you. The living room is deserted and the house is quiet so you start to the bedroom.

You walk into your bedroom knowing that I’m there waiting for you, only I’m not there. You call out for me.

“In the dining room baby,” I say.

You are grumbling about what a shitty day you have had as you walk around the corner of the hall. You stop in mid-sentence when you walk into to find me lying on the table wearing a pair of 4 inch red stilettos and a black choker necklace that says “SLUT” in diamond studs. My hair is pinned up with a few loose strands framing my smiling face.

I smile at you and say, “I thought you might like something special for dinner tonight”.

All the chairs are pulled away from the table with the exception of the one at the end of the table where my pussy sits waiting to be devoured.

“I’ll need a little help baby,” I say and motion to the restraints attached to the legs of the table, “but first can I have a kiss……pleeeease?”

You completely forget about your day as you lean down to taste my ripe lips. I feel your hungry mouth crushing my soft red lips….I know this will be a dinner I’ll never forget! I grab the velvet lined cuffs and place them around each of my ankles.

“You’ll have to do my wrists babe,” I said with a sexy pout.

You quickly move to the other end of the table to secure my bonds knowing that I will be completely at your mercy then. Once you are satisfied that the restraints are secure you move back to your chair and grab my hips to pull me closer to you.

“OWWWWW,” I cry out as this new position is straining my shoulders.

You reply to me “mmmmmm its ok little slut; in just a minute you will forget all about the pain.”

My smooth slick pussy is already wett with anticipation but you decide if this is the game I want to play then I’m going to have to earn my pleasure. You drag your tongue slowly up my leg starting at the strap around my ankle and teasing all the way to the juncture bursa escort of my hip and pelvis. I’m moaning at your tease and lifting my hips desperately trying to make contact between my clit and your tongue. I can feel your hot breathe teasing my engorged clit. Teasingly you lick your lips and blow, the cool air hitting my sensitive clit is almost more then I can stand.


You pull back and start the delicious torture all over again at the other ankle. My legs are spread wide for your pleasure. I can’t even rub my thighs together to give myself any relief from your torture. Again I feel your tongue making is way slowly up my body, but much to my disappointment again you only tease me. This time lingering longer letting me feel your hot breathe, knowing how desperately I want you to taste my cunt. You let a trail of spit run from your lips. I feel every millimeter as it slow slides down from my clit to coat my swollen lips again you blow. I want to cry I want your touch so badly.

I hear the chair scrapping against the floor. You’re still fully dressed and I feel so exposed laying here like this for you. You steady the chair and soon I feel your body moving between my legs, climbing on top of me. Your evil tongue leading a trail the rest of your body will follow.

My pussy is throbbing with need but still you ignore it. I look up and see an evil gleam in your eye as you lower your head to my breast. I soon feel your strong hand sliding up my side at the same time you capture my nipple between your teeth. Your hand found its target and roughly grabs my other tit and begins tugging and pulling. All I can do is moan and beg you for mercy, knowing that there won’t be any, not that I truly want it.

You press your hard cock against my swollen cunt to show me what I have done to you. I have very limited mobility and I can’t grind against you to get the relief I so desperately need. Your hand keeps roughly working my nipple. In very little time you see that tiny white pearl forming at the tip of my tit. You know I’m turned on beyond belief. Your hungry mouth devours that tit tasting that slightly sweet little drop and now slowly you slide back down my body.

My pussy is flooded with my own juice. There is a wet spot on the crotch of your pants where your cock pressed into me. You desperately want bursa escort bayan a taste of my sopping pussy. Your mouth attacks it just as you did my tits. My hips buck in response to the pleasure you are giving me. I can feel my orgasm quickly approaching and so can you.

You reluctantly pull back and slide two thick fingers deeply into my hot cunt rubbing that tender spot that will rocket me over the edge. You hear my panting and feel my pussy getting wetter; you know I’m just about to cum. But just before I can you yank your fingers from my pulsing cunt.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO,” I cry out in desperation.

You shove your fingers soaked in my slut juice into my mouth. I greedily lick and suck at your pussy soaked fingers moaning in desperation. My cunt feels so empty. I desperately grind my hips begging for your attention.

I see you lower your beautiful head back between my legs, and out of my sight and then I feel your thick tongue working my pussy, sucking my soft slick lips between yours. You have my pussy juice flowing steadily. I want you to stretch my cunt with your thick cock sooo badly.

“Please Baby….Please Fuck Me…PLEEEEASE,” I beg.

Your cock feels as if it’s about to rip threw your pants. There is nothing you want more then to bury your cock balls deep inside my hot slit, but there is still one more thing you want to see. You slide those two thick fingers back into my hungry cunt.

“FUCK YESSSS” I scream out!!!

Your fingers are drenched after a few strokes; you quickly pull them from my snatch and stroke my tight ass. That tight little bud is lubed up from the steady flow of pussy juice and you easily thrust your thick fingers right into my ass.


My body is flushed and I’m pumping my hips to take you as deeply as I can.


As soon as the words leave my mouth my pussy starts to explode. I am gushing cum. Your arm is soaked and you can feel it quickly soaking thru your shirt to the skin on your chest. You start pulling at your clothes; all you can think of is burying your cock inside of me. Again you climb on the table, but this time it’s about satisfaction not torture.

You plunge your throbbing cock into me in one strong stroke. I scream out as you stretch and fill me; my pussy is still pulsing escort bursa from my orgasm. You keep telling me what a hot slut I am as you stroke in and out of my slit. I’m still tied to the table and all I can do is take your hard strokes, screaming again and again as u fuck me like never before, you want to see that water show again.

You slide your cock from my raw pussy down to my tight ass; pressing with steady pressure you feel the head pop thru my tight anal ring.


You don’t let that slow you down. You keep sawing your cock into that tight hole. I quickly adjust to your size and start pushing back for more. You look down to see your cock buried to the root in my hot ass.

“I can feel your heart beat on my cock you little slut” you tell me.


Again my pussy starts to gush. I can’t stop cumming ; there is a puddle under the table and your thighs are drenched. You feel your balls getting tight. You have been holding off for a long time, but between my tight ass clamped down on your thick cock and the non-stop squirting you can’t wait anymore. You hammer your cock hard into my tender ass. You are driven by animalistic lust, your pleasure so intense nothing else matters, you never even here my screams as you plunge deeper into my tight passage. Thankfully I feel you go ridge and you begin empting your balls deep in my ass. You thrust again and again filling me as deeply as you can. Then I feel you go still, your breathe is ragged, a light sheen of sweat covers your sexy body. I have a sudden feeling of loss as your deflating cock slip from my well used ass and you hit the chair with a thud.

You reach up and begin to loosen the straps holding me to the table. You rise from your chair on shaky legs and slowly walk around the table; your hands trailing my body as you do. Your light caress feels like an electric current. You stop to tweak my stiff and sensitive nipples, you love the way it makes me cry out.

You let my wrists free kissing the red marks left behind on my tender flesh from my pulling against the bonds. My entire body aches from being restrained and tense form the teasing you just gave me. You tenderly rub me down. Leaning over me you gently kiss my lips. I can taste my pussy on your breathe mmmmmm it’s taste soooo good. You help me to the edge of the table. As I sit on the edge of the table still trying to catch my breathe I look up at you smiling I say….

“Sooooo what do you want for desert baby??”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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